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"The making of a Dominatrix" By Lovz2bteased

Lisa and Jane had not seen each other in the four years since high school. The two girls were best friends from grammar school until they graduated. Jane had gone off to college while Lisa had moved to the city. Both of them had grown from lovely young girls into beautiful women. Jane was blond, about five foot six, with great legs and a killer ass. Lisa was dark skinned, black hair, five eleven flat footed, with long beautiful legs, a fine paired shaped ass and large breast. Both women had the face of an angel. The two of them together were really a pair of head turners.

They met at a local mall and spent the morning shopping. Lisa bought a new black leather mini skirt and a pair of thigh high black leather boots. They had four-inch heels, making her and imposing six foot-three. She looked great in them but Jane could not believe that her friend paid over five hundred dollars for the outfit. As a matter of fact, Lisa did not even blink at the price.

The women had a late breakfast together and Lisa invited Jane to spend the weekend with her at her home. Jane agreed having no other plans. They took Lisa's Mercedes and drove into the suburbs towards Lisa's home. The car impressed Jane, but she was floored when they pulled into the long drive of the mansion that Lisa called home.

"Wow, this is unbelievable, how do you afford all this? Do you live here alone?" she asked.

"Yes, this is my home and I live with my servants. We will talk shop later. First let's get inside and get comfortable."

Just as they reached the front door a maid in a short black uniform with a white apron opened it. She curtsied saying, "Welcome home Ma'am."

"Thank you Missy. Fix us tea and serve it in the den." Lisa said as the maid hurried off to do her bidding.

Something didn't seem right about Missy to Jane, she was very pretty but her voice was a little gruff for a woman. The way she walked away, that bow and greeting. She was more than a little intrigued about her friend's lifestyle. There was another maid in the same short uniform scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees in the hall as the ladies made their way into the den.

The two ladies sat in Lisa's den waiting for Missy to serve tea. "Lisa, we have got to talk. What's going on with all this? Where did you get Missy and where do you get the money?"

"Slow down Jane. First I need to know how open minded you are."

"Open minded enough to know that Missy is a Man," Jane said. "How is that for starters? I didn't get a good enough look at your other maid, but I bet she is a man too."

"Ok, that's good. Missy is a man, but he is more than that, he is not just my maid. He is my slave, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I own him."

"I don't understand, oh, ok, he is your sex slave. I got it now, but what about the car and this house. How does all that fit in to this?"

"Let me start at the beginning, or at least back up a bit. You remember Mike?"

"Sure, I heard he never got over you. That he is a street person now, is that right?" Jane asked.

"He was, he is kind of my gardener now. Well, actually he is my slave too. But he mows the lawn, trims the shrubs, and keeps the flowerbeds up, that sort of thing. He also serves as a chuffer when I need one. It keeps him off the street. He was living out of a trash can when I found him."

"Well, that is very nice of you, but," Jane started.

"Not really," Lisa interrupted. "He was in love with me back then. Well, he is still in love with me."

"Yes, everyone knew that. He went head over heels for you. All the guys you dated did. You always had a way with men."

"Things got sort of bad for Mike. Here is where you are going to need to be open minded. Mike was in love with my ass."

Jane laughed, "What do you mean?" still giggling.

"He worshiped my ass. When we were together he always wanted to kiss my ass and tongue my asshole. He could not get enough."

"Wow, most of the boys I date want to kiss my ass, but I never had one so infatuated with it. Where do you find that kind of ass worshipper?" Jane laughed again.

"I've learned since then that they are everywhere. And it was kind of nice at first, it made me feel special, very desirable, but as time went on I just didn't see him as a man or a lover. He was just an ass wipe. At that time in my life I wanted to date a real man. I have learned since then that there are not any. Oh, Missy, put the tea over here on the table."

"Yes Ma'am," he said. "Will there be anything else?"

"Jane, do you need anything. Would you like your feet massaged, Missy is quite the foot fetish," she giggled. She is also a great little cunt lapper, aren't you Missy." The maid blushed.

