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It is now the morning after, and what a night last night.
I am a married man, have been so for 15 years. A shy man my wife is 8 years younger than me. Yesterday was my 50th birthday. All the arrangements were made. Lots of friends were coming over for the half-century party that my beautiful wife had organized.
My wife, I met 17 years ago at a party also for a work colleagues 50th. I was immediately attracted to the tall, blonde goddess that towered over me with her long flowing hair with that touched like silk. Her baby-faced smile made her one of the most popular workmates that anyone could wish to have. When we started dating, nobody could believe it, that she, would actually go out with a guy like me. You see, I am very plain in looks, short also, 6 inches short of my beautiful tall wife. Our wedding was the most beautiful day that any man could wish for. When I saw her walk down the isle to be joined in matrimony to me, I pinched my own leg as if to awaken my slumber. My life with her has been that of total bliss. Not being able to conceive a child, we had good jobs, have traveled the world extensively, enjoyed each other and had a very hectic social life. My life could not be any better I thought, until tonight.
Looking forward to my party I worked hard all day. On arrival at home I walked in to total darkness. Hearing and feeling a breeze waltz past me a mans voice said "hey John are you ready for your surprise?" Just then a dim light began to shine and in the middle of the room was a huge cake. Music got turned up and out of the cake, to my amazement, jumped my gorgeous wife. Her beautiful silken hair was teased and unruly all over the place and she had on a skin-tight black shiny cat suit. You could visibly see her breasts hanging out of the costume with chains all over them just with a glimpse of her beautiful pink nipples. She had on higher than high black boots with stainless-steel heels. Her blood red lips were pout and she pouted the kiss/kiss motion at me. She started to look at me differently. For the first time since I had met her I felt uneasy but also secretly excited. I didn't know what was going to happen. Looking around the room I noticed that the inside of our house had been transformed into something that I imagined from the medieval era. What was happening? I was in horror as I thought to myself, who was that man that announced are you ready John? and more importantly, could he see my wife's breasts?
She climbed out of the cake and over to me. I felt faint, dreamlike, as she was walking toward me. She was now even taller than me. Moving closer she smelt different. Oh my god she was so sexy, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Watching her gyrating her beautiful hips and ass right in front of me was totally exhilarating. Just then, I felt hands all over my body. What were they doing? I said to myself. I realized that all my clothes were being removed. I stood there unable to speak. My trousers, underwear, then shirt and last of all my tie were slowly and seductively taken off me. Hands were everywhere. She was handed this black apparatus that I could tell was leather because of the smell. Her black-gloved hands went up to my neck and this piece of apparel was put on. I acknowledged that it was some sort of a collar. It had a silver label at the front in the middle with some writing on it that I could not see. I then realized it was a dog collar!
I yelled out "who are all of you, what do you want with me?" At that moment, the lights were turned up a little, and then I realized that they weren't lights, they were candles, small, with a flame and to my shock I was standing in the middle of the room and all around me were my work colleagues. All semi-naked, some men with masks over their faces, but I recognized them from their tattoos that they had on their arms. Some men on the floor dressed exactly like me. Women that I had known for years dressed the same and looked not nearly as good as my wife, and some women on the floor next to the feet of the masked men.
They all said in unison, "Happy Birthday John, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life".
With what seemed like an eternity that I was standing there my mouth gaped open in horror, looking at everyone, some raised their glasses to me and then drunk what I thought was to be wine to toast my very 'special' birthday that I heard and felt a cold chain with a big clip get clipped to the collar I had around my neck and I was yanked down to the floor. I dropped to my knees immediately and was on all fours crawling like some sick puppy behind none other than my wife. I watched in amazement as her beautiful full ass wiggled and wobbled and I also noticed a zipper right at the back of her outfit. Music and hazy lights were all over the room now and people everywhere. Some lying down, some standing, oh my, even some starting to make love!
I heard a male voice say, "Suck it bitch" and quickly snapped my neck to see my friend of 10 years Dave, with a woman sucking his penis. He had a little whip in his hand and he was masked. I recognized him by his voice. She was on all fours, just like me, sucking his penis like there was no tomorrow. I yelled out "Dave!" They both looked at me with eyes as cold as black ice. I then saw him yank her chain and her mouth go back to his penis.
