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I will be punished, Mistress told me, as I entered the house this evening. Dread and excitement flutter in my stomach, and my groin was already twitching too as I knew the term punishment meant no area was going to be spared! Mistress was quite adept at spanking whipping and CBT as well. But it was Mistresses other words that always came back to haunt me on these occasions. The words she told me in the beginning.
"I own you slave, and I own your cock, balls, and ass too!" "I will do as I wish with these, as they are mine for my own pleasures and amusements, and I will punish them as I see fit!" "I will punish your cock & balls, as well as your ass and your asshole, both inside and out!"
Next, I was ordered into the playroom, and told to remove all of my clothes.
"Bend over the punishment horse, face down," Mistress ordered.
She then proceeded in attaching the cuffs to my outstretched arms and legs. My wrists and ankles were secured to the padded cuffs on the legs of the horse. I was now naked, stretched out face down, my ass raised slightly thanks to the pillow under my hips. My legs were spread and my ass was very exposed for Mistresses torments!
Mistress then went to toy chest and removed the black leather whip. Standing behind me, Mistress started to rub and pat my ass. Soon I know that these seemingly soft caresses will be replaced with the much harder more painful swats of the whip, as she will be swatting my butt without mercy!
I shiver slightly, waiting, not daring to look back at her. Waiting is hard, and I start to tense waiting for the first stroke of her whip. Mistress knows this and draws out the moment increasing my agony. Finally the first stoke of whip slashes through the quiet bedroom and lands on my pale ass cheeks! The sudden kiss of her whip making me jump in my bindings.
The next were repeated rapidly as set after set of swats rained down upon my pale naked butt. Soon my ass would be glowing red and striped from side to side from her merciless whipping! The whipping was fast and furious as she didn't stop until my crying and sobbing was as loud as the slaps of her whip!
Mistress then reached between my legs and started to gently squeeze my balls in her hand.
"I think your balls need to be punished some too, so you are going to be tortured for fifteen minutes while I put some needed ache in your balls, slave Paul!"
I was soon moaning as she increased the pressure of her squeezes. I would also jump in my bindings as she squeezed, which caused me to jerk my butt into the air higher and higher! Over and over Mistress squeezed and twisted my balls, getting harder with each grab. She was alternating between one and the other, and punishing each ball the same as the other. After about ten minutes of this CBT torture, I was moaning loudly and writhing and jerking, my butt raised and straining against my bound body! Then Mistress just stopped, and walked over in front of me.
"I see that your butt is begging for some more punishments Paul?" "Well, I think I have just the thing for a hungry little butt like yours"!, Mistress said. "But first, I think that your crying and moaning is getting a bit too loud Paul." "So, after I gag you with one of my wet panties, I am going to start on your balls again, but I am going to start over from the beginning!" "And, since you made me stop to gag you, I am going to punish your asshole too!" "I am not going to show you any mercies either Paul, since you were to be punished and you are now making me stop!"
Mistress went to the toy chest again, only this time she returned with a large inflatable butt plug and one of her larger dildos. She also had the electro-plug too!
Mistress moved the TENS unit over to the horse, and before gagging me with her panties, she put the electro butt plug in my mouth and ordered me to suck on it and get it good and wet!
Then Mistress removed her black leather skirt and placed a stool right in front of my face. Next she grabbed a vibrator and sat down right in front of me. Placing her spread legs out to the side and on my shoulders, Mistress then turned on the vibe and proceeded to rub her pussy up and down through her black satin panties! It didn't take very long for her moans to grow louder and her hips were pumping as she brought herself off with a quick orgasm. But, then Mistress pushed the dildo into her hole but not without removing her panties first! She just pushed until the whole crotch panel disappeared inside of her. After a few moments of moaning and shuddering on her part, Mistress removed her soaking wet panties and then she pulled the electro-plug from my mouth. The void was short lived as Mistress then stuffed the panties in my mouth to gag me. Another pair were then placed over my head, with the crotch panel covering my nose and mouth.
Then I felt the wet tip of the electro-butt plug touching my asshole. Mistress was pushing slightly as she rotated and moved the toy all around my asshole. Then without warning she plunged the six inch metal sided toy deep into my asshole! She pulled it out and rammed it in again and again, twisting it around and coating all of my rectum with my saliva. Then the toy was rammed one last time deep into my butt.
