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Press to Kill in Brazil
American naive is victim of a temptress strangleress

"Do you speak English ?", John asks the female guest at the bar in the nightclub. She turns her head towards him and sizes him up with deep black eyes. The woman shakes the contents of her glass, but gives no answer. John gets irritated. Damned, why is it here so difficult to find someone speaking his language ? Yesterday, he had arrived in Rio by aeroplane. Today, he found out, that an alone traveling white man on the beech in Brazil gets much interesting contacts. But nobody speaks his language and it is almost impossible to communicate with the dark and strange inhabitants of this country. "Mulher, mulher ...", what does it mean ? Back in the hotel, he reads in the dictorinary, that it is the portuguese word for woman. John gets a tip for a good place in the night of Rio. He rents a car, now he is in the nightclub and have the language problem again. "Yes, mister.", the woman at the bar smiles towards him. John gets astonished. He didn't expect this answer anymore. It was for good reason, that he had asked her. The woman at the bar is a mixture between white and black with long, a little bit curly hairs falling down her naked shoulders. She wears a short dress made of black satin and high heeled shoes. Around her waist, she has a mighty belt with silver spikes and ornaments. She looks strong, this woman must be good. "Oh, I, I am alone here, do you allow me to sit beside you for a little conversation ?" The female mulatto sizes John up with her deep black eyes again. She drinks the rest of her glass empty. It seems to take endless time for the answer again. "If you order something new for me, it's o.K., Sir." John gets happy. Immediately, he sits at the stool and tries to contact the barkeeper, who just stare at him with a little bit slanted eyes. "Nao entendo." John has difficulties to order. Suddenly, he feels tender fingers slapping at his back of the hand. The female guest at the bar smiles at him. She orders for both in her language. "Ahem, thanks, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is John." "Hi, my name is Rosa.", the half-black woman tells her name and moves her hand forward under his mouth. "What an antiquated gesture.", John thinks but her eyes don't permit opposition. He takes her hand, lowers his head and kiss the black skin. John is now convinced about a great pity, that some good old traditions are judged as antiquated in modern times. "You are an American tourist ?", Rosa asks. "Yes," he answers, "how did you find it out so fast ?" She looks mocking down at him. "It's not usual to come into the club with this trousers. Where do you exactly come from in the USA ?", the female guest smiles. "Oh, I am from the big Apple.", John replied. The female mulatto gets astonished. "Do you reside in an apple ?" John laughs. "No, Rosa, really not. 'Big Apple' is a popular term for New York.", he informs her. Rosa and John talk a very long time very stimulated, sometimes with more sometimes with less misunderstandings. During the conversation, many drinks are emptied. John feels, that he is no more able to drive safe. Rosa yawns, it's late, the nightclub is nearly empty. They already have a date tomorrow in the beech of Rio. "Ahem, guess they soon will close, I will call a taxi.", John says to her. The female mulatto looks at him with her deep black eyes. "Do you want to leave me alone now ?", she asks. "No, really not. If you agree, come with me and the taxi takes you where you want." Rosa smiles. John's attempts to the barkeeper for calling a taxi are again in vain. She tells him to call one. John orders the taxi driver to his hotel. Rosa cross her long beautiful legs and leans her head at his shoulder. John plucks up courage. "Do, do you want another drink ? The mini bar in the refrigerator of my hotel room is wonderful." Rosa returns his smile. "Yes, Sir." Suddenly, the taxi stops. In front of a barrier, policemen with bright uniforms and white helmets firmly stand holding submachine guns ready to shoot. The driver, John and Rosa had to get out of the car for a body search. John recognizes in the background other policemen on horses. The leading policeman looks strong especially at the foreign documents. He salutes to Rosa and the drive can go on. Rosa and the taxi driver talk something in portuguese. These police controls seem to be normal. Finally, they reach the hotel. Only the janitor is to see; it is already early in the morning. He makes a short greeting and grins at John guiding the way to the elevator. It is a great relief to reach the room. First, they have further drinks. Then she wants to hear a little bit music. Second, they dance closer and closer. Her embrace is like a deadly body pressure of