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Deadly Encounter
Whores of ND fucking & killing three idiots in Vegas

The three men became acquainted in internet in the messageboard of ND. One day, they decide to meet them personally. BT, Joa and Achim traveled to the meeting point Las Vegas. Now, the day has come. In a bar, they drink and talk a lot. Achim lost many Dollars in a slot machine he calls an one armed bandit. Suddenly, BT becomes astonished. "Hey, I know this stripper, it's Bailee of ND !", he informs his friends. Indeed, these melone formed breasts just can belong to one person and are unmistakable. "Another quengas of ND.", Joa's pocket translator writes and he waves his hand in the direction of a table taken by two women. "You are right," Achim confirms, "this is Lissa and Nikki Steele." The gals wave back and immediately stand up for coming to the three men. BT, Joa and Achim immediately introduce theirself and invite the gals for taking drinks with them. The two women smile during the announcement, that the three men already know them from the internet because of surfing to their site ND. The men take many further drinks, the two woman only a few. In friendly conversation, they talk about fetish fantasies. "Would like see you as vampiress.", Joa tells Nikki Steele", typing into his translator pocket machine. She smiles and answers, that this would be no problem. Nikki Steele shows him her white sharp teeth and hints with her head a move for a bite. After the strip ends, BT asks Lissa, if Bailee also could come to the table, Lissa arranges that. BT informs Bailee about his admiration, she is a little bit reticent, but is prepared to talk about knife play. She likes the pressure of sharp steel into skin. The moment, when the point intrudes the flesh, is very exciting for her. Lissa and Achim talk about different, mutual and sexual choking grips for the purpose of arousal. Achim agrees, that this is exciting, but asks, if these games they sometimes show in ND, could be dangerous. Lissa laughs. "Take it or leave it, try it out.", she suggests. Up to this time, the development of all conversation goes to the direction to walk to a more discreet place for comparing fantasy to reality. Achim hesitates. Lissa takes her both hands at his shoulder and looks directly into his eyes. "Don't worry", she says to him moving her hands from the shoulder slowly more and more upwards to his neck. After both palms reach the sides of his neck, she stops the moves of her hands and turns both thumbs downwards. Achim feels her palms at the side of his neck and her thumbs above the sensitive cartilage of his throat. "Still any doubts ?", Lissa asks. Achim's erected cock commands to his brain the answer: "No" Lissa takes her hands from his neck and looks around. In the dark bar with much drunken people, nobody had recognized, that her first normal touch of a man more and more became unusal. Bailee, Nikki Steele and Lissa invite BT, Joa and Achim to go to a motel for secret action. They immediately agree and stagger through the streets. The women hold their arms around the bodies for assisting to walk, because the men are too drunk to go straight. Despite this, BT, Joa and Achim take further drinks after the arrival in the motel room. Bailee, Nikki Steele and Lissa nod their heads meaningful towards each other. The women attack the men. Bailee throws BT to the bed and pulls violently his clothes off. After putting off her blouse, she presses her melone breasts into his face. "MMMMHHHH !", he sees nothing anymore and gets no air. The masses don't allow to breathe. BT shakes his body under Bailee trying to breathe. But it's impossible. Joa is also thrown to another bed and soon loses his clothes. Nikki Steele slaps with right and left hand alternating over fourty times his cheeks. Joa almost becomes unconscious, his face becomes purple. Nikki Steele undresses herself. Then she presses a pillow into his face."MMMMHHHH !", Joa tries to break free, he sees like BT everything dark and can't breathe. Lissa stands opposite Achim, presses her knee into his crotch and grabs with her left hand his hairs at the back of his head. With a jerk, she pulls his head at the rear and raises her other hand. Achim is surprised and doesn't know her plan. His cock erects and rubs against her knee. Lissa takes the risen hand at one side of his neck. He feels her thumb digging into his throat and her palm pressing at the side of his neck. She removes her other hand from his hair, he tries to bend his neck to the front again, but Lissa's one hand at his neck prevents that. She also closes her other hand around his neck, so that a chokehold is completed and her intention is obvious. Because of her preparing actions, she applies the pressure on a stretched neck from the beginning time and controls with her knee his body. "AOOOAARGGHHHH ", the effect is devastating. After a few seconds, Achim falls over to the rear, Lissa holds him strangling his neck with a sadistic smile. Meanwile, Bailee had released BT's face from the pressure of her melone breasts. "OHHHH !", the air streaming into his chest hurts his lungs. Bailee bends to the rear and applies with her legs a scissor hold to BT's head. "AHHHAAARGGGHHH !", he tries to scream but with little success. BT feels her muscles pressing at the side of his neck. His head burns like hell, veins burst in his face. Nikki Steele takes the pillow off Joa's face, he almost is unconscious. Joa feels, that a dream comes true. Despite all three men get harsh treatment, they just have little doubts about these events, they want it and they get it what they want. They don't foresee, how far the gals will go. Nikki Steele presses her lips at Joa's mouth for a kiss. Simultaneously, she presses with thumb and forefinger his nostrils together for closing the nose. What a wonderful kiss with air deprivation he gets. Joa's cock intrudes into Nikki Steele's vagina. Bailee releases the scissor hold of her legs. BT is almost limp and can't move. She stands in the bed up and let her fall to his body with legs apart. His