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Be Careful Of What You Experiment With----

A true story by slave ronnie.
There are those of those of you who will not believe this story. You will say it is fiction. It could not be true. It is not fiction. This is a true story.

I guess I might as well start at the beginning with giving you a little background. I am a very respected individual in the community. I am in my late thirties and have achieved a significant degree of success and am well known in the community; at the present no one realizes the degree to which my whole life is being turned around and is out of control. My life is heading in a direction of which I have no ability to exercise any degree of control. How did my life take the turn in which I am now moving? I am not sure.

I used to be what you might call a man's man. I had everything under control, business, personal life and most of all control of my own self. I worked out most every day at a local gym and was pretty well built and had a nice appearance. I weighed 154 and was five foot ten. My body while not what I would call overly hairy, did have that masculine look, nice chest hair and nice looking masculine legs with the appearance of light brown hair. It is certain to say that I have changed my appearance. I still work out most days; however, I when I go to the gym and work out, there is always the staring at me in the shower. Gone is the coating of male hair and in its' place is a coat of silky smooth skin. Staring back at anyone who looks more closely at me are my pedicured toe- nails, with two coats of light pink polish. My fingernails which always had been perfectly trimmed, are now about 3/8" long and filed round to give anything but a male appearance. They are now coated with three coats of high-gloss clear polish. My formally male legs have been replaced by a pair of legs, which are now shaved and look more like the legs of an attractive girl. They are not the legs of a man. I should know, because I guess I was once a leg- man when it came to looking at women. I always admired a nice looking pair of legs on an attractive girl. The male chest hair has been replaced by the smoothness and softness of a young woman's skin. My back and butt are waxed on a monthly basis as directed by my Mistress at the same time I receive my facial. The hair now when it grows back to so fine, it is hardly noticeable. My Mistress has said in the future shaving of other parts of my body, will be a thing of the past to also be replaced by waxing. My trail of hair which was on my stomach leading to my pubic area, is now a neatly trimmed triangle to reflect a pubic area pleasing to my Mistress. My pubic area looks more like that of a woman than a man.

I am concerned that as my Mistress takes my training to the next level, gone will also be that nice toning of my body and in its' place will be a more female looking figure which shows off the tanning booth visits my Mistress has directed me to make wearing only a very skimpy female bathing suit bottom. Worse yet, while all of these changes have taken place, I have been powerless to stop them. I actually have come to love the feeling of the smoothness of my skin. The sensation of applying lotion to my skin after a shower, and the lilting smell of perfume in the lotion now makes my head spin. I am intoxicated with the feel of the lotion on my skin as I caress my body with Victoria's Secret "Pink". While I am not certain of what the future holds, I do know the changes, which have taken place.

I now dream of things, which I never even thought of before. In place of thinking about being with a beautiful female and having her legs wrapped around me, I dream of having my legs wrapped around my Mistress and she explores me with her dildo. I dream of enjoying the things which my Mistress has exposed me to, sucking a nice dildo and having the pleasure of experiencing my Mistress slowly enter me with her fingers. First one finger, then two and feeling them slide deep inside me. The feeling of the dildo attached to the hips of my Mistress probing me before it enters and then the final moment which I await, the movement of that thick dildo as it moves deep inside me. Feeling myself take her dildo and move so that I take more of it until I am at the point where I feel the balls against my cheeks. I dream of being able to experience the wonderful taste of my Mistress'cum. On several occasions, but not often, when Mistress is very pleased with me she will let me clean off her vibrator or lick the cum from her panties. This is a wonderful treat, when she says, here slave, clean this off.. I know Mistress has trained me well, to take her entire shaft in my mouth without gagging.. Mistress Xenobia has said I am not the tight virgin who first visited her. I am now the slut she has created, who is able to take her dildo cock very easily!

