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The Beloved Executioner
A Fantasy by ROMMEL

Richard Bright had all his affairs in order. His bills were paid, letters had been written to his few friends, he had even taken his library books back. The letters stated that he was disillusioned with his current lifestyle, that he was dropping out, moving away, and please, no-one should attempt to locate him. Not that anyone would, he thought ruefully, friends was probably a misnomer, he had a few acquaintances really, no-one who would worry unduly if Richard Bright suddenly failed to show up anywhere; and he certainly wouldn't be showing up, that was for sure, because Richard Bright was going to die tonight.
He had arrived at this drastic decision after seeing a personal ad. in an underground magazine - a very underground magazine, one that was printed on a home-grown press and distributed surreptitiously amongst people in the know on a hand to hand basis. It was a mag. that concentrated on Female Dominance, and everything associated with that genre. In the personal ads. section he had read one that went;
Submissive men, do you find that life has little left to offer? Can't find that perfect Mistress to rule you as you so desire? Why not go out in a blaze of total submission at the hands (and feet) Of Madam Extinction? Let her put an end to your useless existence whilst enduring all the indignities you so crave. Ring the following number in complete confidence.
He had read the text time and again, each time feeling a thrill of anticipation at the possibilities it offered. He was deeply masochistic, but had never experienced the fantasies that roiled through his loner's mind every time he saw a commanding female figure. Perhaps this was the solution. What was his life worth anyway? He had no family to speak of, he lived in a sort of frustrated limbo, imagining indignities at the hands of a woman, but never experiencing them. This woman, this Madam Extinction might be the answer to his prayers. His life would be forfeit, but what did that matter if once, just once, he could realise his dreams?
He rang the number!
Now, he was about to answer the summons. Madam Extinction had explained, no, not explained, stated, that once he entered her domain there could be no backing out. He was committed to losing his life at her hands, because she could not take the chance that he might talk if he reneged on the commitment. This was a very lucrative and satisfying business to her, and she couldn't tolerate giving it up. The price of acting as his executioner was two thousand pounds. He readily agreed.
Now, here he was at her door; a secluded house just outside the city limits, and in a fever of nervousness and anticipation he rang the bell. The door opened and he was face to face with the woman who would take his life sometime in the next few hours. He was not disappointed at her appearance. She was, most definitely, typical of all the women he had lusted after, yearning to be a chattel at their feet. Madam Extinction was about forty-five years old with shoulder length black hair. She was dressed all in black, her tight satin dress knee length; her legs encased in shiny black hose, and her feet in patent black high-heeled shoes. She looked every inch the dominatrix, and Richard Bright felt no qualms at all in giving his life to her.
"So, you came," said Madam, "Not everyone does, they chicken out at the last minute, but many do arrive, and I can promise you now that they got everything they desired before the final act of termination. Be warned, however, once you come in here, you will not leave alive. I will carry out the act for which you're paying me - be very certain of that."
"I understand, er, Madam Extinction," said Richard, his tongue feeling too big for his mouth.
"From now on, in the relatively short time we will have together, you will simply address me as Madam. So, if you're determined you'd better come inside."
Richard entered, and followed the truly imposing figure into a large lounge where Madam gestured towards a chair, commanding him to sit.
"You have the money of course," she said, and Richard fumbled in his jacket pocket, producing a thick envelope.
"It's all there Madam," he stuttered, handing it over. "Two thousand pounds in twenty pound notes, just as you said."
His erstwhile executioner hardly glanced at the envelope as she pushed it into a drawer. She had never been cheated yet. What was the point? Her clients wouldn't need the money after their visit to her, some even brought more than the contract called for, saying that she might as well have all their remaining funds.
"Now, you must tell me exactly what you wish me to inflict on you before killing you. Tell me all your fetishes, desires, and how you want to be treated. In particular, what form of death do you crave? If it is within my power, then that is how you will die. Speak."
Richard then started a long rambling dissertation on all the secret desires that had lurked in his psyche since childhood - desires that he had never realised. Madam listened gravely, only breaking in occasionally to clarify a point. He finished by saying nervously that he would like to die by her feet, in any way she chose, so long as her feet were the instrument of his demise.
