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A Career Move by nunkie

Business trips are usually quite a bore, and the only reason I still put up with them, is that on occasion I get to score. Never would I have imagined how many sex-starved women roam out there, had I not seen it for myself. Just about anything can happen if you set your mind to it. Believe me, I know.

Evenings will usually find me at the bar, and that's what I was stepping into after having finished dinner on my own. The hotel bar was as good as empty. A few couples sitting in the booths at the dark side, a guy sitting by himself in front of the wide-screen TV, and a woman smoking at the bar. My mind was made up quickly.

I must confess I'm something of a shy guy, but I have learned that with a certain kind of women, I can stand my man and come out boldly, the safe return to being just another jovial and innocent man close at hand in case I get rebuked.

At first sight, the woman at the bar seemed just right for my purpose. She was tall and skinny, short brown hair combed back revealing a bony face. She had rather crude features, an aquiline nose hooking down toward a tight mouth with thin lips. Huge dark eyes glowing under a heavy and hairy brow. She wore a very short dress, dark in color and sleeveless. Her arms were hairy and her legs were long. I couldn't see whether they were hairy too.

I stepped up to the bar and sat down, leaving a chair between us. After ordering a drink, I looked at her sideways. She was not a beauty and she knew it. Yet, there was something in the way she moved that should have warned me, something I first thought was awkwardness, but soon knew to be the kind of nervousness that comes with impatience. I guess the prospect of an easy prey made me careless.

Something else should have warned me. She spoke to me first. The kind of woman I target is usually too self-conscious to start a conversation. This woman exhibited none of the signs of insecurity that I had gotten a special nose for.

"What's the matter, do I smell?" She didn't turn to look at me as she spoke.

I was taken aback. What she meant was why didn't I sit closer. This was not in accordance with the usual script, and I knew that answering would induce me into unmapped terrain. I wasn't sure I wanted to go there at all, but her directness aroused me and I wanted to show her I was up to the situation.

"With those looks, who'd care if you did? But to answer your question, yes, you do, heavenly." She looked at me now and after a short while, pulled back the stool I had left between us. "Keep me company, will you? I'm bored stiff sitting here by myself."

I edged onto the chair she was holding for me. A sweet perfume filled my nostrils. I liked her, but felt confused and insecure because I had a feeling she was looking right through my scheme the moment I had stepped into the bar, and didn't mind.

"Name's Sue. Yours?"

"Uh, Dan," I lied.

"Listen Dan, I saw you earlier at the restaurant and I think you're kinda cute. I've been alone for a while now and you're exactly what the doctor ordered. Fancy a little dance around the proverbial bush with me?"

Despite her crude features, her voice was quite melodious. Her words sent my head spinning. Her frankness frightened me as much as it attracted me. I wanted to take a gulp at my drink, but didn't dare to as I knew my hands would be trembling. I fumbled with a pack of cigarettes instead.

"Oh come on, don't go shy on me now," she said as she lit her lighter and held it up for me. Inhaling the smoke soothed me a little and brought back some of my wits.

"Just excitement at the prospect, babe." Somehow I managed to keep my voice steady.

"Oh aren't you sweet?" She had edged closer to me and her hand was on my shoulder. I felt her breath warm on my ear. "I have a room. Shall we go?"

I looked at her, trying to fathom whether she was making fun of me, but she got up and tugged at my arm, signaling me with a sly look in her eyes to follow. I hastily threw a bill on the counter, without checking how much it was. Sue strode out into the lobby, practically dragging me behind her. She didn't stop nor look back before we got to the elevators. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, she grabbed my arm with both her hands and put her weight on it. I saw her press her knees together and contort her body slightly. I turned towards her and was about to ask, when a soft 'ping' announced the elevator and she rushed towards the opening doors, pulling me after her. The elevator was empty. She hurriedly pressed the 'close' button, then marked her floor.

"I'm bursting," she said while the doors closed.

She was standing on one leg, the right knee tightly pressed over the other and both hands buried in her crotch.

"I should have gone to the ladies room at the bar."

She was looking at me with what I thought to be pleading eyes. The elevator started moving lazily. Twisting her knees from one side to the other, she released her left hand from her crotch and put it on my shoulder.

"Be a gentleman, will you?"

She was letting me have the pleading look some more, but I was absolutely dumbfounded at what she meant.