What I do know is that I am sitting in my hotel room in my pink panties with a floral pattern on the front and shaved girly legs writing this. My redirection as my Mistress calls it, has been going on several years. How did it start? Well, I can truthfully say, it may have had its' beginning when I was about seven years old. We had moved into a nice middle class neighborhood. There were a group of children in the area that I made friends with. One of my best friends, Cliff, had an older brother by the name of Alvin. No, not Alvin the chipmunk, he was Alvin, sort of weird. Everyone in the neighborhood, sort of stayed away from Alvin. There always seemed to be something strange about him. One early spring afternoon, I was playing in my backyard alone. I remember the smell of the spring day as if it were yesterday. I was in my yard next to the sand box, when Alvin approached me. I was a little bit afraid. Alvin came over to me and began talking about how nice I looked. Alvin said you look really nice in your shorts and shirt. You should be careful not to get them dirty. Ronnie he said, would you like to take a walk with me up to my house, we can see Cliff. I think he wants to play with you. I was feeling a bit uneasy; however, his compliment of my clothes made me feel a little better. I really liked my friend Cliff and liked playing with him. I thought that sounded fine with me. Alvin led me with him as we walked out of the side of my yard, over to the next-door neighbors and into his yard. When we got to Alvin's yard, he said, come with, I think Cliff might be behind the garage. As I followed Alvin behind the garage, I was thinking, why would Cliff be there waiting for me? I was on the other hand powerless to stop and not go there. When we got to about the middle area behind his garage, he stopped and knelt down beside me. I guess Cliff will be here in a minute of two. I did not know what Alvin was doing. I was to soon find out. As he knelt down beside me, Alvin started running his hand over my left leg and then onto my right leg. Before I realized what was happening, he had moved the other hand to begin feeling my penis and crotch area. I was frightened by what Alvin was doing, and at the same time, I remember feeling how good his hand made me feel. While Alvin was feeling me and making my head dizzy, his other hand must have unbuttoned my shorts. I could not run. I wanted to. My body seemed frozen. I had not even felt the shorts fall to my ankles. I looked down to see my shorts at the ground as Alvin slipped his hand inside my underwear. I was not prepared for what was to happen next. Alvin ran his hand up my leg and to my crotch area. I was very confused by the feelings being created within me. As he moved one hand around my crotch, his other hand kept caressing my legs. I could not move, and then again, maybe I did not want to move. While my mind was confused, he began to gently run his finger around my tiny hole. The feelings swirled around in my head. He said, that feels good doesn't it Ronnie. Then he moved his finger to probe my tiny virgin hole. I began to move and before I knew what had happened, he inserted his finger inside my rosebud. I could not get away now. Alvin probed and probed. He moved it in and out. The wave of pleasure seemed to sweep over me. He moved the finger inside all the way and rotated it around. I did not know what to do. I wanted him to continue. Whatever he was doing to me felt great. On the other hand, I was afraid. He kept probing me over, very deeply and somewhat harder now. He moved and massaged me so well, I could not say anything. The only thoughts I had, is that I wanted this feeling to continue. Finally, Alvin removed the finger. He said, Ronnie you need to taste this. I licked the finger taking it all the way inside my tiny mouth. After I had cleaned his finger, he left me with my underwear and shorts down around my ankles. Alvin said, Ronnie if you ever tell anyone about this, I will tell your parents on you. So there it is, it is finally out in the open. I was abused as a child and this is the first time I have ever told anyone about it.

Maybe it was a sign of things to come that on my wedding night, my new wife said, I am tired and lets wait until tomorrow. When tomorrow came, there was nothing again. She said, I think I miss being away from my parents and think we should wait There I was in a romantic island of Nassau, the ocean in the background, you could hear the sound of the surf as the waves broke against the beach and it turns out she is not interested in sex. My sex life really got no better after that. If I was lucky, we made love once a month, and sometimes three or four months went by with nothing at all. One night when she went out with the girls, I discovered her and her girlfriend in our car in the driveway.

They apparently had come home earlier and had parked the car in the driveway. I opened the garage door to take out the trash for the morning pick up. When the door opened, I saw her and her girlfriend in a kiss. I did not know what to make of the situation. Instead, I quickly closed the door and did not take out the trash. I went out a couple minutes later and the car was gone. The next morning, I said I saw you in the car last night. She said yes, I know, Betty and I were talking. I knew what I saw was not talking. She said I left after that to take Betty home. We talked more about my discovery, and even though she denied it, I knew what I had seen. When I said this will stop or there is going to be a divorce, she told me it was ok with her if I wanted to get a Mistress. She was not thinking about the type I now know so well. I said no and there was a divorce. I finally got the screwing I wanted. I lost half of everything I had.

So there you have it, maybe these events acted as some catalyst for the turn my life was to take. The first sign of the change occurred about four years ago. It was a Wednesday afternoon about 1:00 p.m., and I was eating a late lunch at a small deli not far from my office. I usually like to read the morning newspaper if I have not read it in the morning. This morning, I had already looked over the morning newspaper and was looking for something to read while I ate my chicken sandwich. I looked over to the area where the various papers were kept and saw a sort of local paper which catered to the off beat type news. I browsed the paper as I ate. Nothing too much in the paper except reviews of concerts, which had already been held. There was also information about upcoming events in the city. How boring I thought. As I reached the end of the paper I saw the traditional ads, men seeking women, women seeking women and of course women seeking women and men seeking men. Some of the ads were quite creative and interesting. At the end was an area titled other. The ads here were for what I would call alternative lifestyles. I read one of particular interest. This was from a Dominatrix, who was seeking male clients. It caught my eye in the sternway it was written and the manner it drew me in. I read the ad several times. It said, Mistress Regan now accepting new slaves who would like to experience the joy of serving a Mistress. It went on to make very clear Mistress Regan was an experienced Dominatrix. What I now know is this was the beginning of my journey to submission and being trapped under the spells of a Mistress. For some reason, I wrote down the number. I am not sure why I did it. For what ever reason I did it and called the phone number from my car after lunch.