Madam nodded as he finished,
"No problems at all there. Nothing I haven't heard before. You submissive men don't really have much imagination do you? So, here's how it will go. From this moment you are entirely in my hands. I will submit you to all the indignities you mentioned, and then, perhaps, some of my own, you will die by my feet, but only when you are ready. I will perform the final act only when you have had enough and are content to go. That is my side of the bargain. One more thing, a lady friend may well call round. Her name is Caroline and she is divorced, her husband found he could not take her dominant ways any longer. She is anxious to get into this line of business, and will act as a spectator, but only if you agree. Do you mind?"
"N-n-no," said Richard, "I don't mind Madam, will she take part in any way?"
"She might do, we'll have to see. I know she enjoys this sort of thing and hasn't practised it for a long time. This living is very lucrative, and also has the advantage of allowing us ladies to take things far beyond the normal boundaries. The sense of power and totality in taking a mere male's life is intoxicating. I think she'll do very well at it. Now, come and place your head between my legs."
Madam stood up, and pulled her tight dress up around her hips revealing black stocking tops and a pair of very brief silky black panties that clung to her nether region like a second skin. Richard tentatively crawled forward on his knees and placed his lips on the nylon leg just above the knee. He simply couldn't believe he was doing this. He was actually kissing this imposing woman's leg, something he had never done before. His member instantly became erect, and he pressed it against her lower leg, the crotch of his pants becoming damp as he lubricated instantly. A severe blow to the side of his head abruptly brought him back to his senses.
"You do NOTHING until I tell you. Now get that filthy thing away from my leg. I want your face and tongue pressed into me as a sign of true worship, and nothing else. Do you understand?"
"Yes Madam," Richard stuttered, his senses reeling, - she had hit him with her full fist, and his head rang. Nevertheless, he plunged his face into the vee of her knickers, gasping at the sharp womanly aroma that immediately assailed his nostrils. At that moment, any lingering doubts he might have had about what would ultimately happen, vanished like a straw in the wind. What he was experiencing for the first time in his life was worth any sacrifice. His death at this woman's hand was a small price to pay.
She pulled his head deep into her crotch, grinding her hips remorselessly, a delicious feeling of total superiority gradually overtaking her. This was what it was all about. Exerting her absolute and total superiority over this pathetic male, his sweaty face and slobbering tongue worshipping her inner core. Now for the other side. She pulled his head away and turned around, now pulling his face into her asshole crack, grinding her cheeks once more into his eager face.
For Richard it was a mind numbing experience, the likes of which he had only ever fantasised about. Even the slightly acrid tang and aroma of her puckered hole beneath the taut black nylon didn't matter. It was only with great effort that he was able to restrain himself from pulling her pants down around her knees, and plunging his tongue into that enticing puckered hole. Then things changed!
One moment he was worshipping her ass devoutly, the next she had stepped away and launched a devastating kick to his abdomen. He fell to the floor writhing, his hands clutching his stomach, and his breath coming in great heaving sobs. She stood over him, her legs slightly apart and a small smile on her face.
"Now that's just a small sample of what my feet are capable of. The reality's a little different from what you've always imagined. Am I right?"
Somehow he managed a small nod. His stomach ached abominably. Her foot lashed out again, this time the pointed toe crashing hard against his chest. He fell over on to his back and she immediately stepped on to his belly, her stiletto heel on precisely the same spot where she had just kicked him. The other heel followed, her hands leaning against the wall for balance. She simply stood there, allowing all of her weight to concentrate in the tips of her spiked heels. Richard writhed beneath her. He had often fantasised about being beneath a woman's heels, but he had never imagined the pain to be this intense. She twisted slightly, grinding those cruel heels even deeper.
"Hurts, doesn't it? And you know what, we haven't even started yet."
With that, she began walking slowly, a step at a time, up the length of his body, her heels digging in remorselessly against his unresisting flesh. The toes of her shoes were raised slightly, hardly making contact with his squirming body; all of her not inconsiderable weight concentrated in her sharp heels. Richard's agony was intense; his hands gripped her smooth ankles in an effort to drag her feet away from his tortured body, but all to no avail. Her weight was too much. When she got to his chest she stayed still, one heel gouging deep into his left pectoral muscle, the other on his neck.
At this point, Richard was convinced she was reneging on the deal; she was going to kill him now, trampling him to death before he was ready. The heel on his throat only allowed him to breathe in tortured gasps, and his chest felt ready to cave in under her enveloping weight. Then, just when he knew he couldn't take any more, the doorbell rang. Madam casually stepped down and said nonchalantly,
"That'll be Caroline. I'll let her in. You stay there and don't get up."
