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Josephine by Nunkie

I had seen her many times, even talked to her on a number of occasions. She was a big woman, black, with a round, hard face, heavy arms and a huge ass, which she heaved with some difficulty up and down the staircase of the apartment building where both of us lived. Many a joyful moment had I spent in my bathroom, on my couch, in my bed, imagining compromising and arousing situations with her. Oh, would I love to have those powerful legs wrapped around my ears, my face wedged into her black curly crotch, the flesh of her ass trembling with the nervous spasms of a massive orgasm, pumping her fluids into my wide open mouth. Never though did I seriously believe that any of my fantasies were ever to come true, as I am a rather shy and withdrawn guy. Until that memorable morning.

It looked like it was going to be like any other Saturday. I was about to lock my apartment door, planning to get breakfast at the fast food down the block, when I heard her heavy steps on the stairs below. She lived two floors above me, and I couldn't resist stalling in order to get a look at that fat ass of hers manoeuvring above me as she'd step up to her apartment. So I fumbled with my keys, pretending I couldn't find the right one. The hallway is not too wide, so she had to push past me, which she did with all the authority of her massive body. I apologized shyly and returned to my business of fumbling. Once she was past me and up the first steps of the next flight of stairs, I took a sly look to my right.

I like fat women. I like a huge, fat ass. I like it when it moves, I imagine how the cheeks rub against each other, lubricated by the sweat building up between them. Josephine, my upstairs neighbour and ruler of my wettest dreams, though not a fat woman in the blubbery sense of the word, had a most impressive backside. While I looked up to it, I felt as so many times before a hypnotising force pulling all my attention towards it. She was wearing a dark, flowered dress that was stretched around the round forms of her rump, going the extra mile around her broad hips and hanging loosely from there. From under it protruded her massive, pillar like legs. My mind went berserk with lust. I imagined her stopping at the top of the stairs, reach under her skirt and pull her panties down, then lift up her dress high enough to reveal the whole of her black ass. I imagined her bending over and spreading her asscheeks with both hands, giving me a first row view of her wide-open asshole. Then a forceful, sucking wind would start pulling at me, sucking me headfirst up and into the warm moistness of her bowels.

'Hey, you! What are you staring at?'

I must have stopped fooling around with my keys and walked towards the bottom of the stairs, although I couldn't remember doing that. I found myself looking up at her, my face only a few feet away from her ass. She was at the top of the stairs, the upper part of her body half turned, enabling her to look down at me.

'Hey, I'm talking to you, boy! Didn't your mama tell you it's rude to stare?'

She leaned heavily on the wall with her left arm and bent over, lowering a large grocery bag that I hadn't noticed she was carrying with her other arm.

'Oh, I know, you're worried about me dragging this heavy bag up all them stairs, ain't you?'

I was still unable to utter a word, but must have nodded, for she said: 'Well then, stop looking at me like an idiot and come here and help me!'

It took a few moments for me to grasp what she had said, but I finally stumbled up the stairs to where she was and grabbed the bag. 'Now don't just stand there, son. Go on, you know where I live, you've watched me go up often enough, haven't you?'

Yet, she didn't wait for me to move but went up in front of me, that dreamass of hers now wriggling from side to side even closer to my face. I strutted up behind her. She exuded a heavy odour of sweat and something I couldn't quite identify. She reached the apartment door and opened it widely, stepping aside to let me in.

'Just put it on the kitchen table, honey,' she said as I stepped inside.

When I came out of the kitchen back into the small living room, she was nowhere in sight. I noticed she had closed the front door.

'Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, I'll be right out.' She called from somewhere inside. So I sat down, and soon I heard her being busy in the kitchen. When she came out, she was wearing a bathrobe and carrying two open bottles of beer. 'I'm not much of a drinker myself, but I do need a little some after that ordeal and I sure as hell ain't gonna drink by myself.' She handed me a bottle and sat down on the couch opposite from the one I was on. She took a large swig from her beer. She had large breasts and the robe could hardly hide that fact. She leaned back and I noticed she had not sat down in a womanly fashion, with her knees together, but rather in a spread-eagled sort of way. Her huge knees spread the bathrobe to its maximum, leaving an opening at the top that shed enough light into the darkness between her legs to reveal her massive thighs almost touching, and behind them, dark mystery land that only my fantasy could feast upon.

'You're doing it again, boy. You're staring.'

'I-I-I-I'm sorry'. I couldn't help but stutter.

'What's with you? You never seen a woman before?'

'I-I-I...' But this time, I just couldn't find anything to say and lowered my eyes. The beer bottle shook in my hand and I had to grab it with the other to steady myself.

