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Million Dollar Floormat

My Dear Jennifer:

I spoke to your mother yesterday on the phone. She told me about the long talks that she has had with you, and that you are ready for your first mat purchase. I Shall have the pleasure of meeting with both you and your remarkable mother next Tuesday.When you come to our offices at 11:00 a.m., I shall be able to show you examples of all our products, and I trust, assist you in making a choice. I am certain that you know that your mother and I go back a long way. She tells me that you are every bit as intelligent and lovely as your sister, who purchased from us last summer.

Considering, your family's history with us over four generations, and your mother's present status as one of our major stockholders, I have omitted much of the dry technical summary about our manufacturing process. I believe the information is important, but I know that you come well educated about the techniques that we use. I have added a description of our current product line. The description also includes an updated price list.

In general, the nature of our products have changed little, but it is remarkable how fast the technology of magic is changing. Tradition bound white and black witches, rely on traditional archives, ancient legacy techniques, and mere folk lore to do their work. Our company's long standing commitment to employing the methods of experimental science in expanding the power of magic, has paid off handsomely. I remember when your great-grandmother first did business with us. At that time we were capable of little more than transferring a man's spirit into an inanimate object. Now with three dimensional visualization, computer enhanced energy focusing, and a host of other technical advances, we are able to transmute each and every cell of the central nervous and sensory system, into the substance of our products. Men who have been assigned to our experimental development division, report an intensity of experience even greater than was possible in their original bodies. The result is a dramatic improvement in the scope and quality of the pleasure derived by the select women who purchase our wares.

Product Summary:

Entry Level Floor Mat-- this is our economy model. The males enrolled for this product are strictly non-voluntary. They are drawn from a variety of sources. The company warrants that each mat is fully alert and has been informed as to its role. For convenience, the arms and legs of each subject are removed prior to transformation. The man is then transferred to a standard mat 16 by 24 inches in size. The males head and torso occupies most of the mat, and are raised one inch above the surrounding material. They are available in clothed and unclothed models. The mat is a tough rubberized plastic, with a good amount of spring in those areas that are alive. Interactivity is limited. The eyes work well, and are capable of showing signs of distress. Tear ducts are functional. With high levels of pain the gelatinous core of the man vibrates, communicating some feedback on his level of distress to the woman above. As in all our products, the penis is affixed to the abdomen, and the surface raised an additional half inch. The testicles protrude from the base of the torso, and are separated to allow for individual attention. Genital features are not visible on clothed mats, but may be felt, even if the woman is wearing relatively thick soled shoes. The materials here are less expensive, but are guaranteed for a full five years. These models have minimal self repair capacity, thus it is recommended that high heels be used sparingly. These mats are a good purchase for the first time buyer. They are used at teenage parties, and make excellent bath and shower mats. They are good for a variety of impersonal uses, where long life span is not wanted.

The total investment is $10,000

The Revenge Mat -- These have long been popular among young women dealing with ex-boyfriends, unwanted suitors, and others who have inspired the ire of the purchaser. The key is a personal relationship before the man or boy is transformed. These models sport many additional figures. The woman has a choice of the standard 16 by 24 mat, or a smaller 8 by 12 model. Interactive features are much enhanced. In addition to the basic features a complete olfactory system, and a rudimentary oral cavity are present. The mat experiences a full range of smells, and objects inserted into the oral cavity elicit a squeezing, sucking reflex. The cavity on the smaller model has a design particularly suited for clitoral stimulation. As in all advanced models, we caution users to avoid extended immersion in water, as they are capable of drowning.

The Revenge Mat is a full inch thicker than the basic mat, and the gelatinous center features a bright red color. These models are designed to withstand repeated heel punctures. The living tissue drips red briefly, before the wound is closed by the self repair spell, thus restoring the natural skin tone and texture. The most striking feature of the Revenge Mat is the enhancement of the genital nerves. This allows the male to experience dramatically increased pain when the genitals are compressed or punctured. These models are quite sturdy, and come with un unlimited twenty-five year guarantee. This is our most popular model, but availability may be dependant on the male being procured without undue legal complications. The lightweight smaller model is wonderful for multiple uses. It is equally effective as insole or panty liner, and can de carried in pocket or purse. The Total Cost $150.000

The Advanced Personal Mat - This model almost is identical to the Revenge Mat. The only physical difference is that a much more sophisticated oral apparatus allows the mat to speak. The most significant change is the male selection process. The Advanced Personal Mat is always a volunteer. Very few men are acceptable as volunteers. These are all mature, well educated, males who are emotionally committed to giving their owners the utmost in interactive enjoyment. They are trained to deepen the woman's pleasure by creatively describing their own feelings in response to their owner's use of them. Distinguished submissive men are sought out and must complete a two year training program before being transformed. Extensive biographies of the men are provided upon purchase. Women often gain an emotional closeness to An Advanced Personal Mat that exceeds the bond to even close friends, or family members. This is a serious commitment. There is always a one year period where the male may be returned if he is not found to be emotionally satisfying. We value these very devoted men, and work to see that they receive good homes. The Investment- $500,000

The Intimate Ultra-mat - A truly top-of-the line purchase for only the most discerning and financially capable woman. It differs from the Advanced Personal Mat in two dramatic ways. First, the man brings an already a close relationship with the purchaser. This is most commonly a husband, or a brother. It may also be a lover or a servant. It is always one who brings a special delicious quality for the woman, in that the mat has submitted out of personal devotion to her.

The second great difference is the new feature that allows the owner to adjust the mat size by remote control. Sizes range from 2 by 3 inches up to a substantial 48 by 64 inch "throw rug" size. Thus the male may serve in any capacity from condom to warm blanket.

This is a lifelong arrangement and requires several years to arrange. However it is perhaps the most satisfying male-female relationship now known, and we are very proud to offer it to only a few of our customers. The price- $ 1,000,000 plus the proceeds from the mat's life insurance

Well, Jennifer, I hope that you did not find this summary too boring. It includes some of the information that you and your mother will need to help you become a satisfied customer. I might say that your mother pictures you as a very mature levelheaded young woman. She thinks you may be ready for an advanced purchase-unusual for one of your years. Of course I know that you have had some experience with your sister Jackie's mat. While I'm sure that you both enjoy stomping her ex-boyfriend, I am pleased that you have become sensitive to the many nuances in female-male relationships. At any rate, I look forward to next week's meeting, and happy sixteenth birthday!

Highest Regards;

Lilith Baxter

CEO, Custom Mats Inc.

Million Dollar Floormat Chapter #2

Jennifer Blake awoke with a smile. It was Tuesday morning. Today she would go with her mother to meet Lilith, and maybe purchase her first mat. She sat up and sensuously stretched to wake up. She looked at the light streaming in through the balcony doors. She hopped out of bed and made her way into her bathroom. She sang as she showered, and then dressed. She was skipping school today, so she decided to dress up. A leisurely search through her closets ended with a finely tailored blue suit. It went on over her sheer dark panty hose. At last, she found the matching blue pumps, and slipped them on. They were conservative as such shoes go, with only a two inch heel. She paused to admire herself in the mirror. She saw a friendly face, framed by shiny black curls. There was just a bit of make up. Although her hair was loose, she still looked more like a woman executive, than a teenager.

She left her room and walked to the railing that overlooked the first floor. Her home was really a small mansion, beautiful but not ostentatious. It sat in a prosperous part of town. The neighbors were mostly Northwestern faculty, and other professionals. Her family appeared to fit in well here. Of course the neighbors didn't know that her mother had a hundred times more money than all of them put together. She saw the housekeeper, Elizabeth, moving across the first floor toward the kitchen. She was followed by her two-foot-tall helpers, Zak and Zeke. They had been bought just for Elizabeth. They didn't have to pay Beth very much, getting Zak and Zeke for keeps was half her compensation. Of course the neighbors also did not know about Zak and Zeke. The Blakes kept a low profile.

Jennifer heard a familiar loud banging noise, and an equally familiar moaning sound. She turned toward the source of the noise - her sister Shannon's room. The door was open. She saw Shannon doing her morning routine with Rodney. Rodney was her floormat. He had been Shannon's boyfriend till a year ago. Now, he was just her floormat. As Jennifer entered the room, her sister leaped off the bed and landed again on Rodney. Shannon was totally naked except for the spike heels which entered Rodney's stomach and chest. A loud bang came when the heels passed through him, and struck the floor. The pitiful noise that emitted from Rodney's mouth signified a good hit. Shannon gracefully rolled onto the balls of her feet. She easily maintained her balance. It was a skill developed from much practice. Shannon looked down at the quivering Rodney for just an instant, then turned to smile at her sister.

"Good morning Jennifer. I was just helping Rodney to wake up. You want to give me a hand here. I need to get ready for school. I could use the help, as long as you're not too nice to him."

Jennifer sauntered up and placed the toe of her shoe on Rodney's protruding left testicle. She stepped down hard. Rodney's moaning went up a little in pitch, and his eyes bulged a little more. As she stepped down, she could also make out a little pop, followed by a squishing sound as the testicle was crushed. Shannon smiled again.

" Did you hear that, jenny? That something you can never make out when you bust a guy in a regular body. They're always screaming so loud that you can't hear. I'm gonna go take a shower. You can entertain him while I'm gone."

With that, Shannon stepped out of her heels, leaving Rodney impaled on them as she pattered off barefoot into her bathroom. As the door shut, Jennifer lifted her foot, and quickly removed the heels from his torso. She watched as the holes filled with a red jello-like substance. His skin reformed and in a few seconds his body recovered.

She looked down on a sixteen by twenty-four inch rectangular mat. It was filled by a torso, and a hairless face. It looked exactly as Rodney had appeared in his body, only much, much smaller. His penis was fixed to the abdomen, and extended up toward his chest. He seemed to have a perpetual erection. The base of the mat was half an inch thick. At it's deepest point, Rodney's new body added another two inches in thickness. The entire mat had a shiny appearance, as if his little face and trunk had been laminated under clear plastic.

While his body had reformed, the mat continued to quiver and moan in pain. Jennifer slipped out of her shoes. She placed one stocking foot on him. Her heel rested at the bottom of his chest, and her long toes covered completely the forehead. She gently ground the ball of her foot into his nose and mouth. He was very warm under her foot. She spoke softly to him as the quivering grew less.

"There now baby. Let Jenny make it feel better. Just breathe in and relax. I had to dress up today, so I needed to put on fresh stockings. Don't worry baby. By tomorrow, they'll smell nice and sweet for you. I promise. OK? You know I won't hurt you as much as Shannon. Just relax and breathe."