dick and her crotch unite. Lissa lies above Achim, she takes her hands off his neck. Her stranglehold had brought him up to be polite to her. Achim also loses violently his clothes. Lissa press one hand at his mouth and nose. She knows how to suffocate just with one hand, Achim again can't breathe. Then she moves her other hand to his throat. With thumb and forefinger, she presses at very sensitive places: the carotid arteries at the side of his neck. Achim feels her tender skin pressing at his mouth depriving the air and her fingers pressing at the sensitive places at the side of his neck. He hears his own heart beating in the head: his own last hearbeats. Nikki releases her mouth from Joa's lips, he takes a deep breath loudly. She moves her mouth kissing his cheek more and more below. With a noise, she sucks at the side of his neck. Joa feels very comfortably, but suddenly a stabbing ache gets through his body. Nikki had bitten at the side of his neck into his carotid artery. Blood pours out of the wound under Nikki's lips. The red life juice partly runs below to his body, partly into her mouth for drinking. Joa feels the pain and his own warm blood at his skin. But he doesn't realize, that her bite is so deep and the situation is so dangerous. Bailee takes her purse near the bed and opens it. Quickly, she pulls a knife out of it. BT is too strained for perceiving that. She raises the blade and stabs into his arm. "AHHHH, what's that ? I already told you, that stabbing is dull, you ...", BT becomes angry because he doesn't agree with that. But Bailee doesn't let her irritate, raises the silver shining metal again and stabs a second time, now into his chest. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH !", BT screams in agony. Blood squirts into Bailee's face. Achim tries to break free holding one hand at Lissa's black leather skirt and one hand at her shoulder. But his F/m killing disposition is too strong and the will for own survival is too weak. He hopes, that she will release him. But Lissa doesn't reduce the pressure of her thumb and forefinger at his carotid arteries and the smothering hold of her other hand at mouth and nose. Achim jerks in agony and looks at Lissa with pleading eyes. But she has no pity with him, in contrary, his suffering is her joy. Joa loses more and more blood lying under the vampiress Nikki Steele. He begans to fade. The white colour of the bed becomes near her bite more and more red. His arms slide off her body and fall to the side. He becomes unconscious. BT gets many stabs with Bailee's knife into his chest. The last stab hits his heart. After a jerk, he immediately becomes limp and lifeless. His broken eyes stare to the ceiling. Bailees smiles about the successful murder and fondles his cheek still holding the deadly blade in her hand. In front of Achim's eyes, all becomes dark. Lissa cruel, smiling face and parts of her beautiful, deadly hands are the last things he saw in lifetime. What a wonderful last picture and impression. One day, everyone has to die; it's sad, but a few ways to leave life are the ways to heaven .To be killed by a beautiful women is the most divine way for demise getting the last impressions and feelings from her. Women are chosen to give life with birth and to take life with murder. After some time, Nikki perceives, that Joa's heart doesn't pump blood anymore out of the wound at his neck into her mouth. She has to suck with much more force to swallow the red life juice out of him than before. Nikki realizes, that Joa is dead now. She moves her head from his neck above giving him the last kiss with her red lips he can't feel anymore. Slowly, she stands up. Bailee closes with her hand the dead eyes of BT. She is content about her victory and also stands up. Lissa presses a considerable further time her deadly hands at Achim. She doesn't feel a pulse in thumb and forefinger anymore, but she wants to be absolutely ensure his death. She is in general very strict in that. Lissa even pulls after her murder a transparent plastic bag over Achim's head and make it airtight with an elastic rubber band over it around the neck. No breathing is to see. She really wants to be absolutely sure. The three murderesses take together a long shower and often laughter loudly during it. Then they put on their clothes. Bailee, Nikki Steele and Lissa look content at the three male dead bodies. "These damned terror posters are rendered harmless forever.", Bailee says with a hatred face and smiles again. Nikki Steele stamps with her feet at Joa's pocket translator until it's crushed in thousand pieces. "No more reading translator fuck again.", Nikki looks glad at the broken pieces. "And this damned German can blow his crazy theories into his new plastic bag home.", Lissa pointed at one body. All three woman laugh, turn around and leave the motel. The next day, a newspaper article with following text is published: "Demons in Las Vegas ?" "Three men were found atrociously murdered in a motel room in town. All the dead bodies were nude. A German tourist was strangled to death with a very seldom choking grip almost exclusively known by secret services and mafia organizations. He was on the ground with a plastic bag above the head. The second victim is a Brazilian tourist in a motel bed. His dead body almost have no more blood in it. Despite the lack of blood in the body, only little traces of blood were found. Is that the work of vampires ? Why was his pocket translator smashed ? The third victim is an US inhabitant, who doesn't live in Las Vegas. His body was stabbed over sixty times ! Can real humans do such things like this or is that the work of demons ? Why did the three men, who had lived in different countries far away from each other, meet together in a town, which is unknown by all of them ? The police is convinced, that at least two killers are responsible for that. A reward of $ 300 is subscribed for every successful hint to the clearing of the case and arresting the murderers regardless if human or not human ..."
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