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"Used and Abused"

Mistress Becca stood blocking my exit from the room, dressed in her black leather panties, her leather boots, glossy red lips and nails, her beautiful long blonde hair gently framing her model like face. She scowled at me and told me to kneel on all fours facing the window. My cock was beginning to swell and throb now following Mistress Becca's handiwork! The cock ring was gripping the base of my cock and balls like a vice. The tight sheath was now beginning to become agonizingly painful as my erection tried to grow but couldn't expand due its tight restricting confines! My balls were stretched and separated with the ball spreader and Mistress Becca was surely smiling now watching my discomfort grow!
The next think I knew, Mistress Becca faced me as she commanded me to open my mouth and accept my gag! I was being gagged with a pair of Mistress Becca's damp fragrant panties that she had been wearing all day. I was told to stay still, do not move an inch and wait until she returned. My heart raced as I wondered what was in store for me now! My cock was throbbing, my erection reduced to a couple of inches within the tight cock sheath! I so desperately wanted to release my member from tight torture device and let it expand to its full length! But Mistress had other plans for me and the wicked CBT contraption prevented any erection even though my mind was commanding it to grow and grow! It had been two long weeks since my Mistress Becca last allowed me to cum, and my balls felt as if they were going to explode!
I was naked except for the wrist & ankle cuffs and my slave collar. My panties were removed earlier, along with my regular clothing too. I felt so vulnerable not knowing what my Mistress would do to me next, but knowing that whatever she did to me, I would accept it regardless of how I felt. I was her slave, her slut for the taking! It sometimes scared me knowing that I no longer owned my body and having surrendered it to Mistress Becca who delighted in inflicting many painful torments, disciplines and punishments too, made my nervousness stir within me! The combination of her beauty and her evil kinky desires has me imprisoned to her servitude! She has the power over me to do anything she likes to me! I am addicted to her and her wicked manipulations of me and I always will be!
I heard her come back into the room, but she wasn't alone. Who was with her? What was going on? No sooner had I wondered who this new woman was and trying to look at her without looking up that, Mistress spoke to her companion.
"Here is my little slave boy that I have been telling you all about, what do you think of him?"
Her companion started to laugh, I could tell from the her soft laughter that she too shared some of my Mistress Becca's desires for tormenting men like me!
"Becca, Does the poor boy know what you have in store for him this weekend?" She replied.
Mistress Becca just started laughing, telling her friend that I had no clue what was going to happen, but that they had all weekend to show me and she finished by saying that the both of us would be enjoying ourselves immensely!
Finally, Mistress Becca spoke to me. She told me that her companion's name was Jenna and that I should address her as Mistress Jenna whenever I spoke to her! I would also be surrendering myself to Mistress Jenna as if it were me she said! I could see she was also petite and had long blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a beautiful trim figure similar to Mistress Becca's. She explained that Jenna was an old friend from college whom shared her penchant for Dominating boys, and that she had invited Jenna and her own slave boy to spend the weekend with us and explore some new toys and techniques!
I was embarrassed to be naked and exposed like this, my cock and balls all trussed up and kneeling before these two women like this!
Then Mistress Becca grabbed her favorite wooden Ping-Pong paddle and showed it to Jenna.
"So, I see our little slave boy here is already in need of some bottom warming for not properly greeting you Jenna!"
Mistress Becca handed the paddle to Mistress Jenna, and told her that she should have the honors of punishing me for my rudeness and lack of manners in not saying hello and properly greeting her! Mistress Becca inquired how many swats would be appropriate for my rudeness?
"Well Becca, I am a firm believer in harsh and severe punishments for all occasions, so I will give your slave boy twenty of my best to his exposed bottom!"
"That sounds good Jenna, and when you are finished, I will match your twenty also, plus I am going to deliver an additional ten for his embarrassing me like this in front of you!"
Mistress Becca handed the paddle to Jenna and she took up her position behind me now. Her swats were fast and furious and I gasped as the first swats caught me off guard. I tried to remain still and accept my punishments as best I could! I knew that Mistress Becca would surely inflict much more severe punishments if I dared to move or jerk around at all! It was obvious to me from the tone in her voice that Mistress Jenna enjoyed delivering punishments as much as Becca did too! I could feel the heat spreading through my ass cheeks and I am sure the redness was as well! My cock was still throbbing trying to grow to it's full length, but unable to expand past the confines of the small tight leather sheath! Finally Mistress Jenna had counted out the "20" and she brought the paddle down to my ass one additional time with an even harder swat! Mistress Becca now joined her friend behind me and I knew that her swats would be as hard and fast as Jenna's were too!
