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The Local Flavor by nunkie

'Do you mind if I join you?'
She is tall and blond, but that is the most one can say of her. She is fat beyond caring, broad shoulders, thick arms white and freckled, the flesh hard and compact. Small flat breasts, big round belly stretching the cloth of her one-piece bathing suit. Impossible to tell her age, it could be anywhere between thirty and fifty.
'This sun is killing me. You're a smart boy to keep out of it.'
I have found a place under the palm trees on the beach, just off the ruins. The lady lowers her broad behind into the sand right next to me, using my shoulder for support. Although on a first impression she seems to be of some standing, she is not sitting exactly ladylike. One fat hairless leg stretched out to one side, almost burying my own skinny hairy leg in the sand, the other leg upright, doubled at the knee and pointing outwards to the other side, leaving me a full view of her bulging crotch delving into the sand beneath her.
'Incredible, isn't it? How they built their temples right here on the beach. Never seen anything like it.'
She points with her thumb to the weather and time beaten buildings behind us. We are at the Mayan ruins of Tulum, on the Yucatan peninsula south of Cancun.
'Well, they may not compare to the grandeur of Chichen Itza or Tikal, but it's the setting that makes this place magical.'
'Chi-chi what?'
Her face is red and puffy, expensive looking sunglasses on a thin nose, small mouth with thin lips, painted a bright red. She's wiping sand off her chest with a heavily ringed hand, lifting the top of her bathing suit and reaching inside. She looks up suddenly and catches me staring.
'I'm sorry, how impolite of me. Sara is the name.'
She holds out her hand, the one that has just been wiping her breast inside the bathing suit. I take it and shake it.
'Frank. Nice to meet you, Sara.'
'You look like you've been around, Frank. Do you travel a lot?'
'Every chance I get. I like traveling. See different countries. Meet people.'
'Meet people. Isn't that just the most wonderful part about traveling? I have met so many people, I don't even remember who they all are.'
'I guess one only remembers the really interesting ones.'
'Isn't that right though? Where are you staying, Frank?'
She has her hand on my forearm and looks at me over the rim of her sunglasses. She has green cat-like eyes.
'Playa del Carmen.'
'I thought I recognized you. At the Royal Plaza, right? I saw you in the lobby yesterday.'
So it was her in the lobby yesterday. She had walked in with a train of bellboys in her wake, each loaded with a colorful array of bags and boxes from all the major fashion stores along the main street in Playa del Carmen. It could have been a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. To my perverted mind, it was the introductory scene of a porno flick. Billionaire widow on the loose in the Caribbean, making three bellboys earn their tips the hard way. As a closing shot, my imagination had the three sprawled out naked all across the room (one draped over the balcony), fucked to unconsciousness by the man-devouring monster who was now sitting at the make-up table brushing her hair and humming a ranchero tune.
'The Royal Plaza, yes. I checked in yesterday morning.'
'I know. I saw you. I was looking for you in the bar last night, but you didn't come down.'
She's wiping the roundness of her belly now, although I see no traces of sand.
'I was down at the beach. There was a beautiful moon out.'
'How long will you be staying?'
'Oh, I don't know. I never travel with a plan. Depends on the place.'
'I'm just like that. I was in Cancun last week, now there's a nice place. The shops, the night clubs, and all the nice people you meet. There was this couple from Miami, oh my, if I told you�'
There is a strange glow in her eyes while her gaze gets lost somewhere between the ocean and the horizon.
'Anyway, I think you will find Playa del Carmen quite boring. The stores are really quite ordinary, and there's not much of a nightlife.'
'Boring? After Cancun, I find Playa del Carmen refreshing. More of the local flavor, you know.'
'Local flavor? Ha, I like that. Local flavor, huh?'
She slaps my knee and throws her head back in laughter. Her breasts shudder.
'You like the local flavor?'
'Uhm, yes, that's why I travel. Nothing like a bit of local flavor.'
She slaps me on the back like we were old buddies.
'Oh my, you crack me up, Frank.'
I can't say I quite get the joke, but I join her in the mirth. She's probably just a bit eccentric.
'I take it you travel a lot, then?'
Her hand is right between her legs now, wiping the front of her pubis and the inside of her legs which she has spread even wider. After a while I realize that although her head is inclined downwards, she is watching me from the corner of her eyes and has caught me staring at her lap.
'Uhm, yes, well, I guess I've been around.'
My face feels flushed as I try to hide my embarrassment. Sara huffs and puffs while she leans heavily on my shoulder to push herself up to her feet. I reach behind me to gather my things. Something about this woman has stirred my hormones, and I'm afraid that if I don't hang on to her, I'll miss out on something good. God knows it's been a while since I last had something good.
When I turn around to jump up and run after her, I suddenly have her broad ass in my face. It is moving left to right as she slaps it around with both hands. Sand is raining all over me. I dodge the shuddering mountain of flesh and jump to my feet.
'Tell me about this place. All I see is a heap of stones.'
She grabs my arm and locks it into hers. We walk past the Temple of the Frescoes towards the castle. I tell her what I remember reading in my guide book. She doesn't seem really interested, though.
'I'm starving. Do you need a ride back? I have a limo waiting. We can have dinner together.'
I had come on one of the local buses, which had taken a noisy, hot and bumpy two and a half hours to make it down here, stopping at every village market on the way down to take on another load of fat sweaty housewives laden with baskets - which they bumped against every head and shoulder they found on the way to the back of the bus - and live chicken that were audibly outraged by the inclemencies of public transport. Hardly a match for an air-conditioned limousine.
The Mexican driver smiles knowingly but doesn't say a word as he holds the door of the limo for us. I sink into the cool leather seat beside Sara, who is cracking a can of Coke from the little fridge. The driver lowers the smoked glass divider.
'De regreso al hotel, senora?'
'Yes, Armando, straight back to the hotel.'
The divider goes up again and we are alone. The car hums as we take off.
'Soda? Or would you like something stronger?'
'No, a Coke is fine, thank you.'
'My, this sun is downright dangerous. I was hardly out for a moment and look at what it did to my poor skin.'
Sara has lowered both straps of her bathing suit, exposing the top of her chest. The skin around her neck and shoulders is a freckled reddish brown, which contrasts with the pale white where the weight of her breasts stretches and wrinkles the skin.
She passes a hand over her chest, then dips it into the bathing suit and pulls out her right breast. It is soft and flat, thin blue veins crisscrossing the white skin, the nipple a broad brown patch pointing downward. I can't help but stare in fascination.
'You like that?'
But I'm too stunned to talk. I cannot take my eyes off her breast. It is especially the nipple that mesmerizes me. It seems to be staring back at me.
'Go on, touch it. Don't be shy.'
She reaches out and grabbing me by the neck, pulls my head down into her breast. The nipple feels warm and soft as it presses against my lips. From the corner of my eyes I see Sara's left hand pulling the top of her suit further down until her other breast pops out. The hand comes back up and rubs the nipple until it is hard and erect. Then she scoops the breast up from beneath and turning her torso, pops the stiff nipple into my mouth.
'Hmm, suck it, baby. Suck it good.'
I suckle on her breast for a while, then she stuffs the other one into my mouth again. All the while she is squirming and twisting. I'm almost on top of her, and she has pulled up her right leg onto the seat. She prods me between the ribs with her foot and I slide off the seat onto my knees, between her spread legs. She hunches forward, still pulling my head into her, feeding me her breasts. My chin rests on her soft round belly. I can feel her legs circle my body until her feet lock behind my back. She is pushing my head down now, away from her sagging breasts. I can feel how she pushes her pelvis forward against my chest as I slide down between her legs. I know where this is going and although performing oral sex on a woman - especially one of Sara's size - is not one of my favorite activities, I concede because this is going way easier than I had hoped for.
It's a long way down over the mound of her belly into the valley between her legs. I have to squeeze my shoulders between the fat-packed legs, until I face the bulge of her cunt clearly outlined in the cloth of her swimsuit. In fact, it seems the cloth has been sucked into the crack, so what I'm looking at is a giant fat blue peach. There is a wet stain spreading from the slit outwards. No time to ponder whether I should peel this strange fruit. Sara slides down in her seat, pushing her cunt into my face. Even through the thick cloth I can smell the sour-sweet cunt odor. My nose sinks into the soft moist slit, which starts sliding up and down my face in a slow lazy rhythm. I have to synchronize my breathing with her strokes, as her rich folds cover my face chin to brow and the only chance I get is by tilting my head back when my nose slides out over the top of her cunt on a down stroke.
It is clear she is quickly entering in heat, but the movements of her hips are hindered as she is sitting and her weight is on her ass. Wriggle as she might, she is not achieving the friction she needs. So she grabs my head instead with both hands and yanking it back and forth, slams my face into her hungry cunt.
No need to say I'm starting to feel utterly ridiculous being used as a dildo. But before I have time to make up my mind and put a stop to this, her body stiffens and her legs cramp around my head. My nose and mouth are flooded by a sudden gush of her cunt juices that seep through the cloth of her swimsuit. I struggle to release myself, but the pressure of her legs on my head is so great I fear she'll crack my skull. I gasp for air when she finally relaxes.
'Oh my, that was nice.'
The wet patch on her crotch has spread to the size of a soccer ball. She ties a bath towel around her waist to hide it. I crawl back onto the seat next to her. Her chest with the sagging breasts is heaving as she struggles for air herself. She soon calms down though and wipes the sweat from her face with a hand towel. Then she hands it to me, signaling me to wipe her juices from mine.
'Was it as good for you as it was for me, baby?'
She extends her arm and gropes into the front of my shorts, where she finds nothing but softness.
'Did you not enjoy yourself, darling? Oh my, we must do something about that.'
She pulls the front of my shorts down and the tip of my limp cock pops out.
'Take the shorts off.'