"Don't make me ask´┐Ż"

Her tone was harsher now and her right hand came up from between her legs to my other shoulder. My mind was racing, trying to figure out what she wanted, while she started to push down powerfully on my shoulders. I was too flabbergasted to resist and dropped down on my knees before her. She was fast. Even before my knees hit the floor, her hands were off my shoulders and under her dress. With one swift bending movement, her panties were off. Brushing my face on the way up, they disappeared into her purse. She stepped closer to me, until my face was pushing the seam of her dress between her slightly open legs. Her knees were on my shoulders. The dress went up before my eyes and the next thing I knew I was looking up at a triangular bush of black curly hair. Four slim fingers with long, brightly red painted fingernails came down and dug into the bush, which parted to reveal the pink and soft inneries of a moist cunt. I noticed that when the cuntlips came apart, a thick, jelly-like fluid stretched between them, then parted with a snap and dripped lazily off onto my chin. Her vulva was wide open and more of the liquid oozed out of it. Above it, where the inner labia joined, her clit stood out erect like a bright pink button.

"Come on, open up!"

There was urgency in her voice and she pushed my right shoulder with her knee to accentuate it. I was totally overwhelmed with her boldness and speed. I looked up at her face half expecting to see a smile, or some kind of indication that this was all just a joke. But she was staring down at me with the harshest of looks, which left me no alternative but to obediently do as I was told.

Without delay, she bent slightly at the knees and with a quick forward thrust of her hips, she expertly placed her cunt over the lower part of my face. I could feel the hotness of her vulva on my chin, the thick juices oozing onto it. Her spread cuntlips lined my mouth perfectly, leaving my nose sticking out over the top into her curly bush so I could breathe. In no time her hands were off her cunt and grabbing my head from behind, pulling me in. She really was in a hurry, because as soon as she was on me, she exploded inside my mouth. The forceful stream of her hot urine hit me first on the palate and then slowly pushed through to the back of my throat. She resettled quickly with a short upward jerk, never interrupting the stream. I was amazed at the self-assuredness with which she unloaded into me. She was looking straight down at me and although her face was dead serious, I could tell she enjoyed seeing me frantically gulping and guzzling down the steaming cascade she was pumping down my throat.

Soon though, it became too much for me to handle. Her hot piss was streaming in faster than I could swallow and started to trickle down my chin and out of my nostrils. She noticed my discomfort. The sudden flexing of the muscles of her lower belly and inner thighs told me she was struggling to hold back. She eventually managed to stop the flow and slightly loosened her grip on my head, allowing me a little more comfort in my desperate struggle, but kept a watchful eye on me from above. When she saw I was ready, she pulled me in again and shot the next load into my mouth. Apparently, the urgency had gone with the first massive gush, because she now had perfect control and dealt out her urine in manageable portions. By the time the elevator came to a slow halt, it was merely trickling onto my tongue. I was desperate to get back on my feet. She didn't let go of my head, though, and while I heard the doors behind me open, I felt her cunt push forward with a quick jerk and a last squirt of piss shot against the roof of my mouth. Then she let go of my head, peeled her cunt off my face, lowered her skirt and walked out the elevator.

"Aren't you coming, darling?" she called over her shoulder.

I wiped the remnants of her emergency off my chin and stood up. When I turned around, my heart froze when I saw an elderly couple watching me curiously from outside the elevator. I hurried out after her, without looking back. When I caught up with her, I saw she was laughing. She stopped and turned towards me. Her arms were on my shoulders and around my neck, and before I could speak out my protest, her lips were on mine and her tongue was inside my mouth. She ran it along my teeth, over the inside of my cheeks and up my palate, as if savoring the taste of her urine inside me.

"You're such a darling," she purred. "You have no idea how grateful I am for your selfless chivalry back there."

She looked me in the eyes and my anger melted like butter in the sun. She reached down into her purse. For a moment I thought she was going to pull another weird stunt with the panties she had guarded there before taking so shamelessly advantage of me, but she just pulled out the key to her room.

"Here," she said, handing it over to me, "thine is the kingdom. Lead the way."

We walked to the door of her room and I inserted the card into the slot. Pulling it out, I pushed down the handle and she pushed me inside.

The force of her shove took me by surprise and sent me sprawling on the floor in the narrow passage. The door slammed shut behind me and I heard the distinctive click of the door lock. I started to get up, but her foot on my back pushed me back down on my belly.