Then before I could catch my breath, another set of swats rained down on my reddening bottom! Mistress Becca's swats seemed slower but were equally as hard as Jenna's had been! One after another until Mistress Becca called out "30"!
"Now slave boy, have you learned your lesson not to be rude to my guests, or do we need to repeat this punishment for you again?"
I quickly thanked both of my Mistresses for punishing me properly and then I greeted Mistress Jenna and asked her forgiveness for my earlier oversight in not saying hello to her! Mistress Becca chastised me for my error and said that I should be more obedient this weekend and on my best behavior in front of her friend Jenna! Mistress Becca also informed me that if I should fail her or Jenna in any manner this weekend, I would be receiving punishments from both Mistresses! Whichever Mistress I failed would determine the punishment I would receive, and the other would deliver the same as well! Mistress Becca sort of giggled when she said that all of my punishments this weekend would be doubled!
"Then she asked me, "Did you enjoy that little punishment slave boy?" "I know I did, and so did Miss Jenna too!" "Your pretty little butt is nice and pink now!" "But this is only the beginning for you, we have much more in store for you slave boy"!
Mistress Jenna told Becca that she had enjoyed paddling my butt very much and wanted to play with me some more! She commented that I had a very "spank-able ass" and that she had hoped my pain threshold was high as she would love to decorate it some more with stripes and color too! Then I heard Mistress Becca whisper something to Jenna but I could not make out the whole conversation. But then Mistress Jenna said aloud, "I should have figured that your slave boy had that fetish for anal!" "You always did like to use the strap-on back in college too!" It didn't take a genius to figure out what the whispering was about at that point!
Mistress Becca then removed my panty gag, and showed it to Jenna.
"He is also my panty slave too!" "I never have to soak these clean, his mouth does that for me and it works great to shut him up too!" "He really is a devoted little oral slave, and you will find that out soon enough!" "But I really think he is craving something else right now!" "I know I sure am, and with your help Jenna this is going to be great!"
Mistress Becca then ordered me to go and get the strap-on dildos! She wanted the black one and the ribbed blue one!
I suddenly realized that these were our two big dildos, the twelve inch ones! The black one was thickly veined and resembled a guy's cock, well a huge guy's cock! But the blue one was just a large thick dong with a rounded head, but what I am sure Mistress Becca loved so much about it were it's thick rings or ribbing all along it's shaft! That one was always more painful as it popped my stretched sphincter with each quarter inch ring along it's shaft!
My sphincter clenched immediately, knowing that these two lovely ladies would soon be tormenting it wickedly! My asshole was going to receive a severe punishing by these two Mistresses as they stuffed all twelve inches of their strap-on's into me!
I handed Mistress Becca both of the strap-on dildos, but she hesitated and then after a moment or two, she took them from me! That's when she said to Jenna that I still hadn't learned proper manners yet! Mistress Becca told me that I should have given one of these strap-ons to Jenna also! Mistress Becca held out the two huge dildos, and told me that I should choose one of them to give to Jenna. And that for my punishment, I should beg Mistress Jenna to really give my asshole a very hard and deep fucking for being so rude again by not offering her one of these!
I looked down at the toys and remembered just how brutal it felt when Mistress Becca used that blue ribbed one! This was indeed a tough choice to make! I knew that if I handed Mistress Becca the ribbed blue one those painful experiences would be relived! And I had never received a fucking from Jenna before, but I knew I was to beg her for a hard and deep one anyway! I guess I figured that Mistress Jenna might be too severe if I begged her for that with the blue one, so I selected the large black one for her instead! I begged Mistress Jenna to please forgive my rudeness again, and then proceeded to beg her to have her way with my asshole and give me a hard deep anal fucking with this strap-on!
Mistress Becca then reminded me about our agreement this weekend, and that all my punishments were to be delivered by each of them! So, Mistress Becca told me that I would also have to beg her for the same punishment too! Then the stirring deep inside of me started again as I knew that Mistress Becca would indeed deliver exactly what I begged her for, and probably much more! But now it was going to be with that huge ribbed blue strap-on that Becca would be punishing my asshole with, just the one that I didn't want her to use in the first place!
I was then ordered into the playroom, and made to lay face down on the punishment horse as Mistress Becca and Jenna both began to strap their dildos in place! And then Mistress Becca proceeded to tell Jenna that I loved sucking cock and eating my own cum almost as much as I loved receiving anal fuckings!
