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BILLY'S BAR by willie

Billy owned and operated a small bar on the corner of Main and Market Streets in a small midwestern town. Billy had a slew of friendly patrons who drank the beers and drinks he served them almost daily. He liked people and people liked him in return. Like any good bartender, Billy sat and listened for hours to lost souls needing a lending ear. He didn't mind. It was his job.

Billy also had many one time customers. Main Street ran east to west through the town, but once it left the city limits it was once again known as Route 66. Many a passer through stopped for dinner and drinks before continuing on their way. Some spent the night in one of the two motels in town.

Billy didn't just own and tend bar at the establishment. He lived there as well. He opened the doors every day at 11 AM and closed them at 2 AM, or whenever his last customer of the night dragged their rear end out the door. Billy seldom left the building. He didn't need to.

Billy employed a large muscular woman named Helga who acted as bouncer. Few men ever caused trouble. If any ever did, Helga was on them in a flash and not even the toughest drunk could protect himself against Helga's six foot five inch 240 pound frame.

Bouncing trouble makers was by no means Helga's only function at Billy's bar. She also cleaned the place every morning. She shopped for 100% of the supplies needed. She cooked the meals for the customers as well as for herself and Billy. She took the nightly earnings to the bank and paid all the bills. Even though the bar belonged to Billy, Helga really ran it. The only thing Billy did was tend bar and entertain the customers.

There was one major reason why Billy employed Helga to run and protect the bar. He was simply unable to do it. He was only twelve inches tall.

Billy was the son of a circus dwarf. His mother was the circus thin woman. Billy was born unexpectedly in a circus bathroom and raised as a circus attraction. THE AMAZING TINY BOY he was known as, until he became the AMAZING TINY MAN and convinced the circus STRONG WOMAN to steal the weeks earnings and run off with him. Billy's dad could have caught them, but he chose not to. His son deserved a knew start.

Since his dwarf father owned the circus, both Billy and Helga knew the money they stole truly belonged to him and not her. Helga used most of the money to buy Billy's Bar. She used the rest to get herself a place to stay. That was six years ago. Helga couldn't complain about the arrangement. Since Billy didn't need much money to live on, She lived off most of the bar's net profits, which wasn't much. Billy didn't complain either. Without Helga, he'd be in the streets eaten by a rat by now.

It was late one hot Monday night. The bar was completely empty and Billy had sent Helga home for the evening. "Should I lock the door?" she asked.

"No. It's only 11", Billy answered. "I have to stay open a while longer in case one of my regulars needs to talk." Billy had a remote door locking devise to allow him to lock the door himself. It had been a slow day even for a Monday and he felt brave enough to stay in the bar alone with the door unlocked.

Billy poured himself a bourbon and began tidying up the little used bar. He just finished wiping off the grainy oak bar top when the door to the bar opened. Billy looked up with a start. All of a sudden he wished Helga was still here. It wasn't often that Billy had a customer without Helga's presence. When he saw who the customer was, Billy felt better.

Walking into the bar was a beautiful dark haired woman. Billy's jaw dropped. He waited to see who would follow her in, but the door swung shut behind her. "Slow night", she said looking around the room. "Is there anybody here?" She walked all the way up to the bar before she saw Billy and her mouth dropped.

"Yeah, What'll it be gorgeous?", Billy asked. He always talked to his female customers that way.

"Are you for real?", she asked Billy.

"As real as they come", Billy answered. "You must be from out of town. Do you want something to drink or are you just here to stare at the bartender?"

"I'm sorry", she said, snapping out of the trance she was in. "I just never saw a grown man so small. I'll have a light beer."

Billy pushed a glass that was almost as tall as he was under the tap and pressed a tiny button. Cold beer flowed out of the tap and into the glass. "My name's Billy", he said. "I own the place." He pushed the full glass to the dark stranger who had taken a seat on a stool.

"My names Rose", she said as she wrapped her fingers around the cold glass. Billy noticed her long red fingernails. The fingers in front of him might just be the prettiest fingers he'd seen in quite some time. "You sure are a strong little guy."

"I used to be in the circus. What brings a lovely lady such as yourself to our little town?", Billy asked changing the subject.

"Oh I'm just passing through", she answered. "I'm on my way to a shoot. I'm a model."

"Well that figures", Billy laughed. "You sure are model material. What's it like?"

"Its a lot tougher than most people think", she said. Rose then spent the next half hour explaining the woes of being a model. Long hours and extensive travel were hard on her. The biggest problem she had was loneliness. It was impossible to keep a boyfriend. After three beers, she confessed to Billy that she hadn't had sex in months.

"Tell me about it", Billy responded. "Try being twelve inches tall."

"You poor thing", Rose said. "So what did you do in the circus?"

"All kinds of things", Billy answered. "I was the amazing tiny man, of course." He rolled his eyes. "I also did a high wire act. I did comedy routines. I rode huge animals. I even did some foot wrestling."

"Foot wrestling? Now that sounds interesting. How did that work?"

"Women challenged me. Their heel was tied to the floor and I wrestled their toes. The first one to give up lost 5 dollars. I was so quick I never lost."