With that she strolled over to the hallway and Richard was left inert on the floor. His hands explored his punished body, finding spots of blood where the heels had broken the skin. He was, in fact, incapable of getting up. His heart was racing and his body felt as though he had fallen off a horse during a stampede. He was aware of footsteps coming back into the lounge.
"So, that's him is it?" said a voice he didn't recognise.
"That's him alright. He's just found out what a woman's heels can do when the lady wearing them really means it. Puts his fantasies into a different perspective I shouldn't wonder."
Richard raised his head, his throat giving a twinge of protest, and saw another lady, perhaps a few years older than Madam appraising him with interest. She was smartly dressed in a red blouse, black pleated skirt, beige hose and a pair of red high-heeled shoes just as lethal looking as Madam's.
"You've actually come here to die have you? I must say I didn't believe Mary at first."
"Mary," thought Richard, I'm going to be killed by a lady called Mary."
"And he's not the only one," said Madam, "I've probably had seven or eight before. You really should get into it Caroline, it's great fun, and very lucrative."
"Does he tell you what he wants like an ordinary mark, or do you just do what you want?"
"No," said Madam, " I act professionally. They tell me their secret desires and I try to please. They're all much of a muchness anyway. They don't have much imagination. This one, for example, wants to die by my feet, although I'm wondering if he's changed his mind after what I've just done to him. He wants to have his face between my legs, you know, ass worship, licking my vagina, that sort of thing; and he wants to lick my stockinged feet. It's pretty much what they all want, nothing too strenuous, and certainly nothing you can't handle."
"They're talking about me as though I'm not here," thought Richard, and the revelation was somehow stimulating. "To them I'm just a paying chattel, and I think I like it that way."
"Do you ever do something they haven't asked for?" said Caroline.
"Oh yes, I like to introduce a little variety to the proceedings. I'll show you. Give me hand with him."
The two women came over to him, dragged him roughly to his knees, and, at Madam's guidance, draped him over a hard-backed chair. Mary then produced a long thin cane from a cupboard and began thrashing his arse with long sweeping strokes. Richard cried out and tried to roll away.
"Put your foot on his neck to hold him down," said Mary.
Caroline raised her foot high and brought it down on the back of Richard's neck curtailing all further movement except squirming.
With Caroline's heel digging into his neck and the cane raising large welts on his arse, Richard began sobbing and begging them to stop.
"Sorry, you pathetic wimp," gasped Mary in full swing. "This is all part of the treatment. If you really want to end it, just say so - just say the magic words "kill me now," and I'll put an end to it."
It has to be said that Richard contemplated saying exactly that for a moment. The pain in his backside was intense, but a little voice whispered that he still hadn't experienced some of his innermost desires, so he just whimpered and tried to bear the pain stoically. Suddenly, the beating stopped.
"Would you like a go Caroline, get you back in practise so to speak?"
Caroline's heel immediately left his neck, to be replaced by another that was obviously Madam's. The beating continued until Caroline's arm grew weary and both ladies collapsed on to the couch.
Richard lay there, totally eaten up with pain, both from his trampled body and his ravaged back and rectum. Madam's voice spoke up again, a voice he by now was beginning to dread.
"Come on, drag yourself over here, we haven't finished yet. Come and lick me out."
As he crawled over towards the couch, Madam said to Mary,
"Give me some lubricant Caroline, spit on it a few times, make it more interesting for him."
Caroline grinned and, as Madam took off those flimsy panties, kneeled down and began spitting on her vagina from close range. She opened the labia lips gently and spat several times inside, then wiped all the surplus spittle all over the vaginal opening with her fingers.
"There you are Mr Bright, dig into that, a little something extra for your entertainment."
Richard knelt between Madam's legs and commenced licking, wincing a little as the glutinous spittle coated his tongue. It was not, however, a handicap, and he revelled as his tongue discovered Madam's protruding clitoris and began sucking. Madam's hips moved gently against his face, her hands urging him further into her spittle coated inner sanctum.
"You know, he's not bad considering he told me he's never done this before." mused Madam. "Pity he wont live to capitalise on it, he'd make someone a really tidy little cunt-lapper.