"My slave boy is my cock sucking slut!" "He just loves it when I force his fresh hot cum into his mouth and make him lick it all up!" "He also loves to take my cock deep into his ass as I fuck his slutty hole too!" "Isn't that right slave boy?" "Tell Jenna how much you enjoy eating your cum and sucking on my cocks, then how you love it when I fuck your ass with them!"
I proceeded to tell Mistress Jenna that Mistress Becca always makes me to eat all of my own cum after I orgasm! And that I must suck and lick her cocks, getting them nice and wet before she fucks me with them! I asked Mistress Jenna to please allow me to suck on her cock and to let me kiss and lick it before she fucks me with it!
Mistress Becca secured my wrists and ankles cuffs to the four legs of the punishment horse! She then forced two pillows under my hips to elevate my ass for what was to come! A platform, which I built, was placed behind me so that my Mistress would be at the proper height and leverage to fuck my raised asshole while standing behind me!
Mistress Jenna stood before me, and held the back of my head with one hand as she fed her black dildo to my wet lips!
I tried to lick and suck on the head of her strap-on, hoping to get it as wet as possible so it would slip into me more easily!
After she finished securing me to the punishment horse, Mistress Becca informed me of my ordeal. "Here is how it will go slave boy". "Since you begged so nicely for a hard and deep anal fucking that is not exactly what we are going to give you!" "You are going to be punished for yet another incident of rudeness slave boy!" "And this punishment will be more severe so that you may not soon forget your manners again!" "First Jenna is going to stretch your asshole open as she fucks you deep and hard, without mercy!" "Jenna will make you feel all twelve inches of her dildo as she reams you mercilessly!" "Then when Jenna is tired, we will switch places." "You will suck Mistress Jenna's strap-on after she has finished raping your hole with it, while I punish your hole with my blue strap-on!" "I will give you just what you begged for and more, as this is your punishment slave boy!"
Then like a tag team duo, Mistress Becca was facing me now while Mistress Jenna went behind me! Mistress Becca holding onto my face with both her hands, thrust her cock between my open lips and told me to suck it good, just like I did for Jenna!
I started kissing and licking the head of the blue toy and then licked around its shaft. Just then I felt the wet tip of Mistress Jenna's dildo at my asshole, and she placed her hands on my hips. Without any warnings or comments she just grabbed my hips and pulled herself past the tight entrance of my rectum! I moaned loudly onto Mistress Becca's blue dildo as Mistress Jenna continued a firm steady pushing motion, until her whole dildo was buried inside of me!
Then, the huge black dildo was trusted deeper as Mistress Jenna continued pushing until the entire length of the toy was embedded deep into my rectum! Then she withdrew it slowly until it popped right out. Again, the head was inserted, then a short pause and another deep full thrust until Jenna's hips contacted my hot cheeks! This continued, long deep full thrusts starting with just the head at my asshole entrance! With each hard deep thrust I would let out a low deep moan onto Mistress Becca's cock! Then Mistress Jenna moved her hands from my hips to my separated spread balls, and she would pull on them as she thrusted hard into me, each time her dildo slammed into me, she would squeeze my balls and a new shrill moan escaped my lips as she plunged hard into me!
Mistress Becca watched and commented on Jenna's new technique and told me that she hoped I would be moaning equally appreciative when she drilled me with her blue dildo!
Mistress Jenna was really getting a rhythm going now, deep hard and faster thrusts as she continued to squeeze my balls with every thrust, only the faster she fucked me the harder she squeezed me before pulling all of the way out again! Mistress Jenna fucked me for what seemed like an eternity, before finally one final hard deep thrust! Jenna just stopped, the huge dildo stuffed all the way into my butt as deep as it would go, and her hands just squeezing my poor punished balls! She was breathing hard, and catching her breath. I was moaning and quaking beneath her, unable to stop the dull aching going through my balls! Mistress Becca held my head and tried feeding more of her blue dildo deeper into my mouth! Then, Mistress Jenna released her grip on my balls and as I gasped and sighed from the release. Mistress Becca's blue cock gently eased farther into my mouth before it too was pulled free!
I lay panting, as Jenna pulled free from my punished asshole!
All to eager to continue, Mistress Becca switched places with Jenna and before I could relax the monster blue dildo was poised at my dilated asshole! Mistress Becca instructed me to accept her punishment to my already sore asshole, and to proceed in sucking Mistress Jenna's cock now!
With that said, Mistress Becca plowed into me with a savage thrust drilling me to the core with her blue toy!
Mistress Jenna lifted my head and held her huge cock in her other hand as she pressed the now warmed up toy into my lips!
"Suck me good slave boy!" "I would hate to have to have another reason to punish your pretty little ass now!"
