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Handbook for the dominating woman by Nunkie

So you're fat? Not quite the beauty you would have wished to be? Your tits sag? Your ass wobbles when you walk? You do not feel attractive nor desirable? You think you will never be able to seduce a man, much less force him into submission as you secretly dream? Well, I've got news for you, woman. You may not realize this, but before the day is over half the men you have met today will have jerked off on a mental picture of you using their face as an asswipe.

How is that possible, you will say, I am no man's wet dream. Sure you are, honey, you just don't know it. You are fooled by the advertisement posters and the publicity spots and the angel-like creatures on the internet porn sites, blond and slender with perfect bodies and perfect skin, asses crisp like freshly baked buns and those cleanly shaven slits that look like peaches and you expect to taste likewise (they don't). Men don't go for that. Beauty is out. Perfect is boring. Clean is stale. Men are no longer afraid to admit what really gets them hot: the everyday average housewife. Women like their next door neighbour. Women like you and me. Fat women, skinny women, lazy women, ugly women. Tits thin and flat like pancakes, or full and fat sagging all the way to the belly button. Boney ass, flat ass, fat ass. Uncaring and self-absorbed women. Women who have let go of their bodies a long time ago and couldn't care less. Women who fart at the breakfast table and pee with the door open and don't bother to flush after a dump. Yes, woman, men crave for us. We don't need to have perfect bodies. We can have asymmetrical breasts and hair on our ass. We can be fat and old, skinny and ugly. The further away from perfect we are, the more we resemble their mothers, and thus the more attractive we are to them. But why should they want us to resemble their mothers? Because all they want is to crawl back up their mother's cunt, that's why. Yes, you heard me right. All they're looking for is a cunt to live in. A man's world is the exact size and shape of a vagina. Few women recognize the power we hold between our legs.

Men may not consciously remember this, but there was a time when they were utterly defenseless in the hands of a woman that wielded absolute power over them. Some may have had the luck of being born to a loving mother, have found the frustrating feeling of dependency and impotence fully compensated by unbarred love and adoration. Yet the overwhelming majority of men, unable to find acceptance in the eyes of an embittered and domineering mother, are forever doomed to relive the nightmares of their youth. They will totally submit to ugly bitches like us, worship our formless bodies, wallow in the sweaty creases of our skin folds, crave for the excretions of our orifices. The fatter, uglier, dirtier, bitchier we are, the better. They find happiness in being reduced to mere putty in our unruly hands (breasts, cunts, asses). They get off on being humiliated and brutalized. They want to be completely dominated by us, breathe us, smell us, taste us, be so absolutely one with us like they never got to be with the mother that rejected them. Anything to please us. They will cater to our every whim and need, no matter how exotic, no matter how dirty. They enter heaven the moment we squat over their faces. The stink of our unwashed cunts is perfume to them. Our urine is the most exquisite of wines, our shit a gourmet treat. Yes, they gladly submit to us, as it is here, between our powerful legs, in the wake of our excretory system, that finally they achieve the bond they have been denied for so long.

Good. I have your attention. But you remain skeptical. This is almost too good to be true. Well, here's where I have to spring the bad news. It takes hard work and tons of planning and patience to get a man to realize what it is he really wants. You see, men are stupid. They are slow. They will not willingly and readily surrender at our feet. They have to be tricked, taught, guided, coerced into submission. In order to achieve this, we must be sweet, yet ruthless. You see, this is where Women's Lib in the 70's failed. First of all, all we ever asked for was equal rights. Equal rights! Can you imagine? The other mistake we made was to fight on men's terms: out in the open, on the public stage, where men are strongest. Men are pack animals. They are worth shit on their own, but their strength multiplies in a steep tangent once they unite. I was young and stupid at the time. But I know better now. This war is about total supremacy, and it must be fought on an individual basis, one on one. And where better to rage it than in the private setting of the bedroom, where men are alone and vulnerable and we can be both sweet and ruthless at the same time?

Still, surely not an easy project. Lucky for us, the groundwork has already been laid. Women of ancient times and cultures managed to unravel the secrets of female domination, and passed them on from generation to generation. Their teachings included practices and rituals that may seem strange and even disgusting to us, but have proven to be extremely effective. Most of these traditions have been lost in time. But enough have survived to this day that can help us on our way to fulfill our lifelong dreams. Let us learn from these ancient masters.

Choosing the right man

In essence, any man will make an excellent slave if we teach him right. However, we must be careful in choosing the right prime material, as this choice will determine the final product. And believe me, there's plenty to choose from out there. First of all, look for basic manners and servitude. A man who holds the door open for you, who never lets you pay a bill, who changes your flat tire in the pouring rain while you sit high and dry in your car, is a man who has been preconditioned by his mother to be at all times aware of his place when dealing with women, and thus is easier to mold to your personal preferences. The same goes for the overtly 'machisto', the redneck male chauvinist who is so aware of his natural and constitutional inferiority to women, that he feels he must put up his ridiculous display of faked 'manhood'. A papier-m?ch? armor that is easily pierced.