Caroline watched all this eagerly, her own loins becoming moist as she saw the eagerness with which Richard used his tongue. When Mary bucked slightly as her first orgasm kicked in, she blurted out,
"Can I have a go? It's been a hellish long time since I felt a tongue up me." Mary nodded amiably, her hands stroking the back of Richard's head.
"Of course love, be my guest, and I'm sure he doesn't mind. Go on, lick Caroline out, and be sure to do a good job."
"I'll have him on his back on the carpet, get my full weight on him that way," said Caroline breathlessly as she removed her panties which, Richard noted, were lilac.
He lay down and watched, awestruck, as Caroline's bulk descended on to his face. As soon as the meaty labia lips enclosed his mouth he began to suck and lick eagerly, his bodily pains temporarily forgotten. Almost immediately, however, Caroline's motions above him ceased and she shifted her weight.
"Bloody Hell, I need to pee, I'll never get an orgasm otherwise. You'd better open your mouth for me."
Richard's mouth was open anyway - in bemusement. What did she mean, open his mouth, she needed to pee? She didn't mean to do it on him did she, or, to be strictly correct IN him? Obviously she did; her fingers were pulling her lips open, only inches from his mouth while she looked down at him impatiently.
"Come on, wider, we don't want to get Mary's carpet wet do we?"
Strangely enough, although it had never crossed his mind before, the idea of being pissed on by a good looking woman, didn't seem such a bad idea at all. It was, after all, the only time it was going to happen, unless Madam got the urge. He opened his mouth to its fullest extent and a thin stream of urine immediately entered it. He gulped and swallowed, not finding the taste too repulsive; a little salty and bitter maybe, but he could live with that. Somehow, he managed to drink most of it, only a few trickles running down his cheeks and on to the carpet. As soon as the stream died away, Caroline's weight descended on to him again and she began riding his face urgently. His nose and mouth were pushed fully into her mushy interior, and the taste of her copious juices mingled with the taste of her urine, to produce in him the most glorious feeling of utter subjugation. His only regret was that this woman on his face, riding him so majestically, was not the woman who would end his life. Still, make the most of it, live for the moment so to speak.
When Caroline very quickly orgasmed, (it had been a while!) she rested for a moment, quite still, before climbing off and dreamily pulling on those captivating lilac panties. Richard looked around for Madam, but she was nowhere to be seen. He looked again at Caroline who was adjusting the crotch of the panties to her satisfaction, and decided that "in for a penny" etc. He had, after all, nothing to lose.
"Er, Madam Caroline, do you think I might worship your bottom a little? Those lilac panties of yours are a real turn-on."
Caroline smiled delightedly.
"I don't see why not. Mary's gone off somewhere, so we might as well amuse ourselves until she gets back. Lie down again."
Bursting with anticipation, Richard lay on his back again and Caroline straddled him, facing his feet this time. The lilac material stretched taut across her ass cheeks as she lowered herself on to his face. The now somewhat familiar smell of female ass assailed him once again as her weight settled, his nose pushed firmly into her anus. She settled even deeper, his mouth now firmly crushed by her vaginal area. Suddenly, he realised he couldn't breathe. He absolutely could not breath. He began to panic, and tried to push her upwards and off him, all to no avail. Her weight was simply too much and she made no attempt to shift it, although she must have realised that he was smothering by his frantic exertions beneath her. Dimly, as though from a long way away, he heard her voice talking to him, quite matter of factly.
"You know, if I do take up this trade, this is the way of execution I'm going to recommend to my clients. It really is a glorious sensation sitting on someone's face knowing they are suffocating beneath your arse. Pity I never got a chance to try it on my lousy ex-husband. Oh well, you're lucky this time, you're Mary's meat. Course, you're not so lucky at that are you?"
With that, the smothering pressure on his face eased, and he was able to take in a long shuddering breath, the smell of Caroline's arse deep in his nostrils. She made no attempt to climb off, just kept lowering and raising herself, allowing him plenty of opportunity to suck that evocative lilac material into his mouth. Suddenly, another voice.
"Well now, look at this, indulging in a little arse worship while I've been gone. Now isn't that a coincidence, that's exactly what you're going to do for me, but with a few extras."
Caroline rose from his perspiring face, and he looked over in the direction of Madam's voice. She was naked from the waist down, dressed only in stockings, bra, and high- heeled shoes. She threw her other garments on to a chair.
