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- A Short Story -


As I opened my eyes I was enveloped by lifeless, listless space. Never in my life had I experienced total blackness, listening for a sound, but none was to be heard. I sniffed my nose as to smell the scent in the air and there was total emptiness. I was overwhelmed.
My heart started to beat loudly as I could hear my Mistresses steel stiletto shoes moving toward me.
My head started to spin and just as it did, fresh air could I smell, light could I see and her voice I could hear as she stated in a growling voice "open your mouth, pig".
Just as I opened, all senses were gone again. I sniffed, and could smell the heavenly odor of my goddess's asshole beginning to open above me. With gusto, she ripped out a most divine fart that had the foulest odor to my nose. My beautiful Mistress had sat down on her throne to give me the most exquisite offering that a woman can give a man.
Oh, how I wanted to see it slide out of her ass. It made the most delicious crackling sound. It was so hot in my enclosure, that the sweat off my own skin was stinging my eyes. I was outstretching my tongue as far as it would go to reach my wonderful treat.
Straining my neck and mouth upward, did I imagine it sliding onto my tongue? Did I imagine its wonderful taste?, so bitter, yet the most precious thing to me in the whole world. My head felt like it was going to burst. Was I dreaming, or was this really happening?
I had dreamed all my life of this moment, but this was real.
Eventually, after what seemed an eternity, my awaiting meal was offered to me. Heat beyond comprehension filled my mouth as the hot, knobby and fruit flavored turd slid into my mouth. I pressed it upward to the roof of my mouth, flavors exploding for me to devour.
A hot shower of my Mistresses golden nectar rained over my face as if to cleanse my whole body and also to cleanse my soul.
This toilet pig had the finest meal. Champagne and Kaviar had been served.

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