'You better drink some. You look like you need it, sonny.'

When I didn't, she got up and moved her massive body over to me, then took the bottle from my hands.

'Lemme have that, boy, looks like you can't handle it.'

She raised the bottle to her lips and in one go gulped down its contents, thrusting her head backwards and her enormous belly forwards, the seam of her robe stroking my face. From under the robe, a sweet and strong smell engulfed me and I lost all doubts whether she was or was not naked under it. She took two steps back and dropped into her couch again.

'So tell me, boy, you ever seen a woman's pussy before? Cause you sure as hell look like you ain't. Have you?'

'I, I, uh, yeah, sure, I have' I managed to mumble.

'You have?' She feigned surprise.

I nodded shyly, trying to look her in the eyes but failed.

'Then what does a pussy look like? Tell me' she said.

'Uh, uh... I don't know. I mean, I'm not sure I can explain.' Her straightforwardness embarrassed me and I wanted to get out of there.

'That's what I thought!' she yelled. 'You haven't! You couldn't tell a pussy from your own dick because you ain't never seen one!'

'I really must go now' I nervously said and motioned to stand up.

'Oh no you mustn't. Not without learning all about pussies you mustn't. What're you gonna do on your wedding night? Too late then to start improvising.'

I really had to laugh at that, because although I didn't have anybody at the time, I wasn't exactly a virgin either. And I did have stacks of magazines hidden in my closet.

'So you think that's funny, huh? You won't when I'm finished with you, though.' She leaned closer.

'I hate to see a fine boy like you go ignorant. Tell you what. I'll let you have a free peek at my pussy, and then you can go brag about what an experienced guy you are. How'd you like that?'

She leaned even closer and stared me in the eyes. I could count the pores on her broad nose and smell the beer on her breath. I lowered my eyes.

'Uh, I don't know, I think I should go' I somehow managed to utter.

Her face contorted and she shot up.

'Leave?' she screamed. 'Leave? You mean you don't want to see my pussy?' She was towering menacingly above me. 'Why? Am I too old for you? Too fat? Do I smell?'

Smell she did, but I didn't have the nerve to say yes. I was nervous and her closeness and abruptness had shaken me.

'N-n-n-n-no,' I stuttered, 'I like you. I do.'

She relaxed at that. She sat back down and leaned back. She was smiling. 'Well then, come here, come to mama, boy. Come see what she's got cookin' for you.'

Saying this, she pulled her knees apart and waved a finger at me. Hesitatingly, I got to my feet.

'Don't stand when I'm sitting!' she shouted. 'Down! On hands and knees! Come crawling towards me.'

Her voice was high-pitched, almost hysterical. Her outburst came so unexpected, I actually dropped down on my knees and obediently crawled towards her.

'Hasn't your momma taught you how to behave in the presence of a woman?'

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to answer that. I was about to utter some innanities, when the fat finger started signalling me to place my head between her knees.

'Right here, boy, right here.'

The bathrobe was still covering her lap. No sooner was I where she wanted me, she started hopping her ass on the seat, inching her pelvis towards me until my face was under the robe and enclosed by her thighs. The sweet, musky smell hit me again, and I knew she didn't wash very often. Along with the smell, a moist heat struck my face. I felt it on my forehead, on my nose, on my lips and on my chin. She opened her robe and from the darkness emerged first a curly bush and under it the bare slitted face of her vagina. I looked at it and it seemed to look back at me, expectantly I thought. A pair of black inner labia stuck out at the bottom, like the fringes of two burnt hotcakes. Then, as if giving in to some inside pressure, her cunt parted slowly and gracefully from bottom to top. A cloud of foul odour made me gasp, while I saw a viscose liquid oozing out of her open vulva and into the crack where her asshole lay hidden. With her wormy, fat fingers, she tore her cunt wider apart, giving me a full appreciation of it in all its pinkish, moist, luscious and smelly glory.

It was even bigger than I had imagined and its smell, though offending, turned me on. She must have been enjoying the display as much as I was, because the cunt came hopping closer and closer to where my face was, until half her ass was over the edge of the seat. Sensing she could go no further, she let go of her cuntlips, which shuddered back to almost their former position. She then grabbed my head behind the ears with both hands and with one impatient pull shoved my face into the wet slit between her legs. She was pushing me in hard, the jellylike cunt engulfing me from the bridge of my nose down to my chin. I couldn't breathe for a moment. The pressure on my head was relentless and her hips started grinding frantically up and down. With an ever-growing rhythm, she passed her soaking cunt over my entire face, rubbing her thick cuntlips and swollen clit against my lips, nose and eyes. She was soon panting, but never slowed down. I had to close my eyes, as my eyelids were becoming sticky with her juices. I also had trouble breathing, feeling the liquid creeping up my nose and filling my mouth with every upstroke. I gulped down as much as I could.