"No, I am fine for now. Maybe later," Jane said, giggling.

"That will be all Missy," Lisa said.

"Thank you Ma'am," as Missy walked out the door.

"Now, where was I. Oh yes, Mike. I simply lost respect for him. I wanted to date other guys, but he went crazy with jealously. So I dated other guys behind his back, and it kept getting worse for him. I was just filled with contempt for him. I started to purposely humiliate him."

"How so," Jane asked.

"I would make him beg to lick out my ass. Then one evening I held my bowels all day and took a shit right before he came over. He begged to lick me and I told him that I had just finished in the bathroom. He didn't care and begged even more to lick my ass. So I let him."

"Oh no," Jane said.

"Oh yes, and he loved it. And I knew that I was really dirty, I hardly wiped at all. Well, I really held him in contempt now," Lisa said.

"I can see why, that is so nasty."

"You haven't heard anything yet. It got much worse for him. I would make him beg to lick me and then I would bitch slap him until he cried. I would grab a handful of his hair and hold him in position. Then I would slap him followed by a backhand. Once I blacked his eye and gave him a bloody nose."

"I remember that! He told me that he was in a fight with some boy from another school," Jane said.

"The only fight he had was with me. When he licked my asshole I even farted in his face and he liked that too. Not long after that I started pissing in his mouth. I hardly ever used a toilet, I peed in Mike's mouth when I had to go."

"God girl, you have a mean streak. Of course I don't see myself doing things any different if I had been in your position," Jane laughed.

"Well, he loved it. If he were not begging to lick my asshole, he was begging me to piss in his mouth. I couldn't get rid of him. I started to whip him, and I mean I whipped him with a belt until his entire ass and upper legs were bruised and bloody."

"I remember him limping, complaining with a sore back before you dropped him, that was in our senior year," Jane added.

"Sore back my ass. I beat the shit out of him. About the time his bruises would start to fade, I would beat the hell out of him again. Around that time I was also dating two or three other guys and fucking them all. I would call Mike over after my dates. I would make him eat my pussy and then I would piss in his mouth. When he licked me I could see the sperm run out of my cunt into his mouth. I would mash his face in it and smear it all over his mouth and nose. He would get a mouth full of my lover's sperm along with a belly full of my piss. A lot of times I would drink beer all night and would not allow Mike to have any. I would have to piss four or five times, and I would piss forever each time. On several nights he drank it until he was dizzy and nauseous. You can see why I had no respect for him. At the end of our dates his breath was so bad, well, I never kissed him anyway. It was like kissing the toilet and it got worse."

"God, I never knew he was such a pervert," Jane answered.

"They are all perverts honey. When it comes down to it their dicks and their tongues rule them all. No exceptions. The next thing to happen was a couple of weeks later. Mike had come over. I made him strip naked and get on his knees. I kicked him in the balls, and I mean hard. I'm thinking he won't be able to take this. He will drop me for sure. Wrong again. He crawled to me and started kissing my feet, begging for more. I rolled him over on his back and sat on his face. His tongue went straight up my ass. He continued to tongue my anus and I sat there beating his balls with my fist."

"I knew he had it bad for you, but I had no idea just how bad it was. Is there any treatment he wouldn't take from you?" Jane asked.

"I don't think so. Anyway, I sat there beating him while he licked my asshole for the longest time. I think I did permanent damage to his balls; I doubt he can father children. Then the urge hit me, I had to go to the bathroom, and I don't mean I had to pee."

"Oh my god, you didn't?" Jane giggled. She already knew the answer to this.

"I told him that I had to shit and that I wanted him to eat it or I would never see him again. Now I'm thinking, surly he will leave me. But he starts crying. He begs me not to break up with him. I told him that I was dating other guys. I even told him about feeding him their sperm. All this time my ass is still right in his face. He said he knew about the other guys and he knew that I made him eat their semen out of my cunt. He told me that he didn't care. He loved me and would do anything for me. Then he begged me to shit in his mouth, and he lay there with his mouth wide open. I stared down at him through my legs, and then I looked into his eyes, trying to read his thoughts. Our eyes met, and he said, "Please do it, I've wanted it for so long, but I was afraid to ask you."

