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Ember Pretty
I wanted sex and orgy but in exchange she gave me the death

One little story of as she killed him. The joa was a virgin I picked up in a club. He was DESPERATE for sex. I took him to an old building I know out of town and teased him for a while. He let me tie him up while I licked him all over. He was erect and VERY excited. I got him to suck my toes, saying I would fuck him if he did it properly, then I pushed my bare foot down his throat until he was gasping for breath. I made him beg for his life then slowly strangled him to death with my silk stockings. I alternated between killing him with my bare feet and my stockings. I stopped strangling him on the brink quite a few times then taunted him by saying he would never fuck a girl ever. Watching his eyes roll back into his haead as he died in agony was SUCH a turn on. Wish you could have watched and licked me out at the same time!
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