You will want to stay away from the stupid, the obnoxious and the indomitable. The stupid are a waste of time. Believe me, you do not want a stupid guy for a slave, not even to lick the toilet bowl clean. There is nothing you can teach the stupid, that you don't have to teach them again the next day. The obnoxious, now who are you that you should have to put up with obnoxiousness? The obnoxious will end up where they belong, jerking off in the restroom of some sleazy downtown bar because there will be no women left willing to put up with them. And the truly indomitable, well don't you worry about them, my dear, they are not worth the lint in your belly button and will fall together with all the rest once they see they are the only ones left holding the fort.

There are ways to test a man's usefulness as a personal slave. Send a man on an impossible errand and time him. The longer he persists in the impossible, the better suited he is. Another one is to see how he reacts to orders. I mean, instead of asking a guy a favor as you may usually do, tell him to do something for you. Serviceable men hate being asked favors but love to comply orders. Or how about this one, which is really a classic with a twist: drop a dirty handkerchief, preferably right after noisily blowing your nose into it, at a man's feet. The perfect slave will not only not hesitate to pick it up for you, he will get a visible hard-on when he feels your fresh snot squish between his fingers.

Of Bodily Gases, Fluids and Solids

You may not realize this, but every time you blow your nose, rip a fart, take a leak or dump a log, you are wasting a resource more valuable and more powerful than uranium. This is the first truth women from ancient times discovered. Bodily gases, fluids and solids contain minute but powerful quantities of certain bio-chemical substances proper and unique to each person in such a way that they represent that person in his or her most profound corporal and spiritual essence.

The second truth discovered by women from ancient times is that due to the characteristics of bodily wastes described in the first truth, these can be used as a vehicle to transpose a person's will into another person.

The third truth is that if a sufficient and consistent concentration of one person's bio-chemical substances is introduced into another person's organism, this person will fall under the first person's influence to such a degree that he will gradually lose all sense of auto-determination and independent existence. In other words, by means of induction of his bodily wastes into another person, a person can take another person in his sole and exclusive possession.

The fourth truth has to do with the concentration of these bio-chemical substances in the different types of bodily waste. It states that concentration is directly related to density, thus farts hold less than sweat, urine holds less than menstruation, excrements hold the highest concentration possible.

The fifth truth deals with environmental conditions that influence the effectiveness of the bio-chemical substances. They are at their most powerful in the anaerobic, dark and warm conditions the human body provides. Exposure to oxygen and light as well as a change in temperature will drastically affect the effectiveness of the substances.

In other words, what the five truths are telling us is that by farting, snotting, pissing, shitting or otherwise inducing any of our bodily excretions into a man's mouth and making him swallow them, we can take possession of him, we can make him our personal slave who's only desire in life will be to serve us, to execute without the slightest hesitation nor delay every single one of our wishes, be they explicitly pronounced, sublimely insinuated or mysteriously implicit.

As a note, renowned female scientists, members of our secret society, have succeeded in positively identifying the bio-chemical substances mentioned in the rules. They have called them 'domiferones'. They are not yet clear on how nor on what level domiferones interact with the host organism, although preliminary results point in the direction of the brain. They have discovered that female domiferones are about three times as strong as male domiferones, but that the domiferones in sperm are of a concentration that is unmatched by even a woman's densest shit. On the other hand, male domiferones are easily neutralized by the acids in a woman's vagina and the bacterial flora in her rectum, and in a lesser degree by her saliva. None of the male natural defenses are capable of neutralizing female domiferones.

For obvious reasons, neither the scientific investigation nor its results are made public but in the most secure female circles. This is privileged information and you are required to stand by the oath of secrecy you took when achieving membership to our secret society.

Preparing the field

How do you prepare a man for toilet duty? Well, that probably sounds easier than it is. Just drop those pants and straddle that face and shit away, right? Few of you will have been in a position where a man's mouth were even remotely in the line of fire of your excretory system. The most you may have done is french-kissed saliva onto his tongue or accidentally sneezed on him. Some of you may have tasted the pleasure of a man kissing or licking your private parts, and maybe even sticking his tongue up your anus. Congratulations. You are on the right track and it will be very easy for you to turn these men into your personal slaves. Those of you who have not been able to bring a man to voluntary oral contact with your privates, the job before you is harder, but not impossible.

You must find an inconspicuous way to induce your domiferones into the man of your choice. There are several methods. One that I call 'The Remote Control' method is to mix in minute portions of urine and/or excrement in his food. This method is useful in marriages or relationships that enable the woman to cook for a man or have access to his food on a regular basis. The mixed-in portions can be increased in time, thus achieving the double goal of customizing the man to the taste of your excretions, as well as wearing down his resistance while increasing your control over him by raising the level of your personal domiferones in his organism. Still, we must remember that the effectiveness of this method is limited by the fact that the domiferones have to reside for some time outside the optimal environment that the human body provides. The time between induction of the domiferones into the food or beverage and their actual ingestion must therefore be reduced to an absolute minimum. It is advisable that the woman abstain from wearing underwear while cooking, so she can easily slip his pudding bowl under her skirt to spray it quickly with a few drops of urine or dip her finger into her shit-filled rectum to mix it in with the mushroom sauce, just before stepping into the dining room.

