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Near as I recall, I spent a week with my brother and sister in law the summer I turned 13. Bob had always been my favorite brother and him being 12 years older than I and gone from home we didn't get to spend a lot of time together any longer until recently when he moved about 50 miles from us to Spencer. Carol, his wife of three years now, 19 and the prettiest things you ever saw. She was a total fox, tall, curvy, and just drop dead gorgeous to put it simple. We did a lot of things that week and spent a lot of time at the lakes where Carol wore a really hot Bikini I just had to have and did have before I left which brings me to this story.
It was a Sunday night before I left to return home. I had made it into the laundry room to get my clean clothes Carol had washed for me. There it was under a few things, the bikini I just couldn't get out of my mind. As I slipped it in with my clothes a bra and a pair of panties happened to slip in also as I didn't even figure she would miss it in the least. I don't really know if she did or didn't but I think she did. Nothing was ever said of this of course but I could feel a little question in her eyes the next few times I saw her and chose never to do this again, to her anyway.
How I have imagined it all these years, well, here goes!
Returning home that next day in a hurry to see my best friends, Glen and Mike, I unpacked in a hurry and put the items I had taken from Carol under my mattress and left for the day to meet up with my friends. We did the normal things teenagers do, we got high as that's what we normally did most of the time, went down town to play video games, and probably ended up at Shirley's' place where we spent a lot of time drinking and playing cards among other things. Shirley was sort of the what I would call today a town whore. She wasn't the cutest thing but had a great body and she let us drink and get high so that was cool. At least at the time it was.
Returning home for the evening, Mom would have an angry look on her face and was real short with me. She would have asked me what I had been doing and where I was, and of course I was an angel and had been just hanging out and walking around. I always left out the part of getting High and hanging out at Shirley's. She then tells me Carol called and wanted to know if I had seen her Bikini as she had thought it may have gotten put in with my clothes and she had checked my bag but I had all ready unpacked. Something wasn't right I noticed but thought I was safe as the things I took were well hidden. Mom wanted me to look through my things and see if turned up and I did with her right behind me. Nope, its not here.
Before leaving my bedroom, mom told me she had washed bedding today and then asked me to lift up the mattress. In a mound of fear I asked why? I think you all ready know the answer to that David. Lift the mattress NOW! I lift it slightly, all the way David. Seeing the items she grabbed them and I let the mattress down. Sit down David she said. These are Carols aren't they? I, I guess so. I cant believe you took these, why would you do such a thing? I don't know, please don't spank me. I wont ever do it again. I am not going to spank you, and my nerves settle some as I can breath again.
You need to pack up your bag again and I will be taking you back to Spencer tonight so you may return these to Carol. What? You heard me. Why do I have to pack a bag? Because I have talked to Carol and she would like you to spend another week with them. Wont that be fun? No Mom, don't make me stay, I'm sorry. Pack up some clothes for the week as we will be leaving when your father gets home.
Slowly packing in fear of my life at this point, I start to cry and wish I had never done that. I hear mom coming down the hallway and she sticks her head in my room, don't even bother crying, I am very sure you will have plenty of time to cry this next week young man. Soon the dreaded door opens as dad is home. They discuss what happens and I am told to get my bag as they are ready to go. We hit the road for a silent trip to Spencer. As we get closer I start feeling the fear return, wondering what is going to happen. My mom states that I am to listen to Carol during this visit or I will get it when I get home too as we enter the driveway.
Getting out of the car Carol comes out and helps me with my suitcase. She lets me know she has not yet told Bob and that we will discuss this in the morning after he goes to work. Bob comes out and says so you could stay away huh? Yea right, I just love it here not wanting to lead on there is a specific reason I am there. We all have supper and then Mom and Dad leave, letting me know I need to listen to Bob and Carol with an emphasis on Carol. Bob and I play with the train set the rest of the evening as he had the coolest train set ever. We say our good nights and its off to bed.
I am woken in the morning by Carol, its early and Bob has all ready left for work. She tells me to take a shower and meet her in her bedroom with the things I took from here when I finish, and be quick about it. I finish up with the shower as I hear you better hurry up, we have a very big day ahead of us. Fully dressed and scared to death, I take the stuff I took from her to her room where she is sitting on the bed with her hand out. Here Carol, I am sorry. What are you going to do? Sit down David. She starts off with a lecture of how I shouldn't have done this. How I knew it was wrong and that I am going to have to be punished. Do you have anything to say for your self? NO! What were you going to do with them? Nothing! SLAP, bullshit! I asked you a question, answer it. I start to tear up and its Slap again! Ouch, I'm sorry ok! You were going to wear them weren't you? No! Well what were you going to do with them then? Why did you take them? I don't know�Slap! You better start talking!
Ok, I was going to wear them, I'm sorry! What are you going to do? Do you know just how angry I am with you? No� I was going to go to the pool and I had no suit. Sorry! The hell you are. I am! Yea, sorry you got caught maybe! Well, since you like to wear girls clothes you need to get undressed and put on that bikini, I need to get a few things and I will be right back. Be standing here in that bikini when I get back up here, you hear me? Carol, Please don't make me do this, pleaseeeee! By the time I return you be dressed as she grabs me ear and screams into it, YOU HEAR ME! Yes!