I marvel at her easy command. I am not one to be ordered around easily, but there is a superior air about her that leaves no room for protest nor hesitation. So leaning back into the seat, I lift my butt and pull my shorts down to my ankles. The prospect of the woman lowering her head into my lap to blow me, makes my dick come alive.
'Ah, that's better. You got me worried there for a minute.'
She's looking down at my cock as it lies on my belly, growing slowly in anticipation. But she doesn't budge.
'Is that as big as it gets?'
'Uhm, no, it gets bigger.'
'Get it as big as you can.'
She still isn't budging. That's supposed to be her job, especially after I have gone down on her. I decide to gather my wits and ask.
'Why don't you, uh� you know.'
'Well, you could� you know, take it in your, uh� mouth, you know, that would make it� '
'What? Oh no, I don't do that. Yikes. No no, buddy, I don't know you well enough for that.'
Yikes? After submerging me into her wet marshlands and spraying me with her juices, she yikes me? Who does she think she is?
'But I went down on you. I'd think�'
'So what? Did I force you to? You were down there before I had a chance to stop you.'
No use arguing with this lady. I move to pull my shorts back up, but she places her hand on my thigh to stop me.
'OK, I'm sorry. That was rude. You have to forgive me. I'm just a poor little old widow who hasn't been with a man since her husband passed away.'
Her conciliatory tone assuages me. The woman really turns me on. I just don't like to be treated that way.
'I'll tell you what. I'll make it up to you after dinner, OK? It's just so uncomfortable here in the car. It's not as if I were a skinny little cheerleader crawling all around the back seat on her prom night, is it?
She throws her head back and cackles like a hen. I curse myself. How inconsiderate of me. Anyone can see she is a respectable lady of quite some social standing, and I'm asking her to go down on a bum like myself. What was I thinking?
'Now be a good boy and stroke it for me. I have never seen a man stroke himself. Come, humor me.'
She is smiling almost apologetically as she looks into my eyes. Who can resist that? I grab my penis - which has gone limp again - and slowly stroke it back to life. I'm looking at her thick thighs and heaving chest with the vibrating breasts, and I'm hard again in no time at all.
'Hmm, you do that so nicely.'
She is rubbing her breasts and I can't help but raise my rhythm as I watch the skin twist and wrinkle while the nipples go hard between her nervous fingers.
'Can you cum? Oh please cum for me, yes?'
Her voice is soft and sensual in my ear. I have lost all sense of time and place. My cock is on fire and my balls seem to have swollen to twice their size. I feel an orgasm building up.
It is not until the door is opened from outside that I notice that the car has stopped. The hotel doorman reaches out his hand to help Sara up when the first jet of semen hits the ceiling of the car. I desperately try to retain the flow with one hand while pulling up my shorts with the other, but the white milky liquid keeps spurting through my fingers and my hips jerk uncontrollably. Sara never looks back as she heaves her weight up the steps to the lobby. The doorman sticks his head back through the car door to see if I need any help, but quickly decides I don't. My dick is still jerking and spitting when I stuff it inside my shorts and jump from the car. One hand on my twitching crotch, the other dragging my bag, I run after Sara up the stairs and into the lobby. I catch up with her at the elevators.
'Oh my, what a mess you made. You should be more careful. Didn't you notice we had arrived?'
My legs are shaking and I can't utter a word. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life.
We step into the elevator and I mark the seventh floor, which is where my room is. Sara uses her key card to unlock the access to the penthouse.
'Why don't you take a shower and we'll meet in the restaurant in an hour.'
I nod absently and get off on my floor. I'm still in a daze when I enter my room. It is as if my mind refuses to fully register what has just happened.
A cold shower finally dissipates the numbness and I am again able to think clearly. I have to get out of this place. I cannot face that doorman again. And who knows who he will have told already. Surely everybody knows by know.
I lie naked on the bed. I can't help but think that Sara set me up. She must have known how near we were to the hotel. At the very least she could have warned me when the car halted. Why didn't she?
I dress and go out to the beach, using the back stairs and the exit behind the laundry room. The sun is a huge orange balloon dipping into the forest behind me. A cruise liner just off the shore lights up the dark water with its happy myriad of deck lights. The silence and the serenity of the dying day calm me down.
What if Sara really had set me up? She had come on to me strong from the moment we met. I am not used to women picking me up, usually I have to do all the work and then the results are usually meager. I get rejected a lot. I guess I don't reflect that arrogant self-assurance that women seem to look for in a man. But this one needed no prodding. She practically dragged me to her limo and raped me. Surely I cannot trust a woman so apt at assuming control. I decide to shun her and leave the hotel as early as possible tomorrow morning.
But walking back to the hotel, I am consumed by doubts. What if I am wrong? She seems such a sweet innocent lady. A bit eccentric, true. But certainly not malicious. She just hasn't gotten laid in a long time, which should account for her anxiousness and directness. Maybe she's just desperate. Who am I to judge?
I end up passing by the restaurant anyway, to see if she's there. It is almost empty. Sara is nowhere to be seen. I walk to the restaurant bar and sit on a stool. Before I can order, the bartender places a Martini in front of me.
'Courtesy of Lady Sara. She says please wait for her. She will be down in a minute.'
I light a cigarette. This woman truly gives me the shivers. Every detail covered. There is no escape for the poor little fly once it has entered the black widow's web. But I laugh at myself. My fantasy is off on a rampage again. Now I have her luring me into her suite, tying me to the bed and raping the living daylights out of me all night long, time after time, until she has sucked me as dry and shriveled as a sun-dried raisin. Then she slits my throat for the hell of it.
'So sweet of you to wait for me. I thought maybe you'd gotten bored and gone to the beach. Lots of nice little girls on the beach, but then, you already know that, don't you?'
She is radiant in a glittering white strapless gala dress. Her hair is done up in a curly stylish mess. An uncharacteristically large handbag matching the color and texture of her dress is hanging from her arm. I am and feel bitterly underdressed in my jeans and short-sleeved shirt.
'None as stunning as you, Sara.'
I take her hand and bring it to my lips. I hope my hard-on is not visible inside my jeans.
'Oh, you're such a charmer, Frank.'
The maitre d'hotel announces our table is ready and holds out a jacket for me to slip into. Then he leads us to a private section of the terrace outside, where a table for two is laid out overlooking the beach. We are away from the chatter and hustle of the public section of the restaurant.
'I never come down to the restaurant. I usually eat in my suite. But I thought this would be more romantic. Don't you agree?'
'Absolutely, my dear. You must have read my mind.'
The role of the jet set lady killer is as uncomfortable and unnatural to me as is the borrowed jacket, but I try.
'Would the lady and gentleman care for an aperitif?'
'I feel like champagne tonight, Oscar.'
'I have a fine Dom Perignon in the cellar. I'll have it put on ice immediately. How about some oysters?'
'Great. We'll start with two dozen each.'
I refrain from entering this conversation. I wonder if my credit card will hold against the bill.
'Ah, what a beautiful evening. You're right, the beach is absolutely stunning at this hour.'
She throws her head back and stretches her arms upwards. Her breasts are on the brink of popping out again, but somehow the dress holds its ground. She pulls out a gold cigarette holder from her purse and offers me a cigarette. They are long and thin and an elegant dark brown. I light hers, then mine.
When the maitre'd returns with the champagne and the oysters, Sara orders a crab cocktail, Bouillabaisse and lobster for the both of us, with a 1992 Domaine de Saint-Laurent-l'Abbaye Sauvignon Blanc. My mood grows darker as the bill adds up. But what bothers me even more is that I am so completely ignored in the food selection process. I may not be a connoisseur of the fine foods and wines, but I am sure I can stand my man with a little help from a volunteering waiter. As things are, I feel branded as a low-life gigolo by both Sara and the maitre d'hotel.
I have never eaten oysters, and seeing the snotty shells arranged before me does not exactly do wonders for my appetite.
'Come on, don't be shy. Dig in.'
I watch Sara as she sprinkles lemon on one of her oysters and then picks it up with her right hand. She places the shell against her lower lip and throwing her head back, sucks its contents into her mouth with a slurping sound. I try to imitate her the best I can, including the slurping. I have no idea if this is how oysters are supposed to be eaten.
My first oyster almost makes me gag. The cold slimy substance that slithers into my mouth reminds me of an old lady who used to sit on a bench in the park back in my hometown, clearing her throat and spitting large clods of green phlegm all around the bench. I cannot bring myself to swallow it down, and spit it into my napkin instead. Sara is laughing her head off.
'Not the oyster type, are you? Oh well, one has to get used to it. Try another one, only this time swallow it straight down. You blur out the taste by allowing the texture to draw your attention. Let it slither over your tongue, just enough to catch the flavor, then throw your head back and let it slide down your throat.'
I try it and it works, although I cannot keep my imagination from playing with my mind. I manage to eat half of the oysters on my plate, then I give up. The champagne is a welcome refreshment.
While the maitre'd hovers around us like a busy bee serving the different courses of our dinner and keeping our glasses filled - the wine tasting is the first time I get acknowledged - we eat and chat about Mexico and the weather. Sara is an attentive listener and seems to appreciate my opinions. My conversation is somewhat hampered by my constant worrying about the bill. That dilemma gets solved though when after coffee and cake, Sara instructs Oscar to charge it to her room. I am too relieved to put up even a perfunctory fight over the ownership of the bill. Instead, I rally around the table and help Sara up from her seat before the maitre'd gets a chance.
'Be a dear and bring the champagne, will you?'
I drape the jacket over the chair, grab the ice bucket and rush after her towards the elevators.
'Take me to your room, honey.'
I had rejoiced in the prospect of a night in a first class suite, but truth be told, for all I care we could do it in the broom closet, anything for a chance to slip between those powerful thighs. I take her up to the seventh floor and into my room.