The phone rang three times and a rather young sounding woman answered, with just a simple hello. I explained I was calling about the ad. She asked what ad, I stated, the ad regarding domination. She asked for my name, and before I knew it, I had given her my name. What a fool I was. I had given her my real name. How could I have been so dumb to give my correct name? Without knowing it, this was the first step into submission. The woman stated her name was Mistress Regan and she needed some information from me before we went any father. She asked if I was experienced, and not wanting to appear as a dunce, I said yes. She asked if I had experience in light, medium or heavy domination. I thought for a minute and said medium and heavy. Damn, what was light medium and heavy anyway. I thought I needed to show some experience and I guess saying medium to heavy would sound ok. She proceeded to go through a list of the various aspects of domination and asked if I had experienced each of them. I was to answer as she stated each topic. She began the list of the topics. She asked if I had experience with Cock and Ball torture, Nipple Clamps, Hot Wax, Spanking, light, medium or heavy, Ice Cubes, Anal Submission, Clamps, Nipple Stretching, Nipple Torture, Marking, Canning, Sensory Deprivation. The list seemed to go on and on. I said yes to most of the things she mentioned. I wondered what she was thinking. I know what I was thinking, I wondered what all of these things were. I had never been exposed to a Mistress or Domination. I had never even read anything on it or any of the various magazines, which I now know, exist on the subject. I did not want to appear inexperienced and said yes to most of the questions. Mistress Regan did not answer or ask for any explanations from me. At the end of the conversation she stated she would be willing to allow me to see her. She asked what I had in mind, a one-hour or multi-hour session. I decided to be safe and ask for the one-hour session. She stated that a tribute (money) must be paid to her prior to each session. I said I would enjoy serving her if given the opportunity. She asked what time or day I had in mind and I stated, that if she had some time later this afternoon, I would like to visit this afternoon. I knew my schedule was fairly busy later in the week. Mistress Regan directed me to take a pencil or pen and write down the address and directions of how to drive there. I did as she commanded. I was not able to keep my mind on my work that afternoon. My mind kept thinking back to the list of topics she had asked if I had experience in. What was Cock and Ball torture? My heart beat with anticipation as I thought about serving the Mistress. I did not know what would happen when I saw her.

I left work early at 4:00 p. m that afternoon and drove to the address I had been given. The house was an average looking white painted home in a middle class area of town. I pulled the car into the driveway, turned off the ignition and locked the door. As I walked to the front door my heart raced. I rang the doorbell and opened the screen door and awaited someone to come to the door. After about minute a redheaded woman, about five foot six, very well built and dressed in a leather corset came to the door and opened it. She said her name was Mistress Regan, I said my name was Ronnie and she let me in. Damn, I thought, she looks great; maybe I can get the opportunity to fuck her. Boy was I wrong about that. She asked if I was ready to serve her, and when I answered yes, she said well; follow me downstairs. I followed her as she led me into the front entrance, down a hallway and to a door, which led to the basement area. She opened the door and proceeded down the stairs to the basement. What I saw sent a shock wave to my entire system. The basement had a couch at the bottom of the stairs and one wooden table with a lamp sitting on it. The rest of the basement was anything but normal. There was a large wooden cross in the shape of an X mounted on the wall. Next to the wooden X cross was a table covered with black leather on the top of it. It looked somewhat like an exam table and in the corner across from the table was what appeared to be a stock device, which was out of the 1600's. Hanging from the ceiling was a large selection of whips, chains, paddles and other devices. I had no idea what they were used for. Mistress Regan took me over to the couch, and said sit down. She said it is proper for you give me the tribute now. I took the money from my pocket and placed it on the table. The Mistress then said take off all of your clothes while I go upstairs for a moment. My heart was now racing. I gave her the tribute as directed. I removed all of my clothes and neatly placed them on the couch. I was AFRAID! I could hear the door open and Mistress Regan come down the stairs. To ease some of the apprehension she must have seen in me She said, slave, you have a nice body; I am going to enjoy your service to me. She also stated she was in the process of training a new Domme, and would I mind if she brought her in to watch and be of assistance to her. I said that was fine with me. In my present condition I was not exactly Mr. Powerful. With my present circumstances how could I say no? I did not know what was in store for me. Mistress Regan left to go up stairs and returned with her friend. I said nothing and looked at Mistress Regan. She said, the first rule you will learn here is to never look directly at your Mistress. My little slut, bend over and receive your punishment. With that I bent over and she placed ten very hard slaps on each cheek using her hand, while I counted and said thank you Mistress. At the completion of the spanking she gently rubbed my ass cheeks and said feel better now.

She then took my hand and directed me to go over to the wooden X on the wall and stand facing the wall. As I moved my body against the cross, it felt cold against my chest. She placed her knee directly into my butt and pressed me against the cross. Her knee pressed my buttocks hard and she jammed my body into the wall and cross. I dared not move. She grabbed my left arm hard and raised it and slipping it into a leather device She then attached the wrist to an eyelet. She repeated this to the right arm also. Then she directed me to spread my legs. I had moved them to about shoulder width when she said, WIDER! I obeyed, she locked them into place also.