This method should always be combined with methods of more direct induction, to reach some degree of effectiveness. I will briefly go into some of these methods now.

This is one I like to call 'The Sandyman Can' method, and you will soon understand why. Wait for the man to fall asleep. This should preferably be at night, as this is when deepest sleep is achieved, and he should be in a room and bed where he is comfortable and at ease. Believe me, you do not want the man to wake up while you are in the middle of the procedure. Once you are absolutely sure he is fast asleep, position yourself in such a way, be it squatting on the bed or bending over standing beside the bed, that your naked ass is right over his mouth and nose, as close as you can get without actually touching him. When standing and bending over, you may want to pull your asscheeks apart, especially if you are on the heavy side (you bony-assed stick insects need not worry about this part), in order to have an unobstructed passageway between your excretory output and his respiratory intake. If you are crouching over his face, make sure you have a quick get-away route ready in case he should wake up. Thus positioned and prepared for any eventuality, proceed to fart. It goes without saying that before undertaking this venture, you have stuffed yourself with gas producing foodstuffs such as beans, coleslaws and onions. Try to synchronize your expulsions with his breathing: push when he breathes in, relax when he breathes out. This ensures more of your farts, and thus domiferones, are inhaled directly. Another valuable tip, product of my personal experience, is to make sure you have completely drained your bladder. It may so happen that while pushing to fart, some inadvertent drops of urine seep out and wake your victim.

While we all know the effectiveness of intestinal gases is not very high, this method in combination with others will ensure the accumulation of minimal doses of your domiferones in a man's organism, enough to make a him more receptive to your suggestions. You can use this receptiveness to expose him more and more often to your discharges, in situations where he will come to accept this exposure in a voluntary way until he will openly desire it. For example, while he is sitting at the table or on the couch, drop something while you have your back turned to him and when you bend over to pick it up , 'accidentally' fart right in his face. Fart around him and close to him as often as you can. You will find that not only will his complaints turn more and more fake, the moment will come when he will actually draw closer to your outstretched ass (make sure you pretend not to notice and stay in position for another while) and breathe in deep.

Another method is 'The Trojan Horse'. It uses those sweetly romantic food-sharing games lovers and newly-weds like to play. You know, where you sip a bit of wine and spit it into your lover's mouth. This is best done at a time when you are having sinus trouble or preferably a bronchial infection. Discreetly clear your throat or suck up snot from your sinuses into your mouth. Insert a grape or olive into your mouth, the de-pitted kind so it is hollow and you can easily stuff it with mucus. Then, kiss your man on the mouth and push the stuffed bit of food into his mouth. I can guarantee you he will not notice. Men are like that. In time, try other foodstuffs. By the time you get to do this with jelly or pudding, he will be as good as ready for direct and voluntary slime ingestion. Again not very effective as far as domiferone volumes go, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Then the 'Bloody Mary' method. This one, as the name reveals, can only be exercised during those days of the month. The man must already be familiar and comfortable with licking your cunt. The position does not really matter, but you have more control if you start off sitting on his chest. You do not want to squat over his face, as this will spread your cunt wide open and it will be clear you are sailing under a red flag. Yes, part of the trick is for the man not to know that you are menstruating, at least not at the beginning of the procedure when he can still slip away. That doesn't mean it needs to be dark in the room. In fact, it is of some advantage that the lights be on. All you have to make sure of is for your cunt to be spotlessly clean when you start. You cannot be dripping blood. Yet. Make sure he licks first your cuntlips and your clitoris, so you get really wet and he will not suspect once the blood starts dripping out. You will not move at first, as movement will start the blood to flow. However, after a while when you feel he is getting more and more horny, start grinding your hips while you keep his head fixed between your legs with both hands. You will feel how the domiferone-loaded menstruation blood starts flowing from your uterus. Lead his tongue away from your clitoris (cuntlicking men have this fixture, not realizing that a woman's cunt has overall erogenous sensitivity and the clitoris is prone to get sore after a while) and into your vagina. It is here where he will be in a position to intake as much of your menstrual blood as he can. Sit down hard on him, forcing him to swallow. It is possible that by now he will have noticed what is happening, but he will believe that you are not and he will not struggle nor say anything in order to save you the embarrassment. He will even wipe his face before you get a chance to see the mess you made. Sweet, isn't it? You see, men believe we women have a thing about menstruation, they think we are embarrassed by it. We aren't, we just think that men find it disgusting and that's why we do all we can to keep them away from it, even in thought and word. Now that we understand this self-feeding circle of thought, we can redirect it to our advantage.

The last trick I will teach you is the 'Flooding the Gates of Heaven' method. For this one, as with the former, you must have your man accustomed to licking your cunt out, preferably to an orgasm.