After a minute, Jennifer moved her foot down, covering the entire length of the torso. Her toes were playing with the little cleft in his chin. She gradually shifted her weight to that foot so that she stood on him, balanced on a single foot. She was silent now and simply stared down until she finally started to giggle. Then, she moved rapidly around her sister's mat and sat on the bed. She rested one sole on his face, while the other rubbed in his lower torso. She could feel the minuscule faux penis grow more firm.

She felt pity for Rodney. Even when he still was human, she had felt sorry for him. Being Shannon's boyfriend was no easy task. She was nothing like Jennifer. Shannon was tall, and angular, and her blond hair surrounded a stern unforgiving face. Jennifer recalled those times when mother was out of town and Rodney was there for the weekend. More than once, Shannon had driven him crying from her room, to find a lonely place on the couch. Jennifer would silently beckon him into her own room. He would sneak in and rub Jennifer's feet while they talked. Rodney would bare his heart, about his feelings for Shannon. He knew that he loved her, but did not know if he could continue to take her abuse. Jennifer liked him. He seemed so sincere and so harmless. After they talked she would sometimes let the poor boy sleep at her feet. His body felt so warm and soft down there. One morning she had come awake to find Rodney embracing her feet. He seemed so contented with his nose nuzzled into her sole She hated to wake him. He was always so respectful. He was never forward. He never even tried to kiss her feet, though Jennifer was certain that he wanted to. This was not the insensitive, selfish kind of jock that usually ended as a revenge mat. He had simply told Shannon that he couldn't take her temper anymore. But that was more than enough for Shannon. What a waste! If Shannon had more patience, and had been a little kinder... Well it was too late to worry about that now.

Suddenly she heard Shannon's voice from the shower. "I don't hear anything! Jennifer, are you being nice to him again? Let's hear some banging and moaning. I'll be out there in a minute to check on you"

Jennifer had to move quickly. She took her foot from his face and put on her shoe. She could see from his eyes, and the hardness under the ball of her foot, that Rodney was close to orgasm. She carefully timed the moment, then suddenly crashed her shoe down on him. As she crushed his little penis and both balls into the floor, she could detect the rhythmic pulses under her shoe. He was having what felt like complete pleasure to a floormat. Jennifer smiled and stepped down harder still. His moans were so high pitched that she heard an emphatic "That's better!" from the bathroom. She leaned down again to talk to him, as she slipped on her other shoe.

" I know I hurt you fella. I know all that Shannon ever does is hurt you. But, you need to think how good this feels to us. Think how much this does for Shannon. Think of all the fun she has with you. Think how she needs you. If you think about all that, then the pain won't feel so bad. Really, I promise you. It's all you have left now; so it will have to do. I'll see you later. Maybe tomorrow. Just think about my stockings till then. You have that too. Smile for me now!"

Rodney's little oral cavity tried to move. It did look a bit like a smile. At least Jennifer thought so. As Shannon came walking into the room, Jennifer rammed her other heel into that mouth. The moaning stopped. Jennifer stood casually with both shoes into him, waiting for her sister. Shannon saw the heel grinding into the mouth, and the red jello that tricked out. She seemed suddenly more relaxed. "Oh I see you're playing with his mouth. That's why I didn't hear much. Jennifer stepped off the floormat. She gave his groin one last stomp as she walked away. "Yea Sis, we were just having fun. See you later, Rodney."

Jennifer made her way downstairs. She felt troubled and a little guilty. She had no business interfering with Shannon and her property. Shannon was well within her rights. What was left of Rodney was her sister's property. What gave Jennifer the right to undermine Rodney's punishment? It was wrong. But it was such an awful waste. Shannon should have at least had him made into the smaller size mat. You could do many extra things with the little mats. Still, it didn't make Jennifer's sneaking around right. She should confess to Shannon. Maybe even buy her a new pair of spikes to use on Rodney. Yes, she would do that. Jennifer tried to stop thinking about it. She knew that it was unseemly for one of her class, to spend all this time worrying about a floormat, even if she had liked him so well when he was human. Jennifer couldn't shake the feeling though, that her sister was sort of sadistic... Oh Well!

Jennifer entered the kitchen. She saw her mother sitting at the kitchen table, finishing her coffee and toast. She saw Elizabeth happily humming as she flipped pancakes on the grill. She was humming an accompaniment to the little soft shoe dance that she did often with her chores. Jennifer pulled out of her thoughts and spoke.

"Hello Mom. You look great as usual. Hi Beth, you seem awfully happy in your work."

" Oh I am fine, Miss Jenny, I'm just where I need to be - Barefoot and in the kitchen." She was indeed barefoot, and the soft shoes were Zeke and Zak, each wrapped around one foot for dear life, and grimacing every time that foot struck the floor.

" Well, at least you're not pregnant," Jennifer responded as she sat at the table.

"You never know though with these little guys around." Elizabeth spoke as she shuffled over to the table, and dropped off a load of pancakes. While Jennifer laughed at the old joke between them, Her mother seemed more subdued. After Elizabeth shuffled off again, she started to speak.

"Jenny, did you know that Freddy is coming home for the summer?"

"No Mom I hadn't heard. But I can't wait to see him. I miss him a lot. How long has it been since he lived with us? Two years I think. Right?"

Freddy was Shannon's twin brother. Having just turned eighteen, he would be graduating, from the special private school that he attended. Most families of their class found it expedient to send the male children off to boarding school. It grew awkward in a household so completely ran by women to have a man there. A brother was not a servant, but then again he certainly wasn't a sister either. He didn't quite fit in to the hierarchy. Shannon always had trouble dealing with Freddy. When she felt confused about things, she tended to get even meaner. She was always mean to her twin. Freddy was always so passive. He just took whatever Shannon handed out. He just seemed to be happy to be with his sisters and his mother. He even seemed to love Elizabeth, who teased him constantly. She always told him that since they didn't know what to do with him, that his mother would have him shrunk and give him her to go along with Zeke and Zak. "Yes,"she would say,"You'll fit in right well with the two Z's. I could make a special place for you in my room. It wouldn't be right to say just where, though!"

"Yes Jennifer It has been that long. I do worry how it will work out this time. If they just weren't twins, it would be easier. You and Freddy always got along just fine. You Know, I am his mother, and sometimes it's hard to admit to myself that I can't treat him the same way as I treat my daughters."

"Mom, you worry too much. It will work out You'll see. By the way, did you make out that check for a million dollars, so we can give it to Lilith today?"

"Whoa, girl! You're just going to look today. I don't think we'll buy just yet. Besides it takes years to get a million dollar floormat. You don't even have anybody who would volunteer."

"That shows how much you know. You don't know who I might have on the string. For that matter, I could talk Freddy into it. He does anything we ask. Yes, I think I'll ask Freddy!"

The silence was deafening. Jennifer had been joking, but she saw that her mother was certainly not laughing. The silence continued as mother and daughter entered the limo, to begin the ride to Floormats Inc. Jennifer knew that she had touched some sort of nerve. She thought of forcing the discussion now. She decided instead to bide her time. This was supposed to be a special, fun day, and she certainly did not want it ruined by a lot of serious talk about her brother. She sat back in her seat and daydreamed about her own floormat.

End Chapter #2

Million Dollar Floormat Chapter#3

The headquarters of Custom Floormats Inc. was in keeping with their commitment to modern technology. It was a very modern, rather generic looking office building, in a suburban business park. It was not a large building, and was wedged between two national insurance companies. Jennifer was getting more excited as the limousine pulled up to the front door. Elizabeth, who was driving, ran around to let Jennifer and her mother out. She looked a bit odd in her chauffeur's uniform. Her blond curls burst out from under the cap. She tried to look solemn as she held the door open, but could not manage it. She looked like a young mischievous lady who was trying hard not to giggle. In this case, her looks told the truth. As Jennifer stepped out, Elizabeth leaned over and whispered,"Have fun in there. I want to hear all about it later."

If Jennifer's mother heard, she did not show it. Instead she moved forward quickly to greet the woman who stood by the front door. This was the first time Jennifer had seen Lilith Baxter. She was a very tall woman of indeterminate age. Her hair was almost scarlet in hue, and her complexion freckled, with that pink tone that only very fair skinned people possess. She stood a half-head taller than her mother. who was herself nearly six foot. Jennifer held back as the two old friends embraced, and talked. Jennifer was most impressed with the way Lilith moved. There was grace, and style in every movement. She had seen many tall, attractive women, but none who moved so gracefully. Jennifer was not attracted to women, but she understood why so many found Lilith

irresistible. She wore a loose fitting dress, and sandals. Her hair was braided and up in a tight bun. Jennifer stood staring at this huge, very erotic woman, until her mother waved for her to approach. Lilith grasped Jennifer's hand in both of her own, and smiled. "I finally get to meet you, Miss Blake. The very youngest Miss Blake I believe. Is it OK if I call you Jennifer?"

" Yes Ma'am, please call me Jenny; I like that best."

"Good. and I am Lili. Gloria has been telling me about you for years. I'm eager to get started. Shall we go in?"

The three women entered the building. There was a large central hallway, ringed by many offices. They went to a door marked procurement. The entered a surprisingly small room, the walls of which were lined with shelves from floor to ceiling. They were stacked with shoe box sized containers. Lili began to talk.

"This is where we keep the males that we have obtained. They are brought down to around one foot in height. They remain asleep in their boxes until we are ready to begin the final processing. Today, we show two thousand one hundred and twelve in inventory. All the basics and the revenges come here. We send out expeditions every month or so to replenish our stock. Many of them are drunks, or other homeless people. We search nursing homes, and some penal institutions. Often we have to treat the brain damage that results from their addictions. It's not unusual for one of these guys to live in a fog for years, until we take them. Then they suddenly become totally lucid, just before they are transformed into a basic mat. We are fanatics here about the alertness of our mats. No confusion or memory loss allowed. Even the basic mats are changed so that they cannot sleep or lose consciousness. There is no escape into insanity either. Every experience with its owner is intensely felt, and intensely remembered.

Jennifer could not help but interrupt."Then you actually make their lives longer, and they're smarter too. Do they all thank you?"

Lilith laughed. "No Jennifer, almost all of them hate us. They prefer their escapes. About the only ones who show gratitude, are the severely brain damaged ones who cannot be adequately repaired. They are often thankful."

"But Lili, why are they grateful? I don't understand."

" The men who don't pass quality control are turned over to the staff. They enjoy themselves for a few days then they dispose of the male." Lili turned to Jennifer and flashed a look that was half smile, and half sneer. "Those are the ones who are grateful."

The tour continued. Jennifer had lots of questions, which made the tour longer than usual. Lili was not irritated. Rather, she seemed fascinated with the young woman's observations and thoughts. Jennifer's mother continued her silence. She spoke no more than politeness required, and generally looked preoccupied.