With a loud scream, she pushed my head from between her legs with such a force that I went sprawling on my back on the floor, banging my head against the other sofa.

'Oh no you don't, you sly pervert!'

It wasn't until then that I realised my fly was open and my penis was sticking through it, my right hand still on it. I felt my cheeks burn and hurriedly tried to force my swollen dick back into my pants.

'Leave it there, you slimy bastard!' she cried.

My embarrassment made it go limp fast, and it would have been easy to get up and zip up. But she had got up herself, and straddling me, was now looming above me. I didn't dare move.

'Anyway, I have other plans for you,' she said, looking down at me, her face still angry. She turned around, her backside towards, and looking over her shoulder shuffled slowly backwards until she was standing over my head. She loosened the belt of her frock and took it off, tossing it on the couch behind me. I lay beneath her, looking up at her massive thighs, the fat on them weighing down and pressing together above the knees. Over them, her immense ass loomed menacingly, blotting out the ceiling light. She reached back with both hands and pried her asscheeks apart, revealing the dark puckered mound of her asshole. The skin around her anus was stretched by the forceful pull with which she was holding apart her buttocks, and I got a very clear view of her bottom side. I remained lying on the floor beneath her, not sure what to expect nor what to think, while she stood motionless and silent holding open her behind, as if getting ready for something I couldn't quite fathom.

It happened so fast I had no time to react. I was looking up at her fat bottom, heating up at the notion that she might decide to squat down on my face and have me lick her ass, when I noticed the area of her anus swell. I found that odd, but my wonder was not at its end. I observed a ring of dark bluish berry like protuberances push out, shaping her anus into a puckered mouth with odd dark lips. This was indeed a strange sight, and half in fun, half in lust I imagined myself French-kissing those strange lips.

Rather than the loudness, it was the sharp staccato effect of the sound that ripped me from my reveries. I looked up just in time to see the bluish lips part and flutter in the forceful wind coming from inside. She was farting! When the second drumroll thundered from her thighs, the smell from the first hit me and almost left me unconscious. It was the most putrid smell I had ever laid my nose on. It was so profoundly permeated with the aroma of shit, that it made my head spin. I had never heard, much less seen a woman fart. And now I found myself engulfed in a dense cloud of female gas. Although the smell put me off, the situation aroused me out of my wits. I wished she would squat down and force a few more farts into my mouth. But she didn't. The farting, which had gone on for a while, had stopped. I looked up again, and in horror recognized the reason why: the tip of a brown turd was pushing through the pouting blue lips of her asshole. Slowly and majestically, it came lowering down towards my face. It was about 2 inches thick, really stretching her sphincter to the max. I stared at it unbelievingly, as it kept growing and growing, inching ever nearer to my mouth. The smell that came with it was evenly impressive, strong and musky and heavy, not womanlike at all (but then, nothing about this woman had seemed womanlike since I had gotten to know her 'up close'). The turd was dangling from her ass and by now only inches from my mouth, which only too late I was realizing I had open in awe and amazement. Before I could close it, the sheer weight of the turd over-stretched it somewhere near the middle, and it broke in half.

In a curious turn of events that seemed to be taken from an extremely funny comic book, I first felt the tip of turd drop straight to the back of my throat, and then found that my belated reaction of trying to close my mouth made me take a bite into it as if I were yanking a chunk off an Italian salami. The rest of the turd dropped lazily over my left eye and forehead. As it settled lazily, its other half curled down right beside it, covering my nose and left cheek. Then, before I could move, a dozen or so smaller sized turds came shooting out of her rectum and splattered all over my face and neck. Through my right eye, I could see them emerging one after the other in rapid succession, as if driven by a powerful force deep inside her bowels. They seemed to be becoming progressively softer and smellier.

