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The branch in the tree outside cracked its back. The storm was relentless and didn't look like breaking. Lightening was abundant and your mind began to wander. You were getting worried, as it was dark and your Mistress wasn't home from work. Pacing up and down you were getting anxious. What if something had happened to your Mistress?
Could you cope without her?
Just then, you heard the car door shut and the sound of Mistresses stiletto heels as they cracked the concrete outside. Before the key could be inserted into the keyhole you opened the door. Mistress was standing there looking at you
Instantly she pointed to the floor. You know what that meant and you knelt down obeying, just as you should. Closing the door behind her, she snapped her fingers as you felt your cock rise to attention. You knew what was coming next. In a flash, Mistress semi-squatted before your eyes. You were looking up at her beautiful pussy. The most beautiful pussy you had ever seen.
She pulled her panties to the side and not being able to control yourself any longer, your mouth latched onto her hot wet slimy smelly slit.
You thought you had died and gone to heaven. To you, the pungent odor was better than the most expensive perfume that money could buy. Without hesitation, Mistress started to piss. Her hot steamy flow was like golden nectar in your salivating mouth. You had always thought of yourself as a piss pig but nothing compared to this. It was everything that you had dreamed about. Its wonderful smooth taste and heat, sucking strait from Mistress' hole made you realize that this was for you. You lapped at her piss-hole with gusto and didn't let go. Not one drop did you spill. This pleased mistress very much and with that, a half-sided smirk crawled over her face. You knew you had pleased her.
Mistress then said, get up you fucking pig, come here. With that she got out her black studded collar and snapped it round your neck. Not too tight. She couldn't make you gasp for oxygen. (yet).
Mistress then said, "quick", and with that she pulled the collar down to her beautiful shit chute. Without hesitation, she ripped the most beautiful smelly fart, the smelliest that your pig mouth and nose had ever had
Taking in the heady fumes was like fresh air to you. She turned completely around and stated, "you're in for a treat tonight". Puzzled you wondered what on earth was your beautiful goddess talking about. You didn't care. As long as she was with you, you knew that you were safe. Your Mistress clipped your chain to the ring on your collar. She started to lead you into the bathroom, where there was floor to ceiling tiles. Just the thing for a pig and his Mistress
The white files and bright hot lights were intense and your knees were sore from being led around the house on all fours. Mistress snapped her fingers and said," open your fucking pig mouth you pig", and with that you opened your mouth as wide as you could. Straining to see what she was doing, she backed her hot steaming shit-hole onto your mouth and started to grunt. You could feel your prick stand to attention. You wanted so much to touch it and thinking about it, a hot hand tapped you over your shoulder saying, "don't even think about it fucker". Yanking the chain, she said, open wider - then to your delight, her shit-hole started to bulge open. Oh My God, you thought. The nutty smell of Mistress' shit chute nearly overwhelmed you. It was like you could see strait up into her body. Oh, it was so heavenly that you wanted to crawl inside and be
Completely enveloped by her
As quick as a flash she snapped her shit-hole shut. You didn't care; you licked it and kissed it anyway. Staring at the bulged out hole in front of you was the most awesome sight in the world. You craved her to open it again, if only for a moment, a moment that would last a lifetime. Feeling the tug of the chain and the collar around your neck bought you back to reality as you were summoned to the floor. Once there, your hands were tied and Mistress went into the kitchen to get something. Your mind was racing thinking, what on earth was that? Total relief came to your face when you saw her roll out clear cling film. Secretly you wanted this, how did Mistress know? Could she read your mind?
You lay as still as anything as she wrapped you totally in the film. You could not move. When Mistress got to your cock, gripping it hard and yanking it stating, "you will be sorry pig" Much to your delight you thought. You could not wait. The taste of her piss was still in your mouth when just then as you opened your eyes, you could see her beautiful asshole right over your face. Straining to lick it, you felt Mistress slap your prick. This in turn excited you so much that you nearly come on the spot
Better things were to come you thought.
Just then you heard your beautiful Mistress straining. You realized what was happening as the shit-hole above you started to open. Oh My God you thought, as she was starting to crap. Where was it going to go?? In your pig mouth of course you said to yourself as you began to open your mouth. Just then, Mistress said, "eat my dirty fucking shit you fucking pig". Open your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!
Oinking and grunting with your tongue outstretched, you finally felt the tip of her beautiful turd as it rested on the tip of your tongue. You lapped at the shit like it was ice cream. Just then Mistress' arm came around and squirted some white offering on her asshole. It was whipped cream. You were in pure ecstasy. Nothing in your life compared to this!!!!!!! Your Mistress had given you a treat with her wonderful offering. A treat for you to enjoy.
"Eat up, my little pig", and with that she laughed and oinked herself, much to your delight. Moving your lips around her turd you squashed her shit on the roof of your mouth. Just at that moment you felt your prick blow its load under the cling film. Your body was so hot being wrapped like that and to top it off, hot shit and whipped cream was the main course.
What else could be better?
With that, a huge hot fart blew out of your Mistress' hole. Bits of shit went flying all over your face hitting you like pieces of hot tomatoes. You quickly latched on to her shit-hole expecting some more delicious treats. "Fuck off!!!!!! You fucking dirty pig" was the reply.
"You are only good for one thing and that is to be my toilet, where I want it, when I want it. From now on you are my Shit-pig, and don't you forget it!!!!!" With that, you felt a hard fucking slap to your cock and balls, Mistress even trod on your fucking foot with her spiked stiletto heel!!!
"I'm going to fucking sleep now, and you had better not wake me up!!!!", and with that, Mistress snorted with her nose, and hocked a slimy hot green snot, straight into your awaiting open pig mouth. Its snotty texture reminded you of oysters, but nevertheless, you rolled them around and played with them in your newly christened pig mouth. This pleased your Mistress. "What a good little shit-pig you are, or should I say snot pig" she said giggling, "and you can fucking stay there like that for the evening!!!"
You were in heaven at last. Nothing in this world was better than this. You laid there for what seemed like an eternity until daylight broke, with your back aching and your whole body sore as all hell, all you wanted was your precious goddess to get up out of bed, and piss and shit on you again.

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