"Oh god, you mean the whole time you dated him he wanted to eat your shit," Jane could not believe it. "What did you do? I know what I would have done."

"I gave him exactly what he asked for. I took a shit in his slave mouth. When it first came out I made him take it into his mouth and suck it like a cock. He wrapped his lips around my turd and sucked on it until I made him eat it. He ate every bite."

"This is just to much, I would loved to have seen that," Jane was excited by the story. "Wait a minute. He works for you now? Does he still do this for you? Does he swallow it? And what has this got to do with this house and."

"Hold on. Let me take one question at a time. For about the next month I shit in his mouth everyday. I whipped him at least once a week and beat his balls when I got the chance. I would make him beg me for his dinner and lick my ass clean after I finished dumping in his mouth. I would usually wash my shit down his throat with my piss. When I finally dropped Mike he was completely broken. For two years he lived as a bum, a street person. But I had learned a lot about men from him. Especially how submissive they are. And no, I've broken him once; I don't allow him to eat my shit anymore. Believe it or not, he still begs me for it. After high school I moved here, well to New York. I became a dominatrix.

"You're a prostitute?" now Jane was really shocked.

"No, not a prostitute, a dominatrix. There is a big difference. I don't have sex with my clients. I whip them, humiliate them, beat them, I even piss in there mouths, but I don't have sex with them. And I usually refer to them as slaves."

"And that is how you pay for all this? I can't believe it. Do you, well, do you shit on any of them?" Jane had an embarrassed smile as she asked.

"I earn a lot of money for what I do, and yes, shitting on men is kind of my specialty. My usual tribute for relieving myself in a man's mouth is one thousand dollars, and I average doing it five or six times a week. Sometimes more. And I could do it a lot more, but I only shit once a day. My shit is worth more than cocaine. It's hilarious if you think about it. It is like laying golden eggs. Otherwise, for straight domination I get seven-fifty an hour for my time. I work around fifteen hours a week. If you can't do the math in your head that is over a million a year, and I could easily double it if I wanted to, but I only work the equivalent of around two days a week. I have men travel here from all over the world to see me. Then there are the gifts, and you would not believe how quickly they add up. The car we used today was given to me by one of my shit eaters, and I have four other cars. All were gifts. Another of my shit eaters made the down payment on this house for me. That was three hundred and fifty thousand. And all he got for it was an advanced reservation to have his dinner here every Wednesday for a year. Oh, and he still had to pay me the thousand dollars for his meal."

"His meal?"

"Yes, I promised him that I would reserve my bowel movement for him every Wednesday, but his year is up now. He is back to begging along with all the others for a chance to have lunch with me." Lisa laughed.

"My god, and I have wasted four years in college," Jane was totally floored by all this, and very turned on too. Her pussy was dripping wet.

"He has offered me two thousand per lunch if I will give him his reservation back. I just laughed in his face. He told me he would buy me a new Porsche for another year. I offered him six months. I told him that I really don't need another car. I think he is going to get me the car for the offer of six months. That car sells for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. You would recognize many of my clients from the news. Some are TV stars and some are even in government. As you can tell by the gifts and tribute, most of them are very wealthy."

"This is fantastic, oh, how about Missy? Does he eat, well you know?"

"Most of the time that goes to paying customers. I mean it is hard to allow a slave to eat a thousand dollar meal. But if I have to go and don't have a client lined up then I can use Missy if I want to. I haven't used a regular toilet in over two years. Most of the time I make Missy hold a baggie for me if I don't use a client's mouth, then I have him put it in the refrigerator down stairs and I feed it to some lucky man later. It really humiliates Missy not to be allowed to eat my shit, especially if he has begged me for it. Then to have to put it away for some other man, it humiliates him even more."

"But you could feed them anybody's shit."