She said, now you will learn slave. Slowly she slid her hand over the cheeks of my butt. I liked the feeling and was getting a little hard. The pain from the previous spanking had almost gone, when suddenly, with a crack, which I never heard or saw coming. There was a searing pain on my left cheek. Over and over she slashed at my left cheek with the whip. I could no longer bear the pain and begin to cry out. She shouted at me, by quiet or for each cry, I would add five more stokes. I lost track of the strokes, the burning, searing lashes to my pretty little butt. I had always thought my little butt was attractive. Mistress was changing the way it looked. It felt very hot. She then moved over to the right cheek and repeated the actions. The pain, the burning was intense. I felt as if my buttocks were being torn apart. After the intense whipping, Mistress Regan gently ran her hand over my back, this will be next if you cry out again! She then picked up what must have been a dish full of ice cubes and began to rub them over my cheeks. I was grateful for the mercy Mistress Regan was showing to me. She said that she did not really want to bruise her slaves. She said that by running ice cubes over the buttocks after a serve whipping, the bruising was held to a minimum. I only knew the ice felt good. I was in shock of what had just occurred to me and frightened of what was to come.

Mistress Regan began running her hands over my buttocks again, this time inside my legs and up under my arms. She released my wrists and legs from their held position and directed me to turn around. As I did she said raise your arms and spread your legs again. Not wanting to displease her, I did as she directed. My legs trembled at the thought of what more Mistress might do to me. I was terrified of the vulnerability I had if she decided to whip my front side. She stepped away and came back with a pair of metal clamps attached to a chain. She tugged on each nipple, extending it and fastening the clamp security on the nipple. The pain began to build. She pulled on the clips until I felt my nipples stretching far beyond their original shape. She brushed her face and hair up against my face and neck, and then began to pull on my cock getting it quite hard. Before I realized what was happening, she had placed several rubber bands around my balls. My balls had been separated and bound tightly. I could feel the pain building there as it was subsiding in my nipples. As she played with my cock, I could see it grow and my balls beginning to turn blue. She played with my cock, and as it grew larger, she placed another band around the base of my balls to securely hold them in place. She then began using a small whip to torture and whip my cock. She stepped back to admire her work, and see the now blue\purple balls and cock. She turned her back to me and came back with that nasty whip again. The large one and began to strike me on the arms, legs and chest. The pain built up, as I counted the strokes, just like she had me do when she whipped my butt. I looked down to see the redness and marks beginning to appear on my chest. After that tears came to my eyes. Mistress said she enjoyed seeing my tears and wanted to see more. She moved to lash at the inner part of my thighs. The tearing of the flesh felt very bad and at the same time good. I had made a mistake of answering that ad and now hoped to get out of this situation without any serious injury to myself. After what seemed like ten minutes of constant whipping, suddenly the beating stopped and Mistress caressed my inner legs and moved to release me the nipple clamps from my stretched nipples. If the pain was bad when she had put them on, it was unbearable when she removed them. I let out a shout which I am certain could be heard throughout the entire house. As she massaged my pretty little stretched nipples, she asked if I would like to suck her nipples. I said yes. She said the answer was never, and for not answering yes Mistress, I would have to pay again. You are really a dumb slave!

She removed my arms and legs from the eyelets on the cross. Mistress said that I had been a good slave in accepting the punishment and that I had made a good start toward learning to serve her, but that I had obviously not learned how to talk to her. Mistress said, to show my respect for her, I should crawl on the floor over to the stock area. I got down on all fours and moved over to the stock. As I did so, my knees hurt as I moved over the concrete floor. When I got to the stock, she opened the top part and placed my head and both arms in it before closing it. Once closed, she placed some type of locking device in place so I could not release myself. I was kneeling as she began to hit the soles of my feet. The pain was intense. Maybe even more intense than the whipping she had just administered to me. She said this was a little trick she had learned the Viet Cong had used in Viet Nam. I felt I could pass out at any moment. Not being able to move, and being beaten on the soles of my feet. How would I ever stand again? As suddenly as the beating had begun, they stopped. Mistress moved out of the room and said she would be back in a few minutes. I knew I would never be the same. My willpower to resist her had been taken away. I knew she had command over me. I had been totally made into a wimpering slave. Little did I know this was just the beginning? When Mistress returned, she showed me a bowl of ice cubes. I thought she would use them to ease the pain on my feet. Instead she said, slave these will be good for the beginning of your total submission to me. She picked up an ice cube with her long fingers. She moved it around my face to show me and, said here suck on this for a moment. Suddenly, she removed it from my lips, and stepped behind me. As it began to melt, she began to rub it on my tiny little hole. As I began to enjoy the feeling, there was a shock as I felt the stark cold and realized she had inserted it gently into my anus. I did not realize it had been inserted, until the cold burning began. There were more and more of the cubes inserted into me, until I finally lost count. She must have inserted at least twelve cubes into me. She inserted them inside me, until I thought I could take no more cold. I began to feel humiliated as they began to melt and the water ran down my inner thighs. She inserted more and pounded away at the soles of my feet. I was completely spent. I had no energy left inside me. I had given up. I could not whimper, make one sound, and do anything except obey Mistress Regan. Mistress Regan came over to me and wiped the floor, which was wet under my penetrated butt. She caressed my face and buttocks and released me. She told me I had been a good slave, and that if I desired I could masturbate at this time. My balls were sore and had just been released from their torture. I did not even have the energy to try and masturbate, I did try but could not even begin to get hard or cum. The beatings were too much. Mistress Regan then ordered me to lie on the black leather covered table. With my legs spread wide and drawn up toward my chest, she put a latex glove on her right hand. She then took her latex covered hand and inserted I think one or two fingers it into my now clean little hole. I was expecting one thing and as she inserted her finger deep inside me she began to massage my hole. I had gotten a little hard and then the hardness disappeared. Now I realize she was massaging my prostate gland and proceeding to milk me. While still very soft, my cock leaked cum. All. of my cum had been taken from my little body, without so much as me being hard. There was almost no feeling of pleasure. Mistress Regan said I didn't want you to go home with all of that cum in you. So if you couldn't cum yourself, then I just had to milk you!