The last room on the tour was the transformation chamber. Jennifer had never seen so many computers and odd looking electronic instruments in one place. Several staff were gathered around the central area. They had just finished tying down large belligerent male. Lilith moved in to consult with her employees. She returned to Jennifer with a great smile on her face.

"Jenny you are going to love this. They are about to make a basic mat. They'll be finishing the preparations shortly. You can see it all if you wish. You're lucky, most girls who come for the tour don't get a chance to see a transform. Go on in and have a look."

Jennifer approached with trepidation. She saw a middle-aged man tied, and spread-eagled on a platform about eighteen inches above the floor. He struggled wildly against his bonds. He looked as if he were trying to scream, yet nothing but a pitiful whine came out. As she stared at the future mat, a young woman came over to her.

"Hi, I assume that you are Miss Blake. Lilith wanted you to get right in there with us. You see he's been expanded to full size, for his indoctrination. We're about to remove his limbs, and shrink him down for the final transform. Usually they calm down by this time, but he's still pretty aggressive, and loud. Had to use a gag spell on him so we could hear ourselves think. See, they have the laser beam ready. It's time to get started."

"You don't use a spell to remove his limbs. Doesn't it get kind of messy?"

"Not really. The laser cuts them cleanly. We use a little focused magic to reduce the bleeding. In a few minutes he'll be a floormat. Then the bleeding won't matter. My name is Miriam, by the way... "

"I'm so sorry. My name is Jennifer. I didn't mean to be rude. It's just that this is so exciting, and I didn't want to miss anything."

Just then, the huge laser started. It was guided by two women, as it neatly sliced off one leg, then the other. Very rapidly, his arms were severed as well. Only a few drops of blood trickled out of each stump. The man stopped struggling. He lay still and stared blankly at the ceiling. The women quickly took away the now useless limbs, and started bringing in more equipment. Miriam picked up the conversation, where they had stopped it to watch the amputations.

"Don't worry about it. I still get excited, and I've been doing this for years. We have two or three minutes before the next step. Why don't you go talk to him. I think we can remove the gag spell now. I like to listen to their stories. Get him to talk, and play with him a little if you want."

Jennifer didn't hesitate. She strode over to the platform, and stepped up. He did not see her at first. She came around to his head, and stood with a shoe on either side of his face. He could not help but see her now. Their eyes met for a moment, and Jennifer decided to start the conversation.

" Hi there, I want to talk to you. Tell me your name."

He spoke in a hoarse, low, exhausted voice. "Dennis Ma'am. My name is Dennis. Can you help me? They cut me up." His eyes filled with tears. Then he began to sob.

"Now fella, no need to cry. It will be over real soon. Since you won't be able to talk after they finish, I want to find out about you now. Tell me, were you homeless?"

He stopped crying finally. His voice was even more faint than before."Oh God, lady. They're gonna make me into a welcome mat. For God's sake help me!"

"Aw, fella. There's no reason for this. You're going to be a floormat, not a welcome mat. Whoever buys you might use you as a welcome mat, or maybe a bath mat. Don't cry Mister. Maybe I'll buy you. Wouldn't you like to be my bath mat? Besides weren't you homeless, and about to die? Now, you get to keep living, and be of use to some nice lady. What more could you ask for?"

"He looked for a second as if he didn't understand her. Then he shook his head. Homeless! Lady, I'm not homeless. I'm a cop. I'm not sick. I'm only thirty years old. "

"That's really all true." Miriam said as she hurried past. She returned in a few seconds and stopped. " Seems he was an undercover policeman. He got caught in a bunch of winos that we grabbed under a bridge. Tough luck, I guess. He has a wife and five kids. They have good insurance though, so no problem there. You'd be amazed at all we had to do to cover it up. We're going to lose money on this one. Well, it's time for the next step."

Everybody cleared back. The computer monitors started flashing. A switch was thrown on a big machine, which looked like a satellite dish. The big cloud of blue smoke was out of place with all the electronics. When the smoke cleared, a twenty-four-inch Dennis was on the platform. Dennis was disoriented at first, then was plain scared. Jennifer came to stand over him again.

"Wow! Isn't this just too exciting? It will only be a couple of minutes now. Don't look so worried. Sorry to hear about your family. I hope your daughters don't miss you too much." Jennifer found herself feeling very aroused as she looked down at him. "Dennis, what's your last name. Come on, tell me man. I might want to look you up on the net, and find out more about you."

"Ma'am, I'm Dennis Henderson." His gaze drifted away, as he tried to grasp what was about to happen.

"Yes, I'll look you up later. You know what I want to do now. I want to walk on you. I just have to do it. I'll take my shoes off though. See. Off they go. Ready or not, here I come." She carefully stepped onto his chest and stomach. He was so soft. She was certain that she could feel the sharp spine under her foot. Jennifer brought her other foot around and rested the ball of her foot, on his lips and nose. " My sister has a mat at home. He likes to smell my feet. At least I think he does. Do they smell good to you now? Now don't lie just to make me feel good. Tell me the truth. No. On second thought, don't try to talk. That nose won't work after you get to be a mat. Yes, this is great. The last thing you will ever smell is the bottom of my foot. You wouldn't believe how wet I'm getting thinking about that. I see that Miriam's ready to go again. You're almost home."

The staff had actually been ready for a couple of minutes. They waited patiently for Jennifer to finish her play. Jennifer jumped off his body. As she turned, she saw the smoke clear, and saw a new floormat. He looked a lot like Rodney, but the facial features were very distinct. It was Dennis alright. Jennifer let out a squeal, and jumped on the platform. She stepped right on Dennis, this time without removing her shoes. She grinned and lifted her arms dramatically in the air. Some of the staff laughed with Jennifer and gave her a short ovation. When the clapping stopped, Jennifer leaned forward to whisper to poor Dennis, whose eyes bulged, and blinked with more pain and emotion than he could easily convey.

"There you are, my sweet little mat. That was very nice. I hope you give that much pleasure to whoever gets to own you. Maybe it will be me. Keep your fingers crossed. Oops I'm sorry. I guess you can't. Have fun, baby!"

Jennifer stepped off and made her way to the exit. Miriam met her on the way."That was nice girl. These basics are supposed to be anonymous, but it's always better if you know them. I hope you do buy him."

Jennifer uttered her thanks. She noticed Lilith and her mother were not in the room. Cautiously, she opened the door. She saw the two women sitting hand in hand. Her mother was crying, and they were talking intently.

"Lili. I know there's not much I can do. But I do want to see my son happy. He just won't leave us. I wish he were committed to Jenny. She could handle it. But Shannon is just too angry. I cringe when I think of what she would do to him; even if they are twins."

"I know, Gloria. We all have to pay this price when we bear male children. Did you know that I have a son? Well, he's almost sixty now. We couldn't figure it out either. I finally sold him to my cousin. She's very sweet, and kind-like your Jenny. He's very happy as her servant. You need to remember that men make natural servants, if they are raised well. I think it's darling what he wants to do. I understand your fear, but it's better to let him submit. I think Shannon's hostility comes partly because she's so confused about her brother. At least that what I got when I talked to her last. Oh! Here comes Jenny."

Jennifer approached slowly, not wanting to intrude. Her mood was suddenly somber.

" Come on over." Lilith said. " I think you need to hear this. I hope you had fun in there. It sounded like you did. Your mother and I have been talking. I think we'll cut the tour short today. Gloria needs your help right now. By the way girl, I'm having that little mat wrapped up for you. Take him home today. No charge. I know that you'll be investing more in an advanced model. Let's just call this one an appetizer."

Jennifer brightened, despite her mother's distress. She sat next to Gloria, feeling rather confused. She was excited about her new toy, but felt a strong need to comfort her mother.

"Mom, what is it? I've never seen you this upset. What can I do to help?"

Gloria managed a smile. "Just a little sympathy. That would help I guess. I've been talking to Lili about Freddy. It's just... Well... He insists that he wants to train to be Shannon's personal mat. I've never seen him stubborn like this. I'm afraid to even talk to Shannon. I think of how she treats that sweet little Rodney. I just don't know what to do."

Jennifer embraced her mother tightly. After a minute, they let go of each other. Gloria seemed more composed.

'Mom, let's go home and talk about it. I wish you'd told me earlier. We'll think of something.

"That's a good idea. Go home and talk. Come back in a few days. I think this will work out. I really think so. And Jenny Don't forget your new mat."

Jennifer held her mother's hand. If she were of two minds before, she now felt pulled in several different directions. She itched to play with Dennis. She had to make her mother feel better. She needed to talk to Freddy. It had been so long since they had talked. She still wanted that personal mat that she had dreamed of... There was something else too. She thought about Freddy underneath Shannon, sharing something special with Shannon, and not her. Who did he think he was, giving himself to his twin sister, when he had always been closer to Jennifer. What a gyp! ... Yep... That was it. She was jealous of Shannon.

End Chapter 3

Million Dollar Floormat #4

The ride home took a long time. Traffic was heavy, and the big Lincoln frequently slowed to a crawl. "I sure wish there was a spell to fix traffic jams, Jennifer announced. "I bet you could make another fortune Mom." Gloria grinned at her daughter. The first smile in some hours, and Jennifer was pleased to see it.

"Well Jennifer, we could always fly home. It would make us sort of conspicuous, I'm afraid."

"Mother we're not witches of any kind. What makes you think you could do it?"

"No dear, we are certainly not witches. But everyone who is part of our culture studies the Arts. Even you have, although I gather with not much diligence... "

"Now Mother..."

"You know all women have some talent. I can certainly fly and do other basic spells. There doesn't seem to be reason to do it. I see I've been remiss in your education. You never know, it might come in handy some time. You youngsters are all the same. Why mess with a leaky sink, if you can hire a plumber. It comes from too much money, I guess. I only wish I had enough magic to help Freddy!"

"There you go again. You know, Mom, you're a hard women to cheer up."

"I know. It must be frustrating for you push so hard to keep everyone cheered up. How do you like your new mat, by the way?"

Jennifer had unrolled Dennis as soon as they had gotten in the car. Now, as they talked, she rubbed her stocking feet over him. "Oh he's very nice. He's very warm. He's not as soft as Rodney, but I think he'll make a good toy." She leaned forward, and glanced into his tearful eyes. "Woncha little Dennis. You'll make a good warmer for Jenny. You'll like that won't you?

Look at those tears. Every time I rub those teeny eyes, my feet get so wet. Maybe if I work on you real good, you could wash my feet too. I could wash my feet at this end, and dry them off at the other end. wouldn't that be nice. Hmmm... Dennie is a little cutie, aren't you baby."