a boa constrictor; it is unbelievable, how much force Rosa possess. The first kiss happens. They dance more and more in the near of the bed. Rosa pushes John down at it to lie above him, still in embrace. She opens her belt with the silver ornaments and press her high heels at his lower legs. "Do you want to be my slave, American boy ?", she smiles and nod her head with the black hairs. John is totally aroused, this is really the girl of his dreams. "Yes, Rosa, you are so hmmmmm.", her hand press at his mouth to interrupt the talking. He gets almost no air and smells the skin of her tender hand. "Quiet, slave." She lowers her head towards his face. "Hmmmm !" John shakes his head and tries to breathe. But she closes his mouth. After a while, she releases him. John takes a deep breath and looks glad at his female mulatto dominatrix. Rosa forcefully takes off his shirt and opens the zip of his trousers. She graps at his cock, it is hard like stone. John never believed, that one time, it could grow so much and be so hard. He assisted her in taking of his trousers and the underwear. Then she takes her shoes, dress, bra and her slip off. All is black like her skin. Rosa wraps the belt around his wrists and sits at him. She slaps his face one time and lowers her head for kissing his mouth. Rosa massages his breast. With convulsions, she permits his cock to get into her vagina. The female mulatto is excited. But suddenly she ceases her support. John is aroused in the highest degree, this woman wants, that they come at the same time, what an intelligent, erotic female mulatto he became acquainted with. He does not know her real intention. Rosa takes her hands off his breast. "I will strangle you to death, Sir.", she puts her hands in a choker position in front of his head. John is too aroused to answer. Does she really mean 'strangle to death' ? Surely it's just another hot game idea of this woman. But the position of her hands show no possibility for misunderstandings. Slowly, she moves it nearer and nearer to his neck. John still believes in a game and tries to pump further. Rosa first closes one hand around his neck and push her thumb under his chin moving John's head backwards. Then she closes her other hand around his neck and press her thumb at his throat. The female mulatto moves the first thumb under his chin more below above the other one. A merciless pressure begins. "Ahhhrghh !", John feels the teamwork of her two thumbs digging into his throat. Rosa uses her two forefingers at the sides of his neck to close his carotid arteries. It is a professional stranglehold for maximum effect at sensitive places of the neck. A press to kill. "Strangle for me my slave, strangle !", Rosa looks with her deep black eyes into John's bright ones. She begins her support again and groans in lust. Despite the danger, John's state of arousal is even more grown as before. He realizes, that the situation is becoming dangerous. "Rosaarrgggghh ! Orgggkkkk !" John shakes his head and drags at the belt around his wrist. The shackles are not to get looser. He looks with terror eyes at his black dominatrix. But the convulsions go further. Rosa releases a little bit her grip and hints a kiss move with her mouth. John croacked and gets little air into his lounges. "I will kill you just with my bare hands, darling. Your neck is so sweet to squeeze.", Rosa tells him her plan. "Argghh, no, please let me live, why aarrghhhhhh !", she begins to press again. "Oh, come on sweetheart, take it easy. I must murder you, there is no other way." The female mulatto gets more excited. John feels her thumbs and forefingers digging deeper and deeper into his flesh. Screaming and breathing is impossible, the pain in his neck unbearable. He hears his own heart desperately pumping blood. The cartilages in his neck are more and more pushed backwards with ache. "OOOAAARGHHH !" Rosa swings John's body and squeezes his neck. "Oh, yes Sir, don't worry, yes, Ohhh, soon you will made it. I take care of you. Ohhh, ya, strangle for your lover, strangle ... ", now Rosa is aroused in the highest degree. John's face is totally red, veins burst in his white skin and eyes. Despite former attempts to break free were in vain, he still tries to get rid of the shackles shaking with all his force. With a despairing look he tries to get pity, but this rise Rosa's pleasure even more. "OHHHH !" "AHHHRGKKK !" Both orgasms meet together. John's head falls back limp at the pillow. His eyes became a stare look. Rosa groans in lust and still moves his hip. "Ohh, maravilhoso , ... ", John can not hear her anymore. She squeezes his neck a long time further. With regret, she releases him and begins to stand up. A wet noise is to hear. Rosa thinks, that Americans are really the best.
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