Before I get a chance to close the door behind me, she drops her bag and nails me to the bathroom door with her enormous belly. Her lips are on mine and she tongues me standing up, grabbing my butt with both hands and pulling me into her. I am hard instantly and she responds with a grinding movement of her hips. I drop the ice bucket with the champagne to the floor and reach behind her broad back to fumble at the zipper of her dress. She brings her hands around and undoes my belt and zipper, then pulls down my pants, underwear and all. My erect cock flops against the underside of her belly, and then I feel her wonderful warm hands on it.
'Let's get comfortable, shall we?'
She turns around and pulls me after her by my cock. I shuffle behind her broad ass into the bedroom with my trousers still wrapped around my ankle. When she reaches the bed by the window, she yanks my dick forward and I fall face down onto the bed cover. She unzips her dress and drops it. No bra and the largest thong I have ever seen. I sit up to take off my T-shirt while I kick my pants from my feet, then lie back on the bed, leaving ample space for her to lie down beside me.
But she doesn't. Instead, she gets up onto the bed and straddles my head. It's an impressive view to have a woman as big as Sara towering above me, especially as I have no clue what she's going to do next. I stare up between her thick thighs, which although her legs are spread still touch at the top, right under her thong. Suddenly, she squats down and drapes her enormous ass over my face.
'Be a darling and kiss my ass, yes? I love to have my ass kissed.'
My nose has slipped right between her fat buttocks. She lifts her ass a few inches and looks down at me between her spread knees.
'Come on, don't make me wait. You'll get your turn.'
I look up at her massive bottom. The cloth of the thong is stretched so tight that it is partly pulled into her cunt. Two fat hairy cuntlips bulge out on either side of it. Further up, the strip thins out and disappears between her buttocks. Sara reaches behind her with both hands and spreads her ass for me before lowering it down onto my face again. Thick hairs tickle my chin as my lips disappear into her ass cleavage. A sweetish aroma emanates from her asshole, which behind the strip of cloth is exactly on my lips. I plant a shy kiss.
'Is that all? Come on, put some passion into it. Don't you like my ass?'
Suddenly her buttocks relax with a shudder and my face is wedged tightly into her fat ass. She must have let go of her ass cheeks because I feel her hand on my balls. She grabs them hard and twists them. I try to free myself from under her, but my head is nailed into the pillow by her fat ass and the more I wriggle my hips, the harder she twists my balls. With tears in my eyes I start kissing her asshole with almost religious fervor.
'Aah, that's better. Go on, don't stop.'
Her voice comes muffled from above, as my head seems to be totally immersed inside her ass. It suddenly dawns on me that I can't breathe. I panic and try to push her off me with both hands, to no avail. It is not until I slap her buttocks that she finally unplugs her ass from my face. I gasp for air.
'C-can't breathe.'
'Stop whining. You have no time for breathing. You're supposed to be kissing my ass.'
Her ass encloses me again. It doesn't take long for me to be out of breath again.
'What now?'
'Air' is all I can utter between desperate gasps.
'Oh boy, you're such a sissy. All right then, I'll give you air. Get ready.'
Her hand comes down and pulls the string of her thong aside. Her asshole is a deep hairy slit, dark brown in color with thin fleshy wrinkles centering inwards. Then the room blackens out again.
I can feel her asshole pucker in and out against my lips, as if it were breathing. Suddenly, the soft flesh explodes outward and a gush of hot air hisses into my mouth. An unbearable smell of rotten eggs engulfs me, and a bitter taste spreads inside my mouth.
'Better now?'
She has lifted her ass again and is peering down at me between her legs. I feel so thoroughly humiliated that words fail me. Instead, I make a show of coughing my lungs out, which somehow calms me down enough to speak.
'That stinks!'
'Are you complaining?'
Her tone is sharp and her eyes are cold and harsh. Her hand is back on my balls and I know that in my current position I am no match for her. I shake my head shyly.
'I thought not.'
She lowers her ass again and pumps a barrage of long stinky farts into my mouth. I feel how the hot foul gas invades my lungs in ever growing amounts.
'I never said you could stop kissing.'
She seems to have an endless supply of gas stored in her bowels. I kiss her erupting asshole over and over again. She lifts her ass slightly and wriggles it left and right, taking my head in tow, and never stops farting until she finally rolls off me.
I jump off the bed and out of her reach.
'What did you have to do that for?'
My voice trembles with indignation.
'Do what?'
'You know. The � well, the � What you did.'
I can't bring myself to pronounce the word. That's how humiliated I feel.
'The what? The farting? Oh come on, don't be such a hypocrite. You were enjoying that.'
'I was not!'
'Of course you were. Look at you.'
She's looking at my crotch. When I look down, I see my dick is bursting with hardness and bobbing up and down with uncontrollable pulsations. I feel like I'm going to cum right there right then. I am stunned.
'Don't just stand there. Come here, I'm ready now. Fuck me.'
Sara stands up and pulls down her thong. Then she climbs onto the bed on her knees, sticking her ass out to me. I am totally confused. On the one hand, my mind is telling me to run for my life. The woman scares the shit out of me. On the other hand, her fat behind waving at me in a blatant invitation seems to pull my body irresistibly towards the bed. I stare at the trembling mountain of flesh, the enormous ass cheeks firmly pressed together, the hairy cunt dangling beneath, wide open and pushing out between the thick thighs, glistening with moisture. Something snaps in the back of my head and I am sucked into her waiting cunt. The moment my cock sinks into her burning flesh, it starts pumping ever so slightly and I feel my life draining slowly into her vastness.
'What are you waiting for? Start fucking me already.'
She pushes her ass into me.
'Uhm, I just� I'm afraid�'
She looks at me over her shoulder.
'I-I'm sorry, it's just that� I�'
My limp dick slips from her cunt and flops against my balls, still dripping. She drops to the right and sits on the edge of the bed. She looks incredulously at my sorry affair, then up at my bowed head. I avoid her eyes.
'You didn't.'
She spreads her legs and feels her cunt with her hand.
'Oh you sneaky son of a bitch. You did. I never said you could cum inside my pussy.'
She jumps up and slaps me across the head. Feelings of guilt and shame - remnants of an unhappy youth - keep me from getting angry.
'Did I tell you to cum? Did I?'
'Uh, n-no, no you didn't.'
'Then why did you fucking cum in my pussy? I hate it when men leave me all sticky with their shit. Nobody cums in my pussy unless I tell them to. Damn!'
Somewhere in the back of my mind I register the contrast with her earlier statement, when she said she hadn't been with a man since her husband passed away. But there is no time to ponder. She pushes me down on my knees. Before I know what is happening, she grabs my hair and pulls me into her dripping cunt.'
'Suck me out, you slimy bastard. Clean out your mess. It's disgusting.'
I'm inside her fat cunt brow to chin, in total darkness. Her moist flesh burns on my face, and there is a strong smell of stale piss and something fishy. I feel how a thick glob of slime slowly oozes onto my lower lip.
'I said suck, you sissy.'
I scoop the glob up with my tongue and suck it into my mouth. It feels sticky and slimy, and tastes slightly of chlorine. I almost gag when I swallow it down. I try to pull my head back to free my airways, but Sara tugs me back into her cunt by my hair.
'You're not coming out before you haven't sucked the last drop of your cum out of my pussy. I don't care if you choke to death in there.'
The shortage of air, together with the moist heat and the rancid smell of her cunt make me feel dizzy. I'll faint if I don't get out of here fast. Feeling my way with the tip of my tongue, I locate the wide gap of her vulva and move my mouth over it. Pursing my lips against the slimy flesh, I suck as hard as I can. A thick flow of slime slides into my mouth. I swallow it down immediately and continue to suck, until there is no more. Sara lets go of my head and sticks a finger up her fuckhole to check it out. I'm relieved beyond measure when she lets go of my hair.
'I still can't believe what you just did. I never felt a thing, for heaven's sake.'
'I said I'm sorry. This has never happened before.'
'Now what am I to do? I'm horny as hell and you clocked out even before we got started. Are you a virgin or something?'
'N-no, of course not.'
'Then you've never been with a real woman. A real woman would have taught you how to fuck.'
I don't know what to say, so I just stare at my feet.
'Get up. I'll show you how fucking is done.'
When I stand up, she grabs my balls and pulls me behind her toward the door. For a moment I fear she's going to kick me out of my room naked, maybe even shout her disgust at my poor performance down the hall for all to hear. But she stops by the door where she dropped her bag when we came in. She tugs at my balls.
'Sit down on your knees and don't move.'
I cringe with pain and drop to my knees. She opens her bag and pulls out a black leather dog collar with a shiny metal chain for a leash. Before I have time to gather my wits, she has strapped the collar around my neck. I grab the collar and try to remove it, but she reaches into her bag again and comes out with a small horse whip.
'Don't touch that!'
She whips my fingers hard and I withdraw my hands as fast as I can.
'Come here.'
She tugs the leash and I move to get to my feet. The whip lashes painfully across my left ear.
'No! On hands and knees. Like you're my pet doggie. You're not fit to walk upright like a man.'
She picks up her bag and drags me back towards the bed. I choke trying to keep up with her.
'Hop onto the bed. On your hands and knees, your ass towards me.'
I stir to protest, but the whip cracks across my ass and I'm on the bed in the position stipulated.
'Don't you dare try anything funny. You ought to be grateful that I should be so kind to teach you how to fuck.'
I don't quite see how she is going to teach me how to fuck while I am on my hands and knees, but I know better than to share my thoughts. She ties the leash to the bedpost and crouches down in front of her bag. She rummages through its contents for a while, then straightens up pulling out a strange contraption. It is a long skin-colored rubber penis attached to a pad with a number of black straps hanging from it. I can't say I like where this is going. She places the pad under her belly over of the hairy patch above her cunt. She circles one of the straps around her waist and fastens it to the pad, the other strap goes between her legs and fastens with a click behind her back. She adjusts the straps and when she is satisfied the contraption is attached firmly to her body, she walks around the bed and climbs onto it from the other side, facing me.