I get undressed and hear her coming up the stairs as I quickly put on the bikini still hooking it when she comes in holding in her hand a wooden spoon, metal spatchula, and a paddle. No Carol I say backing away from her as she sits on the bed. Well, lets see how it looks, I want a show. Carol please, I am sorry! Turn around and lets have a couple of passes in front of me, I want to see how you look. Oh you make such a pretty little girl. We are going to play dress up but first I think you need a good spanking. Get across my knee David as I start to back away and plead with her not to spank me. I wont do it again Carol. I wont! Over my knee now in less you want me to put you across my knee? Coming closer she grabs my arm and pulls me across her holding the metal spatchula in her other hand.
Whack, Whack, right across my bottom over the bikini, Ouch, Ouch! Please don't as I try to cover my ass. Give me those hands David as she grabs both my wrists. WHACK harder and harder until the tears flow and I start crying. Stop as I force myself off her lap and come to my feet. No Carol, please stop. She gets up and grabs me angrily. You don't want to lie still I will just have to beat you harder. She puts me over one knee and puts the other over my legs, grabbing both my wrists again. She then takes the bikini bottoms down, picks up the wooden spoon and vigorously spanks my ass until the spoon breaks. Screaming now she slaps my face and tells me to be quiet.
Bring me to my feet by grasping the hair on the back of my head, she bends me over the bed, right on the end, and picks up the paddle. NO. NO! Stop it, I have had enough! Oh I don't think so, I will let you know when you have had enough. Stay Still or it will be worse. Whack! Goes the paddle! Whack, Whack over and over. I am crying uncontrollably by now and pleading and begging with her to stop it's finally over. She grabs me and we head straight to the corner. You stand her till I come to get you, you hear me. Yes Carol!
She comes back in about 30 minutes and rubs her hand across my bare ass and tells me to place my hands on top of my head and hold still. What are you going to do as she walks to the dresser. Hush that mouth as she returns with a belt. No Carol, Turn around and stand still! Whap, Whap, as my hands go down to cover my sore ass and beg her to stop. She grabs my wrists again and I get about twenty more. I'm sorry, please.
She then simply says to stay in the corner until I am done crying and then come get her. Standing there as long as I can not wanting any more whippings, I finally call out for her. She comes up to her bedroom and says to get undressed. Standing naked she starts to take out clothes and lays them on the bed. Put them on. Why? Because I told you too, if you want to argue we can get the belt back out. No Ma'am, as I put on her panties. Meet me in the bathroom when you are dressed as she walks out. I soon am dressed and head to the bathroom. What are you going to do Carol. Well, you want to wear girls things you may as well look like a girl so I am going to put some make up on you and we are going to go shopping. NO Carol, Please, I wont do it again. Sit down on the toilet David, NOW! I said now, would you like to start back in the other room. NO, then sit!
She puts on the makeup and then paints my finger and toenails, then she says I think I have a pair of heals for you, lets see! We try on shoes and my feet are to big so she gives me a pair of socks with a little ball on the end and tells me to put on my tennis shoes. Oh she says, you look just so cute, turn around little girl. I amuse her unwillingly and tell her I have had enough, I wont do it again. Oh David, we haven't had any fun yet. Lets go shopping, you need a pair of heals. NO Carol, Please! Walking me to the door, you behave and do as I say while we are out or you will get it again when we get home, got it! Yes.
At the mall we head into Belk to get a pair of shoes, heals no doubt! After having to have my feet measured for girl's shoes and having Carol tell the gal waiting on us all about what I did, we find a pair and buy them. She has me wear them out and we go on a trip through the entire mall stopping to window shop along the way. She stops to look at shirts and I sort of hide when she starts speaking to the gal. Come over here David she says as I sink to less than an inch tall. Lets try on a shirt, this is so cute. No Carol, lets just go please! Slap, what did I tell you? I'm sorry, please stop this as we walk to the fitting room. Try this on and come out so we can see it. The next thing I hear is turn around, oh, that's just darling she says. We'll take it. Then we continue and stop at the Gap. I think you need your own swimsuit. No Carol, please, NO! Come, come!
After another embarrassing encounter with trying on a bikini and making another purchase I am told at the register that if I misbehave again this week I will be wearing it to the beach. Shopping trip ends and we make it back to the house. Before even opening the door I hear go straight to my bedroom, get your pants down, and get across the bed. Why Carol, I say. You thought I would forget didn't you? No, but I have had enough. Well, I told you what would happen if you misbehaved and now it's going to happen. Get up stairs.
Up stairs she makes me wait for about an hour before I hear those footsteps coming up stairs. She picks up the belt, holds my hands behind my back, and Whap over and over. I plead and force my way off the bed and Whap right across the front of my legs. Ouch, Fuck! You want some more there or do you want to get back on the bed. Whap, whap, whap, and she finishes up. Now, as she sits me up on her bed. If you misbehave in anyway, you will wear that bikini to the beach this week, you hear me! Yes Ma'am, I wont! Now, you get in the bath and get all that make up off and get dressed before your brother comes home. OK! One more thing David, We will be playing dress up this week and you will receive another round of spankings before the end of the week for taking my panties and bra too so be prepared.
The end!

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