Mistress was now setting the controls on the TENS unit and soon a new torment would be inflicting pain on me. Only this time it would be my asshole and the tight ring of my sphincter Mistress would be punishing!
"Now Paul, this is for making me stop the punishments of your balls!" "So for the next fifteen minutes or so, I am not only going to continue punishing your balls by squeezing and kneading them, but I am also going to torment your asshole with the electro-plug on high!" "Then, if you allow me to finish this punishment set we can continue with your anal reaming session!"
With that said, Mistress turned on the TENS unit and my asshole immediately started to spasm as the shocks were repeatedly applied to my asshole!
Mistress then continued with my ball torture too, and I was soon moaning into the panty gag as she squeezed and twisted my balls. I was breathing hard, and every deep breath I took was filtered through Mistress's dirty panties she placed over my nose! I could only smell her intoxicating aromas, but I am sure this is exactly what she had planned.
Finally after what seemed like hours, Mistress was lightly rubbing my stripped ass and lightly whispering that it needed more color now too! Mistress then went back to the toy chest returning this time with the rubber coated Ping-Pong paddle and another dildo, this one as big as her arm and as thick as her wrist!
Mistress informed me that since I was still moaning too loudly as she punished my balls, I would now have to receive a sound paddling of at least one hundred swats! Before Mistress started, she turned off the TENS unit. My asshole was soooo sore and it was almost numb from the constant shocks it was getting! I felt her pull the plug from by punished hole, and there wasn't much resistance, but it was sore as she pulled it free from the deep confines of my butt.
Mistress then told me that during my paddling, she would have the inflatable butt plug in me. I was to start with two squeezes of the bulb to set the plug, but if I moaned too loudly or jerked my butt while receiving my paddling then I would get a couple of more pumps with each offense, and the paddling would start over from the beginning! If I didn't think I could take all of the paddling without moaning too loudly and jerking around, then Mistress would reduce the paddling to only fifty, but the butt plug would have to be inflated with fifty squeezes of the bulb to start with.
"Which one is it going to be slave Paul?", Mistress asked.
Hmmmm, it was definitely a hard decision. First, I didn't know if I could take the hundred swats with her paddle, let alone the inflatable butt plug which can get pretty big in deed!
Mistress then started to stroke my cock, and I could tell she was milking the precum from it. There was already a puddle of precum on the pillow which Mistress was using to coat the butt plug with before she pressed it against my sore punished asshole! Then it was shoved right in! But Mistress just started to fuck my asshole with the large inflatable plug. She just used a steady but slow rhythm, forcing my asshole to open completely while she plugged the seven inch toy deep inside me, then twisting slightly and pulling it slowly out until it was all the way out of my hole! Over and over Mistress raped my butt with the toy, she always pulled it all of the way out, then buried it deep all of the way in! Then after one final thrust, she pulled it free and asked me to make a decision right now!
I told Mistress that I didn't think I could handle the fifty pumps of the bulb and that the toy would surely rip me open! So, I asked Mistress for the one hundred strokes of the paddle.
Mistress said OK, but since I took so long in making up my mind, she would pump the bulb with two big pumps before inserting the toy in my butt. Plus, She said that I must also remain very quiet, and take all of my one hundred swats no matter how much it hurts! Otherwise, she would stop the paddling and remove the plug and give it two more pumps of the bulb and force it back inside my butt, then the paddling would start over from number one again!
It didn't surprise me that Mistress changed the rules some, after all it is her game and she always liked to keep me at a disadvantage anyway!
I could hear her giving the bulb a couple of squeezes, then the wet tip of the toy was at my rear hole again, then Mistress shoved hard forcing my asshole open wider as she shoved the toy in deep! An uncontrollable loud moan escaped my lips as Mistress buried the larger toy into my butt!
"Oh, but I see you are already breaking the rules Paul"!
Then Mistress slowly pulled the plug from my hole and I heard her pump the bulb two more times!
"Now, This is probably going to hurt you a bit more Paul, so if you know what is best for you, I suggest you be quiet and take your punishments!"