There's a wide variety of positions for cunnilingus. My personal favorite is sitting my cunt on a man's face, be it with him kneeling down on the floor before me, or lying down on the bed or floor. There are strategic and psychological advantages to a woman positioning herself on top of a man. First of all, it puts the man into the passive, receptive position. We women have allowed men for far too long to push us into that position. Just because we have a hole between our legs, does that mean we must be receptive and passive? It is high time we realize the power that lies within our genitals, and how we can use them in a more active and aggressive way. Our cunts are not but passive receptacles. They may not be built to penetrate, like penises are, but they have a far greater advantage.

Let's analyze this for a second, it is important you get this. A penis is basically a pole-shaped fleshy contraption that protrudes from a man's underbelly, that if a man is put into a primitive state of arousal (which blocks his few mental faculties), is hardened and shaped into an upright position in such a way that it can serve to penetrate a variety of lubricated cavities. Now think: would you, in a sane state of mind, insert any part of your body into any kind of cavity over which you do not bear complete and exclusive control? Of course you would not. But men do. They do it all of the time. Get it? Men are the weak sex. They are forced by nature to put themselves in a vulnerable position. What advantage we women have. Our sex organs are not exposed to the inclemency of the environment. They are well hidden and protected inside our bodies. They are well-designed traps, they engulf, they conquer. Nothing beats a cunt. A cunt hides in ambush, ready to swallow its prey at the least sign of weakness or distraction. A cunt entraps a penis, kindles it then strangles it, sucks the life out of it and then spits it out like a useless rag, shriveled and lifeless. If a cunt could swallow a man whole, it would. But a cunt has no need for force nor violence. It is an exotic flower, it entices, it seduces, it mesmerizes with its sensual, musky scent, its baroque shapes and contours, its mysterious dark and endless depths. No man resists a cunt. Your cunt is your strongest weapon.

Another advantage of the position on top, is that it clearly illustrates the natural order of the female-male relationship, in such a way that a man will easily adapt to it and accept it as his natural position when facing a specimen of the female gender. Don't forget that men have sprouted from a woman's cunt, and unconsciously struggle for the rest of their lives to get back in. You will find that sitting your cunt on his face will find easy acceptance with your partner, no matter how 'manly' or 'machisto' he be. Men crave for this. In truth, the only thing that has held women back from assuming the position that nature has designed for them, is their own reluctance in accepting their own superiority.

So now your sitting on your man's face, riding away on the waves of a surging orgasm as you slide your cunt back and forth, seeking out his lips and nose and brow with your clit and cuntlips for succulent friction. You feel how the fire grows from within, how it spreads out through your body, how it engulfs you and sends you screaming, frantically humping the face that gives you so much pleasure. Now remember that his mouth is right beneath your cunt and that it is open as you have effectively slimed his nostrils shut. What better time to piss a few quarts? He himself will probably be on the verge of ejaculation, beating away on his own dick behind your back. He will not even notice. And if he does, what can he do about it? So yes, while you come, let go of your bladder. Piss away, spray his mouth with all the piss your bladder holds. Make sure you sit down hard on him, hermetically lining his mouth with your vagina but allowing his nose to just stick out at the top where your outer cuntlips join (if your pisshole is right over his mouth, that's where his nose will be). That way you assure he can breathe, but must swallow first before he can. Not only will you feel that the sensation of peeing enhances your orgasm, you are at the same time filling him up with your domiferones in volumes you are unable to reach with any other method discussed at this point. Oh, and don't forget to crown your work of art with an innocent 'Oops!'.

Now, you will have understood that these little tricks by themselves lead nowhere, if they are not part of a greater plan. They are but a means to an end. I realize there's a big gap between dripping drops of piss on his pudding and having him willfully eat your shit right out of your asshole, which is of course the ultimate goal. But don't forget you're on a crusade, and that all battles have to be fought and won one by one. All you're doing with the tricks I am teaching you, is to open a window of opportunity for yourself, to crack his armor and allow you a way in, to prepare his body and mind to receive you. No man in his conscious mind will drink your piss or eat your shit, unless you have gradually softened his resistance by inducing ever increasing doses of your domiferones into him (or unless he has been pre-conditioned by a dominant and cruel mother; those are real jewels and less rare than you might imagine). Make sure you deposit into your savings account on a daily basis, so your domiferones build up to a level that allow moving on to the next stage.

The Initiation Ceremony

In time, you will come to a point where you have broken your man's resistance, and he is ready for initiation. Women of ancient times made a point of celebrating this moment with a formal ceremony. Protocols for this ceremony were described in great detail, although most of this was lost in the mists of time. Still, enough has survived for us to understand the importance of this feat. Initiation marks the moment when the man is ready for voluntary and conscious ingestion of a woman's bodily wastes. For the woman, it means the certainty that she has the man under her control, enabling her to start the process of taking possession of him in a direct and unmistakable way. It is the moment she stakes her claim over him. For the man, it means the recognition and full acceptance of the woman's intrinsic superiority over him. With the act he is required to perform consciously and willingly, he accepts the woman's claim on him and submits himself to her will, practically relinquishes his fate in her hands.