Mistress Becca chimed in and said, "Jenna, you never need a reason to punish this slave boy's ass, whenever you feel like it go right ahead, you don't need a reason!" "Then when we ask slave boy to tell us why he is being punished, he will usually inform us of a misdeed he has committed that we may have overlooked!" "Then his punishment gets doubled for that too!" "Or it gets doubled if he doesn't have an answer for us too!"
Mistress Jenna loved the idea, and said that right after Becca's anal fucking, she would be ready to punish my bottom again!
I sucked and licked on Jenna's musky dildo as Mistress Becca was fucking my butt raw! Mistress Becca would reach under me and grab my cock and squeeze! This made me scream into Mistress Jenna's soiled dildo as the tiny spiked pierced my cock flesh!
After another hour long anal fucking, Mistress Becca pulled the blue toy from my punished rectum, making sure to watch my sphincter grip each ring of her favorite punisher dildo!
I rested briefly, and felt the cool air entering my very dilated asshole!
Mistress Jenna commented that my gaping hole was very arousing and that she just might have to fuck it some more! Becca showed Jenna her assortment of dildos, plugs and vibrators, and after a short while they returned with a large cone shaped butt plug!
"Look what Mistress Jenna found slave boy!" "She wants to see if your asshole is still hungry for more cock!" "So I want you to be very quiet, do not utter a sound, and do not move an inch while Mistress Jenna fucks your hole with this very wide butt plug!" "All she wants to hear is your wet anus as it kisses and sucks at the huge cone shaped toy!" "This will tell us if you are still hungry for more cock today!"
With that, I tried to remain absolutely still, and felt the cold tip enter my dilated hole! Mistress Jenna pushed it in slowly while Mistress Becca pulled my cheeks wide apart! Then the butt plug was removed and I heard some giggling, then the toy was back at my hole. Only this time I could feel it had been lubed, and now Mistress Jenna pushed it into my hole. When she reached the widest part she stopped, and it was stretching me painfully wide back there! Then she just started to pop it back and forth between my stretched anus ring, this caused a nice wet popping sound with the lube she applied!
"Ahh, I hear your hole is begging us for more slave boy!" "We will have to see what we can do then for it!"
With that the huge butt plug was pushed deep inside of me and my Mistresses let go of my butt.
I then saw Mistress Becca return with a riding crop in hand, presenting it to Jenna to do the honors!
Mistress Becca asked me what had I done to deserve this punishment now?
I begged for forgiveness and said I was sorry, please do not punish me again I pleaded!
"Punish you for what slave boy?" "What did you do?" "What are you sorry for?"
I didn't know what I had done, maybe nothing, but I wasn't sure, so I begged for mercy and asked for her forgiveness. Mistress Becca asked Jenna if there was a misdeed or poor performance that I failed her in.
"Yes, slave boy was very hesitant to suck my cock after I punished his asshole so good with it!" "I had to force feed it to him!" "He should have been grateful to me for punishing his hole so well!"
"Hmmm, I see Jenna." "I'm sorry that you had to witness that, I can assure you slave boy is going to pay dearly for this mistake!"
"You will accept twenty-five swats from Mistress Jenna for failing to suck her cock after she had just finished punishing your hole with it!" "Then, for lying about it when we asked you what you did to deserve this, another twenty-five swats with the crop!" "And, because Mistress Jenna wanted to punish your ass just for fun another twenty-five for that too!" "Then I will take the crop and repeat the punishments to your flaming backside as well!"
Mistress Jenna proceeded to really swat away at my plugged bound helpless ass, and I knew that before long my cries would be louder as the cumulative swats of the crop cut into my backside leaving countless red welts! I tried to remain quiet, but every so often a sharp stinging swat would cause me to vocalize my torment as a loud moan! Over and over the cropping continued! I couldn't even begin to count the number that was being applied to my butt! I was crying steadily now and my moans were following each swat of the crop! I couldn't see who was yielding the cropping, it could have been either one, they were both making small talk as they continued to punish my ass without mercy!
Then the cropping had stopped as I whimpered and adjusted my breathing back to some normalcy!
"You accepted your cropping very well slave boy!" "I should reward you for that, in fact Jenna had mentioned something to me just a minute ago that I think would be a nice reward!" "Mistress Jenna is going to give you five more nice swats with the crop as her reward!" "Only, Jenna is going to swat you right on your ass crack, and we will remove the plug so that your hole can accept the kiss of the crop!" "I will also be giving you five good swats along your crack when Jenna is done too!" "Now, I want you to remain perfectly still and quiet for this reward!" "If I hear even one sound from you, your punishment for this will make everything up to now fail in comparison, is that clear slave boy?" "If you cannot accept the terms of this reward, then I want you to beg to be gagged with this butt plug and we will double the amount of swats with the crop!" "What is it going to be slave boy?"