The wetness was again pressing against my already tormented backdoor, and I just clamped down hard on my panty gag as Mistress forced the wider plug into my hole! I was straining against my cuffs as the wide inflated plug was forced into my asshole. Mistress deliberately went very slow as to draw out my agony even more. She pushed slowly but steadily until the fat butt plug was embedded deep inside my hole. Then after waiting a few moments to allow me to get used to the stuffed feeling, Mistress then pulled the wide plug all the way out and plunged it deep inside of me! Mistress continued this torment a few more times, slowly forcing the widest part of the plug past my stretched anus then waiting a few agonizing seconds before pulling it slowly all the way out again. Mistress must have enjoyed watching my punished asshole stretching wide to accommodate the inflated toy, then as my hole closed to the dilated size she forced the toy back in going nice and slow as the widest part stretched me even further! Then before the final thrust, Mistress just stopped with the widest part stretching me open, She asked me if I was ready to accept the rest of her punishments without making more noise?
I could only moan a pitiful "YES" through my wet panty gag.
Mistress then pumped the bulb a couple of more times while the widest part was painfully stretching me wide open!
Mistress said, "That is because you broke the rules so soon Paul!"
Then harshly, Mistress forced the rest of the toy deep into my butt and picked up the paddle. The swats rained down one after the other, one cheek then the other! My butt quickly became aflamed as the earlier stripes were now searing in pain as the paddle connected with them! Over and over the paddling continued, the swats seemed to be getting harder and harder. I was jerking uncontrollably now, and my moans would escalate with each blow. After about ten minutes, Mistress stopped the paddling and I was relieved, but my butt was burning with the stinging pain and felt like it was on fire!
Mistress informed me that I not only broke the rules again by moaning too loud, but that I now made her stop to punish my asshole some more!
A deep sinking feeling was growing in the pit of my stomach as I knew this meant the paddling was far from over, and that more pain would be inflicted to my butt again!
Mistress asked if I knew how many times my moaning was too loud. Of course I couldn't answer her, so she just answered herself when she said three!
"And that means your plug will be enlarged three times with two bulb squeezes each!"
I heard Mistress give the bulb two squeezes, and then I felt it expand inside my rectum. But, then Mistress started to remove the plug as she had before. Very slowly, Mistress pulled the plug out of my asshole, almost stopping as the widest part stretched my anus painfully wide! Then she fucked that huge plug in and out of my asshole a couple of times. Then, as she was forcing the widest part into me, she pumped the bulb two more times! This brought a moan of discomfort from my lips. But Mistress just continued her torment as she shoved the now bigger plug deep inside of me, only to remove it again and repeat her wicked anal torment on me! Over and over again and once more, the bulb was squeezed two more times. The pain was unbearable and I know the moans escaping my lips were louder than when I was being paddled. Mistress went even slower this time, and she repeated the fucking motion, all the way out and then all the way back in, over and over. She kept up this torture longer then any before! Finally, with the toy buried deep, Mistress picked up the paddle and rained down another set of hard swats.
I nearly blacked out from the searing pain the paddle was inflicting on my poor punished bottom! Finally, the swats stopped, and then Mistress came to face me. My tears had soaked the panty covering my face. Mistress removed the panty and then my gag, but left the butt plug inside of me.
Mistress then informed me that I wasn't being a very good slave in accepting my punishments, as I was still making too much noise! Mistress then informed me that she was going to give me another chance to get through this set of punishments. For this, I was informed that the inflatable butt plug would be pumped up another ten times and then remain inside of me while I used my mouth and tongue to give Mistress another orgasm. I was ordered to not utter a sound as she pumped up the plug a full ten more times. If I remained silent, and accepted this part of the punishment then my bottom would not receive any more spankings or paddlings, but I would have to endure a hard dildoing with the dildo of her choice! But, if I dared to cry out, then not only would I still receive the hard dildoing but it would be with the largest dildo Mistress had, and she would continue to pump the inflatable another ten times as well, and my ass would receive twenty swats with the crop as well!
Mistress gave me a moment to contemplate her instructions. Then Mistress squeezed the bulb with both her hands to get as much air into the plug!
"One", she counted.
"Two", "Three", "Four", "Five"
I was feeling painfully stuffed back there, but then I felt Mistress tugging on the plug to pull it from my hole! It was now pulled out about an inch or so as she squeezed the bulb again!
"Six", "Seven", "Eight", she counted out again. "Only two more squeeze to go Paul, you are doing good this time my slave".
Then I felt her pulling hard on the plug to pull it free from butt. I don't know how far she got it out, but I could sense my anus ring was stretched wider then ever!
Then Mistress pumped again and again and I heard the final "Ten" come from her lips!
After that I groaned in agony, as Mistress shoved the plug all the way back inside of me. I managed to remain quiet during the ten pumps and I was actually proud of myself for taking my punishments from my Mistress.