I dressed, gave her a polite hug and thanked Mistress Regan for the opportunity of being with her and left to go to my car and drive home. As I drove home that evening, I said to myself, Never Again will I do that!

Three weeks passed and I kept thinking of that wonderful afternoon. I was being drawn somehow to making the phone call to visit Mistress Regan again. At the next visit to Mistress Regan, I would painfully discover the horror of more of the total submission to her. I was to discover the path to male humiliation she had planned for me. Mistress Regan began by ordering me to remove all of my clothes after we had gone down to her dungeon. She must have felt my sense of fear and was very kind to me and helped me undress. I had gotten down to my white bikini briefs and had not removed them yet. She inserted a finger on each side of the brief and removed them down to my ankles. She told me to step out of them and then said, I think I will keep these as a reminder of you. I felt afraid. She told me to step to an area by the leather-covered table and to stand under one of the basement beams. When I had completed my task, she ordered me to raise my arms, so she could attach them high above my head to an eyelet on the beam. She moved to encase both of my wrists in the leather cuffs I had recently grown to know. With my arms extended she attached a belt looking device to my left thigh and then a rope to the device and tied the leg, which was now lifted almost to my waist to the beam. I was very vulnerable. Mistress Regan then moved to the table where the dreaded nipple clamps were laying and proceeded to attach the clamps to my nipples. After a few minutes, Mistress Regan said my nipples were not responding enough for her. She went over to a drawer and brought out an emery board used to file fingernails. Mistress Regan, removed the nipple clamp and pulled on my left nipple and then began running the emery board over my nipple and the surrounding area. She must have repeated this for about three minutes before she attached the nipple clamp with a weight on my left nipple. I noticed that as she touched my nipple, I now had intense sensitivity in that nipple. As the nipple clamp was now attached, I felt the stretching and pain beginning to build to new levels. Mistress Regan seemed very pleased with her work. She said she would have to try this on the right nipple also. After she had finished with the right nipple, I realized that my nipples would never be the same. Mistress Regan, said matter of factly that I would experience pain and sensitivity in my newly feminized nipples for at least a week. She stated that each time I felt the sensitivity I would be commanded to think of her. As I stood with my arms raised and nipples being stretched, Mistress Regan attached more weights to each clamp. She then moved back saying how nicely they were stretching. There was pain in my nipples, as I had never known. At the same time she began caressing my inner thighs. It only took a moment for the stirring sensation to begin in my cock. Mistress Regan moved away, returning with a small jar from the table. She began applying what I thought was Vaseline to my balls. I did not understand the pain, which began almost immediately. She laughed as I began to try and move and make the pain subside. The movement did not help. She laughed again and moved to gently caress my buttocks area. The feeling felt wonderful, and then I felt the feeling of her teasing my tiny hole. Suddenly, the pain was intense as she inserted her finger into my rosebud. She must have had the material on her finger whatever it was, and my ass burned and the pain; almost doubled me over. Having my little butt hole fingered with Ben Gay. The burning was intense. I had never known any type of pain this intense before. Mistress Regan laughed and said that she knew it hurt; on the other hand, this was a necessary part of my training. She looked at me and walked behind me, as I grew ready to experience more pain, she began gently rubbing my buttocks. She moved around to the front to my sore balls and begins to fondle my cock. Even though my balls still ached, my cock responded to her touch immediately. With my cock standing at attention, she stepped away and brought back a cotton swab and held it in front of me. She said slave, this is important, so watch. She removed the cotton from the end of the swab and dipped the cotton stick into the Ben Gay jar. She removed the swab and then held my cock with her hand. Slowly she began to insert the cotton swab into my pee hole. I almost fainted with the pain. She kept inserting the cotton stick into my pee hole until the entire stick was inserted into my cock. The feeling of pain was intense as she removed it and added more Ben Gay to the stick and inserted it again. She then told me, cum for me slave. She removed my arms from their encased position and smiled and stroked my face as I tried to comply with her order. With each stroking of my cock, there was pain. When I could not respond, Mistress Regan brought out her whip and proceeded to slash away at my already sore buttocks. With tears in my eyes, I could not believe it, as Mistress Regan again inserted her finger into my violated hole. She began massaging my prostate gland and before I knew what had happened, my load of cum had simply oozed out of my cock and onto the floor. No feeling of pleasure, only her taking all of my cum. She laughed and said, there slave, no more cum is left. With that I was ordered to put on my underwear and clothes and leave. I left wondering why in the world I had ever decided to make the first phone call, let alone the second.