I was really nervous now, I truly wanted to please Mistress Becca and take these ten swats without making a sound, but the truth be known, there was no way I could do that, and I am sure Mistress Becca knew this as well! I thought about it some more when one of them started to squeeze my balls again in an attempt to hear my response!
"I am sorry Mistress I will accept the gag and the additional swats Mistress Becca!" (I stammered out my response)!
"Hmmmm, What do you think Jenna, that isn't quite the terms I set forth were they?"
"No, they aren't Becca, I believe slave boy was to beg for the gag and the additional swats, which should now be redoubled again, I think!"
"Excellent Jenna, OK slave boy, last chance, before you get more punishments!" "We are up to forty swats on your open hole and ass crack, do you want more?"
I sobbed out another apology and begged my Mistresses for the butt plug gag and the additional swats of the crop!
Jenna once again lifted my head and presented the warm butt plug to my mouth. This time I opened wide and she shoved it in an inch at a time. It was too large to go all the way in, so she just kept pulling it out then turning it and putting it back in! Mistress Jenna was making me lick and suck the whole plug this time!
I soon felt the first violent swat of the crop right on my open hole and it caused me to literally jump in my bindings! Mistress Jenna even commented when my muffled scream escaped my lips!
"There There slave boy, only 39-more to go!"
Mistress Becca showed no mercy in delivering her twenty to my punished hole! Then they switched again, and Mistress Jenna proceeded to rain down the short quick swats to my asshole and crack! My mouth was just open, as my moans became one endless string! I was unable to suck or lick as I was constantly moaning now with each brutal swat!
Mistress complimented me on accepting her reward, and then said that it was actually Jenna's reward really, as she was the one who thought it up!
Mistress Becca then handed Jenna the huge blue dildo and said that we should really use this one instead of both, and she said it was slightly bigger and contained the thick ribs to give slave boy more pleasure!
(More pleasure I thought, that was far from true, the ribs caused me far more torments, and once again I caught that evil little glint in Mistress Becca's eyes that proved to me that she also was aware of this too)!
Then Mistress Becca pulled a stool to my head, and said that as my ass hole was being punished, my mouth would be put to work on Mistress's pussy and asshole, as she wanted orgasms from both! And said that when it was time to switch, I should tongue and lick Mistress Jenna there too, giving her as many orgasms as she wanted! It turned out that Jenna wanted three orgasms, and Becca got her two! My asshole got the punishment Mistress Becca intended for it as it was mercilessly fucked hard and deep for the next two hours straight!
When I was untied from the horse, Mistress Jenna said that she doesn't like to be so one-sided in her punishments, and after I was given a rest period, she wanted to spend some equal time tormenting my cock and balls like that of my asshole!
Mistress Becca agreed, and after my rest, I was positioned back on the punishment horse, but this time face up. My legs and arms strapped and cuffed to the legs of the horse.
Mistress Becca removed my cock sheath and my member sprang to life! Mistress Jenna massaged it to its full size and it felt great to have it out of its small cramped and painful confines!
True to their words, my Mistresses took turns punishing my cock and balls, using various torments, they beat, punched, cropped, waxed, and froze my cock and balls, dripping black wax then using ice cubes! Over and over they repeated their abuse in various forms on my helpless genitals!
Mistress Becca then shifted gears saying that it was time to feed me some protein! For the rest of the night, my Mistresses would take turns straddling my face and either had me lick and suck their pussies or their assholes, while they both milked my cock and balls dry! I must have cum four times straight, and after each orgasm, my cum was force-fed into my waiting mouth! I was ordered to swallow this and show my Mistress's my appreciation for their efforts!
Mistress Jenna then whispered something to Becca again, and Mistress Becca announced that tomorrow, Mistress Jenna's slave boy would be joining us tomorrow and that she wanted me to taste my first man! I would be dressed in my sissy panties, and Jenna's slave would then use my mouth to deposit all of his pent up cum! Mistress Jenna wanted her slave to shoot a nice big load of cum into my asshole, so she could fuck me with the huge blue dildo again and have me suck all of the fresh cum from it that she could get out! Mistress Becca was delighted at this idea, and said that maybe that would be how we would introduce me to the taste of another man! Either way, I knew that I would be eating more cum tomorrow and my wicked little Mistresses would keep coming up with more torments for this slave!

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