'Suck my cock, bitch.'
She waves the rubber dick in my face, then grabs my head from behind and taps my lips in a signal to open my mouth. When I do, she shoves it in all the way to the back of my throat. I gag, but manage to control myself.
'Suck it good, slut. You don't want me to dry-fuck you, believe me.'
She fucks my mouth with rapid jerks of her hips, holding my head in place with her hands. The bitterness of the rubber causes my saliva to flow freely. After a while, she withdraws her dick from my mouth and walks back around the bed until she is behind me. I feel her hands on my ass and my buttocks are spread apart roughly. My body is trembling beyond control and a frightened moan escapes from my lips.
'Stop whining. I haven't even started yet.'
I hear her clear her throat noisily and then a warm slimy substance slaps onto the top of my spread ass cleavage and seeps slowly down. I feel the tip of the rubber cock cool against my asshole, right in the middle. She circles my ass for a while and I realize she is spreading her phlegm around. The movement stops and the tip is again pressing down on my sphincter. I cringe. She slaps my ass with the palm of her hand.
'Relax, bitch. It'll really hurt if you don't relax.'
Saying this, she pushes forward about an inch, then draws back again. I am almost crying, not believing this is actually happening to me. I have never been so humiliated. All I can think of is that I want to get out of here, but I dare not budge in fear of what she might do to me. She starts nudging my asshole, increasing the pressure with every forward push until the tip of her cock finally breaches my sphincter. I gasp, and with one swift move she shoves it hard forward as far as it will go. I scream as a sharp pain shoots through my guts. My legs are weak and almost collapse under me. My eyes fill with tears.
'There, take it, bitch.'
She pulls back, withdrawing the appendage completely from my ass.
'Now this is fucking.'
She grabs me by the hips and slams her cock deep into my lower intestine. She fucks my ass relentlessly, with long hard strokes that rock my body. It is hard for me to cope with the pain and at the same time struggle not to fall flat on my face.
Apparently unsatisfied with the depth she is achieving, she stops in mid-fuck and steps closer to the bed. I am pushed forward by her protruding belly, and it is obvious that this is the obstacle that keeps her from full penetration. Lifting her belly up with both hands, she pushes forward until I feel the coldness of the pad press against my buttocks. Satisfied, she drops the fat mass on top of my ass and resumes the fucking.
'See how it is done? In out in out. Just wham that sucker in there.'
I feel how the collar around my neck tightens and my head is pulled back. She is fucking me in the rear, pulling me into her by the dog chain. My asshole seems to have relaxed and the rubber cock slides effortlessly in and out of my ass, almost without any friction. The pain in my gut has subsided to a dull feeling of discomfort. Yet I cannot relax because her pounding throws me constantly off balance and I have to concentrate on maintaining my position.
'Hmm, what a good fuck you are, you dirty slut. You love it up your ass, don't you? Say you love it.'
She slaps my ass when I don't answer, never missing a stroke.
'Come on, tell mummy how much you love it.'
'I - love - it'
The words come out in spurts as with every forward stroke I get the air pounded out of my lungs.'
'Up your ass. You love it up your ass.'
'I - love - it - up - my - ass.'
'Again. Louder.'
I repeat the words.
'Shout it!'
She fucks me harder and harder while I shout the words, pumping up the rhythm until she finally collapses on top of me, breathing heavily. I fall forward, the strap-on still deeply buried inside my ass. I can hardly breathe with her weight on top of me, but she gets up after a short while, unplugs her cock from my ass, unties the chain from the bedpost and pulls me off the bed.
'Sit up. I'm going to fuck your face now.'
I get to my knees before her. She quickly unstraps her tool, then lifts up her enormous belly and sticks out her cunt. Although this is the third time today I come face to face with her cunt, it is only now that I get the chance to have a closer look at it. It is fat and puffy with a deep slit right down the middle, bulging through the thick patches of coarse curly hair. A thick viscose liquid is dripping from it. She spreads her cunt with the fingers of one hand, and a pair of fat dark brown inner cuntlips pop out of their confinement, spraying my face with drops of cunt slime. With the other hand, she grabs my head and pulls me into her.
My face slides slowly into her wet flesh. She increases the pressure on my head, while adjusting her hips up and down until my nose is tightly pressed against the stiff knob of her clit and my chin is buried inside her fuckhole. I can feel her cuntlips embracing my face so wide they almost touch my ears. Satisfied with the depth she has achieved, she starts to slowly grind her hips up and down, sliding her fat slippery cunt over my face.
'Aah, nothing like a good slow face fuck.'
Both her hands are on my head now. She picks up the rhythm of her strokes. I can hear her moaning up above while her cunt slithers over my lips, nose and brow. Suddenly, she pushes me backwards. Breaking the fall with my elbows, I gain time to rearrange my legs before they double up beneath me. When I look up, the sole of her right foot is in my face and I am pushed further down onto my back. She straddles me and gathers my arms alongside my body with her feet. Then she sits down on my chest, knocking the air out of my lungs. Her belly drapes onto my forehead and her cunt settles down just inches from my face, drooling and grimacing like a monster in rage. It is an impressive view that lasts but a flash, yet it reaches right into the core of my being.
The moment is broken when she leans forward and shifting her weight to her arms, pushes up her hips. Her cunt hovers menacingly above me for a few trembling seconds, then slams into my face with a wet thud.
'Aw damn I love fucking your face. Such a nice face you have, bitch, I just love fucking it. Take this. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!'
With every 'Fuck!' she smashes her cunt into me. My head is battered painfully against the floor by the thundering thrusts of her powerful hips.
'I'm fucking your face, you gorgeous little slut you. Aaaarghhh. Fuck you! I could stick your head right up my cunt. Fuck!'
She has lost control of her movements now and her speech is incoherent. The flesh of her belly and ass is shuddering as she slams into me, ever harder and ever faster. Finally, she collapses on top of me, her body stiffening in a massive cramp-like convulsion. Up above, I hear her growling like an animal. She is burying me in the sweaty creases of her trembling body, smothering me with her quivering cunt which is gushing juices in quantities I never thought possible. I don't catch on to what is really happening on top of me until the salty taste in my mouth betrays the true nature of her vaginal expulsion: she is pissing. Her cunt, draped loosely over my face, hisses as a thick stream of piss gushes from its fleshy folds and explodes on my face. The warm bitter liquid shoots up my nose and into my mouth. As her body slowly relaxes, her cunt presses down on me again, still pissing, and sends sprays of piss all around me. The stream slowly lets down as she sits up and my eyes and nose breach the top of her cunt. I snag a few quick breaths through my nose in the narrow space between her cunt and the fold beneath her belly, but at the same time I must swallow as she pushes the last squirts of piss from her bladder. Then she gets up and walks toward the door.
I am unable to move. The events of this unexpected evening have completely exhausted me. I am relieved that it is all over now, although her departure leaves an aching void somewhere deep inside me. I feel something in me has changed. Brutal and bossy as she may be, Sara has touched a sensitive fiber in my heart. I feel like a schoolboy in love with his teacher. Much to my surprise, I find myself yearning for her with an unknown desperation. I sit up and call out her name.
She hasn't left. She steps back into the room, still naked, wiping her crotch and the inside of her legs with my shirt.
'Nothing. I thought you'd left.'
'Left? We only just got started and you want me to leave already?'
'No no, that's not it. I� I kind of enjoyed what we did.'
I can't believe I'm saying this. Only moments ago I was seriously considering running for my life, and here I am practically begging her to stay.
'Good. Then I'm sure you'll enjoy what I have in store for you next.'
She picks the chain up from the floor and pulls me onto the bed.
'Flat on your back. Spread your legs and stick your arms out over your head.'
I do as I am told, a nervous sense of anticipation sending shivers through my body. What is she up to now? The woman is insatiable. She rumbles through her bag again and emerges with a set of handcuffs. Dropping them on the bed next to me, she picks one and ties my left wrist to the bedpost.
'I-is that necessary?'
I'm not putting up any resistance, but I feel a surge of panic welling up again.
'Necessary? I don't know. Maybe. Just a precaution.'
'Precaution? What for?'
'Oh, nothing in particular. Just in case. I'm going to try something new.'
'Don't worry, it won't hurt. It's just that� Oh well, it's something I read about once and then the couple from Miami, you know, I met them in Cancun, well they were sort of into that and she did it to him and it impressed me deeply. She invited me to try it on her husband after she did it, but I wasn't quite up to it. Nevertheless, I've been obsessed with it ever since and when I saw you at the ruins this afternoon� Well anyway, I want to try it and I think I'm ready for it.'
Suddenly her stomach growls and she places a hand on her belly.
'Oh yes, I'm definitely ready for it.'
'Ready for what?'
'You'll see. Don't be so impatient. I've never done this before, so I have to work myself up to it. Just bear with me a while, OK?'
She finishes her round around the bed, tying my extremities to the bedpost. Even if I'm shivering with fear, my cock is so hard it almost hurts. She notices it and pets it with her hand, smiling.
'My my, you sure can't wait, can you? I hope you'll still be paying tribute to me when I'm done.'
Saying this, she heaves herself onto the bed and straddles my head. Her huge butt is high up above my face. I marvel at the size of it. Although I'm scared shitless by it because of its suffocating capacity, I feel at the same time strangely attracted to it. I yearn to disappear into it, to feel the tight flesh all around my face, feel how I slowly sink into it, slide head first into her tight asshole, wallow in the soft slimy creases of her rectum, live forever in the hot moist confines of her bowels.