"Slave Paul, I warned you about uttering a sound, didn't I?"
She quickly acknowledged that my groan was after receiving the ten pumps of the bulb, but she said that she wanted me to remain quiet. As a compromise, Mistress said that I would now get ten more pumps of the bulb. She pumped it hard and fast and I couldn't believe how stuffed I felt back there. It was extremely painful but not like the searing pain to my anus the she had caused earlier.
Mistress then sat on the stool and placed her legs over my shoulders as she ordered me to tongue her through a nice long orgasm!
I licked and sucked her pussy lips and clit as I tried to give her the best orgasm of her life. I worked at teasing her pussy as she had teased me, and I avoided her clit at first, only sucking on her pussy lips, then fucking her hole with my tongue. I would lick her inside and then after a few moments of just that, I withdrew my tongue and just allowed my hot breath to tickle her pussy. Then without warning I would sweep my tongue from her asshole to her clit in one long hard lick! I then sucked on her clit and then flicked it with just the tip of my tongue! Over and over I kept at this, sometimes alternating a little bit here and there, until Her moans were louder and louder! I was doing all I could to ride her bucking hips and I worked her clit over more and more until suddenly she screamed out her orgasm and flooded my face and mouth with her juices!
I continued to lick her pussy and finish my duty as her orgasm subsided.
Then Mistress got up and took a short rest, but not before telling me that I still had some more punishments to accept when she came back!
Mistress released the air in the inflatable butt plug before she left the room for her break, but she did not remove it from my hole.
After a few minutes, Mistress returned to the playroom, and she was holding two of our biggest strap-on dildos! These toys were huge, and I think one was twelve and the other was thirteen inches long. Both were plenty thick too!
Mistress was now slowly pulling the butt plug from my asshole, and it was coming out very easily compared with before. I felt the cool air rush into my hole when the toy was removed and I knew that my hole was gaping open now! I moaned as the toy was removed from me.
"Did I say you could speak or make any noises Paul?" she asked.
I apologized and told Mistress I was sorry, and to please forgive me. I will not let it happen again.
Mistress placed the inflatable back into my hole and just held it with the widest part at my anus ring. Then she started pumping the bulb repeatedly, as she said, "You were moaning when I wasn't even causing you any pain slave Paul, so now I will pump this toy up until you really feel some pain, this way you will now how to tell the difference!"
Mistress just kept pumping and pumping, and my hole was painfully stretched to it's limit once again! She stopped and just held it there as I grimaced in pain. Then she pushed it in a bit then pulled it out a bit popping my anus ring muscles back and forth across the widest part of the butt plug! I somehow managed to not make a sound as she continued this torture for a few more minutes!
Then she released the air and slowly dragged the butt plug from my hole, as if tempting me to moan again! I remained silent but inside I wanted to moan so bad!
Once the toy was removed, the cold air was rushing inside of me again. Mistress had a pitcher of warm water with her that she heated in the microwave. She placed both of the huge dildos in the hot water, and informed me that this would heat the toys so I wouldn't feel a cold shock as they went in. She told me that initially she was going to use the ten incher for my anal reaming, but that since I couldn't accept my paddling punishment, she decided that I would first receive a thorough hard reaming with the twelve inch one. Then, I would be given a chance to accept the twenty-five swats with her crop. (She added five more just because she said). If I could not accept the twenty-five lashes in one set without making a single noise, then I would receive another hard anal reaming with the thirteen inch dildo! The cropping would be given to me in slow sets of twenty-five. One after another until I cried out or moaned or made a sound, then they would stop and start over again from one. I had to accept all twenty-five in one set, from start to finish without making one sound, then the punishments would be over. I had to accept the hard anal reaming no matter what, but I could start the cropping before or after the reaming. Mistress then asked me if I wanted to accept the cropping now or wait until after my reaming.