"I could, maybe, but I don't. I don't charge them for it unless they get it from the source. So they love it when I give them a little treat. They get to eat a bite of my shit without paying the premium. Don't forget, all these men know what my shit taste like."

"Lisa, this is unreal. Do you think that I could, well, I hate to ask, but I would love to," Jane struggled for words.

"Would you like to take a shit in a slave's mouth Jane?"

"Well, yes, if you would not mind, and if your slave wouldn't mind. I would like to find out what it feels like to treat a man like that. The thought is just so wicked."

"My slaves do as they are told. I will be glad to furnish you a nice clean mouth to use as your toilet, and he will lick your ass clean when you have finished with him as well. How does that sound?"

"This is great, thanks Lisa."

"Don't mention it. If you like it, how would you like to join me in the business? I am getting to the point of loosing clients because I can't find time for them. I could have you making around seven hundred fifty thousand your first year if you have the knack for it. And I'm sure you do. You can move in here if you like, until some slave offers to buy you your own mansion," Lisa laughed.

"I don't know if I could do it or not. But I am willing to try."

"That a girl, I can teach you all you need to know. We can start working on Missy this afternoon. If you do well with him I have several clients coming over tonight. I usually work these guys one on one, but sometime I have to take them in pairs or even three at a time. It's great. I make over two thousand an hour when I work three. You should see them; I shit in the first one's mouth and after he bites off a chunk I move to the next guy and let him have a bite. If I get three shit eaters together I can make three thousand an hour, and off of one dump. It humiliates them even more than usual when a couple of other slaves are there to watch while I shit in their mouths. Then I hang them up on my rack and beat the shit out of them," Lisa laughed at her joke.

"I don't know, you are much taller than me and so much more dominant looking," Jane said, a little worried.

"It's not my height they go for, although some of them like that. What really attracts them to me is my ass, and my beauty. They will love you as well. You are a beautiful woman and you do have one fine ass. And by the time we get you in some five-inch heels you will be almost six foot. Besides that, most of the time these guys will be on their knees, so you will tower over them. I get my new clients from the net. I have my own web page. We can add some pictures of you to my page and you will start getting clients of your own."

"I can't wait. When can we start?"

Lisa picked up a small dinner bell and rang it. They heard the click of female heels as Missy entered the den. "Yes Ma'am, how may I serve you?"

"Missy, I want lunch served in my dressing room. That will be for Mistress Jane and I. Call Mike in and then bring lunch up. Have Darla get the things laid out that I bought for Mistress Jane."

"Yes Ma'am, right away Ma'am," and off he went.

"What things did you buy for me," Jane asked.

"Oh, just some fetish clothes, you know leather, you can wear them while you have your first session with Missy."

How did you know that I would be interested?"

"Jane, I have seen how you treat your boyfriends, you love to string them along. Get them to buy you expensive gifts. I've kept tabs on you in college as well. You have left more that a few broken hearts in your wake. You are a natural at this. You love to hurt men. Let's face it; we are a couple of bitches. But that is ok, it has made me rich and it will make you rich too."

Jane giggled at her friend's comments.

"Let's go upstairs, lunch should be ready and Missy will help you dress. He can do your makeup as well. I sent him to school for makeup and he is a great hairdresser too.

The ladies entered the dressing room and were greeted my Missy. Missy helped both women undress down to panties and bras. While the girls ate lunch Missy fixed their hair. Then he started working on Jane's makeup. There was a knock at the door and Mike asked if he could enter.

"Yes, come in," Lisa said.

Mike walked into the room naked. His face reddened and he looked at the floor when he saw Jane.

"Hi Mike," Jane giggled. "Lisa told me that she got you off the street. I was glad to hear that. It was interesting to hear the circumstances that put you there as well. It is good to know that you're eating better now," she laughed. He was much leaner than she remembered. Living on the street for a couple of years must have done that. But he was still a very handsome man. She thought how nice it must be to have naked men at your beck and call all the time. Maybe she would find out. She would certainly have her chance.

