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Official Villains
Whores of the government strangling and killing with cruelty

Katia and Div are waiting for their costumer. He is unaware about the conspiration in the government. Some ministers are disturbing for the new plan. Joa doesn' t know, that K?tia and Div already got money before his new visit. But not for the purpose of pleasure they usually make to him every weekend. They earned an enormous sum to render harmless an individual with divergent opinions to the men, who are wanting the total might. Joa is looking forward to a good pushing. He enters the room in a motel and hears the well-known sound of the air-conditioning-system. Joa feels the pleasant draft drying the sweat at his skin. "Hi my sweeties, ready for a new session ?", his cock already raises, when he sees the two gals bar breasted and with black leather boots standing in front of him. K?tia and Div swing a bottle to each other and drink champagne. "Hey, I dind't order that !", Joa frowns. "Don't fret, it's today something special to celebrate. You are our best costumer slave. Here drink !," K?tia gives him the bottle. Joa takes most of the cool alcoholic liquid, K?tia and Div just drink a little bit, when it's their turn. Soon the bottle is empty. "UHH, I feel good", Joa staggers, "but, but I didn't come ... only for drinking, you know what I mean, ... Ha Ha Ha Ha !". Div smiles and asks: "Do you really wanna fuck know ?". Joa snorts with laughter. "Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Yes, my dear, you ... you know my special foreplay wish ... sss strangulation. K?tia looks at Joa with big eyes and her hands raise in choker pose. She smiles. "Sss Strangulation, ...", K?tia imitates him. "Is it not a little bit boring to do every weekend exactly the same ?", she asks. "Hey, what ... what are you talking about ? D d don't you like the games anymore ?", Joa is confused. K?tia still smiles and let her hands fall down. "We have today something special for you: Our fantasy. Let us decide what will happen. I promise, it will be exciting, if you don't know the next step. Please let us play with you the murderess game." "OHH !", Joa's cock is now totally erected, "This must be ... the day of fortune for me. Come on gals - can't wait any longer !" Div steps behind Joa. He hears her combat shout behind him and her soft hand pressing at his mouth. Simultaneously, she takes his wrist with her other hand and pulls his arm rectangular to his back. He feels the pain in this shoulder and her hand grabbing his wrist. "Mmmmhhh !", Joa tries to shout, but Div's hand prevents a loud noise. K?tia looks self-confident in sight of the hold Joa. "The first murderess prevents screaming and escaping of the victim", she says proudly, "the second female killer carries out the actual methods to deprive the man from his life forever. It's important not to be heard during doing this. Usually, they work with knifes." After the explanation, K?tia opens a drawer and takes a dagger out of it in her hands. Her fist clamps the grip. She raises her hand with the knife and slowly comes closer to Joa with serious looking eyes. He tries to shake his head and to come free. But Div hold his arm tight and presses her hand at his mouth with much force. "MMMHHHH ", Joa tries to scream with wide open eyes and jerks, but Div is too strong. He is terrified. What is this knife play about ? Are these bitches crazy ? Slowly, K?tia comes closer and closer. Directly in front of him, she stands still. K?tia raises the dagger to a high position and opens her mouth revealing the sight of her teeth. Joa looks at the shining metal of the sharp blade. His penis is hard and burns. "AHHH !", now K?tia's combat shout sound through his ears when she makes a stabbing move in lightning speed. Joa feels the pain in his flesh. "MMMMHHHH !", he tries to scream his ache free, but no avail. Div force with a further push of her hand on his mouth his head at the rear a new time. Joa can't look at the place of his body where K?tia stabbed. He doesn't know, how deep and dangerous the wound is. Joa perceives, that the pain is now a little bit easing, perhaps she just had hinted a stab. But he also feels blood running down his skin. K?tia moves the knife to his neck. Red blood is at the silver shining metal. "Shhhhh ", she forms her lips in kiss position and moves the blade sideways like cutting his throat. K?tia takes the dagger away and throws it behind her. The clanging sound of the knife echos the room. K?tia laughs, but suddenly stops the laughter and looks seriously. "Like I told you. One woman assists, the other kills. It's teamwork and the roles will be changed, so that killing the next victim, the assisting women will be the murderess and the female killer just assists.", K?tia smiles again. "Usually they kill with