The act of Initiation comes down to the man, in a fully conscious state and of his own volition and impulse, allowing the woman to induce the bodily waste of her choice directly from the pertinent bodily orifice into his mouth, and swallow it whole. There are probably as many ways to conduct this act as there are women on this planet. Still, some guidelines would seem in order.

First of all, the choice of bodily waste. In theory, any of your waste fluids or solids are suitable, but some are harder to integrate in the setup than others. Excrements, for example, suppose an advanced state of submission of the man, and is in the rituals of our ancestors reserved for the final stage, the formal taking possession. Farts, sweat, menstruation blood and snot fall short in effectively as far as domiferone volumes go. Remember, you are setting the stage for the future, and if you initiate with a fluid that you cannot muster in sufficient quantities to bring the domiferone level in your man to back-breaking levels, you will still have to work on inducing him to take in those volumes through other means. That practically leaves urination as the only option, and this was coincidentally the preferred method of initiation practiced by ancient women.

So the goal is to get your man, for the first time, to voluntarily drink your piss directly from your cunt. Depending of the kind of man you chose to start with, and the successful application of the methods described in the former chapter, this may be an easy task as the man may be more than eager already to intake the output of your urinary system. If there is still some reluctance in the man, which is normal in all but the truly piggishly submissive specimens, you will have to set the stage for the ceremony. In other words, you will have to trick him again.

Think. What circumstances would induce a man to offer you his mouth as a urinal? Certainly not an easy endeavour. A tip: call on his chivalry. All men, because of their natural inferiority to women and because, after all, they were created to serve women, are cavaliers at heart. So all you need is a bursting bladder and no toilet available within a reasonable distance. Example. You can be in a car with him, driving through the countryside in a remote part of the state, and it is dark as hell outside. Or maybe it is raining. Make sure he knows you have to pee, and fast. Tell him. Start shifting around in your seat. Pull up your dress and massage your bursting cunt. At this time, it is wise to release a few drops of piss, so he sees the yellow stain in the crotch of your briefs grow. Maybe wet the seat a bit, he'll worry about his car (all men do). He will offer to stop so you can dash into the bushes. Now, surely you cannot be expected to step out into the scary and no doubt dangerous darkness, or into the pouring rain, can you? Nor can you wait until the next gas station or utility store, who knows how far that is? Nor can you consider the humiliation of peeing all over yourself. Narrow down the options. He will stop the car and propose you step out and pee right next to the car with the door open, no one will see. But what if some dangerous animal lurks out of the dark and bites you in the ass, or a snake crawls up your leg? No, no, you are not taking any chances. There must be a way you pee inside the car, without getting the whole place wet. Eureka! Plastic bag. Bottle. Little does he know you removed any suitable receptacles from the car before you started on this trip. Threaten. Say you'll spray the car with piss if he doesn't come up with a suitable receptacle fast. He'll laugh a bit nervously, joking he didn't bring an umbrella. So maybe you can get mad a bit, scolding him that a true cavalier would not joke about a woman's predicament while she is squirming in obvious pain and discomfort, but come up with a solution. Remember, you cannot, under the rules of a successful initiation, induce him in any way. You can coerce him, but the actual initiative must come from him. Look him straight in the eye. Bite your lip, give him the 'sorry' look, or give him hell, anything that will kick in the realization that the only suitable receptacle available in the car is, well, himself. Trust me, he will be excited by the idea and kick himself for not having thought of this sooner. His pride will still force him to seem reluctant, so he may curse and swear while he lowers down his seat and lies back, muttering something about why didn't you go at the last stop (you know why you didn't). He'll sigh and say something like 'All right, I guess the only way out of this is for me to sacrifice myself'.

Don't think you have accomplished your goal. You must play hardball now. It is important that he ask you. Better still if he begs. The stronger he expresses his desire, the more powerful the initiation. Play dumb.

'What do you mean?' He will be forced to explain, thus ask.

'Well, uh, I thought, maybe� if you can't go outside and you don't want to mess yourself, well maybe, uh� you know.'

'What?' Your face reflects you are dumbfounded.

'You know. Pee into� ' He makes a shy gesture with his hand.

'Where? Tell me.'

'Gosh, you know. I'll drink it, OK. There's nowhere else.'

'You mean you want me to piss into your mouth?'

'Uh, yeah, sure, do you know another solution?'

'Do you really want me to? I wouldn't do it if you don't like it. I mean, it is pee, you know, maybe you won't like it. I don't want to force you or anything.'

'No, no, it's OK, anything for you, darling.'

'No, it's not OK. I don't want you to sacrifice yourself just for my sake. You'll hate me for it.'

'No, come on, I want you to do it. It was my idea, remember?'

'Yeah, but still, I mean, unless I knew you really liked to drink my pee, if not I would feel very uncomfortable doing it, you know. Would you really like to drink my pee?'

'Uh, yeah, sure. Come on, get your ass over here and let's be done with it, OK.'

'That doesn't sound like you really want it. You're just doing me a favor.'

'But what do you want? You said yourself there's really nothing you can pee into, and you won't go outside. So this is all you got.'