She is massaging her massive buttocks with her hands. The tight flesh shudders as she moves them up and down in circles, spreading and closing the cleavage of her ass. I am mesmerized by her winking asshole as it is disclosed to me intermittently by the movement of her pulsating flesh. Whatever is to come next, it is clear to me that it involves the soft wrinkly mouth of her anus.
Her broad back shudders ever so slightly and then her ass comes crashing down as she squats. She is holding her buttocks apart and my face slides smoothly into the enormous crevice. Her cunt settles on my chin and her asshole is precisely on my lips.
'OK, open up now. It's coming.'
I don't quite understand.
'I said open up! Open your mouth. I can't do this when your mouth is closed. Come on, open it up. I'm not sure I can hold it any longer.'
Still dumbfounded, I open my mouth. Remembering the trick she played on me earlier tonight, I expect she's going to fart. It had not really been a pleasant experience - for one thing, a man has his pride - but it had aroused me sexually to an extent nothing had ever before. I am beginning to understand what it is exactly that I like about this woman, what causes my feelings of unbounded love for her in spite of the sheer terror her actions trigger. It is the unequivocal way she takes control of me. The power. I don't know what it is in her that gives her this absolute certainty that she can get away with anything she pleases, and that I will go along with it without the least resistance. Or is it something in me?
I can feel her asshole swell between my lips, but there is no sound and no wind, nor does the soft flesh flutter. Instead of quickly decreasing, as it did when she farted into my mouth, the swelling seems only to increase. I have no idea what is happening. Surely she cannot be�
Yes she can, and she is. A thick knob emerges from her asshole and starts pushing its way past my lips onto my tongue. It feels warm, almost hot. The surface is hard and slimy. I feel how it slowly pushes its way into my mouth, past my tongue and over my palate, filling my mouth slowly but surely to capacity. When I feel my mouth can hold no more, a sudden intestinal contraction somewhere above my head expulses the turd in its full length and it curls up against the back of my throat, blowing up my cheeks and spreading my jaw wider than I thought possible.
Sara lifts her leg and pivots on her right knee, until she is kneeling by my side. There is a strange glow in her eyes when she watches my shit-filled mouth.
'Oh my, you have no idea how sweet you look like this. This is better then I had imagined.'
Suddenly the taste hits me. It is like nothing I have ever tasted. Rot and decay in its ultimate essence. Foul, bitter. Absolutely nauseating, a stinging sharpness that completely numbs the inside of my mouth. I gag and start to push the foul mass out of my mouth with my tongue, but Sara places a hand under my chin and pushes it up to close my mouth.
'No no no. You have to eat it. The shitting is only half the fun. I want to see you eat it.'
There is no way I can swallow the horrid thing in my mouth. I shake my head to free myself from her grip and start prodding again with my tongue. Instead of trying to control my head, Sara reaches down and grabs my balls.
'I said eat it. Don't make this harder than it is.'
She squeezes my balls in sign that she means it. I resist from trying to push out the turd, but cannot bring myself to swallow it.
'Chew it. And show me while you're chewing. I want to see my shit inside your mouth while you're mulling it around.'
She twists my balls, urging me into action. Reluctantly, I sink my teeth into the foul mass. It is softer than I thought, but breaching its surface releases a new wave of bitter taste.
'Don't stop. You're doing fine. Just don't make a face like it's the most horrible thing you've ever eaten. That's my shit you're eating there. Show some respect.'
I try to make a happy face while I chew, but it must be a funny sight because she breaks out in laughter. Meantime, the taste isn't getting any better, but at least I've managed to soften up the mass with my saliva and I think I can swallow a small portion. With my tongue, I pry off a ball of shit from the mushy mass and move it towards the back of my throat. Closing my eyes, I swallow hard. Tears well up in my eyes while the lump slides slowly down my throat. I gag again and barely manage to suppress the urge to vomit. I open my eyes and through the blur see her staring at my mouth, fascinated.
'Don't hurry, darling. Give yourself time to get used to it. It's just like the oysters, remember? Let it slither over your tongue just enough to catch the flavor, then throw your head back and let it slide down your throat.'
If the oysters were bad, this is worse. I'd gladly settle for oysters now. But it's not oyster in my mouth, it is a large clump of shit and I somehow have to deal with it. After a short rest, I start on the second portion. To be over with my ordeal quicker, I make it twice the size of the first. That makes it harder to swallow, and I feel a sharp pain in my stomach as it pushes past my diaphragm. Just when I prepare the third portion, my stomach suddenly cramps and I know I'm done for. I turn my head to one side, away from Sara, and my whole body jerks as my stomach expulses its contents in a series of violent explosions.
When I finally calm down, Sara is standing by the bed.
'There was no need to do that. That was a perfectly good dump, you ungrateful bastard.'
She raises the horse whip and lashes it repeatedly across my dick, my balls and my hips. I try to dodge the blows, but it is futile as I am tied to the bed.
'You are absolutely useless. I don't know what I ever saw in you. Is it really so hard to please a woman? Am I asking so much?'
'N-no, of course not. It's not that.'
'Then what is it? Is it me? You don't like me?'
'No. Yes. I like you. Very much, as a matter of fact.'
'Then what? Is it my body? Am I too fat? Do I smell?'
'No no, your body is just fine. Actually I like your body a lot.'
'Is it my shit then? Is it too soft? Too hard? Does it taste bad?'
'No. Yes. I don't know.'
I'm not sure how to say this without offending her. The shitting part was truly the worst experience I have ever gone through in my life, yet had it not been for the taste, I think I could have enjoyed it more than I care to admit. For a woman to dump the waste of her body into a man's mouth is truly the ultimate expression of her power over him. Thinking about it, I kind of regret having been unable to cope with the taste. While she was shitting into my mouth, I had felt a strange energy invade every fiber of my body. It was as if she was taking over my body with the shit she was dumping into me. It made me feel so close to her, closer than I had ever felt being with anybody before.
'Oh, I remember. You like the local taste. Didn't you say that?'
'Well yes, but�'
'Don't be shy. I understand. I think I can arrange something for you.'
She sits down on the edge of the bed, picks up the telephone and dials reception.
'Yes, this is Mrs. Hutchinson. Say, is Ernesto still working here? � Ernesto, the night concierge. � Yes, that's him. Is he on duty tonight? � Great. Could you put me through to him, please?'
She covers the speaker with the palm of her hand and turns to me.
'I have heard wonders about this guy. They say there is nothing he cannot get, if the money is right.'
Then she's talking into the speaker again.
'Don Ernesto? Good evening, how are you. This is Mrs. Hutchinson, from the penthouse suite. � Yes, thank you. � Don Ernesto, you don't know me, but I've heard some very nice things about you. Do you remember Mr. Douglas from Chicago? � Yes, he comes here every year. He is a dear friend, and he recommended me this hotel, and you in particular. Now, I was wondering � Yes, well I have kind of a special request. � Thank you, that is so nice of you to say. Well, I'm here in room 723 with my friend Frank and we're planning on a nice evening, so we thought we might want some company. � Yes, special company. Three of them, actually. � No no no, they must be locals. � I don't care. � No, nothing high class, just ordinary local girls. � Yes, well my friend here likes the local flavor. � Hang on a second, I'll ask him.'
She turns back to me.
'Are you into transvestites? He says he knows some real nice ones.'
'No, no, please don't bother. Can't we just�'
'No, just girls. But they have to local. No blondes, he doesn't like that. � Oh no, don't worry, all absolutely kosher, I can vouch for that. � No, not at all. � You can? Oh, that is great. � Yes. � Thank you, Don Ernesto. � You're so kind. � I will wait for your phone call then.'
She gets up and steps into the bathroom. When she comes back, she's toting the champagne bottle.
'See? That was easy. You should have told me earlier, I would have arranged it for you.'
'But �'
'Yes, I know, you did. I had forgotten all about that. Mind you, I still would have done you myself, after you'd had your fill with the local flavor. But I always like to give as much as I take.'
She laughs and takes a swig from the bottle.
'It's just so� I don't know. I can't describe what I felt when I was shitting into your mouth. I felt like you were all mine, like you were surrendering to me, like I could keep you forever as my pet or something.'
She looks at me, then brings the bottle to her mouth again and throws her head back.
'But I guess you aren't for me. But that's OK. I didn't come here to get tied up again. There's thousands like you out there. You know, after my husband died, a whole new world opened up to me. My husband was so jealous, he never allowed me to travel by myself. And everywhere I went I had that goddamn chauffeur on my heels. I couldn't leave the house without him, he was my husband's watchdog. But that is all over now. I am a new woman. This is the third trip I'm taking since my husband passed away, and I have seen and done things that I never thought possible. And there's so much more out there to discover�'
She looks forlorn and pensive as she stares at the ceiling, the bottle hanging from her hand between her legs. I want to touch her, embrace her, love her, but I am still tied up and unable to move. The ringing of the phone destroys the moment.
'Yes? � Yes, speaking. � Don Ernesto. � What? � Oh, las putas. That was fast. � Three? Yes, that's what I asked for. � Yes, please send them up now. 723. � Thank you.'
She lifts the bottle up and looks at it. It is empty.
'I didn't leave you any champagne, did I? Do you want me to have another bottle sent up?'
'No no, that's fine. I'm not so keen on champagne anyway.'
'Yeah, I know, the local flavor, huh? Don't worry, we can do that too. They'll be here any minute now.'
I regret ever having said the words. It's all local flavor now and what I really crave for is her. But as before, I see no way of stopping her. Once she has set her mind on something, she's off on a rampage and nothing can stand in her way. I just hope we can get it over with quickly and I can be alone with her again. Maybe she'll even untie me and we can lie on the bed and cuddle. That's what I really want to do now. For her to hold me and kiss me and let me love her. But maybe we should do that up at her suite, because my room is reeking of shit and vomit.