My butt was still very hot and sore and I didn't know if I could accept another hard punishment as a cropping! But, my asshole was also very sore and I didn't know if I could endure a long hard anal reaming with the twelve inch dildo either! Since I didn't answer my Mistress fast enough, she pulled the twelve inch dildo from the hot water and greased it up. Then I felt the hot tip at my hole and she pushed the head into hole. Then without warning she slammed the huge dildo into my rectum in one brutal thrust! The air escaping my dilated hole as she drove the dildo in deep and hard. Then, Mistress slowly pulled the massive toy all the way out and waited a second before once again driving it home, smacking her hips against my hot buttocks! Over and over she fucked my asshole hard and fast as she drove the dildo into the hilt with each thrust. There were never any short jabs, always long hard deep thrusts burying the dildo all the way inside of me with each thrust! I couldn't help but groan and moan as each deep thrust brought out a deep guttural noise from my lips. I don't know how long this continued, but my asshole was never so savagely punished as this time. Over and over again Mistress just kept plowing me hard and deep. Then after I heard her own grunting and moaning with each thrust I knew she was also tiring from the ordeal. Sure enough, the large dildo was removed from my gaping hole and I was given a short rest before my cropping.
Mistress refreshed my earlier commands of how I would accept my punishment. I was to be given twenty-five individual swats of the crop to my red striped ass cheeks. If I made any noise during this punishment, the cropping would stop and start over from one and I would also be given another hard asshole reaming with the thirteen inch dildo too! And since I would have to accept the other reaming I would have to find a way to endure a full twenty-five swat set of the crop in order to make my punishment stop. I could ask Mistress for the hard anal reaming whenever I wished the cropping to stop, otherwise it would start over from number one after each utterance of noise I made!
Mistress picked up the crop and after a long moment told me it would now begin. I could not make a sound, and if I made it through twenty-five swats I would be released from the horse and the punishment would be over.
I tried to put myself into that sub-space and block out the pain, and then I heard the crack of the crop as it connected squarely across my butt cheeks!
A soft but audible mmmpff escaped my lips and I wasn't even sure if it was all in my mind or not. That was until I heard Mistress count out;
"One, but you broke the rules Paul, and now we must start over from the beginning!" "You now also owe me another hard anal reaming with the bigger thirteen inch dildo too!" Mistress said!
Then it started again, a loud crack as the crop swatted my tortured butt, followed by Mistress's counting, "One!"
I managed to bite my tongue and although I jerked hard I didn't make a sound.
"Two!", "Three", "Four".....
I made it all the way to ten before the pain was just too much and I made a loud moan as the swat connected with my lower buttocks!
Mistress started right over again from number one and I could only go to five this time! I begged Mistress to please stop, and she said that I could only postpone the cropping by begging for the hard anal reaming with the thirteen inch dildo. But then I would have to try again immediately following to accept my cropping.
I begged for the reaming, and Mistress happily obliged. She pressed the even larger sized head of her dildo into my asshole, then she shoved hard, working that long thick dildo deep into my hole. She worked my asshole over longer than before, really making me feel every inch of her nasty big dildo! After what had to be an hour, she pulled out and gave me a minute to catch my breath before starting the cropping again.
I don't know how many times I was already cropped, but I still couldn't take a full twenty-five without making a sound. So after getting to fifteen, Mistress told me that she would stop the cropping for today, but that I would have to give her another orgasm followed by another hard anal reaming. And, because I failed to accept a full twenty-five swat set of the crop, I could not be allowed an orgasm myself until I could take all twenty-five without making a sound. Mistress told me I would be wearing the cock sheath and my chastisement would continue indefinitely until I performed as ordered. Each time I wanted to accept my cropping, I would have to pleasure my Mistress orally and also receive anal torments during the two orgasms I would have to give her. Then as before, if I failed the cropping my anal torments would be increased and doubled until I successfully accepted the cropping or until I cried out to Mistress to please stop my anal torments! But each time the price would be more the next time until I finally accepted my cropping.
The electro-butt plug was used as before, with the setting on high as I ate out my Mistress, but then I had to endure another lengthy asshole stretching as before with the inflatable butt plug too! Another time, my asshole was whipped repeatedly with a short curt whip, like the small penis crop Mistress uses on me. Then more hard anal reamings. And still another time my asshole was punished with a hot waxing while I was ordered to give Mistress two back to back oral orgasms! Mistress invited her friend to come over for a weekend and I was dying to have an orgasm. I pleaded with Mistress to please allow me a release, that I would do anything, but all Mistress said was;
"Sure, after you take twenty-five swats with the crop and not make a noise, then you can cum!"