'What do I want? Is it so much to ask of the man who fucks me, that if I'm gonna pee into his fucking mouth at least I'm reassured that he likes it?' You're growing impatient.

'Well, but of course I like it, darling, otherwise would I even have suggested it?'

'Then say it.'

'Say what?'

'That you'd like me to piss into your mouth. That you'd like to taste my pee. I need to hear you say it.'

'Yes, honey. I want you to piss into my mouth.'

'I didn't hear please.'

'Please baby.'

'Please what?'

'Please come over here and piss into my mouth. I want you to.'

'And you'll like my pee? You won't spit it out or anything? It doesn't disgust you?'

'No hon, I'm sure I like it.'

'How can you be so sure?'

'I haven't told you this, but for some reason, since about a month, you know when you make me lick your cunt and you cum on my face, well every time you cum you pee like a horse. And I'm there lying helpless and I have to swallow it so I can breathe. I didn't tell you because I thought maybe that would embarrass you and you wouldn't let me lick your cunt anymore.'

'Hmm.' You are smiling knowingly. 'Ok then.'

So you move up to where he is lying and straddle his face. Not quite so comfortable in the confined space of the car, but you know you will have countless opportunities to do it in more comfortable circumstances after tonight. Once you are more or less seated on his mouth, you pull aside the crotch of your briefs. Tell him to open his mouth. You know he has it open already and that flatters you, but it's nice to say it. Then, guns away! Piss your bladder inside out. You have accomplished your goal. From now on, it will be a lot easier to infuse your domiferones into him, as he will be literally begging for it. You are ready to proceed to the next and last stage of his submission.

Strangely enough, another extremely clever and cunny trick was provided by no less than� a man. I read it on the internet not so long ago. It's one of those crappy femdom stories about men being forced to drink piss and eat shit by bossy women. It's about this guy picking up a woman at a bar and ending up as her toilet slave. What she does is she takes him into the elevator for a test. Once they're inside, she makes out her bladder is on the brink of explosion and appeals to his chivalry. He is a bit slow, but she is adamant and through clever emotional maneuvering, she gets him into position and he passes the test with flying colours. I recommend you read up on this story, it's called 'A Career Move' and there is a copy of it in the portfolio you received when you came in. It takes enormous skill and nerves of steel to pull off the elevator trick, but it is most satisfactory. I've tried it myself and I can tell you, the thrill I got from it got me so worked up, that in the ensuing days I messed up that poor bastard so bad he never recovered from the trauma.

How to get a man to eat shit

Now that you have a straight access line to his body through which to massively induce your essence, you must prepare your man for the final act, the act of formally taking possession of him, by making him eat your excrements. Remember, shit is the best vehicle for your domiferones that you have available, one that operates on such a massive scale that nothing comes close to it in effectiveness. Now, it is one thing to drink piss, another entirely to eat shit. In case you didn't know it, shit not only stinks, it tastes horribly. It is absolutely the most foul and disgusting matter the human body produces. Not what you would wish for dinner, much less on a daily basis. Yet, to keep a man under your absolute influence, this is exactly what you must accomplish. Once a man has eaten your shit, he is yours completely, without bounds nor limitations. You will have voided him of any sense of self determination, replacing his will by your own. So this is the first feat you must master. Shitting into his mouth and having him swallow your shit, signs the deal. It is his unwavering acceptance of you as his one and only master, owner of his body and his mind. It is his unconditional surrender to you. Once he has eaten your shit, he will be yours to have. To hold him, you must make him eat your shit every day. That is the rule, and the rule is based on the truths discovered and elaborated by the ancient female dominators. Those who live by the rule, will have their most secret dreams come true.

Now, how to get your man to the point of willingly and consistently eating shit? Of course you haven't stopped mixing ever greater quantities of your excrement into his food. Now that he is drinking your urine three to four times a day (you do not piss in a toilet bowl when he is around), doesn't mean that he is yours. Yet. As explained, the bond is sealed and maintained by shit, the only substance strong enough to completely wipe out a man's mind and substitute it with your own. The mixed-in shit will not help as far as domiferone levels go, as the quantities are minimal and the strength is diminished by the time outside the body. Its primary goal is now merely getting the man used to the taste of shit, and specifically your shit. Thus, don't be shy with increasing the dosis. You can prepare foods which consist in up to fifty percent of shit, if you are a good cook. Try gravy sauces, meat stuffings, refried beans, chocolate fudge, anything he likes and which can conceal the true nature of its main ingredient.

Apart from that, make him be comfortable around and inside your asshole. Start with having him lick your cunt, but instead of sitting on his face facing him, do it with your back to him. This way, while his tongue is furrowing through your cuntlips, his nose is stuck right up against your rosebud. Try farting while he licks you. Also, make him take longer strokes when he licks, starting at your clit and ending up the way up between your buttocks, right over your asshole. Then, steer him more and more towards your asshole, have him pass his tongue around it and circle inward. Maybe next time, take a dump right before sex and don't wipe so well. He will notice, but don't worry, he won't pull away and he won't comment on it because he will not want to embarrass you, and secretly he will start to like it. Another time, don't shit before sex. Make him stick his tongue up your shitfilled ass. He will feel how full you are. Watch his penis, see how it grows even harder. At this stage, I can guarantee you that he will get more aroused than ever, feeling your shit inside your ass. By the time he spends back there, you will be able to measure how close you are to actually shitting into his mouth.