'My god,' I thought, 'she's dumping on me. She's spreading her ass and just letting her shit drop on me.' Even more than the farting, the sight of her nonchalantly crapping on me as if it were the most normal thing in the world, made me almost burst with excitement. This went far further than anything I had ever imagined. In fact, if I ever would have been able to imagine it, I would have freaked out with disgust at myself before getting this far. Yet, lying here taking this shit-shower, I couldn't imagine any place I'd rather be on this earth. This was it! Josephine's shit deposit. I had finally found a worthy purpose in life. The last slab of shit to shoot from her ass landed with a loud 'splat!' on my right eye, bereaving me temporarily of my eyesight. This brought the piece of excrement inside my mouth back to my attention. I felt my tongue and the inside of my mouth numbing with its strong bitter taste. I started choking as it had slid further down my throat, and now I concentrated on trying to get it back to the front with my tongue. But I only managed to soften it up and break chunks off it, which increased the foul taste and made me want to vomit. So I brought up my hand to remove the pieces of shit from my mouth. But the hand got slapped. And slapped again. 'Don't!' she shrieked. 'Leave it there. Eat it up. Don't you like my shit?' I forced my eyes back open. Josephine had turned around and was now standing above me, facing me. With one hand, she held my own at bay so I could not interfere. With the other, she was stuffing more of her shit between my lips. I swallowed hard, but the turd was still too big to go down gracefully. I was panicking by now, as I was unable to breathe with shit blocking my airways and my stomach convulsing at the same time. Somehow, I managed to get my tongue underneath it though, so I pushed it up and started chewing up the darn thing, mixing it with the softer shit Josephine was forcing through my lips. Chunk by chunk, I managed to swallow it down.. Josephine kept stuffing me and I could close my mouth as I was unable to breathe through my nose. So I gulped and swallowed for all I was worth, until I had downed every last piece of excrement I was being fed.

Josephine had straightened up, and she was smirking down at me.

'There there, was that so bad?' She let out a shrill laugh, throwing her head back.

'No better shit in town, don't you go looking for any other shit 'cause mine's the best you'll ever get. And I ain't even charging you for it!'

Again that hysteric laughter. She leaned over and picked up her gown from the sofa. I thought she was finished with me, but she only used it to wipe her soiled right hand, the one she had used to 'feed' me. Throwing the gown back, she straightened up again. 'You sure could use a shower, boy.' Her eyes were gleaming and a mysterious smile was playing on her lips as she moved her feet apart, wide enough for her thighs to part and reveal her black crotch. The curly bush was partly covered by her belly, which was folded over it, but I could see the crack of her cunt and the labia protruding. Behind them, the bottom of her buttocks were soiled with the remnants of her excrement.

Her fingers were on her vagina, spreading the lips wide, revealing the soft and pink inside. Before I had time to wonder on her next move, she released a gushing stream of hot, yellowish urine that came cascading down towards my face, like a stream of water off a high cliff. I could see drops splitting off the mainstream and come raining down towards me. Next, the steaming liquid was splattering all over my face and around me on the carpet. I could feel the drops explode on my forehead, on my cheeks, on my eyelids and on my lips. A good portion rained into my mouth, which I had opened wide as I was in dire need of rinsing it.

The stream let down and I opened my eyes again. The force of her discharge had been so great that it had cleared most of her shit from my face. Shaking my head to free my eyes from her piss, I looked up. Urine came still trickling out of her open cunt, dripping down off her cuntlips and the bottom of her ass. She had lowered her body a bit by bending slightly at the knees, her asscheeks were pressed tight and her pelvis thrust forward. She must have been aiming the stream, almost like a fire-fighter aims his hose, I thought. Now I saw her belly tighten and a squirt of piss gushed out onto my forehead, then another, weaker squirt landed in my mouth. I felt the drops hit my teeth and the back of my mouth. I didn't swallow right away. I closed my lips and moved her piss around with my tongue, savouring it. It had a tangy taste, maybe like a very dry white wine. It softened the bitterness of her shit.

'Oh no, look what you've made me do!' Her face was contorted again and her voice boomed. 'I'm all a mess.' She stepped back and was feeling with her hand between her thighs. 'Come here, boy. Come clean up ole' mama cause you've messed her up quite a bit.'

I wasn't sure exactly what I was expected to do, so I got up and pulled a handkerchief from my pocket.

'Hey now, what're you planning on doing here?' she screamed. 'Are you gonna scrub me? Oh no, boy, fat chance. I's a woman, see, and you don't go 'round scrubbin' no woman's pussy with some old rag you ain't.'

She pushed me down by the shoulders.

'Get down, boy, get down right here before me and lemme have some o'that velvet tongue o'yours, that'll do just fine. Just fine, yes siree.'