Mistress had her friend drip hot wax from her black candle on my asshole and balls as I was ordered to give her two nice long orgasms! The first was pretty quick, but as soon as my hole was covered with the wax, Tracy would coat my balls, then remove the wax from my asshole and repeat the process! After, giving my Mistress her second orgasm, I had to pay the price of two hard anal reamings before I was allowed the chance to accept the cropping. Both of my Mistresses then donned the two huge dildos for another serious anal assault on my butt. Only after they totally reamed out, and left me gaping open was I allowed the cropping. Mistress told me to pay homage to our guest Mistress and give her as many orgasms as it takes me to accept the twenty-five swats with crop! I did just that, and finally I took all of them without a noise, or at least the moans and groans were muffled by my Mistress's friend's pussy!
Mistress then congratulated my on accepting my cropping, and said that I could now be allowed an orgasm, but that I had to eat all of my cum and that I would have to give Mistress another oral orgasm first, and while I was doing that, I was to beg our guest Mistress for another cropping to spur me along with my oral duties!
I was hesitant to accept the new conditions, so Mistress informed me that this would cost me and wheeled over the TENS unit. She showed Mistress Tracy how the electro-butt plug worked, and told her to set it on high while giving me the cropping. I was then told to lick my Mistress really good and give her a nice long orgasm!
The butt plug was turned on high and the burning pain soon changed from the inside then the outside as my butt was swatted repeatedly with the crop! I worked over my Mistress's pussy as best I could, and it took quite a while before she announced that she was satisfied!
My Mistresses untied me and laid me face up on the bed. My chastity sheath was removed and my two Mistresses began caressing my cock until it was hard as a rock. They teased me and tormented me for a long period of time. They stretched me out on the bed and fastened wrist and ankle cuffs to me and then teased my cock to the point of orgasm but backing off before I came. My Mistress would use ice to cool off the fire she had brewing in my cock and balls. But it wasn't enough, and soon the hours of pent up agony were soon gone as Mistress rubbed me harder and faster ordering my to shoot my cum into Tracy's waiting palms! I shot my load for a good few minutes as Mistress milked all of my cum from my balls! Then my Mistresses commented on how much cum I was going to have to drink before they would let me up. Tracy held her hands together as Mistress ordered me to open my mouth! I drank the cum as Tracy poured it from her hands. It didn't go down very quickly, so it took some time before I was licking Tracy's hands dry! Then after resting a moment, Mistress returned with a couple of vibrators and told me that they would be milking me through as many orgasms as it took till I was completely dry! One vibrator was turned on and inserted deep into my rectum, successfully vibrating my prostate as Mistress milked more cum from me that time then the first one! Again I was forced to swallow all of it and to lick the palms that fed me. When I could cum no more, Mistress then exchanged her vibrator which had been deep inside my rectum for her inflatable butt plug. Mistress told me that since I could not cum anymore for her and Tracy that I would be punished for making them both work me over for nothing then!
Mistress then told me that since I am such a vocal sub, that she would have to gag me so I wouldn't embarrass her in front of Tracy. Mistress took the vibrator from my butt and told me to open wide! I was to suck and lick the toy as my gag, and Tracy secured it to my head using an ACE bandage. Then Mistress inserted the inflatable deep into my asshole and gave the bulb to Tracy.
"Here you go Tracy, pump this up until his eyes bug out, then we will release it and try to go five more pumps past the last one! And, while you play with that, I will whip his dried out cock and balls with the curt whip. Then we will switch places, and I will work over Paul's asshole while you punish his cock and balls!
My punishments lasted into well into the night, only after begging my Mistresses for another cropping, only this one was applied right on my punished asshole, and then Tracy wanted to ream my hole again because the cropping had made my anus ring close. So each Mistress repeatedly fucked my hole until they were satisfied that my gaping hole was big enough. Then Mistress stuffed my hole full of the large anal beads string and sent me off to bed. The morning found me stretched over the whipping horse as my Mistresses had me guess how many anal beads were on the string before removing them. If I was right then my mouth would be used to clean their pussies all day. If I was wrong the number of beads difference would determine how many times each Mistress would punish my asshole each hour all day, plus my mouth would be used to clean their pussies as well.
Well, I guess I just have bad luck, because I guessed five anal beads, but there were actually eight as my Mistress so agonizingly proved by pulling one after another from my punished butt! Then she announced that
since I erred in my count, the number of punishment my Mistresses would give me each hour was three.
"That is three punishments apiece per hour slave Paul!" "And, we can choose whatever punishments we would like to do to you!"