Play fart games. By now, he must be used to you farting into his face, and he will have expressed that this turns him on. So fart into his mouth and let him guess what you ate for dinner. You can also try food games, where you stuff bits of food up your ass, a whole chain of them, and then shit them into his mouth one by one. Let him close his eyes and guess what each is made of. This is fun for both. Next time, mix in small balls of your shit. He'll never guess what those are. 'Uhm, bitter chocolate? Truffles? Noisette?'

You see? Once you have progressed this far into the project, the hard work gets replaced by fun. This should encourage you.

The final stage: Taking Possession

So you are getting ever closer to the big moment. Months of patience and hard work are finally starting to pay off. Now, you must crown your work. You will want to prepare this event carefully, as it is a major landmark in the relationship with your man. Choose a day when you know you two will be absolutely alone and undisturbed in the house. You may also consider going to a hotel (five star, make him pay for his own demise). The occasion must be memorable. He will celebrate this date for the rest of his life: the day he became yours in the ultimate and most profound sense of the word, truly to have and truly to hold till death do thee part.

The feat you must accomplish, as you already know, is for you to shit into his open mouth, and have him swallow it. He must do this of his own free will, meaning you cannot use force nor restrain him. He must willfully and in full consciousness hold his mouth to your asshole and allow you to evacuate the complete content of your bowels into it. Not only must he be a receptacle for you to drop your shit into, he must also swallow and digest it. He may chew it or swallow it whole, whatever he chooses. But he must literally eat your shit. The ritual establishes the starting point of a necessary routine: the daily infusion of your essence, of indeed your being into him, allowing you to fully possess him in every possible manner and way, taking over his will and volition, replacing it with your own. You will quite literally creep into his body, into every last one of his cells, take him over completely. In the end, he will be as you as you are yourself. He will read your mind before you have thought, he will soothe your need before you feel the desire, he will nurse you before you hurt.

An important aspect of the ceremony is atmosphere. Atmosphere is determined mostly by the environment, but you control it by means of your attitude. Let's start with the environment. If you're doing this at home, make him do a thorough spring cleaning (never mind spring). This drill will help you to set him in the right frame of mind: it establishes his slave role, tests his subduance and stamina under hard conditions, and magnifies the importance of the occasion. Then, have him cook (or order in, first class caterer) an elaborous and luxurious seven course meal, including champagne, caviar and French and Italian cheese variety. The table will be set (by him) with a bordeaux damask cloth, finest porcelain and silver cutlery. Chandeliers. Violins and cello, piano softly in the background. Only one place will be set, yours. He will serve you and stand by you throughout the whole meal. He himself will not eat. This food is fit only for angels and queens like yourself. But he needn't worry, he will eventually get a taste of it, after you have processed it. You yourself have prepared the bedroom, which you have set a-glow with the light of a thousand candles. They're everywhere, on the night table, the chair, the boudoir, the floor. Veils will hang from the ceiling, the door, the bedposts. No plastic. Plastic is a mood breaker. Put him under pressure to keep it a clean affaire. You'll love the sight of him squirming in the effort to comply.

Attitude. Do not doubt your right to do what you're about to do. Do not doubt it is necessary. Do not doubt he will not only go through with it, he will like it. He will enjoy it and he will forever after desire it. Do not doubt you deserve it. Be convinced you have the strength. Be convinced he is under your control. Be convinced you are at the point of no return. Commit yourself in full to the task at hand. The greater your conviction and commitment, the greater his will be. Just be what you truly enjoy being: the perfect bitch. This man is far from good enough for you, who are you to have to put up with him? So you will smother his existence with the wealths of your body and mold him to your needs.

With all this elaborate setup, he will of course wonder, and you will tell him you have prepared a special test for him. Tonight, you will test how much he suits you as a partner, and how unconditional his love and dedication to you is. If he passes the test, a life of splendor and untold marvels under your divine sponsorship lies ahead for him. If he fails, the relationship as it is today will be doomed and you may have to look out for a more suitable partner.

The truth that he must not know but of which you must have crystal clear understanding, is though that this is not a test for him. It is your final exam. Have you prepared him well? Have you established enough of your presence in his organism? Have you nurtured the biochemical bond sufficiently, so it is strong enough to pass this last stage? During the proceedings that follow, there can be no hesitation, no doubt, no lapse of conviction, not on your part nor on his. Both must be absolutely dedicated to the act. Much will depend on your preparation during the past months, and your attitude during the procedure.

