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Visiting Aunt Angela

I met my 'Aunt' Angela a few years ago through one of those picture filled booklets that sell alongside copies of Janus in the bookshops of Sudehill in Manchester. She was based just up the road in Oldham in a modern terraced house in a nice residential area. Over the next few years we developed a good rapport and we both looked forward to the chance to role-play.
Angela was a lady of in her mid thirties, 5'5", with long ash blond hair and a firm yet buxom body.
Our sessions often followed a common theme and here I'll try to describe the most frequent; that of the naughty nephew arriving at his aunts door for a well earned punishment.
Once I had been shown up to the bedroom Angela would ask what sort of scene we were going to play. She would then leave me to dress accordingly. From the moment she returned we were in character.
I would hand her a letter from either my parents or from the school detailing why I was to be punished. The arrangement was that my parents having no stomach for corporal punishment had sent me to a trusted family friend , Angela.
Angela would sit on the bed reading the letter while I stood before her with my hands on my head in true naughty boy fashion. Having read the note she grill me about it's contents. In my time I've been sent to her for theft, vandalism, laziness, poor school work, looking up girls skirts, looking up teachers skirts, and being in possession of porn mags. Rarely satisfied with my answers she would tell me take down my trousers and then put my hands on my head. There's something about being in that submissive position, with my trousers around my ankles and my underpants being a eye level with a fully dressed attractive woman that always sent me hard, and when you're there to be punished for perving (as I often was) this doesn't bode well for ones behind.
You know in that situation that nothing you say will save your skin and eventually the order came to get over her lap. For the next ten minutes she would spank me across the seat of my underpants before pulling them down and starting all over again. She wasn't the hardest spanker I've ever had at this stage but I knew that this was just the warm up.
When I was really starting to squirm she would stand me up and the order to strip would be given. As I got up her tight, short, black skirt would have ridden up with my squirming and I would be treated to a flash of pale skin above her stocking tops and perhaps even a glimpse of knicker. Needless to say that standing there naked before her once again had me at attention. This always made my aunt smile and she was never bashful about handling my erection while I was scolded for having it.
After being spanked again my aunt would often choose to move on to a more severe measures, the cane, the tawse or the paddle. She would say that she needed more freedom to move and while I stood to attention she would strip to her underwear. Usually this was in the form of black stockings and suspenders, bra and panty girdle.
Now it would be over a chair for the real punishment. Believe me what had started out as a steady handspanking was now turning far more severe. On one occasion I took 70 strokes of the tawse from her laid on hard.
However much torment she put me trough over her knee, kneeling on the bed, or over that blasted chair the final stage of our role-play always made up for it. When she allowed me to rise out of position she would guide my hand to the crotch of her panty girdle and allow me to feel how wet she was. Taking me to the bed she slip her panties down and allow me to finger her as she lay on her back threatening me with another spanking if I stopped before she was ready. When she was we would swap places and she would bring me off hand with a massively satisfying stream of seamen.
Sadly my Aunt Angela moved away 12 months ago and I've not seen her since. However I have recently found a new 'Aunt'. When I see her next I'll write and tell you all about it.

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