"Missy, go prepare the dungeon for a session. Mistress Jane will be down shortly to discipline you for your shortcomings. Wait for her naked and on your knees," Lisa ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," Missy said, he smiled at Jane and then hurried out of the room.

Lisa stood and removed her panties, and then she sat back down. "Come here Mike. Get on your knees." As he obeyed she pulled her pussy lips apart. "Put your nose right here," she said. She then wrapped her legs around his head and placed her feet crossed on his back, trapping his face against her cunt. Jane could see the scars on his ass where Lisa had whipped him so many years ago. "Keep your tongue in your mouth Mike, I didn't put you there to lick me, just to use as a foot rest."

"Mike's status here is complete slave, so he is kept naked at all times when he is on the property. When I got him off the streets he just didn't have any skills I needed, so his status is the lowest that I offer. I have sent him back to school and he has completed the work for his high school diploma. You know that he quit school after I broke up with him. He attends tech school at night now, and he is learning carpentry and the other skills he needs to be my maintenance man here at the mansion. After he completes that work I may allow him a slightly higher status within the household. But for now he is my slave and the slave of Missy and the rest of the staff. The only unusual treatment he gets is from one of the maids, he is bisexual, and fucks Mike's ass and mouth every now and then." Lisa could feel the heat from Mike's face as she humiliated him in front of his former schoolmate. Jane could see that his cock was rock hard and dripping. He obviously enjoyed the treatment.

"Now, as for your session with Missy, you can use extreme humiliation with him. When he removed your jeans he had his nose within an inch of your ass. He was drooling over it, dying to kiss it, so make him beg for it. If you have to piss while you are with him you can use his mouth for that if you wish. Use verbal humiliation also; call him a sissy, slut, that kind of thing. Tell him is penis is to small to please a woman."

"Will you not come down with me for this first session?"

"Sure, I'll be there with you, but I want you to be in charge of the situation. I will just be there to assist you."

"This is so cool, but I don't think I will be ready to go, you know, take a shit until later tonight," Jane said. She was a little embarrassed to talk in front of Mike, even though his face was buried in Lisa's crotch.

"That's good, if you wait until tonight to relieve yourself you will make good money for it. Plus your time, and the guys coming over tonight are good tippers, and all four are shit eaters. You can also whip Missy, and have you ever taken a man's ass with a strap-on?"

"No, but is sounds like fun," Jane replied.

"Make him strap the dildo on you, he can suck it to get it wet, then you can fuck his ass until you drop if it pleases you. You can use a lot of verbal humiliation when you're fucking him. Make him lick it clean after you finish, even if it is covered in his shit."

"This all sounds pretty easy, anything else?"

"Oh, it is easy for women like us. Men will do absolutely anything for a little of our attention. Just remember this, they are paying and paying big, but it is really all about your pleasure. Never do anything that you don't want to. Even if they beg, and believe me, they will beg. You can make them lick your ass or cunt. If you don't feel like it, make them beg for it and then just slap their face and say no."

Lisa got to her feet. Mike's face was slick with her juice. "Mike, since Missy is busy, you can dress us. Help Jane first, her clothes are laid out over there.

They consisted of thigh high boots with 5" heels, a leather waist clincher, leather bracelets with chrome spikes, black leather opera gloves, topped off by a leather police cap. Mike's hands trembled as he put the garments on her and his cock throbbed. Jane could not believe her reflection in the mirror. Her hair and makeup were perfect, and the outfit covered her entire body, exposing only her ass, pussy, and breast. The exact opposite of what clothes are for. She was a goddess. Lisa was then dressed in similar fashion.

"I also have a leather thong and bra set for you if you like, but the thong just gets in the way of ass worship and other activities that you may be enjoying with your slaves. They are there on the table if you want them," Lisa said.

"No, this looks great just like it is," Jane answered.

"Mike, you can finish your chores now," Lisa ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied as he left.