"Jennifer, I don't know. You're the only girl I know who calls a basic mat by name. I think you're too romantic for your own good. You'll be disillusioned, one of these days."

"Oh Mom! I just wish he could smell my feet. I know it costs a lot more, but it seems a shame. He needs to have some fun too."

"Jennifer dear, it's your floormat! It's not having fun."

"Maybe not yet, but he'll learn to like it when he sees all the fun I have."

"I suppose you think a cow finds pleasure in being made into hamburger."

"Mother. I don't know any cows, and I've never talked to a hamburger. But if there is any fairness in the world, then you ought to feel some pleasure, in serving your purpose in life. So maybe a cow should look forward to being a hamburger. That why it's here."

"OK Jennifer, so what's our own purpose? What should give us pleasure?"

"Don't be silly, Mom. Our mission is to have pleasure. And everyone else will be happy when we feel good."

"Jennifer You're just hopeless. Where do these ideas come from?"

"They come from you, and from my father. That's what I really want, Mom. I want to have the kind of satisfaction that you and Dad have. Is that so bad?"

"Well dear, You've got me there. Your father is very special- my most prized possession. To tell you the truth, Jennifer, I've been meaning to talk to your father ever since we left Lilith. I need his advice with Freddy."

"Yea, and maybe he can help cheer you up. I'm not having all that much luck. Do we need to pull over, so you can find a little girl's room? Then I can sit up front with Elizabeth if you want some privacy"

Gloria seemed confused for just an instant. "Why no dear, we don't need to stop. I usually do keep your father in my panties during the day, but when I suspect that I'll want to talk to him, I try to carry him in my shoe. I think you should stay with us. You're almost a grown woman now, and Freddy's predicament affects all of us." Gloria leaned down and removed her pump. There was Herbert Blake, former genius among Wall Street investors, covering the insole of his wife' shoe. Jennifer could see his familiar face, looking up from the heel. He was sopping wet, as was Gloria's stocking foot. Gloria quickly removed him and placed the tiny mat on the floor of the car. She fished the remote control out of her purse, and pressed a button. Herbert grew, and was soon a two by three foot floormat. The head ran several inches up the back of the driver's seat, so he could easily see both Gloria and her daughter. His eyes opened, and he beamed at his wife.

"Hi beautiful." At this size his voice was almost normal, not the high pitched squeak that came out when he was insole or panty-liner sized. The eyes turned toward Jennifer. "Hello there Jenny, long time no see."

"Hi Daddy. It has been a couple of months, I guess. I know Mom likes to keep you fused to her, so I kinda miss you... But it looked like you were going to drown in there."

"That's my fault, Jenny. You know how warm we are. Of course your mother's foot sweats with me in there. I keep telling her. Sandals when the weather is warm, and shoes in the winter. But... Gloria is in charge."

"Well, I'm glad somebody remembered that." Gloria seemed a bit miffed at being left out of the conversation. "Herbie, did you catch what Lilith said, and what we were saying just now?"

"I could hear most of it, at least when you are sitting. When you're standing with my face under your heel, my senses don't work very well. I caught the general drift, and I've been thinking too. I think Freddy should go for it. Tell Shannon that he's hers if she will have him, and send Freddy off to start his training. I know you hate the idea, but I think it's always been meant to be.

Jennifer could see that her mother was not pleased with the advice. "But Shannon is so mean. Herbie, I just hate to think of her treating poor Freddy like she does her mat. I want better for my son, than to have his little nuts popped every night. "

"Herbert was bemused. "I think your wrong about Shannon. She wasn't cruel when she was small. She and Freddy were so close. She didn't even think of him as just a boy, till we sent him off to that private school. Then she was all alone. That's when she started to become hateful. She needs him, Gloria. She'll mellow out when they can be together again."

" Maybe, but I still think Freddy is way too young. You didn't become my mat till you were past forty!"

"Yes Gloria, and it was the worst mistake we ever made. I wanted to come to you, right after Jennifer was born. I waited ten long years, it was foolish. You had plenty of money. Think how much better things have been These past five years." Herbert sighed and turned his eyes again to Jennifer. "You know, Jenny, This mat gig is not so bad. No worries, and no responsibility. You never get sick. I never get tired and I don't sleep. Best of all. I never go more than a minute or two without some nice part of your mother touching me. I think Freddy should go for it." He moved his gaze back to Gloria.

"Besides beautiful, while you get all worked up about Freddy having his nuts popped, you might mention that you pop mine about every night."

"Herbert! That's enough. You know it's not the same thing. You're supposed to be helping me here."

He looked again at his daughter. "You know Jenny, this funk is not all Freddy. This happens, when she carries me too long in the wrong place. Her clit is lonely today.

"Shut up Herbie, I'm warning you."

Jenny decided to jump in too. "Hey Daddy. Mom tells me that my new floormat wouldn't have any pleasure smelling my feet. Mom's wrong, isn't she? You like to smell her feet, doncha?"

"Of course I do. And don't you listen to her. Any male, human or mat, would love to smell your pretty feet. At least if he had any sense..."

"That's it, Herbert. You've gone too far!" Jennifer's father abruptly shrank. Gloria snatched him up and thrust him back in her shoe. "And that smart little mouth goes back under my heel, where I want it... Stop laughing, Jennifer. You don't have to cheer him on."

Well Gloria wasn't feeling very cheered up but her daughter certainly was.

Later that evening, Jennifer carried her new floormat, rolled up like a newspaper, into her bedroom. She paused to consider where best to place him. After a moment's deliberation she unrolled her new toy by the side of her bed. She stood and grinned at Dennis. His eyes darted nervously about his new home. Jennifer saw that he was still producing lots of tears, which gave his eyes a shiny appearance. The miniature eyes finally found her face, and stopped their jerky movement.

"Hi, little Dennie, I'm going to keep you here for a while. Right next to the bed where I sleep. Mom thinks I should use you as a shower mat. That might be fun, but I wouldn't see you much. I bet you'd like it though, 'cause you could see me all wet and naaay-kid every morning. I could put you in front of my toilet, and I could talk to you more. Better than reading old magazines I suppose. I don't know. I'm not sure we know each other well enough for you to stay in my bathroom. Anyway, out here I can play with you more. We can play now, but just for a minute. Shannon is out tonight, and she doesn't know it, but I love to go play with her Rodney mat, when she's not home. I really shouldn't do it, but Shannon just wants to be mean with him... But I like to sneak in and play with him. It's a special thrill cause I knew him before. He was like this really sweet boy, before Shannon got mad at him. Now don't you dare tell anyone. This is our little secret. Just the two of us."

Jennifer finally stopped giggling and stepped on her mat, this time with her shoes. She playfully dug her heels into the chest, as she continued to talk to Dennis.

"There's a bunch of fun things, we can do. It's just too bad that you can't talk or smell. I'm gonna keep working on Mom, I bet we can maybe get you a nose that works... I think I'll Kick my shoes off, so I can feel you better. I can't bounce very well on you; you're too thin. Still, you do feel neat. It's not only that you're so toasty warm, but kind of rubbery and rough on my skin. too. Of course, dennie, you are the economy model... See, I'll put my heel down here, where your little nuts stick out... Hmmm... I see you can feel that. Then I can take my other foot and play with your cute face... Now keep those eyes open for me. If I get my toes in there just right... Yea, now see if you can close that eye Mr. Policeman... Thought so. Ewww! You're getting my foot wet again. I almost think they goofed somehow. I don't think that much water is supposed to come out of your eyes... And I sure wish that nose could work... OK... Well, I'm gonna hop off to go see Rodney. Don't be jealous though, I'll come back later. You know what? I'm gonna tell you all my secrets. I need to tell someone. I can trust you honey, even if you are a cop. That's it honey. You can be my little diary mat.

It was dark in Shannon's room. In the farthest corner from the door, Jennifer reclined in her Sister's leather lounger, and listened to music on her headphones. She had removed her skirt and panty hose, and was quite comfortable. She rubbed her bare feet over Rodney, tapping one on his chest in time to the music. She wasn't paying much attention to Rodney, except that she made sure that one of her big toes was always in his mouth hole. The sucking reflex was very relaxing.

Jennifer was about to drift off into a happy trance, when she saw the door open. Light from the hallway made a shadow figure of the person who, even in silhouette she recognized as Freddy! He did not see her at first. As his eyes swept around the darkened room, they sensed someone in the corner. He spoke with a smooth, pleasing baritone that Jennifer had not heard in many long months.

"Is that you, Sis?"

"Yea bro, it's your sister, but not the one who sleeps in here."

"Jenny... It is you. You're the one I'm looking for. I thought you might be in here. Can I come talk to you? I really need to."

"Sure Freddy, just give me a second." Jennifer felt a little self conscious, sitting with her toe in Rodney's mouth, half asleep, and all aroused. She quickly gathered her things and stood. "Go on out in the hall. I'll be there in a second." She found herself standing on Rodney, and then she slowly extracted her toe from Rodney's mouth. She became aware that his groin area was throbbing again. He was experiencing an orgasm along with the pain and pressure from her foot. She leaned over and whispered."Hey, fella. You wouldn't be taking advantage of little Jenny, now would you?... See you later cutie." She ran her toe a final time around Rodney's mouth, and looked down into his eyes, which were bulging and blinking with pain and pleasure. The notion flashed into her head that Freddy could be right there some day soon. Her body suddenly quivered with a feeling that was delightfully shameful. She sighed and stepped forcefully on Rodney's face, Grinding her heel into his eyes. She offered the mat one more intimate whisper on her way to greet her brother."Next time baby, you should get my permission." Then she rushed out to give her brother a big hug.

Ten Minutes later, she was laying on Freddy's bed, listening to him pour out his heart... It had not taken long for the conversation to get serious. She loved being around Freddy, and usually loved to listen to him talk. He seemed to know a lot about everything. Right now though, he was too intense to be much fun.

She always liked to look at Freddy. He may have been Shannon's twin, but he made a much different impression. Always open and outgoing; he had a knack for putting people at ease. She could never remember seeing Freddy angry. She had rarely seen Shannon when she wasn't.

"Jenny I just don't know what I'm going to do about Mom. She's on some sort of crusade to keep Shannon from getting me. I can't get Mom to understand. It makes me sick to contradict her, But I have no choice. You understand don't you Sis?... Why I have to go to Shannon. I just wish I could explain it better."