Unfortunately for me, or maybe fortunately for me, Mistress Regan left town and moved to Europe, and I was left to try and find another Mistress to devote myself to. I did find another Mistress. Mistress Regan was torture; I was fortunate to find Mistress Xonobia, who has been even more demanding, on the other hand, she has taught me the essence of worshipping a Mistress and how to properly serve. Mistress Xenobia is even more demanding and much better at training me to be her slave and servant. While Mistress Regan made an impression on me, I have come to realize that I am and always be under the spell of Mistress Xenobia. Mistress Xenobia has brought me to realize that and understand that I am the eternal slave of Mistress Xenobia. My duty is to achieve her every wish and desire. I recognize the superiority of her feminity, and her domination fills me. Mistress Xenobia, has indeed made me her eternal slave. I found Mistress Xenobia, the same way as I found Mistress Regan, in the Pitch newspaper. My first meeting was quite memorable. I had become accustomed to the pain, and after warming up my tiny and firm little butt, she told me she was going to take my "cherry. She ordered me to the floor and to assume the position on all fours. I have to admit, the sensation of knowing what was coming scared me to death almost. I was on the floor awaiting her taking of me and started to tremble with the anticipation. She moved behind me with her strap on dildo and grabbed my butt. I knew I would never be the same and sure enough I was not. On that occasion she took my "cherry". I very willingly gave it to her. I discovered the pain of being taken, the humiliation of being made to kneel and take her dildo inside me and being fucked until I could take no more. I discovered the feeling of feeling her inside me for several days following her taking of me. Mistress Xenobia had totally taken me. I was no longer the man I had once been. I began to realize I was now her sissy slave. Mistress Xenobia had taken the last vestige of my manhood. I no longer could say I was a man. I had become her servant. No matter what she demanded of me, I had to obey. At this point, I took the last step of tying to protect my manhood, or what little I had left of it. I did not return to Mistress Xenobia for about a year. On the other hand, I have to admit; thoughts of her lovely body and voice were in my thoughts most every day. I could not erase the image of her beautiful hair and voice. After a year, I could take no more and with my willpower destroyed, I called her for an appointment to serve her.

I made the call to her and arranged to meet her for a late breakfast one morning. At the breakfast, Mistress Xenobia was as stunning as I remembered her. She was about five foot six, very well built and I would guess about a hundred and twenty pounds. We had a wonderful visit and at that time she reviewed with me my entire past experiences and what I thought I was looking for in serving a Mistress. I guess I must have passed the test, because at the conclusion, Mistress Xenobia asked if I wanted to serve her now. I had only a small amount of apprehension and quickly said yes. She gave me the address of her Dungeon and I drove there parking in the back as I was directed. Upon entering, Mistress Xenobia directed me to remove all my clothes and hang them on a group of hooks in the hallway outside her dungeon room. Miststress reminded me of her taking of my cherry, and I said I remembered. Of course I remembered. That day was to change my life forever. Mistress Xenobia remarked to me as I was standing for her inspection what nice legs I had. She also demanded that I begin an exercise program to remove the little extra fat I had on my tummy. Mistsress Xenobia commented that my legs would look very nice shaved and in hose. Having gone through the ritual of removing all my clothes, I was prepared to experience the pain I expected to come. Instead, when she left the room she returned with a very nice pair of hose, panties and a bra. She left the room again returning with a blonde wig. I put on the hose as directed. I was inexperienced at this had to be shown the proper procedure. I pulled them up over my legs gently as directed and discovered I loved the feel of the smoothness and nice picture they made of me in the mirror. Mistress helped me with the bra and then handed me a blonde wig to put on. After putting on the wig, she ordered me to display myself in the mirror. I could not believe the transition. It was to be more complete when she took out a lipstick and painted my lips a ruby red. I looked like a woman, almost is what she said. She then brought out her make up and proceeded to apply a foundation to my face, powder, eyeliner and mascara to my eyelashes The final touch was another coat of bright red lip stick to my lips. She then stepped back to admire her work and said, you look very nice sissy Ronnie. She then moved over to a cabinet and opened a drawer and brought out a camera to take my picture. Mistress Xenobia then ordered me to move over to her exam table and lean over it. As I did she came around the front and bound my arms and wrists to the table legs. As she went around to the rear area, I knew she was doing something; I did not know what. She proceeded to take a large candle and drip hot wax over my back and buttocks. The pain, while intense, must have not been enough to please my Mistress as she took her favorite paddle and began warming my little ass, ordering me to count and say thank you Mistress after each stroke. At the end of twenty whacks on each on my buttocks, she said she had a little surprise for me. Mistress moved behind me and was very quiet for a few minutes. Mistress said, your little butt has been nicely warmed up. Slave Ronnie, I think you are going to like this. She told me I know you want a hot cock and I have just the thing to please you. Her cock had been being warmed in a heating pad, prior to her placing it on herself. Mistress Xenobia said, slave this will help you prepare for me as she slipped her lubed finger into my ass. I had forgotten the feeling of her taking me before. I was about to remember it again She said, while you have been tight before and a virgin, when I had finish with you, you are going to be loose like the little slut you really are. I had a feeling she was right. Mistress Xednobia plays in a band and is quite good. She had a wonderful CD playing and walked over to the CD unit and turned up the music. To this day, I am unsure if she turned up the music because it was a good song or to drown out the screams of my pain while she took me. I do know I enjoyed the song! She proceeded to enter me gently at first, encouraging me to move back and relax and take all of her cock. After the first minute or two, Mistress had entered me completely. I had moved back relaxing and was enjoying her penetration and removal at it alternated. As the tempo of the music increased, Mistress Xenobia increased the level of fucking until the pain and speed overwhelmed me. I had been taken, so forcibly, that later I was to learn I had a hernia. In fact I had a double hernia. I do not know if this was the result of Mistress Xenobia fucking me, but I was forced to go much slower in the future, to guard against it occurring again. On that day, which is burned into my memory, Mistress Xenobia must have fucked me for at least ten minutes. It seemed like an hour. The burning inside me, and the burning inside my little pussy was intense. When she finished with me, she told me she had cum and that perhaps I could cum after I had carefully sucked her cock. She moved to the front of the table, released my hands and arms and ordered me on the floor in front of her. I took her large dildo in my mouth and made every effort to deep throat it. I started to gag, but she kept it in my mouth and throat. There was no place to go, and as a result I learned that I must swallow while sucking her cock, or choke. What a good little slave you are she said as I came. However, you have gotten your cum all over my nice clean floor. Slave, you must now clean it up with your tongue. When I returned home that evening, I knew I had passed over the line. I loved sucking Mistress Xenobia's cock and giving myself to her to fuck, as she desired.