Jane thoroughly enjoyed her session with Missy and was eager to meet the clients Lisa had arranged for their entertainment that evening. Lisa had been right about Jane, she was a natural at domination. Missy served a wonderful dinner for the ladies and Lisa told Jane that her cook had been a five star chef before he became her slave. Lisa's staff was made up of five slaves, Missy being the head slave, with two other housemaids, the cook, and Mike.

When the clients arrived Missy escorted them each of them to the dungeon. She placed them in separate rooms and ordered them to strip and wait on there knees. After the fourth man was taken down the ladies came down to greet them. Each man was forced to crawl into the center room and kneel there together. The men were red faced when they saw each other. They were awe struck by the beauty of the two women.

"Good evening slaves, tonight is your lucky night. First, I am sure some of you know each other socially, but you have never met here. You are no doubt uncomfortable about being seen by your peers naked and on your knees before two young women. It is time to get over that. I am going to put all the cards on the table face up. You are all four my little shit eaters. So each of you will have a special bond by the end of the evening. You will get the pleasure of serving not only me, but Mistress Jane as well." Each man's penis started to rise as Lisa spoke. "Your meals will be much larger tonight, you will have two asses to feed from. Isn't that nice boys? Of course it is, Mistress Jane is eager to feed you, and this should be a real treat for you as well. No man has ever eaten her shit before. You guys are getting a virgin," she laughed. "Jane, why don't you take those two? Warm their asses and then give them a good fucking up their little butt holes. We can meet back here in about an hour or so and we can feed them together."

"Sounds good," Jane replied. "Ok assholes, crawl into the next room and let's get started." She grabbed a hand full of each man's hair dragging him behind her. Their faces were inches from her swaying hips. "I would hate to have to whip you boys for drooling over my ass," she said as they left the room. Lisa laughed, thinking how quickly her friend was catching on to things.

Inside the room there were two large over stuffed chairs in the center facing each other. They were about six feet apart. Jane sat in one and had both men kneel before her.

"I think I would like to start with a little boot worship boys. Pay attention to my heels in particular. I want them dripping with your saliva. Get down on your bellies, yes, that's good. Now get to it."

The slaves licked and sucked the five-inch heels of Jane's boots until they were indeed dripping wet. Jane then got up and moved to the chair behind the men. She rested her right foot on the slaves ass with her heel pointed at his anus. "Pull you cheeks apart," she said as she prodded his anus with her heel. He grabbed his own ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He squealed as she pushed the heel in to its base. Then she rested her left foot on the other man's ass. "Spread them boy," she ordered.

"Please Mistress Jane, please don't do this to me," he begged.

"Spread your cheeks dickhead, or would you rather I just shove it in anyway."

The man grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing his anus to Jane's heel. As she pushed the left heel in she pulled the right one out and kept them working in a piston like motion. Both men were whimpering, the younger of the two was crying. Jane enjoyed abusing them, knowing that these were two of the richest and most powerful men in New York City.

After tiring of this activity she got the men up and had them pull the chairs together. She then had them drape themselves over the arms of each chair. Jane took a riding crop, one of the many toys hanging on the wall and started to whip the two men. After about ten whacks the younger of the men was crying uncontrollably.

"What a pussy you are," Jane said. "I could take a harder whipping that that without shedding a tear," her voice was full of contempt. "What is your name asshole," she asked the older slave.

"Slave William," he answered.

"Go over to that table and get the dildo and harness for me. That is right, the large black one. Now, strap it on me." She walked around the chair and pulled the younger man's face up by his hair. "Open your mouth," she ordered. "You had better give this the same treatment as you did my heel. It's going in the same place," she laughed. As she fucked his mouth she asked William, "Do you think this is enough lubricant to get this size dildo up his ass?"

"No Mistress Jane, would you like me to get you a tube of KY jelly?"

"I don't think that will be necessary, I would rather you just lick his ass to get it properly wet."

The slave looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Do it now!" she ordered.

She continued to fuck his mouth while William licked the other man's asshole.

Jane then pulled the dildo from his mouth and stepped behind him and raped his ass. He screamed as she brutally rammed the giant dildo into his ass. Looking at William she asked, " Would you like to get that taste out of your mouth?"