Freddy sat quietly. He seemed in no hurry for a reply, so Jennifer considered how to be diplomatic. As she thought over her options, she noticed her brother sitting in front of her. those feet resting in his lap, Freddy was carefully rubbing them. This was odd. She didn't actually remember placing her feet in his lap. It felt very good, now that she took note of his efforts. She was perplexed too. This seemed to happen all the time. In fact most of the boys that she met were soon massaging her feet. The thing was, Jennifer could not recall a single time when she'd asked a man to rub her feet... Not one time. Why did this happen? Was it the kind of boys that she liked? Of course, the macho types didn't get the time of day; but she was certain that there was more to it than that. Maybe she gave off some sort of "tired foot" signal without knowing it. She glanced down at her feet resting in Freddy's hands. She thought they looked pretty, and not tired. Jennifer wiggled her big toe. It struck her that same toe had been in Rodney's mouth hole only minutes before. Freddy was leaning forward, intent on doing her massage. His lips were only a few inches above that toe. She started making mental calculations, If she kicked up at the right time, and just the right angle, her shiny red toenail could...

"Jenny, Please! Are you even listening to me?" Freddy's plaintive voice shocked her back into reality. She smiled lazily, and tried to act as if she heard every word. "Of course I'm paying attention, brother. It's just that what you say to me... Well you're such a scholar and all... It makes me think. You always make me think." Jennifer felt another wave of intense guilt. Here she was, trying to wound her sister again. Just because Shannon was grumpy, and liked to play rough with her own property, well it was no excuse to deceive her. Still it would be fun to have something juicy to tell her new diary mat, when she got back to her room. Who knows, she thought while pushing aside her guilt, the night is young...

A couple of rooms down the hall, Gloria Blake was almost ready for bed. Her bare feet padded across the floor. She wore only a negligee, and was carrying a pair of loafers, with unusually hard soles. She came up to Herbert, lying on the floor. He was out of the shoe, Gloria had not enlarged him.

Herbert thought he was in trouble. When he saw the shoes, all doubt was gone. He watched as she sat on the bed, and slipped them on. He had been out of line in the car. Sometimes it was too much fun provoking her. Often he was less respectful to her now, than he had been, as a human. As a man, he felt apprehensive. As a piece of property, he felt more secure. After all, what could she do to him? Well, she could take a chainsaw to him, but short of that, not much. He knew that she liked to play rough at times, so it was part of his job to give her enough excuses. It was all part of the game. He really hated the pain, but he never regretted his decision to serve her. She stood over him now showing him the ribbed bottom of her shoe. He knew the angry look on her face was half play and half serious.

"So you tell my daughter all our little secrets. Let's just talk about ball popping then. The toe of that shoe descended onto his lower half. Then he screamed. It was more like a loud squeak, than a scream. The crushing and the squeaking went on for several minutes. Gloria finally let up. She looked calmer now. She sat again on the bed, and slipped off the punishment shoes. She covered him with one bare sole, and felt the vibrations and the heat slowly abate.

"So Herbie, do we remember who owns who here. Don't feel like you have to say yes. We can continue the memory treatments for as long as we need to... I suppose I made the point. She picked up the remote, and Herbert grew out from around her foot. In a few seconds, he was two by three feet again.

"Yes, Ma'am, I know who owns me. You know that I can take as many treatments as you think I need... "

"No, Herbie, Let's go to bed." Gloria was very tired, and was ready for sleep. She turned the remote up to maximum. Herbert was now forty-eight by sixty-four inches. She picked him up, and threw him on the bed. He weighed less than five pounds, despite his size. Gloria loved him big like this. He was nearly twice as large as the human Herbert Blake had been. Gloria crawled under her warm comforter, with her feet resting next to his face. Right by Gloria's chin were his golf ball sized testicles that were attached, to His bottom. She managed to get one entire foot into his enlarged mouth cavity. It was very warm and cozy..

"By the Way, Herbie, you were right about Shannon and Freddy. I guess he could do worse. I'll talk to him soon... And I suppose you were right about Jennifer too. We'll get that new mat upgraded. I wager Lilith won't do that for free... Are you trying to talk? Stop it... It tickles.... Yeah, and you were right too about my lonely clit. You wouldn't believe how much I missed that little mouth in there... You little twerp, you were right about everything. Congratulations. I have your reward right here.

With that she bit ferociously into one of his big golfballs. She felt his mouth tense around her foot, and the heat went up a notch..

"Good Night honey. See you in the morning."

Million Dollar Floormat#5

It was two in the morning. Jennifer was getting sleepy. She had just about lost any lingering desire to persuade her brother Freddy into becoming her floormat. He had been talking, nonstop, for hours. He needed to convince his sister that He was truly his sister's milder half, and that Shannon could not be whole, or content until they were permanently reunited.His twin must accept him as her mat. On and on he went, determined it appeared, that he would not stop until he had enlisted Jennifer in his cause. This seemed pretty silly to Jennifer. But she had decided that two people so intense probably deserved each other. She also decided that when she got her own advanced mat, that they could leave the talking part out. She still lay with her feet comfortably in Freddy's lap. The idea of poking her toes between his lips still appealed, but not so much to tease him into submitting to her, The idea was rather to shut him up. Jennifer stretched and yawned.

"Look, Freddy, this makes zero sense to me. But if you really would rather belong to Shannon, instead of having me play with you, then I'll try to help you. Don't start in again. Yes, I know, you were put on this earth to be the yin to her yang, or something like that. As far as I'm concerned you're just as likely on this earth to keep my feet warm. And I'll just bet I could convince you and your own little yinyang that I'm right. But, I'm too tired to argue. So, how can I help you with Shannon?"

Jennifer was not surprised to hear that Freddy had a plan in mind; but she was surprised to hear that it was just sneaky and devious enough to be fun.

An hour later, Jennifer sat in the second floor study, at the top of the stairs. The door was open, so Shannon would not miss seeing her. That is, assuming she got home before Jennifer left for school. She heard the front door open, and moments later Shannon began to stagger up the stairs. She clearly had just a wee bit too much to drink!

Jennifer stifled a laugh, as she watched her older sister lurch from step to step. She could have walked better without the spike heels. She wondered if there was blood on them again. Shannon was built like a long distance runner. Her tight-fitting dress was a little soiled, and her lipstick smeared. Still Jennifer knew that her sister was a beautiful woman, in a mean slutty sort of way. As Shannon started to pass the doorway, Jennifer jumped into her path.

"Well, well, Shannon, you're just the sister I was looking for."

Shannon offered a bleary stare. "H'lo Jenny, what are doing up this late. Don't you have school, tomorrow?"

"Oh yes, But I have to talk to you. Can we go to your room?"

"Jenny. Can't it wait? I'm too tired to think much now. I had a long night. I had a little something to drink too."

"Oh, Sis, you don't need to think very much. You just need to give me permission to do what I'm going to do anyway. Let me help you down to your room." Jennifer took one of her sister's arms. Shannon hesitated at first, then allowed herself to lean on Jennifer as they made their way down the hall. In her bedroom, Shannon let go of Jennifer. She came to her bedside, and stepped on Rodney. She turned to face Jennifer. Shannon suddenly seemed less drunk, as she glanced down at the frightened eyes of her former boyfriend. She jammed her heel into Rodney's face and forced it in until the heel audibly struck the floor. Then the other heel sliced into the base of Rodney's neck. Anchored in this way in the substance of her floormat, she stood erect for a moment. However, the effect of the alcohol soon took over. Her sense of balance deserted her, and she tumbled back on the bed, Leaving the two shoes stuck firmly in her floormat. Even in the dim light Jennifer could see Rodney vibrating in agony. Jennifer was disturbed by the sight. Rodney had been such a harmless boy. It distressed her to see him persecuted by Shannon; but she also felt herself becoming abruptly aroused. Shannon giggled, and turned her own attention back to Jennifer. "So Jenny, what do you need to tell me at this time of the morning?"

"Shannon, have you talked to Freddy?"

"Yea, I talked to the worthless prick, as soon as he got in today. He was all lovey-dovey, just like the bastard hadn't been gone all those years. He thinks he can make it all better. Why do you ask? What did the prick want from you?"

"Well, Did Freddy tell just how he wants to make it all better?" Jennifer continued to stare at the quivering mat. She could actually make out those deadly shoes shaking along with the rest of poor Rodney.

"No. I told him that I had to go out. I didn't have any time to waste listening to him, or any other worthless male for that matter."

"Freddy seems to think that you missed him more than you let on. He has this goofy idea that you need him. So instead of leaving home, he wants to move back in. He wants to volunteer to be your personal floormat!"

Shannon sat up abruptly, unable to hide her shock. In a second, the shock turned to rage, and she spit out her words with even more venom than before. "Well isn't that just wonderful. You can tell that idiot brother that he'd fit real well down here next to this cretin, and I'd treat him just like he deserves. Just what every stinking guy in the world deserves." Shannon lifted her stocking foot and bashed it into Rodney's groin and exposed testicles. The floor shook with the force of her blow. She pounded him again, and again, and again. Jennifer watched in silent fascination as the speed and force of her staccato blows slowly grew more rapid and more intense. She waited for minutes until Shannon's fury was spent. Finally, her wrath all wrung out, Shannon collapsed on the bed, and her own body was shaking with the force of her sobbing.

Jennifer was perplexed. She wanted to hold her sister, and calm her. Yet she was sickened by the notion of her only brother enduring such meaningless suffering. Jennifer loved to torment. It was part of her nature. But to Jennifer it was all a sport. Pain was just the heaviest ingredient of her teasing. Making the boys suffer was all part of being in command. Their distress made the erotic games so much more entertaining. It was simply fun.

The notion of being brutal because you were angry, seemed morbid. You ignored your enemies. You hurt the ones you loved, at least the boys. She forced herself back in the conversation.

"Well Shannon, Freddy is what I wanted to talk to you about. You already have one floormat that you can't stand. You don't need another. I told Freddy I wouldn't let you have him. My brother is a wonderful guy. He needs to be used for pleasure, not blown away by your hatred. Since you hate him so much, then you won't mind if I take him for myself."

Shannon stopped crying long enough to focus on Jennifer's words. "You bitch! What are you saying? He may be a worthless piece of trash. But he is my trash. He would never belong to you."

"Oh yes, sister. Yes he would. I'm not like you. I don't have to stomp on a boy to get him to do what I want. Yes I can convince him, and you know it too. It won't take much. He worships his twin now, but he doesn't know how hateful you are. So you can stop all this play acting about being hurt. I'm going to do all of us a favor, whether you like it or not."

Shannon looked about urgently for a weapon. She yanked the shoe out of Rodney's neck, and hurled it at her sister. Jennifer ducked, and the pump clattered of the wall. Jennifer said nothing more. She simply watched. Shannon was beside herself. She started to kick Rodney again, but gave up in frustration. She fell again on her bed, and could barely speak between her sobs."Get out! If you touch him bitch, I'll kill you, and him too. I'll see you both dead, before he belongs to you or anybody else. Now get out!"