I realized at that moment that I was in some kind of orgy, and also that my wife was in it too! My head was spinning, wild thoughts began to consume my body, I was hearing words that I had only heard men use in lavatory talk where we would all sometimes meet and share the night before events, like men do, and here they were being used by nice ladies that I worked with for years. One lady, the accountant of the company, was saying to this guy "suck my cunt you pathetic fuck". These kinds of statements were coming out.
Just then I felt my chain being pulled up a little. My mouth was at my wife's crotch where I then saw the other part of the zipper that was obviously attached to the back that I had seen earlier. In earnest I began to sniff her snatch and lick her black shiny costume. What was wrong with me? I thought. I didn't care who was there or what I was doing. I was totally enveloped with what my wife was doing. Slowly I saw her hands come together and she peeled off her black glove with one hand, her right hand, and the one that she used to pen her beautiful letters to me when we were courting. Her black long fingernails belied the dainty pale pink color that she always used to wear. I saw her fingers click in front of my eyes and with that, she said, "suck my fuck-hole pig!!" Gesus oh my, I thought, now I am a pig too! I watched as her beautiful hands unzipped the metal zipper that had held the crotch of the costume together. Her completely shaved pussy was before my eyes. Her lovely slender fingers spread open her gorgeous pussy lips. I could see her clitoris sticking out begging for me to suck it. I wanted to love and kiss and lick it more than anything in the world. Moving my tongue closer to it I felt a sharp pain at the side of my head! "I said my hole you pathetic cunt, not my clit. Listen in future" was the reply. With that I started to tongue my beautiful wife's love tunnel, the tunnel that was now so smelly and acidic that it made my eyes water. I didn't care, I licked and sucked it like I was doing to die 1 minute later and be gone forever.
It then suddenly occurred to me that some of the others might be able to see me! Feeling uneasiness I stopped and jolted my head around to see all eyes on me! Oh god, what do I do now? I thought. They all smiled back at me without saying a word.
Just then I felt 5 sharp nails at the crown of my head being pushed back to pungent odor that was being exhaled from my wife's pussy. I licked and sucked for what seemed like an eternity when just then I felt a hot stream of fluid start to be released from my wife. Fuck me! I thought, she was urinating into my mouth! In a growling voice she said "drink it you fucker, drink all of my piss. That is what you are now going to be, my fucking toilet."
Toilet!!! I thought. What does she mean by toilet?
"Yes darling" was my reply.
"Don't you yes darling me, she snarled back. It's Mistress!!! Do you hear me? MISTRESS!! And cut all the fucking darling - goodie-two-shoes talk. From now on its cunt, cock, fuck-hole, shit-hole, snatch, fuck, clit, words like that pig, words that I know you men say, only now I say it to you!"
"Yes Mistress" I said, seeing my wife in a new light.
I tried to keep up with my goddess' flow of piss. The warm feel of it flowing into my mouth and me drinking my goddess' pure golden nectar was nearly too much to bear. I must have had my hand on my cock because just then she stopped the flow!
Looking up at her I saw a gleam in her eye. She replied "what the fuck do you think you are doing pig? did I say you could enjoy the feel of your hard dick?"
"No Mistress" came the response.
"Get your fucking hand off your pathetic cock then. It's so small I was wondering how you could find it. ha ha ha".
I let go of my cock and sighed. My wife was being so horrible to me. Why? She was laughing with a smirk on her face that made her look even sexier than she usually is.
"Come up here", she hissed. Moving up to her breasts she looked like she was going to kiss me tenderly on the mouth, like she had done for years. I saw her blood red lips part slightly and I closed by eyes, longing to feel her tender lips and beautiful soft sweet tongue become entwined with mine.
I was whipped back into reality when she said "Open"
I immediately followed by goddess command to open my now 'pig' mouth in which she snorted and hocked her slimy green phlegm into it.
"Eat it pig", she whispered to me in her husky sexy voice.