"Yes Mistress," he answered.

"You can lick my ass if you think it would help," she laughed.

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress," as he dove for her ass.

Slave William drove his tongue deep into Jane's anus as she fucked the other young man. He was limp as a dishrag when she finished the assault on his asshole.

She pulled the dildo from his ass one final time. It was covered in shit and blood. Blood was running from his ass as well. She walked over to the table, removed the harness and dropped it into a tray of disinfectant. She took a tissue and wiped the blood off of the man's ass. She showed him the bloody tissue and said, "It looks like you have started your period." She went back over to the table and came back with a Kotex and stuck it up his ass.

She got both men to their knees and had one lick her asshole and the other lick her pussy. She had a handful of each man's hair and worked her cunt and anus against the mouths of the kneeling slaves.

She reached her second orgasm as Lisa stepped into the room. "How are things going," she giggled when she saw the string coming out of the slave's asshole.

"Good," Jane answered. "I am just about to wrap things up in here."

"My boys are hungry, I am about ready to feed them their supper. How about you?"

"Yes, I am ready as well," Jane answered.

" Do you want to join us or would you rather feed your two separately."

"Oh, I think large family style meals are so nice, don't you boys? Well I think they will be agreeable to whatever I say, isn't that right boys."

"Yes Mistress," they both say at the same time. The women laughed at their response.

Jane and Lisa walked as the two slaves crawled behind them into the largest room in the dungeon. They lined all four men up naked and on their knees.

Lisa asked, "Jane, do you want to go first or second?"

"You should take the honors," Jane said to her friend.

Lisa stepped up to the first man, turned her back to him and bent forward slightly at the waist. "Get your mouth to my asshole David." He obeyed. Her anus opened and her log slipped out by about an inch and a half. "Suck it boy, like it's a cock. Good, yes, suck it, now bite it off and eat it." She then moved to the next man and repeated the same procedure. When she got to the last man the remainder of her turd slipped out and into his mouth. He ate it as ordered. "Well Douglas, since you didn't get to suck my turd, I'll let you lick my ass clean." He did so with passion. Each of the slaves thanked Lisa for feeding them.

Now it was Jane's turn. She started with Douglas first; he was the young man she had been so hard on all night. Jane's meal came out different from Lisa's. They were almost perfectly round balls about an inch in diameter. Two popped into Douglas's mouth. "Hold that in your mouth, don't bite it until I tell you."

She stepped to the next man and gave him a ball. After giving each man a ball or two she stood in front of them and gave the order, "Alright now, chew it up for me, but don't swallow. Good, now open your mouths." Each man opened to show her his mouth was full of her chewed up shit. "Very good, now swallow." She stepped to each man again and gave each of them another ball, the last one got three. Again she had them chew and swallow. She then allowed William to lick her ass clean. The slaves thanked the ladies for feeding them again and kissed their feet to show their appreciation.

The ladies left the men and went back upstairs to the dressing room. Missy had set out champagne for them. Missy waited for the men downstairs to get dressed and then she showed them out. She came up to the dressing room with a silver tray, it held four envelops. Two had Mistress Lisa printed on the side and two had Mistress Jane on them. Jane's had Douglas printed on one and William on the other.

"That is our tribute for the night. Go ahead, open yours and see how you did."

"I'll look and William's first. I was pretty rough on Doug. I didn't even know his name until you shit in his mouth and called it." William's had two thousand dollars inside.

"That is pretty good," Lisa said.

"I can't believe I made two thousand dollars in just a couple of hours tonight, and was treated like a god while earning it!" Jane said.

She opened Doug's tribute. "Oh my god," she said. She counted it again. "There is ten thousand dollars here."

Lisa laughed, "I told you they were good tippers. I knew he would like you, and he likes it rough. Even I was surprised when I saw that string coming out of his ass. Lisa raised her glass to her friend, "Here is to my new partner."

"I will drink to that," Jane laughed.

The end.

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