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Final Fuck
As always I am killed in a sexy way

I knew joa through two of my friends, a couple who'd recently been married. I'd met him for the first time four years ago when Jeff and Lissa began dating each other. I'd seen him at a gathering and had fallen in love right there and then - how couldn't one when confronted by this tall, muscled, Adonis-like man who deserved to have been a model? Anne warned me, though, said he was a money- grabbing heart-breaker, and that I'd be better off forgetting him. I couldn't help myself, though, and a week later asked him out after I'd woken frustrated with wet panties from a dream where he'd been fucking me doggy-style, his dick big enough to make me cry as much with pain as ecstasy. Fingering myself to orgasm had been good, but I wanted more - I wanted joa. And duly found out what Lissa meant after I found myself stranded at a party clear across town after the fucking bastard found some 'rich bitch' who obviously had better prospects, and left me wondering where he'd gone. And which was why, also, I'd decided that he'd never get the chance to do that again - not only never to me, but to no-one else. The saying goes that hell hath no fury like a woman spurned, and dear old joa was about to find out how true that was� So it was that two weeks later I found myself in his apartment, playing the dumb forgiving bitch only too glad, too desperate to have his attention, drinking wine he was obviously trying to ply me with to get into my panties. I hated the act, but consoled myself with the knowledge that if everything went to plan, the final fuck I got from him would be one of the most satisfying ever. When he started making his moves (turning down the lights, putting some soft music on - how fucking predictable!), I took the arm he'd placed on the couch behind me and pushed it into my crotch, saying, "Are we going to fuck or what?" The look on his face was worth a thousand words - complete and utter shock, mixed with a certain amount of horror. Clearly he wasn't all that familiar with a female predator. Taking his hand in mine again, I brought it to my mouth and sucked finger by finger, swirling my tongue around each one as I said, "If you think that's good, wait until I have your cock in here!" I think he almost shot his load right then. Unbuttoning my blouse and shrugging it off, I nodded my head towards my skirt. "But you're going to have eat me out first, joa. You gotta be a gentleman, and that means the woman always comes first. You up to the job?" "Fuck, yes!" he breathed, all but ripping my skirt and panties off, pulling my arse to the edge of the couch and spreading my legs. Taking a brief, admiring look at my pussy with its closely cropped hair, he used his left hand and fingers to open my lips before burying his tongue inside me, taking long, luxurious licks from inside upwards, over my clit and back down again. With his other hand he all but ripped my bra off, allowing my firm 36Cs to bounce free, the fingers of that hand mauling them, pinching and twisting my nipples that had sprung to attention. "Fuck!" It was my time to cry out, for there was nothing wrong with his technique, and had my resolve been weaker, I might have opted to keep him around for a while longer. But that wasn't the plan. While his attention was elsewhere (and while I could still think coherently!) I took from my blouse pocket the pill I'd been cradling safely and while faking what I knew would real in a few more moments, lunged forwards, grinding my breasts into the top of his head, and dropped it into his wineglass sitting on the table behind him. Making loud gasping noises, I stayed where I was until it stopped fizzing and disappeared into the alcohol. Just in time too, for old joa's tongue had been joined by his fingers, probing, rubbing, and when he pushed one of them into my anus, that just did it: the orgasm ripped through me, and I actually screamed, throwing myself backwards into the chair, pushing my cunt into his face until I couldn't bear the sensations any more. Grabbing him by his hair I pulled him on top of me, holding him tightly as I coasted downwards from my pleasures. Not brainy or gentlemanly enough to allow the woman to gather her energies before demanding his own pleasures, joa began whingeing seconds later about how it was 'his turn'. Fighting the urge to stick my hand inside his mouth and rip his tongue out, I brought his face to mine and kissed him deeply, licking him. "Don't worry, Big Boy, you're gonna get your turn now� I just hope you're up to it, because I'm going to fuck you long and hard, and I want you to fuck me long and hard too� And I want it to last, joa. I want you to pound me until I'm raw!" "Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet!" he enthused, pushing himself off me and pulling his shirt off so quickly I actually saw a button pop off. His pants proved a little to difficult, catching on