Mistress commented to Tracy that I would surely be in some state of punishment all day long, and that each would be using my mouth and tongue to clean and service their pussies all day long too. Mistress was already drinking her second glass of orange juice, and I know she likes to have her Coke all day long too. So I knew that my mouth and tongue would be drying off her dripping pussy every time she had to pee! But I would also have the same duties with Tracy, but I didn't know how often she would take a pee during the day. Then there comes the punishments, three each per hour! I know my Mistress could easily come up with any number of torments to do to me, especially with her anal fetish. But, I didn't know what Tracy was capable of , and although she had whipped me, cropped me, fucked me hard, and force fed me my own cum, I didn't know what she was capable of when left alone with me.
That I found out soon enough, as Tracy was given the honors of having me first. Tracy immediately tied me face down butt up on the horse and blistered my butt with the paddle! Then she forced three long dinner candles deep inside my butt. She lighted them and told me that she would not blow them out, but decided to drip hot wax all around my asshole first. Then when the flame reached the wax coating it would go out. If I wanted to put out the flame before this happened, then I could beg Tracy for a sound asshole whipping with the crop. The cropping would put out the flame and she would continue until all of the melted wax was cropped from my hole. During the time the candles were burning, Tracy wanted her asshole tongued and licked. So I proceeded in performing the task at hand and the candles burned in my butt. Tracy stopped and I begged her for the asshole cropping. First the candles were extinguished with three sharp blows, then they were pulled out to allow unobstructed access to my hole. Tracy proved to be very harsh when delivering her punishments to me and my asshole cropping was very painful to say the least!
By the end of the day, I was soundly spanked, paddled, unmercilessly fucked and my asshole stretched repeatedly, not to mention providing countless tonguings and lickings to my Mistresses pussies! When I was released, Mistress surprised me and said that she had picked up a little gift for me and it was time to show me what it was. Mistress proceeded to blindfold me and secured me bent over the chair. Mistress told Tracy and myself that she had purchased another anal bead string set and that once again I would be wearing this through out the night and the number of beads would be guessed in the morning! Once again the anal beads were shoved deep into my asshole, but my butt was rapidly paddled to distract me from counting the number beads themselves. The anal beads were also pulled from my hole and reinserted numerous times as an attempt to throw me off as well. Then after a few more swats from each Mistress, I was lead to bed, my wrists were cuffed to my sides at the D-rings in the belt I was forced to wear. There would be no way I could cheat and count the number of anal beads, my Mistresses wouldn't have it any other way!
The morning found me in much the same predicament as yesterday. I was tied, butt raised and draped over the chair. Mistress asked me to indicate a number of anal beads I guessed were in my butt. If I was correct, my asshole would not be cropped , and my butt cheeks would also not be cropped or whipped. If I was wrong, then the difference of the number I guessed to the actual number of anal beads would be the number of times a dice would be rolled to determine how many minutes of punishment I would receive each hour, from each Mistress. The dice numbers would be added to come up with a total of the number in minutes I would be punished from each Mistress.
I then was ordered to give my number, and I said eight. Mistress then said that if my number was over the number of anal beads, then the number I guessed, 8, would be used to add to six, the total number on the dice. Then each Mistress would be given 14-minutes to punish me as she so chooses each hour!
The anal beads were once again slowly pulled from my butt, and Mistress was quick to build my frustrations even more, as she stopped at three. I was given a choice to continue with my number, and the outcome as prescribed. Or, I guessed correctly, then I would submit to an anal reaming once an hour by one Mistress an hour, or if I wanted to forego the suspense I could agree to being used as a personal slave and tormented all day by each punishment toy and device by each Mistress all day long.
I decided to take my chances and waited for the outcome. The rest of the beads were pulled from my punished asshole, and I guessed the correct amount. There were eight anal beads. Mistress then informed me that since I was correct, that I would be bound to the horse once each hour and receive a hard anal reaming by each Mistress each hour. The dildo would be picked by the Mistress that hour, and the length of the anal fucking would be determined by each individual Mistress!
But I could tell that my Mistress was disappointed by my correct guess, so it came as no surprise to me when she came back with a paddle in hand and informed me that since I guessed eight, I would now be paddled for eight minutes by each Mistress so that my slave ass would submit properly to a hard anal reaming! Mistress blistered my butt real good, and Tracy mirrored her paddling with an equally severe punishment!
I was given a few minutes rest before being lead to the horse and secured once again to receive my hourly fuckings!

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