I rolled it around and played with it inside my mouth feeling its texture, not believing what I was doing. That I was actually eating my wife's snot! The trouble was my cock was nearly busting. Sticking out in all its glory for what it was worth for everyone to see what a pathetic little wimp I was.
"You will only cum when I say, hear me?" she stated.
I could see from below my goddesses face and realized that she was in pure heaven. Watching me eat her snot and drink her piss was the most divine thing I had done in my entire life. Seeing her clit bulging and her little piss-hole under it was so exotic.
Wondering what was to come next, I could hardly wait. Smelling and tasting her exotic flower, my eyes come into contact with her most heavenly divine asshole, with me then seeing her squat down, open before my very eyes. The sight overwhelmed me. All puckered up and with brown and some shit snot around the edges I smiled as I realized that my Mistress had not wiped very good last time she had visited the toilet.
About to sniff and lick the dirty hole for the very first time the odor was the most beautiful smell that I could have imagined. She bulged out her shit-hole and I saw what was going to be my birthday surprise.
"Lick my hole cunt", came the order and oh my, I did with gusto. Its fruity and nutty taste exploded on the rook of my mouth. I was salivating so much that I was suddenly aware that I was making noises very much in like with that of a farm animal namely a pig. Oinking and grunting my Mistresses hole was pushing out her most wonderful offering to me. I licked at the slimy dirty fucking shit as it slid past her crinkled skin and onto my awaiting pig mouth. Its wonderful texture and taste was just heavenly. I then knew my calling and acknowledged that I was now my Mistresses 'shit pig' and that it was probably going to stay this way forever.
"See that name on that collar pig, that is what you are now" I would see in the mirror later on that the word 'Pig' was engraved on the metal plate that was on the middle of my collar around my neck.
"Acknowledge what you are Pig" said my Mistress yanking my chain breaking my concentration. With my mouth full of her tasty shit, I mumbled out the words "I am a Pig, Mistress" of which she smirked at me and nodded to the rest of the group.
On hearing applause from the rest of the audience I could feel my face redden with embarrassment, but I didn't care now, I was past the point of no return. It excited me even more to think that they all had watched my beautiful Mistresses shit-hole opening before their eyes, yet it was me that was lucky enough to be eating it!
With my mouth still half full I eyed off the rest of the crowd. I could see wide open cunts pissing like fountains and being drunk, cocks being sucked and cum all over tits and asses. Even two men in the office that I thought were gay confirmed my theory when I watched them sucking each other, sticking their fingers in each-others dirty shit-holes and then licking their fingers. I even saw them lying under a Mistress who by now was in a 'shitting chair' and her shitting right over both of them! They played with her shit, smearing it all over each other then licking it all off and took turns fucking each other after that. Other Mistresses squatting and their shit-holes opening with pigs under them eating their offering happily. Masters pissing into open mouths and shitting in the 'shit room' that had been made. A room covered wall to wall with plastic, heady dim lighting and where all the 'pigs' can be happy as pigs in shit.
A voice overpowered the room when I heard him say, "charge your glasses everybody" I saw pigs with their glasses under their Mistresses cunts with their Mistresses pissing into them and the Masters pissing into their glasses and their subs holding the glasses.
"To the newest Pig", and they all raised their glasses and drunk the piss in my honor.
Everybody was having a wonderful time. Drinks and food were abundant all evening.
As they all started to leave, I stood at our entrance and each one of them spat or hocked snots into my open mouth. One by one their green phlegm went into my mouth. As the last one left I licked my lips, locked the door and started to clean up. There was lots of laundry, dishes and then of course, to serve my Mistress until daylight broke. I prepared my Mistresses exotic bath. With candles flickering I bathed her, sucking her toes and feet. She even stood up and clicked her fingers. I knew to hold her beautiful piss flaps open wide as she began to piss into my mouth "I hope you enjoyed your Birthday Pig" she spoke. I nodded in response.
My wife came out of the bathroom looking radiant. She quietly spoke to me and stroked my hair, telling me how proud she was of me. She pointed to the floor at the end of our bed and stated "that's your bed from now on". Again I nodded in acknowledgement.
I realized that my life would never be the same again. All our friends were right:
This was the first day of the rest of my life.

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