"I find that extremely hard to believe", Rose laughed. "You can beat a woman's foot?"

"Yup", answered Billy.

"Can you beat me?

Again from Billy came a "yup".

"Well then let's see."

"Is that a challenge?", Billy asked.

"It sure is", Rose answered with a seductive smile. Billy realized he may have never seen a more attractive woman in all his days. He was going to enjoy this.

"So what are the stakes?", he asked.

"I'll tell you what", she said. She showed Billy some cleavage. "If you win, you can have your way with these."

Billy gulped. He couldn't believe his ears or his eyes. His tiny manhood quickly rose to attention. He looked from the massive cleavage before him, to the set of full red lips above him, then up to the deep dark eyes glaring down at him. Her stare had him mesmerized. "Deal", he mumbled.

Rose laughed. "Not so fast", she said as she pulled her shirt collar back in. "If I win, I get you."

"If I win, I get those", Billy whispered to himself while looking back at the size of Lilly's chest. "If she wins, not like she has a chance, she gets me. How can I lose?"

"Agreed", shouted Billy. "Follow me." Billy led Rose to the back room. The room contained a carpet that covered most of the floor. In the center of the room were 2 leather straps attached to the floor.

"Do you do this often?", Rose asked.

"Not as often as I used to", Billy answered. "Pull up a chair, take off your shoes, and put your feet through the loops." Rose followed her orders. Billy couldn't believe how lucky he was. Rose's red painted toes were as beautiful as her hands. The smell was equally as wonderful.

"I hope the smell's not too bad", Rose offered. "I've been driving all day in this heat."

"I've smelled worse", Billy answered. He couldn't remember ever smelling better. He tightened the straps so Rose's heels were bound to the floor. The rest of her feet were able to move up and down and side to side. "Which foot", he asked.

"This one." Lilly waved her right foot at him.

"First one to give up loses", said Billy. "Go."

Billy's usual approach would be to pounce quickly before his foe knew what was happening. Rose's foot was just too pretty. Billy wanted this match to last a little while. He stood before his prey, dancing from side to side, waiting for the right moment to attack. Rose's raised toes countered Billy's moves like a cobra waiting to strike. For long moments the standoff continued.

"Come on chicken", taunted Rose. "Move where I can reach you."

Billy made a move forward. Rose slammed her foot down trying to catch Billy, but Billy was too quick. He jumped onto Rose's foot, laid on his stomach, and wrapped his legs around her ankles. He then put his left hand on Rose's second toe and grabbed her third toe with his right. All this he did before Rose lifted her foot up again.

"Ouch you little shit", Rose screamed as Billy pulled on her toe. "That really hurts." She began to violently shake her foot trying to lose her assailant, but Billy held on. She banged her foot on the ground repeatedly, but that didn't work either. "Let go, you're hurting me", she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Not until you give up", Billy yelled back.

"Fuck you", Rose yelled back down. She then rested her foot on the floor.

"I have you now", Billy yelled as he increased the pull on Rose's foot. Rose screamed again. Billy was about to turn it up one final notch when he felt Rose's fingers unhook his feet. He remembered that he forgot to secure her hands.

Without his legs locked, Billy fell forward. "You cheated, you bitch", he yelled. Rose quickly grabbed Billy by the neck with her first two toes and squeezed. She began shaking Billy violently from side to side while she applied as much pressure to his neck as she could. Billy tried to wrap his legs around Rose's ankle again but she was shaking him too much.

After a couple of minutes, Billy's struggles slowed down to some minor arm waving. Rose then lifted her toes all the way up and slammed her foot down sending Billy's body over her toes and onto his back with his head still trapped. Before he could act, she slid his body under her foot and spun him around. Billy ended up on his back with his face under Rose's first two toes. His left arm was trapped under her sole. His right arm flailed uselessly next to her foot. His feet lay motionless on each side of Rose's heel. Billy was trapped.

Rose spread her toes so she could see Billy's face. Billy looked up at her with a look of confusion on his face. "Let me go. You cheated, you stupid bitch", he yelled. "You weren't supposed to use your hands. Get this smelly foot off me."

Rose pressed her foot down a little harder and gave Billy a shake. "I don't think you're in any position to call me names, little man." With that, Rose lowered her toes over Billy's face. She forced the webbing between her two toes over his mouth and against his nose, cutting off any chance for Billy to breathe. "Let's see how long a twelve inch tall man can hold his breath.

Billy didn't know what to do. He was never in this position before. He couldn't move. He couldn't breathe. He realized he was beaten. As soon as she let him talk again, he'd give up. He prayed she'd let him talk soon.

Rose sat back in the chair. The chair was quite comfortable, but what her right foot was on was much more than comfortable. She felt the little man trapped under her foot try to squirm, but she controlled his movements. The real thrill came in her control of his breathing. She could if she so desired put out his life with such little effort. Killing him was not what Rose had in mind.

By the time Rose loosened up on Billy's airways, two long minutes had passed. Billy was so out of breath, all he could do was gasp for air. By the time he had taken three lungfuls of air and was able to mutter a sound, it was too late. Rose had him covered up again.