"Don't move," she hissed as she stepped over me into the room. I didn't.

"Where have you been?"

My heart skipped a beat. That wasn't Sue. There was another person in the room. I looked up. On the bed was the plump, white body of an older woman. She was naked. She had a hard face with squinty eyes, reddish hair that was all a mess, huge breasts that hung down on either side of her torso, and a pair of massive thighs. She looked like pushing fifty, but I couldn't be sure.

The woman pushed up the upper half of her body and looked with unhidden curiosity down on me.

"Is that the best you could do?" The slits of her eyes became even narrower.

"Don't worry, he'll do just fine," came the reply. "You should've seen him in the elevator. A real darling."

"What? You pulled the elevator trick on him? Did he go for it?"

"Go for it? I've never had anybody so eager. He was practically begging for it."

"Get him ready, honey. I wanna check him out for myself." The woman on the bed dropped heavily back into the cushions behind her.

Sue turned to me.

"You can get up now."

When I did, she added, "Take your clothes off."

She said it as if it were the most normal thing to say. I looked at her to find some sort of clue as to what was being played here. My discomfort had grown throughout the women's conversation. Although one part of me was thrilled out of its wits with the prospect of having some of my wildest sexual fantasies come true, the other part was terrified by the casualness and dry matter-of-factness with which she had taken charge of the situation.

"Uhm, I don't think... I didn't know... I mean..."

"Aren't you sweet?" Sue stepped over to me where I was standing forlornly. "No need to be shy now, boy. This book has been written, and you're in it. We'll even turn the pages for you. So just relax and be pretty, OK?"

Saying this, she loosened my tie and started to undo the buttons of my shirt. While I tried to keep things together on top, her hands were on my belt buckle. Before I had time to reach back down, my pants were crumpled around my feet. Undoing the last shirt buttons, she pushed me back. I had to step out of my pants if I didn't want to fall flat on my back. In no time, she had me out of my shirt and shorts. Standing there just in my socks, I put my hands over my crotch. I felt very small. My head was spinning and I was unable to think straight.

"Come here." That was the older woman, from the bed. She wasn't asking. I stepped towards her. My legs were trembling, and I was fighting to keep it from being noticeable. She was sitting up again. Her big legs were over the edge of the bed and she sat facing me. I could see her huge breasts hanging down from her chest, narrow at the top where the weight stretched the skin, spreading out broadly where they rested on her protruding belly. The nipples were large like saucers and very pink.

Sue pushed me gently from behind and placed me in front of the bed. The redhead looked me over from top to bottom. After removing my hands, she lifted up my limp penis to look at my balls. She pulled back my foreskin and turning and twisting my member painfully, inspected it from all possible angles. Then she let go of it.

"Turn around and bend over." She could have been a nurse, getting me ready for a physical check. I did as I was told.

Behind me, I heard her slip off the bed and drop to her knees. Her hands were on my buttocks and I could feel her breath on my testicles. She pried apart my ass cheeks and stuck her nose between them, sniffing noisily.

"Smells like a rose. You a hygiene freak?"

She got up and turned me around.

"Here, have a whiff of mine. This is the real thing, one hundred percent natural. Guaranteed to turn you on."

I felt Sue's hands pressing on my shoulders. I got the impression this was an often-rehearsed ceremony, with the older woman the high priestess, Sue the assistant and I the lamb about to be slaughtered.

I went down on my knees and found myself facing her bare fat cunt. The woman had shaved some time before, but the hairs around her bulging slit had started to grow again and looked like stubble on a man's chin. Stubby fingers pulled the cuntlips apart and revealed its pink and fleshy inneries. The inner labia were very thick and long, hanging down like loose flaps. There was a whitish, creamy substance between them and around the narrow vulva opening. It smelled like a cesspool. There was the musky smell of urine, along with a sour, fermented odor.

"Come on, lick me clean, sweetie." She laughed. "Mama hasn't washed in weeks. Just for you." My head was pushed from behind and I dove nose-first into the waiting pussy. It felt dry and sticky, and licking it was an awkward affair at first, especially as my mouth was equally dry. But she soon started moistening up with a thick liquid that exuded from her opening vulva, which I lapped upward around and between her labia. Soon, she began to push her cunt up and down over my entire face, rubbing her cuntlips against my lips, nose and eyebrows.