I could still Mistress Xenobia inside me the next morning as I took my shower and begin to shave, I suddenly moved the razor to my legs and began to shave. I do not know what came over me. It was not the threat of pain; it was the suggestion Mistress Xenobia had planted in my brain about my legs. It was the fact I wanted to please my Mistress and as a result I removed all of the hair from my legs. I looked down at my little sissy clitty and began to shave and did not stop until I had formed a nice little sissy triangle and had removed all the hair from my chest and underarms. The change was almost complete. I stopped at the Victoria's Secret that afternoon on the way home and bought three tubes of Pink body lotion and twelve pair of pink nylon panties. I could not wait until I could get home that afternoon and put on my panties. Yes, you now see why I am wearing pink pretty nylon panties all the time. I still have some of my old male underwear. I no longer have any desire to wear the old male underwear. I love the feeling on the nylon panties. The next afternoon on the way home, I stopped at Express and purchased three pair of size 7-8 short shorts. I rushed home to put my new shorts on and to go out to the Quick Trip. I enjoyed showing off my nice legs and butt in my new short shorts. I loved showing off and being the sissy slut Mistress Xenobia had turned me into. The next afternoon I stopped at Express to increase my little sissy wardrobe. I added the low cut bootleg jeans, also size 7-8 and several nice blouses and a short skirt. My, how nice they looked. Now when I wear shorts they are of course my sissy shorts and I love my Express jeans. Last week I had the opportunity to again serve Mistress Xenobia. I looked forward to the privilege of serving her again. Pinned to the X on the wall, I faced my Mistress. Mistress Xenobia held a small stainless steel bowl in front of her. She said she had a special treat for me. As she drank the bottle of water I had brought for her, she placed the bowl under herself and then proceeded to empty her bladder into the bowl. Mistress said, I am going to grant you the privilege of drinking some of my Golden Nectar. She placed the bowl in front of my mouth and without hesitation, I said, thank you Mistress and I eagerly lapped up her nectar. After completing my task, I thanked Mistress. As a reward, she asked me if I would like to kiss her nipples. I eagerly said yes. After getting one small taste of her beautiful nipple, Mistress reached down to massage my little sissy clitty. As I responded to her touch, she attached a leather device to my cock and balls. After the device was attached, she asked if I would like to have an opportunity to taste her nipples again. As I nodded yes, she moved closer to me, allowing me the opportunity to kiss her nipples. As I began to kiss her nipples and gently draw them into my mouth, I felt a new strange sensation in my cock and balls. As I drew her nipple further into my mouth she adjusted a small black box she was holding in her hand. She just looked at me without saying a word. The pain began to build, until it racked my entire body. This was some type of electrical torture. The pain was unbearable. On the other hand, the opportunity to suck on my Mistresses nipples made it all worthwhile. I am not sure how I withstood the electrical shock she was applying to my cock and balls. Mistress said I am going to give you the full amount of electricity available. The pain was intense; however, I endured it for the wonderful opportunity to taste her nipples. They tasted so wonderful. I can still taste them in my mouth and that has been two weeks ago. At the end of this torture period, Mistress untied me and ordered me to bend over, and placed a large butt plug into me. Mistress said, there this will keep you stretched out. Mistress then ordered me to lie on the floor. As I lay on the floor, Mistress stood over me, her powerful female figure in front of me. Slave, would you like to suck my cock. I answered a quick yes as she moved over me. Mistress ordered me to spread my legs wide like the sissy I had become. She said, oh slave, don't worry about your sperm, I have just killed them all. I electrocuted them! As I sucked and took all of her cock deep inside my throat, she ordered me to cum on my chest. The cum squirted out without my being able to control a moment of its' release. As I lay spend and completely dominated, Mistress ordered me to use my fingers to take the cum off of my chest and take every last drop into my mouth. Mistress looked at me, what a little slut you really are. You have a cock in your pussy and cum in your tummy. Mistress then said, slave you need to keep the butt plug in your ass. Do not remove it, it will be part of your training. You need to be stretched further. You will see, I have things in mind for you. I have keep my sissy pussy neatly trimmed for her and also keep my underarms shaved for her. Mistress Xenobia, has shown me that serving her is a pleasure and a reward. She has placed me under her spell and I cannot release myself, nor do I have any desire to release myself from her hold. I have realized that my sissy clit really belongs to her. I find myself thinking of being of service to her most days. While Mistress Regan exposed me to Female Domination, Mistress Xenobia has taken possession of my entire body, mind and spirit. I love the feeling of wearing stockings on my legs to please her and the opportunity of sucking her dildo. She has trained me to be able to take all of her in my mouth without any gagging. My once tight pussy is tight no longer, as she predicted. I suspect that she could fit most any size dildo in me that she would desire. I suspect she could fit most of her fingers inside me to fully examine my sissy pussy to whatever degree she desired. My little sissy patch of hair is now dyed red and shaped very nicely. On various occasions, I have worn pink toe nail polish to please my Mistress. And now whenever I cum, I am always thinking of Mistress Xenobia taking me at her desire.