A shy knock on the door interrupts my thoughts. Sara shoots up and answers it.
'Ah, there you are. Nice. You all look so beautiful. My husband will be very pleased.'
Three women of varying age and stature enter the room. The first one is pale and skinny. She has a snobbish look on her face, trying to make up for her lack of beauty. She is the oldest of the group, in her mid thirties. Her hair is done up in a pony tail to make her look younger, but actually achieves quite the opposite effect. She has large bulging breast that seem out of proportion compared to her small bony shoulders. Her body looks straight like a plank, without hardly any curves at all. Her legs are equally skinny and her ass is flat.
The second one looks eighteen, maybe twenty. She is short and dark-skinned, with a beautiful face. Huge black eyes, a nose like a doll's, full rosy lips, long shiny black hair draping over her shoulders, partially covering her breasts. She has a very straight back which curves out slightly into a narrow behind.
The third woman is also short and dark, but chubby. She has a crude face but her shy smile and down-turned eyes give her an angel-like appearance. Her hair short and curly. She has a round body, with broad hips and a nice compact ass. Her breasts are small, almost unnoticeable beneath her top.
They are all wearing barely differing variations of the same theme: high pumps, black net stockings, extremely short miniskirts that make no effort to hide their black thongs, and glittering multi-colored strapless tops that leave their belly buttons exposed.
'Hi. I'm Sara, and this is my husband Frank. Do you speak English?'
They look at each other shyly, then shake their heads. It is clear they are very uncomfortable, although seeing me all tied up and soiled on the bed does not seem to shake them. Surely they must have seen all sorts of craziness from the gringo tourists. What they're uncomfortable about is that they have no clue what these particular gringos are up to.
'Oh my, my Spanish is not really good, but we'll have to do somehow. Hola. Yo llamar Sara. Mi marido, Frank. Como estan?'
The older woman, obviously the bravest because she has been in the business the longest, takes the lead in answering.
'Hola. Soy Esmeralda. Ella es Graciela y la gordita es Rosita.'
Rosita, the chubby one, shoots an angry look at Esmeralda because she called her fatty. The older woman ignores her and points a finger at me.
' Que le pasa a el?'
She's asking about my condition. Sara looks at me over her shoulder, then turns back to the women.
'Oh, nada. No hay preocupacion. El gusta asi.'
Although Spanish pronunciation uses no contractions like English does, it is a very fluent language. The syllables are all fully pronounced, yet they glide effortlessly one into the next, allowing for a fast fluid pronunciation that rather than staccato-like, is almost melodious. But Sara pronounces it slowly and carefully, like someone treading on eggs. Still, although her grammar is lacking and her vocabulary seems limited, her Spanish is not too bad. I wonder where she learned it.
'El senor tener mucho hambre. El gusta comer� how do you say this� el gusta comer mujeres aqui�'
She sticks out her ass and points at it. The three women look at each other, making disgusted faces. Esmeralda whispers something beneath her breath, but I can still hear it clearly.
'Otro come-mierda. Puedes creer estos gringos? Que cochinos son.'
Sara seems not to have understood. I do not volunteer a translation.
'Bien? Ustedes hacer esto para mi marido?'
Esmeralda takes the lead again.
'Si, claro. Lo que usted diga. Pero es tarifa especial.'
'What? Excuse me. No entiendo.'
'Dinero. Mucho.'
'Oh, no hay preocupacion. Dinero no es problemo.'
Sara goes into her bag again and hands each of the women a hundred dollar bill. Their eyes widen. No disgust this time, just plain unconcealed surprise. Street corner prostitutes, or putas callejeras as they are called here, make a hundred dollars in a month, if they're lucky. They stuff their bills into their little purses and start stripping right away.
'Excelente. Quiero ver.'
She takes Rosita by the hand and turns her around. She grabs her butt, which is round and seems amazingly firm. Then she turns to Graciela.
'Tu tambien.'
Graciela turns around and lets Sara grope her ass.
'Nice. Very nice. Ahora tu.'
The woman called Esmeralda has a tiny thin-lipped cunt which sort of hangs down between the space that her thin legs leave beneath her crotch. She turns around listlessly, exposing a thin bony ass with almost no flesh on it. The buttocks come apart at the bottom and I can see her asshole from where I lie. Sara pats her ass and runs a finger through her wide open ass crack.
'I think you're going to like this one. At least she won't smother you the way I did.'
She giggles. She steps up to the bed and puts the finger that she just passed through Esmeralda's ass into my mouth.
'What do you think? Does she taste nice?'
There is a salty flavor of sweat and a faint hint of bitter-sweet asshole taste. I do not want to disappoint Sara again, so I nod yes. Sara turns around and grabs the empty champagne bottle.
'OK. Primero, un poco de champagne. El senor tener mucho sed. Quien hacer pipi aqui?'
She holds the bottle up. The girls look at each other. Rosita nudges Graciela, Graciela nudges Esmeralda. It is the latter who finally steps forward and takes the bottle from Sara's hand.
'Aqui? En la botella?'
Nothing seems to shake this woman. She has seen it all and then some.
Esmeralda bends at the knees and places the mouth of the bottle against her cuntlips. With her free hand, she spreads her cunt and pushes the bottle in between the lips, which fold neatly around it when she releases them. She stands there for a minute, seemingly concentrating, then relaxes when a hollow sound reverberates through the room. When she is done, she shakes her cunt and with the mouth of the bottle scoops up the last drops that trickle from her pisshole. She holds the bottle up against the light. It holds about two inches of piss. Satisfied, she hands it back to Sara.
'Muy bien. Tu tambien?'
She holds the bottle out to Graciela, who shrugs her shoulders, takes the bottle and sticks it between her legs. Her cunt has a thin hairy patch and is hairless beneath. A pair of dark brown inner cuntlips sprout from her hairless slit, and I can clearly see the bottle slide in between them. It takes her a bit longer to start pissing, but once she does, she seems never to stop. She pisses for over two minutes, at intervals halting the flow only to start pissing again with renewed force. When she's done, the bottle is almost one third full. She passes it on to Rosita, who equally unceremoniously sticks it into her cunt and starts pissing right away. Her cunt is puffy and extremely hairy. Her hand along with a good part of the neck of the bottle disappears into it. She adds another inch or so to the bottle, then hands it back to Sara.
Sara shakes the bottle and holds it up to inspect its contents, then brings it to her nose to smell it.
'Hmm, smells like a fine dry wine. Muy buen trabajo. Le va gustar mucho.'
She steps up to the bed and lowers the bottle to my lips.
'Drink up, darling. It's an excellent year.'
The warm liquid gushes into my mouth and I have to swallow hard in order not to choke on it. It is slightly bitter and very salty. Although I gulp as fast as I can, there is no way I can keep up with the flow and soon the piss overflows my mouth and trickles down my cheeks and chin onto my chest and shoulders. Sara lifts the bottle up, but keeps it turned downwards. A thick stream of piss splashes on my face. She passes the bottle over the entire length of my body until it is empty.
'Hmm, que delicioso, si?'
The words are directed to me, but she's putting up a show for the women. When I don't answer, she prods my ribs with the bottle.
'Si si, muy delicioso. Gracias.'
Satisfied, she turns back to the three prostitutes, who are standing listlessly in the middle of the room, awaiting instructions.
'Bueno, y ahora, a comer. Tu primero.'
She signals Esmeralda.
'Que quiere que hago?'
'OK. Tu subir aqui en la cama, y sentar en la cara de el senor. Asi.'
She squats down, demonstrating how she wants the woman to position herself. Esmeralda steps onto the bed and straddles my head. When she squats down, her tiny ass cheeks spread and her asshole pops out. It is a very dark brown in color, a broad furrowed mound with a tiny slit in the middle. The wrinkles even out as she stoops further down, and the slit opens so wide I can see the rosy flesh inside. Then she is on my face and I'm seeing blurred.
Sara was right. There is no way she can suffocate me with her bony ass. Although her asshole is pushing right onto my lips, my nose sticks out over the crest of her spine and I have no trouble breathing. My cheeks are edged right between the hard bones of her lower pelvis. I can feel her warm moist cunt on my chin.
'Si, esto esta muy bien. No es primera vez tu haces, cierto?'
'Bueno, no. A muchos gringos les gusta mi culito. Dicen que es muy sabroso.'
The other women giggle at that. Sara makes a face like she doesn't quite get it.
'Mi culito.' Esmaralda taps her butt. 'Muy sabroso. Yummy yummy.'
'Oh, your ass is very delicious. What do you say, Frank? Is it yummy yummy?'
From the corner of my eyes I see Sara has kneeled down beside the bed and is looking at my ass-covered face. I know a confirmation is expected.
'Si, muy sabroso.'
The women are really giggling now. Esmeralda's body shakes lightly on top of me. Sara raises her hand to Esmeralda's butt and pushes it up a notch.
'Levanta un poco. Quiero ver como � how do you say shit in Spanish?'
'Hacer popo. Como haces popo.'
My voice comes out muffled because I'm inside Esmeralda's ass. The women double up with laughter. I feel utterly stupid.
'Si. Quiero ver como haces popo.'
'Se dice cagar. Hacer popo es para ninos. Quieres ver como le cago en la jeta.'
Esmeralda is giving language lessons now. I know the expression, but had avoided using it because it is extremely vulgar. The word jeta is new to me. I assume it means mouth, in vulgar speech.
'Whatever. Cagar en la jeta. Ahora.'
Esmeralda's ass is now just a few inches from my face. I see her asshole pucker out while she grunts, then it is sucked in again when she relaxes. After a few pushes, it seems to turn inside out as a purplish mass of flesh presses through the dark slit, then slides back in. Every time she pushes, the knob becomes bigger and bigger, until it finally stays out completely. Several dark blue veins run through it, and it is split by a long deep vertical slit that opens and closes like a mouth. Sara's face is almost next to mine. She isn't missing a thing.