knifes, but strangulation is also very popular.", Div pulls Joa's head with a jerking hand over his mouth at the rear. "Mmmmmhh !", Joa foresees, what's coming next. K?tia raises her hands with a smiling face., he sees it coming closer to his neck. Her hands already have the form of a stranglehold. Slowly, her black skin encloses his neck. He perceives her thumbs at his throat and her palms at the sides. What a nice touch of this skin, so beautiful, but deadly. K?tia stops smiling again. "AHHH !", she presses her lips together and her eyes become more narrow. "OOHAAAGHMMM !", Joa feels her thumbs digging into his throat depriving his air supply, which is so important to live. Her palms presses at the sides his carotid arteries for closing it to prevent the blood flow to the brain. "OOHHHMMNNNNNNNAAAGGMMM !", Joa shakes in agony, but Div hold him tight. His cock is erected in highest degree. K?tia enjoys strangling the Joa. Sometimes she loosens a little bit her grip, but suddenly presses again with much force. "ahhhh !, strangulation is so cute, ahhhhhh !, I like it every time. Some die fast and sometimes it takes much time, because they are very robust, ahhhhh !, the last one was very difficult, ahhhhhh !, but I guess that you are well-behaved and soon be dead, ahhhhh !, what a beautiful neck.", K?tia's face shows sadism, pleasure and efforts. "MMMMMMOOAGGGHMMMM !", Joa can't bear the pain. Div drags Joa from behind. K?tia goes with it, she knows the place, where Joa should die. More and more, the murderess duo with their victim come closer to the bed. They push him down on his last resort as a living man. First it seems, that all would be just a foreplay for intercourse. K?tia's hands still enclose his neck for strangling. Div's arm crosses from behind his chest for blocking his arms. Her other hand still presses at his mouth. His hard penis enters K?tia's vagina. She moves her hips up and down. Joa comes immediately pouring his last sperm in lifetime. K?tia releases her grip. Div takes her hand from his mouth and grab his wrist. Much air streams with a loud noise through his wide open mouth. What a great luck to be able to breathe so intense ! "OAAHH, what ... what an exciting game, OHHHH, you are so g g great, ... you nearly killed me...", Joa was never so glad like now. K?tia smiles sitting at him. "Oh, not nearly, we haven't finished yet." "What ?", Joa wonders. K?tia now explains their real intention. "We have a special order. He already gives us much money and will give more, when you will be a cold body." Joa laughs, because he thinks, that this would be a further game. He decides not to spoil it. "Who ?", he asks. "The man in the green uniform, who promised to bring us to North America.", K?tia replies. Now Joa knows, that this is not a game. "Nooooo !", he tries to struggle with arms and legs, but the combination of K?tia sitting at him and Div holding his wrists doesn't permit an effective defense. He doesn't perceive the alcoholic effect anymore, his panic had cleared the brain. "Don't do that, he is cheating, it will never be your homeland... Nooo !", Joa shouts. But K?tia leaned sideways and takes a scarf out of the drawers. Joa sees, that in the middle of the scarf a wooden stick is knotted. "This is a special prepared scarf for garotting, also used often by murderesses.", K?tia tells him in calm tone. She pulls it behind his neck, so that the head lies at the hard wooden stick. Then she tooks the ends of the scarf and knots it tight at his throat. Joa shakes, he wants to come free, but against the two murderesses, he has no chance. K?tia grabs with both hands the two ends of the stick and begins to turn it. Joa feels the cloth with every turn of her hands constricting more and more his neck. Every turn has a devastating effect. Already the first turn choke his air. "AHHHH !", K?tia's strained face shows no mercy. The second turn burns into the carotid arteries. "UHHH !" His for survival pleading eyes doesn't mean a thing to her cruel face. Her assistant Div smiles and hold his shaking wrists. The third turn digs into his vertebra and on the opposite side squeezes sensitive parts of the the throat into his windpipe. "OOAAHHHHHHRGGG !", Joa knows, that another turn he will not survive. And he is right. The fourth turn breaks his larnyx, he immediately gets limp and lifeless. K?tia makes a fifth turn and holds the stick a while to be sure. She moves her grinning face closer to prove the stare of his eyes. Joa is dead. The unscrupulous conspirators had taken advantage of the weakness of human nature to succeed: the greed for money up to the readiness to kill for it and the sometimes strange sexual dispositons regarding active and passive roles. But their devilish plan is not complete. There are still some people who resist them.
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