I got down on my knees before her. Her bare slit was right in front of my face. She had her legs slightly apart and drops of urine were dripping off her cuntlips and rolling down the inner side of her fat thighs. I bent forwards and started lapping the inside of her left leg, tracing with my tongue the shiny paths the drops were leaving on her dark skin. I licked her leg all the way up to the crotch, then started on her right leg. Every time I got near her dripping vagina, she pushed it towards my restless tongue. She eventually lost her patience and grabbing my head with both hands, pulled me into her soaking cunt. I started lapping the moisture off the swollen cuntlips, gradually working my way down toward her dripping vulva and then the shit-smeared area of her anus. But I couldn't quite get my tongue inside the crack of her ass from this position, as my forehead kept bumping into her pubis. But she caught on to my predicament. She stepped back and turned around. Her huge ass was now in my face.

She stooped over and spread her asscheeks right in front of my face. At long last did I get that first-row view that I had so desperately dreamed about. The flesh around her anus looked soft and tender. It was wrinkled and very dark in color, blacker than the surrounding skin. It was ringed by traces of excrement, lighter in color. Streaks of excrement ran down along the crack of her ass, where her turds had slid down. But even soiled liked this - or maybe because it was soiled like this - it was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. Something inside me softened up and bled my heart. I placed a tender kiss on the puckered mound, then started to lick the area gently. I lapped off every trace of shit and found I was becoming accustomed to the taste of it, yes even started to savour it. Wanting more, I pushed my tongue right up her rectum and extracted the excrement that had remained there, as far as I could reach.

After a while, she started to push my head down toward her cunt. I lapped at it furiously from behind as I felt her excitement mount. She reached back with one hand and pushed my head further in, all the while rocking her hips up and down.. But somehow she felt this position couldn't produce the penetration she needed, for she suddenly pushed me back forcefully, making me land on my behind. I had to readjust my legs in a hurry, as they were painfully doubling beneath me. She herself dropped down on her knees and swiftly sat down on my face, her soaked and swollen cunt exactly over my mouth. She started grinding her hips, passing her cunt over the entire length of my face, up and down and up and down and back up again, in a mesmerizing rhythm. Her juices were flowing copiously now, almost drowning me. I thought she was going to come right there on my open mouth. And I most certainly would have liked her to. But she must have decided differently, because she suddenly lifted up her ass. Her cunt made a squishy kind of noise as she pulled it off my face, and thick fluids were oozing from it. She lifted up her left leg and with an amazing swiftness, turned around until she was over me again, but now face to face. With one hand between her legs, she grabbed my erect penis and let her plump bottom side sink down onto it. I looked down my body and saw my dick disappear between her fat legs. She was very soft and amazingly hot inside. She had all her weight on me now. Her protruding belly rested on my stomach, here knees were on the floor around my rump, and her hands were on my chest. She started rocking her hips to and fro, then leaned back. I caught a glimpse of her broad back in a mirror behind her and lifted up my head for a better view. I could see her ass glistening with sweat, black and huge and powerful, with my thin, milky-white legs sticking out from under it. Her massive buttocks flexed every time she pushed into me, the fat on them shuddering with rhythmic convulsions.

She leaned forward again and her huge tits blocked my view. I lay back. She was rocking heavily on top of me, her breasts swinging in all directions like big water-filled balloons dangling loosely from her chest. Her face was contorted, her eyes tightly shut and her teeth clenched as if she were in pain. Her thick lips were puckered into a silent moan. She was breathing in short laborious gasps now and every exhalation brought a deep hoarse growl with it. She kept on riding me like this for quite a while. The sight of her massive, sweaty body towering over me, her dangling breasts bumping into my face as they swung from side to side and the feeling of being pinned down helplessly by her overpowering weight got me excited to no end. Just as I was about to burst, her whole body began to shudder and she came down on me full length. Her tits pressed down on my chest and took all air from my lungs. Her head was beside mine, a soft shoulder pushing against my chin, the flesh of her neck on my cheek. She had a dark mole under her earlobe and it kept rubbing against my cheekbone. Her enormous back was covered with beads of sweat that came rolling down her shoulders and neck, drenching my face. An animal-like smell overwhelmed me.

She grabbed me hard by the shoulders and started humping me with her broad hips. In the mirror I saw her fat buttocks contracting with every downstroke, pressing together and sucking up my cock, balls and all, into the dark area where her creamy cunt lay hidden. Her body went into a wild spasm, her flesh shuddering with the tremors that jerked it. I myself was reaching my climax, pumping frantically into the dead weight on top of me. I could feel my dick sliding in and out of her slippery softness, my balls pressing against the sticky underside of her asscheeks every time I pushed up. I came into her roaring, unearthly scream.

I have returned to her apartment many time since that memorable Saturday morning. She seems to enjoy my shy helplessness, as it allows her to force ever new perversities upon me. And I have grown addictive to the ever new ways she finds to use me for her personal pleasure.

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