'Ahorita va. Ya lo siento. Esta saliendo.'
But nothing is coming out other than a shy fart. She pushes harder and a longer fart prattles from her shithole, engulfing me in a cloud of foulness and fresh shit smell. Sara pulls back, but comes back in when finally the tip of a turd emerges. I have never seen a woman shit, at least not in such close detail. When Sara dumped her load into me, her shitter was right on my mouth and my eyes were buried in the fat flesh of her ass. Now I have a first row seat and the scene unfolding above me is truly fascinating. Having breached her swollen sphincter, the shit is now flowing out of her at a steady pace. It is a greenish yellow in color and spiked with red and green bits of undigested food. It looks very soft. Her inflated asshole molds it as it comes pushing out, giving it a ribbed aspect. The smell is pungent, stronger and fouler than Sara's shit. I don't dare speculate on the taste.
Prodded by Sara's finger on my cheek, I reluctantly open my mouth before the turd reaches my lips. It sinks slowly into my mouth and comes to rest on my tongue. Up above I see it thin out and finally break off, leaving a yellow stub in her asshole. The lower part bends down majestically and flaps across my upper lip and nose.
'Aw, what a beauty. Come on, pull it in and eat it. I want to see you chew it.'
Sara is jubilant. The lower part of the turd that is in my mouth is burning on my tongue. It has a very sharp bitter taste and I'm getting nauseous again. But I know I cannot fail again, not after all the trouble and expense Sara has gone through. So I try to take my mind off the taste and focus on the task of eating it. As I cannot use my hands and Sara is not volunteering hers, I sling my tongue around the body of the turd and slowly pull it inside my mouth, careful not to break it. It slides off my nose and upper lip into my mouth, no doubt leaving a greasy yellow smear. Once it is inside, I start to chew it slowly. The taste gets worse, and the little food bits inside the shitty mass don't help at all, but I'm bent on getting the job done. Chewing with my mouth open so Sara has an unobstructed view, I mix the mush with my saliva until it is bland, almost liquid. Then I push it to the back of my throat and sallow it down in one go.
I have no time to rejoice in my triumph. Already the next turd is dangling dangerously close to my lips, and I open my mouth in a hurry before it shoots out of her asshole. This time it falls straight in, curling up against my tongue. It is thinner, but equally spiked as the first one. The food bits crunch between my teeth as I chew.
A series of sputtering farts announce the end of Esmeralda's dump. She straightens up, but Sara pulls her down again.
'Ya no tengo mas.'
'Espere. El senor va limpiar tu � como es? � tu culito.'
Sara scoops up my head with her right hand and pushes my face into the shit-smeared ass above me.
'Be a gentleman and lick the lady clean, yes? A good boy always leaves his plate clean.'
I stick my tongue out and lick the greasy smears from Esmeralda's ass. When I get to the middle, where her asshole is still swollen and purple, I carefully stick my tongue into the soft slit and pry the last remnants of shit out of it. I find that when I push my tongue inwards, the swollen bubbles dip inside along with my tongue. So I try to stuff them back into her asshole where they came from. But it is hopeless, they keep popping out again. I end up massaging them softly with my tongue, which Esmeralda seems to like as she moans softly and gyrates her ass over my face. A thickish slime starts to drool from her wide open cunt in a long transparent string. When Sara sees this, she abruptly drops my head and pushes the woman off the bed. The string of cunt slime swirls and sails through the air, landing over my nose and lips. I try to push it aside with my tongue, but it slips inside my mouth instead and I have no choice but to swallow it.
'Well, how was it? You really seem to dig the local taste, just like you said.'
She grabs my cock, which is stiff like a board. If she jerks it, I'll cum. But she doesn't. She turns around to the women.
'Ahora tu, Graciela. Y tu tambien, Rosita. Venga aqui.'
Both women hop onto the bed and stand around me, looking at Sara for instructions.
'Quiero una� uh� como una montana de caca aqui.'
She circles the lower part of my face with her hand. The girls nod, but they're unsure whether they're supposed to mount me both at the same time, or one after the other.
'Tu aqui.'
She grabs Graciela by the arm and turns her around so her back is turned towards me, then pulls her by the arm to make her step over my head with her left leg. Next, she pulls Rosita in front of Graciela, her back towards her. Pleased with the result, Sara instructs Graciela to bend at the knees and spread her ass.
'Un poquito para abajo. No mucho. Y hacer el culito asi.'
She bends down and spreads her ass, to show her how. Graciela copies her posture.
'Muy bien. Asi es. Y ahora, hacer popo. No. Cagar. Aqui en la boca, cagar. Rosita, tu despues. Quiero mucho caca. Mucho. Frank, you keep your mouth open so it can drop right in. But don't eat it. I have other plans. Just keep it there and whatever doesn't fit, let it pile up on your face. And don't move. I don't want it to fall off. A nice big heap of shit on your face is what I want. Ready? Listo?'
We both nod. Graciela starts pushing. I can see her asshole moving graciously in and out above me. It is a very neat affair, the soft wrinkly skin only slightly darker than the skin around it. It is nicely embedded in the softly rounded depths of her ass cleavage. Clean and completely hairless. I wish she would crouch further down so I can stick my nose into it.
The little slit of her asshole opens slightly and a long faint fart hisses out. I find her discreet way of farting most endearing. It so matches her shyness. Then a thin turd pushes out and slides slowly down towards me. It is very dark in color, almost black. Its surface is smooth and shiny. It is the neatest turd of the evening, and I can't wait for it to reach my lips. I'm sure it tastes of milk and honey.
It is now just inches from my lips, and it keeps flowing from her asshole without breaking off. It must be almost three feet in length. I open my mouth and it slides right in. It is smooth and warm and slippery on my tongue, and it still keeps flowing. I feel how it curls up against the back of my throat and fills my mouth slowly to the brim. The taste, although softer than Esmeralda's or Sara's, is still pretty strong and bitter. Maybe I'm getting used to it, or maybe it really is a better brand.
Finally, the end pops out from her asshole and the long string of shit collapses onto itself, flip-flopping back and forth over my mouth, nose and cheeks in a series of soft but audible flaps. The smell shoots up my nose and it is fragrant and nauseating. Looking up, I see she isn't done. The next turd is coming down slowly but surely towards me. She doesn't quite achieve the same length with this one, though, as it pops out of her after only a few inches and lands between my eyes with thud. In a quick succession, five more turds of varying length shoot out from her ass and flop onto my face before she is finally done.
Covered as I am in shit, there is no way I can lick her ass. But there is no real need for it, as I see her asshole is pristine clean as if she had never dumped at all. It is the slimy coat that covers her turds that have kept them from smearing, no doubt.
Graciela steps aside and Rosita now shuffles backwards until she is exactly above me, assuming the same position that Sara showed Graciela. Her ass is an entirely different affair. It is big and round, the globes of thick flesh packed tightly together. She really has to dig both hands firmly into her ass cleavage and pry her cheeks apart to expose her asshole and leave a clear passage. Even then I can hardly see it. As it is hidden inside a thick bush of hair that starts on her belly and continues all the way down into her cleavage and even along the inside of her legs, where it thins out.
She too starts pushing right away, expulsing a rapid staccato of loud thunderous farts before a thick turd pushes its head out from behind the bush. It is also dark in color, but as it comes creeping out of her asshole with quite some effort, I see it is very rugged in form and streaked with a variety of shades of brown. I cannot believe the size of it. Almost as thick as my wrist. It soon breaks off and crashes down into the heap of shit that Graciela planted on my face, denting it with its weight. The stub that has remained in her ass is rough in texture where the tip broke off. It comes pushing out and curls slightly up before breaking off and landing right next to the first part. Her thick shit keeps dropping from her ass for over a minute, piling up in an enormous heap on my face. One lands exactly on my right eye and cakes my eyelid shut.
My face is now covered in shit, which is warm and heavy on my skin. Although the smell is unbearable, there is something comforting in the warm pressure on my face.
'Me permite entrar al bano? Necesito limpiarme.'
That is Graciela. The cleanest shitter in town and she feels she needs to wipe.
'No hay tiempo. Toma.'
I open my good eye just in time to see Sara scoop my shirt from the floor with her foot and kick it towards her. Graciela catches it in midair and brings it down between her legs. Bending at the knees and pushing her pelvis forward, she froths it first through her cunt, then digs it into her ass from the front. She looks at the cloth where she wiped herself - I see no smear - then folds it into itself. She looks around where to drop it, but Rosita takes it from her hand and sticking her ass out backwards, wipes herself unceremoniously. When she's done, she simply tosses it to the floor beside her. There are several dark brown smears all across it. Esmeralda doesn't bother o wipe, probably trusting I did a good enough job on her.
I am so absorbed by the asswiping activity, that I barely register how the bed shudders beneath me. When I look up, Sara is standing over me, spreading her cunt.
'Let's top this off. The icing of the cake, if you wish.'
She throws her head back in laughter as a broad stream of piss shoots from her cunt. It splatters first on my forehead, then moves down onto the pile of shit on my face as she slowly redirects the flow. The turds seem to melt and sag into an amorphous mushy mass. A mixture of piss and shit trickles into my mouth and I have to swallow to keep from drowning. A couple of squirts land around my head, then Sara steps off the bed and contemplates her sculpturing skills.
'Nice. Very nice. What do you think, should we let that settle for a while? It looks really neat. It would be a shame to undo it already. Pity I didn't bring a camera. Do you have a camera, Frank?'
She doesn't wait for an answer. I hear her pulling open and shutting drawers at the far end of the bed, then she is in the closet, searching my backpack. She returns triumphantly with my camera.