Jennifer could see that the conversation was over. She turned and left the room, slamming the door behind her. Freddy met her just outside the door. He silently eased the door open a few inches. Both watched as Shannon, drunk and emotionally drained, cried herself bit-by-bit toward sleep.

"I don't know Freddy. Are you sure this will work? She's pretty mad."

"I think it will... I least I hope so. C'mon. Let's go raid the fridge. We have a few minutes until she's asleep."

A half hour later they returned. Jennifer was finishing her ham and cheese sandwich. A thought occurred to her. "You know, Freddy, even Dad had to give up eating, when he became Mom's mat; and he's the fanciest model they make. You won't mind giving up banana splits, and pizza, and PB and J. And... "

"I get the idea, Sis. Sure I'll miss being human. But it's for a good cause... I don't hear anything in there. Let's get on with it."

They crept into Shannon's room. Freddy quickly stripped off his clothes down to his shorts. Jennifer Rolled up Rodney, high heel still in place, to make room for her brother by the side of her bed. Jennifer ran over to the wall, and picked up the other shoe. She returned and knelt by Freddy.

"Are certain she will get up to go to the bathroom?" Freddy whispered, "She looks to me like she's out like a light."

"Are you kidding? Did you see how drunk she was? She'll be up soon, unless she wets the bed. I just hope she doesn't kill you. She could, You know. So be careful." Jennifer stood, and looked down at her brother. She couldn't resist the urge to playfully lay her bare foot on his neck. She rubbed her sole on his hard Adam's Apple. She leaned forward, and most of her weight came down on his neck. Freddy, suddenly was unable to breathe. He could only gaze up helplessly as his sister whispered to him again.

"Just remember Brother, if she won't have you, then I will." Jennifer quickly left. Freddy tried not to gasp too loudly. Then it was very quiet, and his waiting had begun.

It was nearly dawn by the time Jennifer got to her bed. She had left Elizabeth a message, that she wouldn't be going to school. Mom would be upset, but Oh well. Despite her exhaustion, Jennifer was in a playful mood. She stepped up onto Dennis. She had almost forgotten him.

"Did my little dennie miss me? Were you lonely? Dennie mat this is Rodney mat. I told you about him before. Rodney has had a baaaad night, and he needs some attention. You won't mind if I play with him for awhile. I hope not."

As Jennifer spoke she placed a heel on her new mat's small neck area. She could feel the same little hard marble below her foot. This time she pressed intensely, feeling it slowly mash under her weight. "Now why do you suppose my little mat needs an Adam's Apple. You don't breathe and you can't talk. Do you know why? I bet you do." She laid Rodney on the bed, so she cold bend down to Dennis. "It's there so I can play with it. Isn't that nice? Now I am going to put Rodney down, right over here. You can listen if you want to. Now don't worry. I'll be back to you soon."

Rodney was soon at the other end of her bed. She stood gawking at the high heel, which still impaled his face. The hole from the second shoe had long since healed. Jennifer tried to slip her own large foot into Shannon's long, slender shoe. It was a bad fit. Reluctantly, she gave up. She rubbed her foot in the groin, then stepped up on him. Both feet crowded on the little torso. She faced his head, and slowly moved her right foot toward the shoe. Deftly she slid her toes around the heel, and jerked the shoe out with one smooth movement. The gaping hole seemed to replace his nose. Already the red gelatinous material started to fill the hole. Impulsively she thrust her toe into the gap, keeping the hole open. She wiggled her toe around furiously.

"Baby, that's right where your nose should be. Can you smell that toe? It's kind of dirty now. Ewww! It's all squishy in there. You know, I'm not going to school today. So, I don't think I'll take a shower. I'll just stink all over. My feet will stink just for you.r little nose. I love it when you quiver like that, and you get nice and warm.

The pleasurable feeling was so relaxing that the need to sleep suddenly hit Jennifer. She jumped of Rodney, and threw back the covers on her bed. She grabbed up Rodney, and tossed him at the foot of her bed. She picked up Dennis, and crawled onto the mattress. She laid her feet on Rodney, and managed to get one toe into his mouth part The sucking reflex immediately kicked in. She lay on her back, and placed Dennis"face down" on her abdomen. The covers went over her and she delighted in the warm feelings. Sleep came quickly.

Freddy lay in the darkness on the cold floor. He had little way of telling how much time had passed. It was long enough that Jennifer's words had started to have an effect. He didn't mind the thought of suffering for Shannon. But he needed something in return. He desperately needed some closeness, some warmth from her. Perhaps he was a fool. Perhaps there nothing but anger left of the Shannon he knew as a child. Jennifer was delightful. If he suffered for Jenny, it would certainly be appreciated. He started to worry that his twin might really kill him. The rage was there, and if Shannon would not let up... Freddy was not certain he would or could defend himself against her. He heard a rustling noise, followed by a belch. Then followed the unmistakable noise of passing gas. The kind of noises people made only when alone. Then two slender stocking feet appeared above him. They started to move toward him but stopped. More movement, and a swishing sound. She was taking off her panty hose. They flew toward a chair sitting several feet away. Soon her dress followed on a similar trajectory. Two beautiful, elegant bare feet appeared. They came slowly closer to him as she scooted toward the edge of the bed. He hoped he was warm enough to pass for a mat. He wanted to feel her on him, before the confrontation.

At last, her bare soles rested on his chest. She paused again as if uncertain what to do. Then she stood on him. Her full weight pressed on his chest. A feeling ran through his body akin to electric shock. His mind reeled, and all his doubts were gone. She stretched slowly. She was so used to something alive under her feet, that she had not noticed that there was a counterfeit Rodney. She seemed to linger on him, as if she felt strangely calmer and could not say why. He wanted it never to end. Her eyes turned lazily downward and came to rest on him. They shot open wide with recognition. He saw her lips part, and he could see the beginnings of a scream in there.

Gloria was up early. She stood in the shower enjoying the warm water cascading down her body. She turned off the water, and reached for her towel. The shower door came open, and she stepped out on to Bernard. She smiled down at her husband, then regarded her own image in the partially steamed mirror across the bathroom. She certainly did not look like a young girl, yet she was very attractive, a testament to the appealing qualities that could grow in a woman Who cared for herself; and was herself much cared for.

She sat and dried herself, her wet feet still lounging on her Bernard. Some of her friends thought she depended too much on his presence. Perhaps they were right, but she had no intention of changing. She seldom went more than three or four minutes without his warm touch. Yet he now existed for her pleasure. It was almost an insult to Bernie to deprive herself of something that felt so good. She dropped her towel, temporarily hiding him from view. She impishly perched herself on the spot where his head was hidden, and wiped her soles on the towel.

She noticed the time. They would have to hurry to make the board meeting. She grabbed Bernard and trotted into her bedroom. She found her panties, and stepped into them. She pulled them almost up, then stopped. She handled the remote and her husband rapidly shrank to six by eight inches- his minimum size. She poked her pinkie finger into his mouth to see that he was ready. Then she brought his miniature form flush to her vulva. His mouth fitted snugly over her clitoris. She felt his pressure and a sucking strong enough to hold his tiny form in place, while she finished pulling up her panties. It had taken them years to get the right feel- pleasurable without her going through the day in an obvious state of arousal.

Only minutes later, she came downstairs. She found Elizabeth, in the kitchen with Zeke and Zak. The two little men were attempting to set the table for breakfast. As they scurried back and forth with dishes and utensils, zeke tripped in front of Gloria. She took on a devilish grin and permitted her next step to land on Zeke's small body. She pretended not to see him, and started to put her weight on him. Zeke was paralyzed with fear. At the last instant She feigned surprise, and Zeke was spared. The sole of her open toed shoe remained on his chest, her toes brushing against his chin. She laughed at her "discovery"on the floor. "My My, liz, look what I almost stepped on. You never know what you'll turn up around here. Now little fellow, I know it's tough being two feet tall. But you need to be more careful. Think of the mess if I crushed you. I would have had to change my shoes and my stockings. Then I would have been late to the board meeting. If you really want me to crush you, let's schedule it in the evening. OK?" Zeke hurried away as Elizabeth and Gloria cackled.

"Well, I'm afraid I do need to leave right away. If you could drive me, perhaps your two assistants could finish getting breakfast ready for the kids. Did you hear that noise? Sounds like a ruckus upstairs. I bet Shannon is jumping on her mat again. I don't care how long the guarantee is for, he's not going to last long at this rate. We really do need to get going. If you could bring the car around now, and I'll just grab a cup of your fine coffee. I suppose it won't do any major harm to keep the board waiting, but I do hate to be late."

Jennifer had been awake for more than two hours. The noise had been dreadful, and she was surprised that Elizabeth had not come upstairs to investigate. She was determined to wait as Freddy had asked her to do. It was difficult. Most of the screaming was Freddy. She was sure of it. She couldn't make out what was said, an occasional shout of "Bastard!", or Freddy's pleading voice yelling "Shannon, Please!"

Then unexpected silence. That was worse than the yelling. She pulled on some jeans and a sweater. Cotton socks and old sneakers finished off her wardrobe. She was supposed to stay put till Freddy came to her, but neither television, nor her computer drew her attention from that silence. She began to imagine the worst. Perhaps Shannon at this moment was fleeing, while Freddy bled slowly to death under his twin's bed. The vision became more vivid, and she could not dismiss it. She decided that she could wait no longer. She stood to go. Even in her agitated state she could not leave before saying something to the"boys" She laid them side by side on the floor, and stood, one sneaker on each chest.

"Fellas, I'm real worried about Freddy. So I'm gonna go check things out. Now you guys don't need to worry your cute little heads. I'll be right back. I promise. OK?"

Jennifer rushed down the hallway. She paused before her door. Perhaps she was being hasty She could simply stand nearby for a bit. No need to interrupt. Of course it did run against her grain to let people run their lives without her assistance. She remained there undecided until a shrill, ear shattering noise ended her neutrality. She threw open the door and gasped.

End of chapter 5

Million Dollar Floormat #6

Jennifer Gasped.

She gazed on a spectacle of bloody horror. She was partly shielded from the scene by Shannon's bed. There, on the far side of the bed, she could see her sister holding what looked to be a small hatchet. Her face and arms were covered with fresh blood, as she stood immobile, leering down at something not yet visible

It took Jennifer a second to gather her thoughts. Then she rushed around the bed to see Shannon standing on her brother. Her high heels impaled each of his nipples. The tips had clearly penetrated his chest. For a moment Jennifer was transfixed by the slow rise and fall of Shannon's body as his chest heaved in a desperate attempt to get air. Freddy appeared to be unconscious beneath her. His face and trunk were terribly bruised and lacerated, but Jennifer finally noticed, to her horror, that all four of his limbs were neatly severed from his body. Shannon had arranged the dismembered limbs in a neat circle around her victim. She stared at her handiwork with the look of a demented artist, admiring the final composition of bloody limbs. Shannon's eyes slowly rose to meet her sister's astonished stare.