"I've just been for a crap, and since you told me that you wanted to try arse worship, I decided that you might as well have it with all the trimmings. You're going to use your tongue as toilet paper."
Richard shuddered, it was one thing worshipping an ass through gorgeous panties, but this he couldn't do. Madam saw his look of refusal, and snapped out, "You either do it, or I'll end this contract right now and terminate you forthwith. Now get over here."
Miserably, Richard crawled over to her and she presented her rectum to him, pulling the cheeks slightly apart with her fingers. It was, indeed, quite soiled, a thin glistening crust of excreta surrounding her anus.
"Go on, clean it, and then we'll move on to something else."
Taking a huge breath, Richard lapped at the offending area, gasping with suddenly active nausea as the bitter taste assaulted his mouth. Frantically he licked and swallowed, trying desperately to remove his senses a million miles away. When the area was clean to Madam's satisfaction,(Caroline inspected it and gave it her seal of approval, vastly amused,) Madam dressed herself again. Then she paused. "If you can drink Caroline's piss, then you can drink mine. It'll help take the taste away.
She positioned herself over his face, still standing, and let a small trickle of pee dribble into his mouth. Obviously she had passed the bulk when she evacuated. Richard didn't know whether to be pleased or sorry. He swallowed it all, even swilling it around his mouth; anything to erase that awful taste of shit. His senses were becoming weary now, and his body was stiffening up from the previous assaults on it, but no respite was coming. Madam took her duties seriously.
"Go and lie down again, a little more foot abuse I think. Caroline hasn't seen that."
"Oh God, again?" he thought, and could not believe he WAS actually thinking it. Until tonight, he would have relished the idea of being punished for HOURS under high-heeled feet. Now he knew differently.
He lay reluctantly down on the carpet, and the two women came and stood over him.
"I'm going to let Caroline join in for a little while, but when the end grows near, it will be strictly me. That is our contract and I will honour it. If it grows too much for you, just give the nod and I will finish it. Do you understand?"
"So, the end draws near," he thought. And abandoned himself to the idea. "Let's see how much I can take first. Go out like a man and all that crap."
He smiled wryly to himself and awaited the assault. The two women positioned themselves on either side of his body as he lay face down on the carpet. Then they started, kicking him methodically in his ribs, taking it in turn, their pointed toes cracking his ribs as he lay there trying desperately not to scream. He lost count of time; aware only of the relentless thuds to his body as the cruel shoes did their work, but he made no sound. Then he was turned over, and the stamping began. High-heeled feet stomped on his midriff almost in cadence. His body curled up into a foetal position of its own accord, but still he did not scream. With his stomach denied to the kicking feet, they started on his back. He was aware suddenly that only one pair of feet was thudding in. He opened his eyes that had been screwed shut, and saw Caroline standing off to one side. Now it was just his Madam carrying out her part of the contract. His body was a mass of pain from his thighs to his neck, but he thought, "Just a little longer, this is the first and only time I'll experience this, and, in retrospect, I wouldn't want to go through it again. I've learned something here tonight, and a fat lot of good it will do me."
Suddenly, his pain- shrouded brain exploded in a white flash of sheer agony as a pointed toe crashed into his forehead. A pause, then another one split his cheek, his mouth immediately filling with blood.
"Let it end," he thought, "I think I've proved my point. Do it now Madam," but he still said nothing. Then he was dimly aware of a pause in the onslaught. He was rolled on to his back and he saw his Madam looking down at him. Her expression, he saw, had lost its usual air of haughty dominance. She looked, in fact, almost compassionate.
"Is it time?" she said softly, "Do you want it to stop?"
Somehow, he managed a small nod, although words would not come. She gave a brief nod of her own and moved away. She was back very quickly, and he was dimly aware of something being placed across his throat. It was, in fact, an old chair leg, and Mary placed a foot on each end, stood upright and began rocking on his throat. His windpipe crushed very quickly, and his last view of this world was looking up those statuesque legs to the stocking tops and a sliver of black panty as she rocked from side to side. He just had time to think "I've had my face up there. I've worshipped her. I've drunk her pee and licked her shit, and she is now killing me with her feet, just as she promised."
Richard Bright died happy!
Dedicated once again to Mistress Domina. May it make her happy.

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