Yourself, you are clad in black, something preferably tight and shiny. Leather. Zippers everywhere. High heel boots. Maybe a whip, for effect. But don't overdue it, remain classy, you are not some cheap street corner whore. Just look nasty, like you mean business (you do). He of course must be completely naked, accentuating his vulnerability. Make him stand in the middle of the room and inspect him. Move his penis around with the butt of your whip. Tap him on the balls. Tell him to turn around, bend over. Pass the butt through his crack. Pressure his asshole. Screw it slowly in. Make him kneel down in front of you and tickle his nose with your cunthair. Make him sniff your cunt and ask him how he likes the smell. He'll lie because you haven't washed for a while, so you can sock him on the head. Sock him harder if he says you actually do stink a bit. Snap his head back by the hair and shove your cunt in his face. Smear him with your cunt slime. Grab his head with both hands and slide his face up and down through your cunt crack. What a feeling, uh? Powerful. Tell him to open his mouth. Slap him in the face if he isn't real quick about it. Straddle him again and release a thick stream of piss down his throat. By the way, you know the best time to piss into a man's mouth is in the morning. The first urine of the day is so concentrated, you can almost cut it. Dark yellow to brown in colour, bitter with a night's worth of urea, and a smell worse than a cesspool. Anyway, so you're pissing away. Lift your cunt a bit and spray his eyes, piss up his nose, whatever is fun for you. You can also pull his face forcefully into your pissing cunt and watch how your piss sprouts out in every direction. Mmmm, so many things I can tell you about pissing� But we mustn't stray.

Make him lie down on the floor, or on the bed, whatever suits you. You can strap his arms and legs to the bedposts, if you so desire. But you must use loose knots and he must know he must know this. Remember, you cannot restrain him nor use force. Strapping him down is merely part of the atmosphere you are creating. It accentuates your power, his submission. The fact that he knows he can break free but doesn't, illustrates your complete control and dominance.

Tell him the time has come for him to prove his love and devotion for you. Tell him that whatever happens, he must not gag, not spit, and above all not vomit. Tell him he must take it as a man. Tell him that what you're about to do is a privilege for him, which he must honour to the best of his ability. Failure to comply, means he does not deserve you, and you will have to look for another, more worthy man.

This said, squat down on his face. You can do this with your back towards him, or facing him. If you face him, you have the option to spray him with piss while you shit. This technique also enables you to keep eye contact with him throughout the procedure, thus accentuating your superiority. It is the ultimate of subordination for him to look you in the eye while you are shitting into is mouth, and it enhances your sexual and psychological satisfaction.

On the other hand, there are considerable advantages to be found in the backward position. It is quite an intimidating and overpowering sight for a man to have this mountain of flesh looming above him, moving ever closer until it completely blocks out the room. Thus, your ass will be all he sees and smells and feels, it will become his world, a world to live in, a world to covet. All he ever needs, your ass can give him: warmth, air, food.

Once you are thus positioned and have made sure that his mouth is wide open, all that is left for you to do is shit away. It is always nice, if you are the gassy type, to let roll a couple of farts first. For him, it is humiliating and exiting at the same time. It is said that women don't fart. At least, you never hear them fart (you may smell them, but there must always be a man around to take the blame). That's because women are afraid to leave their mark in the world. Farts are statements of power. For a woman to fart loudly in a man's presence (and better still into his face or mouth), means she is asserting her power over him. For a man allowing a woman to fart into his face or mouth, means he acknowledges her power over him. But be careful not to loose the moment when your shit starts sliding out of your asshole. Feel that! Feel his hot breath on your ass. Feel how your shithole slowly expands. Feel how your shit pushes slowly out. Make him stick his tongue out, so it serves as a guide for your turd. Feel how it slides from your asshole onto his tongue and into his mouth. Hmmm, I tell you, there is no feeling more fulfilling and satisfying than this. I can have an orgasm by merely shitting into a man's mouth.

Don't feed him more than he can take. Remember, this is probably the first time he is consciously tasting shit. Don't shit a long log, nip it off with your sphincter, so you can dose your shit into manageable portions. Do give him time to chew and swallow what you are feeding him. You don't want him to fail, do you? In time, he will become better at eating your shit and you will be able to unload without restraint. For now, help him to comply with the rules. It is within your best interests.

And now what?

You've done it! He's yours! Nothing will take him away from you. He's yours to do with as you please. Yours to serve you. Yours to have, yours to dispose of. Once he has willfully eaten your shit, there's nothing he won't do for you. Enjoy him. Use him. He can do the household. Do your shopping. Lick you clean if you don't feel like taking a shower. Use him as your fuck machine whenever you feel like fucking, or have him lick your cunt and ass to a slow, lazy orgasm while you watch TV, read a book or talk to a friend on the phone. Show him off to your friends when they come over for tea. Have him service you in front of them. Then let him service them. Yes, they can even shit into his mouth, don't worry, he is by now so full of your shit that no one can take him over from you. Just remember to keep the tank filled. Keep your domiferone level in his organism high enough at all times. Your ass must never touch a toilet seat again. And why should it, if you have his velvet lips to rest your cunt and ass upon while you piss and shit. Nothing is more pleasing.

Oh, and it is not written in any place that you cannot have more than one personal slave. Shop around. You can have as many slaves, as you can muster shit.

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