Shannon spoke in a soft emotionless voice."Well, sister, Freddy says that he wants to be my floormat. I told him, I would be happy to help him get his wish. See. He's almost the right shape already. He's too thick though. Do you think I should slice some off his back. Oh, maybe later. I think I'd like to clean up now."

With that S hannon stepped off the ruin of her twin, and padded off nonchalantly into her bathroom. Moments later the sound of hot water emitting from a nozzle could be heard. Jennifer heard her sister pleasantly singing to herself as she enjoyed her morning shower.

Most ordinary people faced with an emergency dial 911. Even in her dazed state, Jennifer had enough presence of mind to quickly exclude that option. Emergency rooms were far too public, and too many questions would inevitably be asked. Even a vast fortune could only go so far in assuring discretion. She could see that Freddy was still alive. She was not good with magic, but could remember a simple spell to slow the bleeding while she frantically sought some answer to her dilemma. Something had to happen in minutes, or all the powers of science and witchcraft combined would be of no help in keeping what was left of her brother alive. She stumbled to a phone and dialed the number of Floormats incorporated.

The ride in the ambulance was reassuring to Jennifer. They would be at headquarters soon, and Freddy was preserved on the floor of the vehicle for the moment in a temporary stasis spell. The emergency team sat solemnly, saying nothing. She noticed that Freddy's eyes were now open. Was he actually awake? She wanted to say something to him. Something bland and hopeful was called for. She knew it. Yet it somehow could not be part of Jennifer's way. Being nice meant something a little different to her than to the average girl. She could not help but add her own twist to even the the most basic message.

Jennifer found her bare foot slipping out of her shoe. She gently rested her sole on her brother's devastated chest. His chest was very cold, from the spell, and he was not breathing. His eyes moved though, and Jennifer was sure that he was alert enough to hear her. She dropped her face closer to the mess under her foot, and spoke in a faint husky voice. "Well, brother, looks like I get you after all. Don't you worry for even a second. I'll find a place for you. You can stop all that useless thinking and figuring. You just lay there and let little Jenny decide how to use you. You'll be happy. I promise. "

She became aware that everyone else in the ambulance was glaring at her. What must they think of her and her family? Jennifer found to her immense surprise, that she didn't care very much what they thought. She was quite certain that she could sense something besides all the pain and confusion in her brothers desperate eyes. She knew what it was, even if everyone else thought her a monster, from a family of monsters. She could sense the new emotion in his tortured mind. It was gratitude.

After the ambulance had sped away, little Zak and Zeke thought themselves alone in the house. Shannon had disappeared during all the confusion. Everyone assumed that she had fled. Zak and Zeke had enough sense to be frightened. They understood enough of what had happened to know that Shannon was dangerous. They sat on the kitchen floor, all thought of work having left them, and nervously waited for Elizabeth's return. They were shocked when Shannon, neatly groomed, and dressed for work, walked into the kitchen. She seemed quite relaxed, as she stood looking at them. After a long awkward pause she whispered, "Hi guys, I think I'm hungry this morning."

The two small men started to hustle, intent both on making her breakfast, and avoiding doing anything that would provoke her. Shannon grinned, rapidly swept both of them up in her arms, and then laughed out loud. "No breakfast for me boys. I think I'm hungry for something else." She carried the struggling two-foot-tall males into the pantry, and locked the door.

Jennifer could see Lilith coming down the hall. The older woman looked very tired, even though they had been there only a couple of hours. She sat next to Jennifer and took both her hands into her own warm clasp. She spoke haltingly, wanting to pick her words carefully. "Your brother is alive. I'm not sure how we did it,but he is alive. Before you say anything, let me finish explaining. You know that the energy to make a transformation has to come from somewhere. When we make a floormat, the man's mass is mostly consumed in the process. With your brother, there was not enough left to finish any transformation. We had to use most of the energy to restore all the damage. What we have now is a very small man, with no arms and legs. His genitals are intact, and he can talk. He won't need to eat or excrete much, but he will definitely be more vulnerable to damage than a fully transformed floormat." Jennifer sat pensively while listening to Lilith's explanation.The young woman couldn't identify exactly what was different about herself, but she sensed that she wasn't the same. Her personal needs seemed coarser, and stronger; but the sense of joy and fun that ran through everything she had done in her life was suddenly gone. There was a strident harsh tone to her own emotions. She knew she should feel grief for her brother's misfortune, yet the sadness as not there. Instead the image of her brother shrunken and helpless emerged in her brain. She found herself wondering how she could use him. How much pleasure could she find in this mangled thing, that Lilith described? She saw that Lilith expected her to say something. She pushed herself to reply. "Lilith, just how small is Freddy?"

"Well, I don't have the exact measurements. I would say that he's about 14 inches, long altogether. Perhaps a bit shorter." " Is he strong enough for me to stand on? And could I put both my feet on him at the same time?"

Lilith was stunned by the candor of Jennifer's questions. This was not at all like the playful teenager that she gossiped with, just twenty-four hours ago. Lilith had no reason to be sentimental, when it came to men. Her company had transformed a hundred thousand men from human beings into customized objects to be used by women. Her own home and office was paved with most of the males, that she had allowed to be close to her. She enjoyed them, but never was nostalgic enough to avoid disposing of a worn or damaged mat. Yet even the tough CEO of Custom Floormats, was uncomfortable with the look in Jennifer's eyes. Still, Lilith was a businesswoman, and responded matter of-factly to her customer's questions. "Yes you could stand on him, if you kept your feet together. The length of your foot is about the same as the distance from his pelvis to his chin. He is strong enough to take your weight. You could wear flats or sandals, but a sharp heel would kill him. Remember that he still has some remnants of internal organs, and no self repair capacity. His testicles are small, and would not reform if you popped them."

"What if you made him smaller? Say, less than a foot long. The right size for an insole.Could you complete the transition then?" "Not really. He would be closer. His substance would be more rugged. But he would still be partly human. His skin would be real human skin. He could function as an insole. But, I wouldn't recommend it. He would wear out too quickly."

"Alright then, just leave him where he is. I need to get home, and talk to my mother about all this. I haven't been able to contact her yet. Any way, we sure appreciate your help. At least he's still alive for me, or rather for all of us" With that she rose and calmly left the building.

Zeke, his hair and clothing soaked in sweat and tears, cowered in the corner of the windowless room. He tried to avert his eyes, but felt compelled to watch Shannon methodically destroy his brother. Her only weapons were the simple brown pumps that adorned her feet.

Her movements were leisurely, and assured.. The little man beneath her, too exhausted to continue screaming, simply groaned in pain. His legs were broken, and his facial features badly mangled. Shannon beamed her brightest smile down at him, as she placed one pump on his chest, and slowly shifted her weight onto that foot. The sole compressed his chest, as the sharp heel buried itself in his soft groin.Zak attempted once more to scream, but nothing came from his quivering lips but a forlorn high- pitched moan, and a tiny trickle of blood. Shannon now balanced on that deadly foot, and began to rock back and forth, heel to toe. She spread her arms wide, and held her other foot to the side,imitating the manner of a high wire artist. She had no difficulty retaining her perch atop the dying miniature man.

Suddenly his chest gave way, and Shannon dropped perceptibly, her sole now drenched in blood, came to rest against his spine. She could feel his backbone through her shoe, a hard sharp edged chain pushing up into the leather. Shannon timed her next step carefully. She waited patiently as his body weakly flailed in the convulsion of death. As the movements died down, she inspected closely his bulging eyes. Just as they began to glaze over, she stepped aggressively with her other shoe. The sole came down on the head.

Shannon ground Zak furiously underfoot until she heard his skull splinter oudly, like a walnut in a nutcracker. Shannon sighed, and stepped off the disfigured mess that had been, only minutes before, her loyal servant. Only then did she turn her attention to Zeke who continued to whine pathetically in the corner.

"Come here, boy. It's your turn now. It's been a good morning so far. Don't ruin it for me. Stop that blubbering and come here."

Zeke was terrified far beyond the ability to think rationally. However he bravely drew himself up to his full twenty-three inch height, and began moving toward Shannon. He knew what was to happen. She would snap the bones in his arms and legs to disable him, and then he would lie utterly helpless as she toyed with him, building up to the final crush. She seemed impatient, so that his time of anguish might be brief. Shannon tapped her bloody foot, and licked her lips in anticipation. She exulted in this total control, and thought only of her own delight, and not of her prey darting away.

Suddenly Zeke took off. There in the bottom of the closed entrance was a pet door, a leftover from the time that the family dog had slept in the pantry. Before Shannon could react, Zeke tumbled through the opening, and came up running. As he dashed across the kitchen, Shannon angrily flung open the pantry door. She spotted her quarry and lunged. As her bloody fingers wrapped around Zeke, she slammed hard into the range knocking a still hot pan of grease on the stove top. She did not see the pilot light ignite the oil, as she carried her victim into the dining room. Her blood was up and she was intent on enjoying her kill. She slammed the little man on the rigid tiles. His battered figure rebounded from the cold surface.

Disoriented by pain, Zeke could barely make out the bloody sole and heel of Shannon's high heel as it met his ricocheting body. His end was mercifully quick, as Shannon stood fascinated by the steaming blood and entrails, and also the lone eyeball that stuck the toe of her shoe.

The clanging of the fire alarm reverberated through the house.

Shannon was suddenly aware of the smoke and the noise, and reluctantly turned away from her bloody kill to the kitchen behind her. Smoked poured out as she approached the kitchen door. She stood undecided for an instant, as the black foul gases engulfed her. She turned determined to flee the building, but got only a half step before the heat, and the searing smoke robbed her of consciousness. As the floor rushed up to greet her face, some distant part of her mind asked if Zeke had experienced this same sensation, only moments ago.

Gloria and Elizabeth arrived only seconds ahead of the fire trucks. The firemen shouted for them to stay away, but to no avail. The two frantic women rushed into the burning house. Gloria, once the firemen could no longer see them, made a simple spell to keep the smoke away from their faces. It was not perfect, she knew, but would keep them alive while they searched for their family and servants. It was Elizabeth who saw Shannon lying on the now very hot floor. As they reached Shannon, the smoke cleared for an instant, and the dismembered remains of Zeke could be seen. Elizabeth's eyes grew large and she started to shriek as the main gas line, invaded by the furious fire, exploded.