Two agonizing minutes later, Billy was gasping for air again. Once again, before he could utter a single syllable, Rose's toes had his mouth and nose covered. "Just let me know when you want to give up", she called down to him. She then laughed and pressed harder onto Billy's face. Billy was really beginning to get scared. It seemed that Rose knew he desperately wanted to give up but she wouldn't give him the chance.

The next time Rose let Billy breathe, only about a minute had passed. She didn't want to lose him yet. She heard him take a few quick gasps, then he tried to talk. "I give..." Rose quickly cut him off before he could finish. She figured that if he could talk, he wasn't anywhere near passing out.

Rose was enjoying herself smothering the cocky little bartender, but she wanted more. She already felt him shaking under her foot. She felt his body give as she applied more weight. She heard his muffled attempts at screams while she blocked his airways. What she really wanted was to see the fear in his eyes.

After another two minute stint, Rose lifted her toes off her captive and spread them so she could see his face. It was beat red. His eyes were bulging with fear. His mouth stuck open in an attempt to replenish his blood stream with oxygen.

Rose discovered that she was also able to control his breathing by the amount of weight she applied to his chest. She pressed down on Billy, forcing all the air out of his lungs and almost cracking his ribs. "So you still don't want to give up", she tormented. Billy tried to answer but couldn't. His lips moved but there was no air to make the sound.

Rose slowly let up. Billy gasped again as he refilled himself with Rose's foot odor. She let him catch his breath until he was finally able to say the three magic words he'd been trying to say for ten minutes. "I give up."

"So you finally give up", Rose said.

"Yes." Gasp. "Let me up."

"I don't think I'm ready to let you up yet", she said to Billy's face through her toes. "You haven't said you're sorry for calling me a bitch."

Billy only got the "I'm" out before Rose had him pinned again with no way to breathe. This time she pressed down on his chest again with her foot and felt the air that left his mouth blow gently on the underside of her toes. She then released the pressure and let air move slowly back into his lungs. She did this repeatedly for thirty more minutes acting as Billy's respirator, forcing air into and out of his lungs.

If Rose thought being able to smother a little man with her toes was a great feeling, actually acting as his diaphragm was nothing short of exhilarating. Billy breathed when and only when her foot let him. At one point she held Billy totally breathless for two full minutes until she felt his body begin to quiver. She played head games with him. She'd lift her foot up ever so slightly to make him think she was refilling his lungs, only to reverse it and hold him longer with no air. She'd let his lungs fill totally with air and then see how fast she could empty them without breaking his ribs. Rose couldn't remember ever having so much fun at another person's expense.

Finally Rose grew bored of this game. She reached down and unbound her feet. She slid her right foot to the right so it held down Billy's left arm and leg. She then slid her left foot over his right arm and leg. Although Billy could breathe on his own, he still couldn't move.

The time Billy spent under Rose's foot was the longest of Billy's life. His chest burned. No matter how hard he tried, he could not seem to catch his breath. And to make matters worse, the day old stench of Rose's foot had made its way throughout his entire body making him feel like he was going to vomit.

By the time Billy was able to focus his eyes he saw Rose's giant beautiful face looming directly over him. Her feet, on either side of him, held him motionless. "I think you have something to say to me."

"I give up", Billy cried. He had a hard time speaking. "I'm sorry. Please let me go." Billy thought he saw her stern expression soften. Maybe she was going to take some pity on him.

"Why should I do that?", Rose asked. "You're mine now. We made a deal."

Billy felt his stomach tighten. He thought back to earlier. She had said that if she won, she got Billy. At the time Billy thought she meant she got Billy to play with sexually for the night. Now he wasn't sure that's what she meant. "Let me go", he yelled louder as he began to struggle.

"So you still have too much energy", she said with an evil smile. "It's time to meet my other foot." Rose slid her left foot over top of Billy and positioned him the same way she had him under her other foot. She sat back on the chair and waited.

Once again Billy couldn't move or breathe. His future was in the warm soft foot that pressed him into the carpeted floor. For a split second, he really thought Rose might let him go. Now he knew she had other plans for him. As he laid there contemplating his fate. He thought about Helga and what would happen to Rose if Helga showed up at the bar. Never again will he leave the front door unlocked without Helga being around. Billy wondered if he'd ever get the chance again.

Billy's lungs were way past burning now. It had been a long time since the woman he only met hours ago let him take a breath. As he faded out, Billy realized he probably never will see Helga or any of his friends again. Billy didn't want his life as a bartender to change. He was finally happy. With one last effort, he tried to free himself. Who was he kidding. He had no strength left. He succumbed to the darkness.

Rose put her shoes on and stood up. She went to the ladies room and peed. On her way back by the bar, she grabbed her pocket book and poured herself a shot. She quickly downed the whiskey while she headed into the back room where the little bartender lied unconscious on the floor. She bent over him. She checked his pulse and his breathing. She gently picked him up and dropped him into her pocketbook, folding him in half so he would fit. She stood back up and walked into the bar room. She dropped a dollar onto the bar and continued to the front door. "Productive night", she said as she shut the lights and left Billy's Bar.

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