I guess the twist to this story comes at my visit with Mistress Xenobia about two months ago. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes; I was absorbed by her as she looked at me. Mistress said she had been noticing over the last couple of visits that I had not been looking quite as good as I had the past. I was quite taken back by her comments. In reality I had not been sleeping well. Mistress said it was important to her that her slaves remain healthy and asked if I was taking any vitamins. I answered that I had not taken any vitamins in years. She said to me, that perhaps I should consider taking some. Mistress Xenobia said she had been taking vitamins for several years and found they had given her increased amounts of energy and had helped her avoid colds during the past several winters. I asked my Mistress what type of vitamins she took; she went into the next room and returned with a bottle in her hand. The name on the bottle was that of a well-named multi-vitamin. I was quite pleased by the concern Mistress was showing for me. I thought a moment and said I thought I would go out and purchase some that afternoon. Mistress said, since I had been such a good slave today, she would give me the rest of her bottle which was almost full, and purchase some more herself. I began taking the vitamins each morning and evening as Mistress told me she had done. After using up the bottle, I called Mistress Xenobia to inquire where she had purchased them. She asked me to stop by and she would give me the information.

I drove to my Mistress' home, parked in back as always, and went to the door to obtain the information from her. She met me at the door and let me in. Mistress Xenobia was dressed in a black leather dominatrix outfit that showed off her body extremely well. I could not help noticing how good she looked. She invited me in and offered me a seat on the couch. After we sat down, Mistress began to ask me several questions. Slave Ronnie, how have you been feeling since you have been taking the vitamins. I told her I had felt some changes. Mainly, I had felt more calm and relaxed. I had noticed that sometimes when I went to see a movie, I cried especially if it was an emotional story. In fact I had become more emotional in general, and sometimes cried for no apparent reason. I told her that as far as energy, I didn't seem to notice any change. Mistress Xenobia asked me if there were any other changes I had noticed. I was almost embarrassed to tell her; however I did say that I had noticed a slight tingling sometimes in my nipple area as well as in my balls. Mistress Xenobia then asked me to wait a moment while she went into the kitchen. She returned with a brown bottle in her right hand and gave it to me. I read the label. It read, Premarin, 2.5 mg. I overcome with fear!. Mistress then sat next to me on the couch and while holding me, there, there slave Ronnie, there is nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about unless you don't like the journey you are taking. And even if you don't like it, it is too late. The changes going on in your body are permanent. You cannot reverse them. She smiled at me and said, I had to help you get rid of all those nasty male hormones. I bet you have even noticed your cum is starting to appear clear now, no more nasty sperm. Don't worry; this is what I have been training you for. This is the journey you have been taking. You have been on these pills for two months. The effects of them will not be reversed even if you stop taking them. You might as well continue on your "vitamins" and she smiled. You will more fully experience the female feeling now. She handed me another bottle. She held my head next to her breast, and said don't worry; I am your Mistress and will take care of you. I think you will find out the best is yet to come. I have some very special plans for you. You are to be the first I take all the way, slave Ronnie, The best is yet to come.

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