"Ooh, you're right, honey. He's a scream," she crooned. "So absolutely serviceable."

She pulled me in forcefully, pressing her soaking cunt hard and long onto my face. Then she let go and sank onto the bed.

"And loving it too." Her glistening eyes were on my erect penis.

"And so are you." Sue moved around me and placed herself between the older woman and myself. She had taken off her clothes, so I had her bare ass right in my face. Not that it was much of an ass, really. Her buttocks were very small and thin. They never really came together, not even at the bottom of her spine, where the tip of her sacrum formed a little knob from which they seemed to hang limply. From where I sat, I could see her hairy cunt dangling between her skinny legs. The dark area of her anus was visible in the cleavage between her ass cheeks. When she bent over slightly to kiss the other woman on the mouth, the limp cheeks stretched and pulled apart, her asshole pushing out between them. It formed a little darkish brown mound, contrasting in color with the lighter surrounding skin. It had tiny furrows that seemed to sprout from the little hole in the middle and fanned outwards, before evening out. It was circled by thin black hair.

I wasn't sure what was happening on the bed above me. From the sounds both women were making, I imagined they were into heavy petting. While this went on, Sue reached behind her with one arm and pulled my face into her behind. The brown area felt very soft and warm on my lips. A tender, musky smell filled my nostrils. She slapped my head with her hand, soft at first but harder and rather demanding after a few seconds. I knew then she expected action from me. I stuck out my tongue and passed it upward through the cleavage. She seemed to like that, for she pushed her ass backwards into my face. I licked the area of her anus with up and down strokes, then changed to circular movements, making my tongue go round in concentric circles, until its tip was on the top of the mount, pinpointing the tiny hole in the middle. She pushed my head from behind. Hardening my tongue, I tried to penetrate her. There was a resistance, but when I made probing movements with the tip of my tongue, I felt the hole grow weaker around the sides, allowing more and more of my tongue inside. Eventually, it seemed to give up the struggle and gently gave way. I stuck my tongue up her anus as far as I could. It felt very warm inside, and a distinctive taste impregnated itself on my probing tongue. I let it go all around the inside, feeling how it widened and softened behind the sphincter.

She kept pushing me back further and further, until she had to step away from the bed. I leaned back and placed my arms behind me in support, but she kept pressing down on me and I had to readjust my legs in order to be able to drop down on my back. All the while, she held my head in position with her hand, my face wedged between her ass cheeks and my tongue never leaving her asshole. I was awed by the ease with which she controlled the maneuver. When she finally gently lay my head on the floor, she was squatting on my face and my tongue was still inside her. The fattish woman was on her knees beside my legs now, stroking my dick and licking my balls. The woman on my face started bobbing up and down, gently riding my tongue as if it were an erect penis. Her movements became jerkier though, and soon she dropped forwards on her knees, pulling her ass off my tongue. She leaned forward on her arms. Her ass was up in the air above my chest, the cheeks spread wide apart and her anus now a dark open hole. Her cunt was glistening with her juices, pearls of moisture trapped in her pubic hair, beads of sticky liquid dripping down onto my chest.

She pushed her ass back and down towards my face. Arching her pelvis, she placed her soaking cunt neatly over my mouth and nose. Then, gently moving her hips up and down, she passed it over my face. Long, gentle strokes at first, savoring the friction of her clit and cuntlips against my nose and lips. She was drenching me completely with her juices, which started to trickle down along my temples and cheeks and down my neck. I heard her moan softly, then louder. Her rhythm changed. She was now arching her back at the end of every downstroke, sticking her ass way up in the air, her dripping cunt a foot above my face, trembling. Then, she would come plunging down onto me with a forceful jerk of her hips, slamming her cunt into my face, her cuntlips flapping around my mouth and nose, her juices splashing into my eyes and onto my forehead.

She kept humping my face like this for quite a while, her movements becoming ever jerkier, her moans louder and more desperate, her strokes shorter and more forceful as they picked up speed. Soon her cunt did not any longer lift off my face, but pushed hard onto me with fast, jerky spasms. She let out a cry and pushing her pelvis downwards, her body stiffened. Her thighs had my head in a vice and her ass cheeks were pressed firmly together with an unfathomable force. A tremor went through her body as she pulled her feet together behind my head, the backs of her calves pushing my head harder into her backside. I was choking. Then, her body went limp and she dropped down on top of me. Her cunt was on my chest, pressed flat by the weight of her hips. Her vulva was opened wide and her juices were flowing freely out of it onto my thorax. After a while, she sat up. Above me, she and the older woman seemed to be hugging and kissing each other, while she remained seated on my face. She got off me eventually. Kneeling by my side, she lowered her head towards me my ear and whispered: "That was just for warming up. Now comes the fun part."