'Vamos tomar foto. Venga, todos en la cama.'
The women walk around the bed and troop behind me, careful to stay away from the wet and soiled spots. Sara lifts the camera to her face and takes four or five pictures, then steps closer to the bed and takes some close-ups of my face as well.
'Great! What a souvenir that will be. Be sure to send me some prints when you develop them, darling.'
She leaves the camera on the night table and steps up to the bed.
'Bueno, muchas gracias. Esto es todo.'
The women seem disappointed. Typically, it is Esmeralda who speaks for the three of them.
'Eso es todo? Senora, todavia le queda para mucho mas con lo que nos pago.'
'No, esta bien. O si, tal vez hay una cosa. Espere.'
She's into her bag again. I wonder what torture tool she'll come up with this time. She gets up with a piece of string and a small key in her hand.
'I was going to do this later on when we were through, but thinking it over, it may be a little easier with a few helping hands.'
She bends over me and grabs my balls. Before I realize what she is up to, she has tied the string around the base of my scrotum. She pulls the noose tight and I cringe in pain. She hands the other end of the string over to Esmeralda.
'Si el senor malo, asi.'
She pulls the string hard and I'm in pain again. Esmeralda laughs and nods. She's knows the trick.
'No se preocupa. Yo se como les gusta. Le arranco las pelotas si se porta mal.'
Sara has made an excellent choice. She's the one most likely to enjoy holding the pain trigger.
'I'm going to release your legs. Now don't try anything funny, you hear? That is one nasty bitch holding your balls there.'
She steps to the far end of the bed and signals Graciela and Rosita to come stand around her and grab a leg each. When the woman are in position, she releases my ankles from the cuffs. Then she directs them to push my legs up into air until my knees touch my chest.
'Empuja asi bien duro. Quiero su culito para arribo.'
The women are as clueless as myself, but don't hesitate to follow Sara's instructions. They push my legs back and down hard, rounding my back until my ass lifts off the bed, pointing upwards.
'Excelente. Asi esta bien. Empuja duro.'
She bends over and picks something off the floor. It is not until she climbs onto the far end of the bed and settles behind my upturned ass that I realize it is the strap-on she used on me earlier. But she doesn't strap it on. She noisily gathers saliva in her mouth and spits it into my spread ass crack. Holding the strap-on by the base, she places the tip against my asshole and starts screwing it in as if it were a bolt. I desperately push out to counter her pressure and the pain it is causing. Sara spits again and the fake penis slowly slides into my ass for the second time tonight.
Sara hand-fucks my ass for a while, then throws in a circular motion with the pumping action. She could be whipping cream in a bowl. My sphincter resists heroically for a while, but finally relaxes in resignation. I can feel my asshole open up like flower until it is so wide that the rubber phallus slides in and out without any resistance at all.
'Oh my, that is so beautiful. I can see all the way up to your tonsils, darling.'
I'm glad I took a shit before going down to the beach. Her view would have been somewhat obstructed.
Sara hands the strap-on to Esmeralda and indicates her to keep pounding my ass.
'Listen, we may not have gotten off on the right foot tonight, but when it is all over you will realize how much you're really enjoying this. I know I am. Anyway, I will leave you my card so you can call me when you're back home and you have had time to think about what I'm going to say to you now. I'm offering you a job. As my sex toy and personal toilet. You will front as my chauffeur of course, you know how people talk. But you will be at my disposal twenty-four seven and I will make use of you as it pleases me. You will be handsomely paid and there will be an additional per-orgasm bonus. Think about it.'
She picks a business card from her bag and holds it up for me to see. Then she rolls it in a tight roll and tapes it with a band-aid. Pushing Esmeralda aside, she drops it into my wide-open asshole. Next, she steps onto the bed and turns her back to me. Her broad ass is right over my upturned culito. She looks back at me over her shoulder, smiling.
'I'll accompany that with a little souvenir. One for the road, so to speak. When you're through with the local taste, see if maybe you can develop a taste for me too. I'm sure it will help you make the right decision.'
Sara squats down, lowering her ass onto mine and spreading her cheeks apart. I cannot see what is happening beneath the wall of flesh, but suddenly I feel something warm and thick sliding into my asshole. She is shitting into my ass!
When she straightens back up, the tip of a fat turd is sticking out of my asshole. The three women around the bed look at it in surprise. That's a new one even for them. Sara grabs my ass with both hands and shakes it around. The turd sinks further into my ass, I can feel how it fills my rectum and I have a strong urge to shit. Bur Sara bends over and blows into my asshole. Amazingly, that seems not only to relax the walls of my rectum, sucking the turd further in, but also tightens my sphincter, which slowly closes over the invader of its tightly guarded territory.
Sara signals the women to lower my legs slowly, then she announces the end of the session.
'Muchas gracias. Ahora si, ya no mas. Adios.'
The three women dress quickly.
'Bueno, muchas gracias a usted, senora. Cuando quiere, estamos a su servicio. Nos encuentra en la esquina de la sexta calle y primera avenida, cerca del muelle. Pregunte por Esmeralda.'
'Y Graciela.'
'Y Rosita. Tenga buenas noches.'
'Gracias. Buenas noches.'
I think Sara only caught the good night part. But I don't think she's interested in meeting the women again.
'Y ya libere al pobre senor. Ya casi ni respira.'
They leave, laughing and making jokes about my condition. Sara closes the door behind them and comes back to the bed.
'That went well. Better than I thought. How are you doing with that shit in your mouth? You haven't been nibbling at it behind my back, have you?'
I shake my head.
'Good. But you'd better start eating now, because I'm going to sit on your face and you're going to need all the air you can get.'
Saying this, she crawls onto the bed on hands and knees. With her ass turned towards me, she lifts her massive leg and swings it over my face. The seat of her broad ass settles on my forehead, her fat cunt digs into the pile of shit on my face, her belly comes to rest on my chest and her breasts pancake onto my stomach. I can feel her breath on my cock. If anyone should be watching us now, all that person would see is a fat woman lying face down, with two skinny legs sprouting from her head and two thin arms from her ass.
There are two sensations that befall me simultaneously on opposite sides of my body. Either in itself is enough to thrust me into climax, but it is the combination of both which makes this a magical experience. While I'm frantically swallowing away at the shit inside my mouth, her cunt is humping the pile of shit on my face and pushing it gradually into my mouth. On the other side of my body, my stiff cock is sucked into Sara's mouth, which is softer, deeper and warmer than any cunt I have ever fucked.
Remembering my fiasco earlier tonight, I panic at the thought of ejaculating prematurely again, but obviously Sara's cunt has been cooking in her own juices for a while, because no sooner does it settle on my face, it starts to jump and twitch around like a flea on a hot plate. Sara grunts and growls with my cock in her mouth, while her hips jerk up and down in a wild frenzy, slamming her cunt into my face so hard that the shit squishes out from under her raving flesh and shoots in between her cuntlips, up my nose and into my eyes. At the same time, my own hips are doing a dance of their own, burying my burning flesh deep into her throat. While Sara's cunt shudders into a wet shitty climax on my face, my cock explodes inside her mouth, sending tsunamis of sperm down her throat.
Sara remains lying on top of me for another ten minutes, heaving and panting. I gulp down the last of the shit in my mouth and lick the slimy remnants of her orgasm from my lips. Then she slowly heaves herself up and I hear her naked feet pit-patting into the bathroom. The shower comes on and I hear her singing while the water splashes. Then there is a long silence. I am too weak to open my eyes. My mind is numb, a soothing blank as I lie there surrounded by silence and darkness. I float happily in this dark and smelly world.
Finally, Sara steps out of the bathroom, humming a tune I don't recognize. I open my eyes, which takes some effort as they are caked shut. Sara is fully dressed and she is gathering her stuff into her bag. She picks up the little key to the handcuffs from the night table and places a hundred dollar bill beneath it.
'That's for the chambermaid. This way she won't complain about the mess and she won't report you to the hotel manager.'
Then she walks toward the door.
'Hey, aren't you going to untie me?'
She halts, turns around slowly.
'You know, you said something very meaningful to me this afternoon at the ruins. Do you remember what it is?'
I rack my brain. We talked about so many things, nothing I thought was of any real importance. I shake my head.
'We talked about how traveling lets you meet a lot of people, and you said that one only remembers the really interesting ones.'
I said that. I hadn't meant anything special by it.
'Well, I'm making sure you remember me. I know you've been through a lot tonight, but all that is meaningless if you don't assimilate it into a positive experience. Right now you're confused. You don't know whether to cry in shame or happiness. I don't want you running around town raising a ruckus. Just lie back and relax, and in the morning all will be different. You will see clear. You'll be able to make up your mind void of emotionality. The confrontation with the chambermaid will be a minor inconvenience. Believe me, they've seen worse. This sort of thing happens all the time. Bye bye now.'
'W-will I see you again?'
'That is entirely up to you. I'm flying out first thing in the morning. Rio de Janeiro, and Vina del Mar if there is time. Then I have some business to attend to in Europe. You have my card. I'll be back in New York two weeks from now. But don't call me if you're not prepared to take the job. My offer is clear. Take it or leave it.'
She's off to the door again, but turns around again.
'Oh, and don't take too long to make up your mind. I may offer this job to others, and whoever calls first, gets it.'
Then she's gone and all is silent again.
So here I lie, alone at last after a multi-hour ordeal that has left me terrified and blissed, humiliated and glorified, exhausted and invigorated. I am completely naked, tied to a bed in a hotel room a thousand miles from home, alone and abandoned, my face, neck and hair caked with shit, a dog collar around my neck, a string tied to my balls and a lucrative job offer up my ass. As if that weren't enough, the whole scene is neatly recorded on my camera. I am unable to think straight. She is right. I cannot even decide whether this was the worst or the happiest night in my life.
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