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Claire's Underwear
By Kevin Wood

"Two-day old briefs.." Claire announced,

".slightly soiled at the front…"

she paused for a moment, hovering,

"..and..coming dowwnnnn….NOW!"

She sat suddenly; pressing the front of the pants, and more, down onto my lucky face.


"Never mind 'ummff'.." she stared down at me. "Just do as you're told. And no breathing yet. Right?"

Right. Taken as read.

"Now then..let's do a bit of controlled breathing here.." I heard her say, pressing her full weight down on my face.

"..when I sit up, just slightly, your nose will still be pressed into the gusset. Then you can breathe. Try to drag as much air, through your nose, and right through the gusset -yes? Every breath through your nose, every breath through the gusset, or else."

"Okay.." she began again, rising just slightly, "..and..wait for it boy..wait for it. And…BREATHE!"

I was gasping, half choked by her underwear in my face. It was still pressed onto my nose, but I thought I could breathe now. I breathed, deeply, through my nose, and got it bang to rights, more scent than I bargained for. The full breath, absolutely percolated through her pants.

God almighty. My head spun with the aroma. The suddenness of it. Dizzying female scents in the warm gusset. Behind the gusset possibly the 'live' scent of her; mingled with the 'recorded' ones on the pants. The thought of it…the smell of it. The power of it. The humiliation of it. Jesus..

Plus the disciplined approach.

"And hold it - hold that breath boy.. hold it. Right now, breathe out - right out."

I breathed out. "Now hold it," she reminded me. "No breathing in yet.."

Next she sat up a little more, pulled down the front of the pants, and pressed the warm gusset down onto my face. Now I could see her crotch, but I breathed her underwear. God, she was a tease.. a nightmare..a delight..a specialist.

She leaned over me, pressing the stretched down gusset right over my nose and mouth. I swear I could smell everything even before I was allowed to inhale - her bare crotch, inches - if that - away; and her used pants, almost still on her and very very warm. Is it possible to smell something without actually breathing it in? It had to be wafting up my nostrils. Please let me breathe it… please.

"WAIT" she instructed. You know what I said.." she built up the anticipation, "..worn for two days..two horny days. Nice briefs with plenty of material in them - scented 'geography' for you - you better appreciate it boy.."

Finally my moment came.

"Through your nose, again. And…..BREATHE! INHALE"! Nice deep breath.."

ohhhhhh hell.

She kept up the pace.


I breathed out as instructed


In again like a drug to me.


She clamped the gusset down on me with both hands; checking it repeatedly and watching me carefully.





And so on. Maybe five minutes, I don't know. Every breath was dragged right through the gusset. I could have described every man-made fibre..every woman-made smell. Fabulous. Fabulous fabulous.

"Okay.." she pulled the pants off my nose and back onto her. Pulled them right up. I could see the outline of her femininity through the front of them, she got them that tight round up round her.

"Let's just have you worship them, while they 'warm up' again, yes?"

I stared, and stared, enrapt.

She ran her hand around the tight gusset, making me watch the finger.

"Now," she began again, drawing my head a little closer. "There should be a slight 'discoloration' just here.."

"ARE YOU LOOKING?!" she asked, suddenly stern.

"Yes. Yes Mistress."

"Good. What do you think that slight discoloration might be?"

I could discern it now, yes.

"I'm not sure.." I muttered.

She grabbed my head. "Well smell it boy, smell it, now it's nice and warm again. Breathe it, live it..identify it."

Suddenly she sat me so heavily, my nose was pushed quite deeply into her, taking the wonderful gusset along with it.

"Now try breathing.." she clamped her legs.

I tried like hell. What I would be getting - if I could get it - was the combination of the gusset, almost blended with the natural and fresh moisture she was now definitely providing 'live' as it were. The thought of it was practically making me come. Then I managed to drag some semblance of inhalation from this incredible set-up. Used stuff, new stuff, all kinds of 'stuff'. Old stains, new stains, any kind of stains.


"BREATHE..!" she instructed, easing the pressure slightly. "Deep breaths. IN…OUT..IN..OUT.."

She pulled my head back, and I was left stunned; staring at a distinctly fresh damp patch. There is nothing quite like being so close to a woman with freshly dampened knickers.

She pulled my head back in, sharply and roughly, and kept it there.

"What does it smell of..?" she demanded.

"Unhh - I don't know.."

"YOU DON'T KNOW.? Well you better get busy then, breathing in and out, deeply. Because I WANT TO KNOW.."

"Er, you Mistress. The smell of YOU. Wonderful you."

She seemed animated. She stood up suddenly, leaving me dazed. I saw her turn, quickly.

"Right, let's do my ass now. The back of these knickers too. See how you like that…"

Next thing I know my nose is practically pushing its way through the back of her pants and into her butt.

"BREATHE.." she hisses at me. "B-R-E-A-T-H-E.. a nice, slow, deep breath.."

Then she stands up, raking and hoisting the back of the pants way into the crack of her behind.

She hovers, reaches down behind her with a hand either side of my head. "Let's make sure we get that nose just in the right place.." she begins to sit, "..guiding it in..right in between the cheeks.." she sits down further, "..right in there.." she sits fully, "..right IN THE CRACK. That's it."

She sighs and sits. She wriggles, then sits firmly. My nose is wedged in there where she wants it, along with the back of her pants which are somewhere up there with my nose too.

"Okay, ready - breathe - BREATHE. Deep breaths again, all the time, through that nose boy.." "Get the scent of that ass now, get it good."

I breathe, stunned at the ferocity of her, drawing every scrap of breath from right in between her butt cheeks. Oh, the humiliation is exquisite.

I wonder how long she'll keep me at it…

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