A few hours later, Jennifer walked about the smoldering perimeter of her home. There was little there to see, but somehow she felt the need to be there. They had put up quite a stink, when she crossed the barriers. One Evanston policeman had even threatened arrest. Her cold imperious stare convinced him otherwise, but she could still hear them, chattering inanely in the backround about her foolishly endangering herself this way. They had found Shannon's body, charred but almost recognizable. Parts of two adults had been found, torn apart by the blast. And there was just enough of Zeke to make the bureaucrats confused about the identity of this "unknown child" Jennifer thought of what strings would have to be pulled to curtail their curiosity. Jennifer sighed and sat on what had been an end table, thrown clear almost intact by the explosion. Her tired body suddenly felt very heavy. Jennifer would have to be the one to pull those strings. Everyone else was dead. She could already picture the crowd of distant relatives, and business associates, eager to "help" the newly wealthy young woman. Jennifer sighed and one of her shoes came to rest on a still smoking ember. She idly contemplated the hot sensation on the sole of her shoe. An image came unbidden to her mind, She imagined a hot little male struggling under that shoe, and relished in her imagination, the sensation of the doomed fellow as he broke below her foot. A loud crack brought her back to reality. She had smashed the ember during her brief reverie. She smiled briefly, and then remembered where she was. For an instant, she was overwhelmed with grief, before a sense of profound detachment took over.

She was about to leave when something caught the corner of her eye. She walked further into the smoking ruins, ignoring the shouted warnings of the frustrated firemen. The heat was oppressive in this hellish place, yet she continued until she came to a small tattered flesh-covered rectangle. She could now make out the face, looking intently up at her. It was her father. The eyes and the movements of his mouth told her that he still lived. He must have been in her mother's panties. The explosion that blew his wife into a hundred pieces had thrown him clear. Jennifer knelt and carefully cleared away some of the debris. Clotted blood and bits of cloth stuck to him. She realized that it was her mother's blood and clothing that she saw. It was very hard to kill a million dollar floormat. Yet the explosion had almost done the job. He was badly rent and the gelatinous substance that ordinarlity initiated his self repair simply flowed into the ashes. She realized that he was trying to talk. She went lower, her ear only inches from his mouth. There amidst the crackling embers, and the insistent shouting in the background she could make out his faint voice. "Jenny, Let me go to your mother. Please Jenny. Help me. Don't keep here. Please Jenny, please help me."

Her mind whirred in confusion, as she tried to understand him. Then it became clear. She stood again, stony faced, and considered what to do. Advanced mats could take most anything, but they had to breathe. She quickly slipped her foot out of her shoe. Her toes hovered over his moist eyes, then began to descend. Just before his head disappeared under her foot, she spoke. Her voice was cold and calm. "Good bye Dad. Say hello to Mother for me." With that she stepped down forcefully onto his face. She winced , as her father's face was nearly hot enough to burn her. Dispelling the pain, she swallowed and ground her sole into him, to cut off all his air. She placed all of her weight on that foot, and turned to the insistent firemen who were now only steps away.

"I want all of you to go back. Leave me alone. I do not need your assistance.I am checking on something, which is none of your concern I will come out in a little while. Now, leave me. I do not wish to tell you again." The fire captain opened his mouth to argue, but did not speak. He was not used to taking irrational orders from teenagers. But there was something here, something he could not understand. He shivered as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Somehow he sensed that he did not want to touch her. Instead he responded meekly. "Alright Ma'am, we will wait for you back in the yard." No one questioned the Captain's response. They all felt it, and retreated silently, leaving Jennifer alone once more. Minutes passed as she continued to suffocate her father under her stocking foot. She closed her eyes, and images from this incredible day flooded her brain. Her brother horribly mutilated, and now no longer human. Her sister sadistically insane, and now dead. Her mother and Elizabeth blown to shreds, along with her home, her personal mats and everything she held dear. And now, she stood, calmly crushing her father's life away. At that moment something changed forever. It was as if two great metal gears suddenly shifted and locked together in a new position. Her transformation was within. But though it could not be seen, it was still profund and unalterable. She opened her eyes a new being. She wondered why she was ever so critical of Shannon. Perhaps her sister was in touch with her own power. Perhaps Jennifer felt that same power now. She looked at her foot pressing into her father. There was a surge of feelings. It was pleasure- intense,erotic, and totally without guilt. Somewhere a very faint voice told her that it was wrong to have an orgasm as you killed your father. She smiled as the voice receded into nothingness. Silly voice, she thought. How could my pleasure ever be wrong? She stopped thinking then as the sexual tide washed over her.

How long had she been there. The firemen were still there, patiently waiting on her. She sighed. Who cared really? She removed her foot from her father and considered his lifeless eyes. "Thanks Dad, that was very special. She sighed again, and covered him with ashes. It wouldn't do to have him found now. She turned, and calmly walked back towards the men, and into her new life.

One year later.

Jennifer sat at the great mahogany desk in her apartment. She had spent the evening scanning contracts, and attending to other financial matters. In theory she was still a minor for almost another year. Yet the Court had agreed to let her manage her financial affairs, with no public announcement to attract attention. She managed her fortune well. Her holdings in Floormats Inc. were worth more than ever. Of course Jennifer was by far the companies best customer. One entire department had been formed just to meet the young woman's demands for mats and partially transformed males. Lilith had continued to be very helpful, despite her growing worries about the changes in Jennifer's personality. After all, business was business.

All the variety in Jennifer's passions had long ago disappeared. She spent most of her time in a indifferent state. She was mentally efficient, but it was vaguely unpleasant for her. She had found that only sexual arousal could stir her out of this lethargy of emotions. And Jennifer was proud that only the cruelest thoughts or actions were capable of creating that excitement.

Her paperwork done for the evening, she slid her chair back from the desk. She looked about her apartment. These were her private rooms. Only a handful of permanent women servants had access here. It certainly wouldn't do for some reporter or salesperson to see the floor of her bed chamber. It was now almost completely covered with floormats, custom made to her specifications. Sixteen by twenty four inch rectangles were stitched together-a huge rug of "lucky" males. Each had a history. Each had a memory of plans and ambitions. Now, each existed only to provide her with moments of pleasure as she walked on them. She knew their stories, had memorized every one. Knowing who they had been made their pain and fear so much more delicious. Jennifer slipped off her shoes and strolled in her stocking feet about the room, regarding the contorted face of every mat on which she stepped. She paused occasionally to work her heel into a mouth cavity, or rub her toe into a groin. No million dollar floormats here. None could speak. They could feel the power of Jennifer, and they could smell. Yes, she still loved to have them smell. It made her feel like a generous Goddess. She offered the aroma of her feet as a precious gift. What else did they have to enjoy?

As she walked and toyed with her floormats, she felt the dullness being expelled, replaced by the welcome intensity of arousal. She paused at her dresser, to look at Freddy. He lay in a large bowl, immobile save for his eyes. She smiled at him, a toothy predatory smile as she thought of his future. He was legally dead of course, officially one more fatality of the explosion. Her mind still held the remembrance of her affection for her brother, but she had long ago lost the capacity to feel fondness for any human, let alone this helpless remnant that lay before her. She played with him occasionally, but was careful to keep him alive. She was saving him for her eighteenth birthday. She went to sleep each night immersed in the fantasy of how she would dispatch him. The idea had taken on great significance for her. He was the last living tie to her old life. What better way to celebrate her full independence than to slowly extinguish that tie beneath her feet. That he was her brother, and still seemed to genuinely love her would make the experience especially poignant. She kept none of this secret from Freddy. She wanted him to know how important he was in the future pleasure of the Goddess. She assumed this made him happy. She didn't really know. It seemed silly somehow to dwell on how things she used for pleasure felt. How could they feel anything other than gratitude? Her eyes passed down to the mat below her. It was Bobby from seventh grade Geometry class. He had a crush on her then. It had been particularly expensive to arrange the "accident" that lead to his disappearance. But she loved to have boys that she knew from before, on her floor. Almost every boy who had ever asked her out was here now. They were special stops on her regular walks. Sometimes she missed going to school. She thought of all the Bobbies who would never get a chance to admire her. Of course it was out of the question. She seldom left home, and seldom wanted to.

She then glanced at the mirror, and at the pretty girlish face that looked back at her. A certain ferocity in those dark eyes gave the only obvious clue that this was not some eager young cheer leader, or even the friendly teasing teenager of before. Jennifer knew she was different, but could not conceive that she was transformed almost as completely as the former classmate who cringed under her feet. Jennifer no longer thought of herself as even human. Human women were her servants. Men and boys were simply disposable toys.

Sometimes she dreamed at night that she grew to such a size that she soared a million miles into space. She could grasp the entire planet in her colossal toes and simply smash it like the skull of one of her nightly boy-toys. She loved that dream, and a lucky planet it would be. She turned to her bed. There lay the toy for today. Every evening a partially transformed boy was provided by Lilith. Most were about the size of Freddy-:a fourteen inch limbless torso and head. She had experimented with smaller ones. They died too easily and quickly, to give her the satisfaction that she craved. Bigger ones were so much work, and required shoes for the final crush. (She did not like to kill with her shoes. It seemed too impersonal.) But fourteen inches was about right. It felt good. Her breathing became rapid as she picked up the boy and began licking the frightened face. The salty taste of the boys tears on her tongue brought her arousal up another notch. She laid him on the floor and covered the whimpering head with her sole. The weight of her body began to suffocate her toy. She was careful to let up the pressure before he passed out. He had just enough time to suck in a desperate breath, before she stepped down again. Sometimes,he wiled away hours at this, but now it was late. Jennifer was tired. She quickly went on to the final stage. Her nylon clad heel crashed again and again into the increasingly mangled form below her. At last she felt her own orgasm about to begin. She ground her foot into him with all the force she could muster. His spasm of death harmonized with her own vaginal contractions: a two part harmony of sex and death. Minutes later she sat idly playing with the remains. She forced her little toe into one of the lifeless eye sockets, and she listened to the funny crackling sound as she pressed down on his rib cage. Her body was relaxed, but her face suggested disappointment. Too quick, she thought. It felt more like a routine than a special sensation. The boys needed to last a bit longer. Perhaps Lilith could suggest something.

The dreaded sense of detachment began to creep in, She chased it away as she closed her eyes and relived the pleasurable execution. Her mood brightened and soon she was humming. Finally Goddess Jennifer hopped off the bed and padded towards her bathroom. As she tossed the boy into the garbage, she turned and laughed at the line of bloody tracks her stockings had left on her floormats. She may have become an evil goddess, but at moments like this, life was still good.

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