his ankles, and he almost ended up on the floor. Handing him his glass with a seductive smile, I took mine, drained it, and said with a husky voice, "Steady, Babe� Let me help you out there. Take a break." Sitting him on the table, I tipped the bottom of the glass up forcing him to drink each and every last drop, as I pulled his pants off, tossed them away, and then helped free the bulging lump trying to rip free of his Jockeys. And fuck, it was almost as big as the one in my dreams had been. Kneeling between his legs, I took his glass, poured us both another glass and gave it to him while encircling his engorged cock with my other hand. "Here's to a fuck like no other!" I said, draining my glass and watching him do the same while I slowly jacked him off. When his glass was empty, I took his cock inside my mouth and moved slowly up and down, gently licking around its head before cupping his arse cheeks and deep throating him for a few seconds. Letting it slip from my mouth, his precum still joining us via a strand from my lips to the head of his penis for a few seconds before it broke, I placed my hand back where it had been and stood, pulling him up with me. "I want a bed." I said, "Carpet burn doesn't do it for me." "Uh�Okay�:" he said, most of the blood long having since left his real brain, pointing down the hallway. Off we went, me in front, leading him by his cock until we got to his bedroom and climbed onto the bed, throwing the pillows out of the way. Getting on all fours in front of him, I decided to see if reality had been as good as my dream. Wiggling my arse at him, I said, "What do you want? A fucking written invitation?" Clearly not, as he was on the bed behind me in a second, pushing brutally at my pussy's entrance, but at that moment I couldn't have cared less: I was pushing myself way past any moral boundaries I'd ever dared to. He slid into me with a groan, stayed there for a moment, and then began the pounding I'd been asking for earlier, driving himself into me as deep as he could manage, my tits jiggling and wobbling under the onslaught until he leaned forwards, grabbed them, and pulled me up and against him, biting my neck. "Gonna fuck you raw, bitch!" he shouted, moments before his rhythm slowed and he sunk sideways onto the bed next to me with a dazed expression. Smiling, I rolled him onto his back and straddled him, taking his still steel-like cock and sliding down on it (fuck! If it was possible, it actually felt even bigger now!). "Aw, shame, joa." I cooed, "Do you feel kinda�woozy? As if you can't quite get those muscles of yours working?" I rose slowly and then pushed myself down again, crushing my clit against his pelvis as I squeezed my pussy around his dick, in much the same way as I was about to squeeze something else soon. "It's the effect of the pill I stuck in your drink." I went on. "Cost me a bundle, but I see it's worth it - I wanted you helpless, but not�" I rose and slid down on him again, "� useless." I continued doing so, placing my hands on his chest, pinching his nipples, then slowly moved them up to his neck. "Here's one of those life-changing Lessons In Life, joa: Don't fuck with me." This said, I began squeezing his neck while at the same time pumping myself up and down on his cock. This obviously gave him more motivation to try and shrug off the effects of the drug, but apart from a few feeble flailings of his arms, he remained pretty useless as his eyes bulged and his talented tongue began to poke out between his teeth. A tongue I no longer needed, because whether it was from having this monster cock inside me, or the excitement of the situation I found myself in, I once again felt an orgasm building in me. Him too, it became clear from the way it had begun to twitch inside me. I squeezed even tighter, determined to see the bastard dead before I came, pounding myself up and down on him, my breasts slapping against each other with the ferocity of my fucking, and moments later his body gave a single, long jerk, his eyes rolling backwards, and as my orgasm struck for the second time that night and I bucked helplessly on top of him, I felt his still rigid cock swell and spurt its scalding contents inside me time and time again, a feeling so deliciously depraved I almost came again. Collapsing on top of him, I lay there for a while longer, calming my breathing with my ear against his chest, making sure that joa had indeed departed this world. I stayed there for a few minutes longer, his cock inside me still, and surprising enough seemingly frozen in its engorged state. Pulling myself off it, I stood over him with my legs open until globs of his come slipped out onto his face. Jumping off the bed, I headed back to the lounge to get dressed, leaving behind the sound of joa pissing on himself as his bladder emptied. It was such a brilliant pay-back sound that I couldn't help but laugh as I dressed and got ready to leave�
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