She had barely finished speaking, when the other woman pushed her away and stepped over me. Her fat ass was hovering high above me. She dropped down heavily on all fours, her tits coming to rest alongside my hips, her belly weighing down on my chest and stomach, and her fleshy cunt, like a ripe tropical fruit, hanging down below her enormous ass, inches above my chin.

"Open me up, darling. I'm gonna flood him."

Sue reached over me and pried her friend's cuntlips apart. No sooner had she done so, a broad stream of urine came gushing out of her open cunt and splattered down on my face with considerable force. I could hear it make a hissing sound as it came shooting out of the urethra opening. The stream was three fingers thick and of a bright yellow color. It had such force that I felt it like a prying finger on my face. The smell that came with it was overwhelming. Sue cocked my head up from behind, placing my mouth right over the source. I tried to take in as much as I could, fighting not to choke on the forceful stream that was pushing relentlessly down my throat. My efforts were to little avail. She kept on pissing for over a minute, the stream never letting down in strength nor volume. When it finally did diminish, the woman behind me let go of my head and brought her mouth down below the massive ass cheeks, just in time to have her face splashed by an unexpected squirt of piss. She drew back surprised, but then placed her lips on the soaking cuntlips and gulped down the successive squirts that her friend shot into her with little jerks of her hips. She then proceeded to lick dry the dripping cunt. The older woman lifted her ass up higher to accommodate her.

"Did he drink me?" she asked when Sue had finished.

"He sure tried," the answer came, "but I'm afraid you were just too much."

"Oh boy, if he can't manage a few drops of piss, how's he gonna manage the rest?" Both women giggled.

What rest? I wondered. This had already gone beyond my wildest dreams. What on earth could they have more in store for me?

The fat lady, whose name I still ignored, sat up and pushed her big behind into my face.

"Spread my ass, boy," she said. "I want you to tongue my cute little hole just like you did Sue's."

For some reason, this caused them to giggle some more.

I freed my arms from under her fat legs and proceeded to pull her massive ass cheeks apart. Her anus bore no resemblance whatsoever to Sue's. It was a round bluish knob consisting of what looked like bubbles packed together around an inch-long slit. I ran my tongue over it and it felt warm and soft. It had a strong taste of something I hadn't tasted before, but knew to be feces. When I pushed into the slit, I felt no resistance and entered easily. I hardened my tongue into a pole-like shape and penetrated her. Once inside, I moved my head up and down, tongue-fucking her ass like I had Sue's.

Suddenly, she farted. I could feel her anus opening up, hot air making a hissing noise as it rolled over my tongue and into my mouth. I withdrew, utterly surprised. She farted again, loud this time. I saw the fringes of her anal opening give way and flutter as the gas forcefully escaped. It was a very prolonged and strong, hot wind blowing from the depths of her bowels onto my face. An unbearable smell of feces engulfed me.

"Don't stop! Stick it back in! Now!"

There was a strange urgency in her voice. I pushed my tongue back into her waiting anus. This time, I didn't find only softness. Upon entering, I felt something large and hard near the entrance. I ran the tip of my tongue around it. When I pushed into it, I found I could dent it. I pushed my tongue up alongside it, and managed to squeeze it between the object and the soft wall of her rectum. The thing was round and long. I could feel crevices across its surface. It seemed to be covered with a thin, slimy film of sorts.

Then, the thing moved. Or rather, it was made to move. I felt the wall of her rectum stiffening, and the object started to slide downwards. I pulled my tongue out as fast as I could, and looked at her half-open asshole in horror. Inside, still in the dark, I could see the tip of a brown turd edging its way out. Sue grabbed my head from behind with both hands, making sure I could not move it either way. Looking up, I saw the turd slowly coming down towards me. It was enormous in size, stretching her anus to the limit as it came pushing out. I could make out every detail of it. It seemed to consist of a conglomerate of differently shaped and colored lobes packed together tightly, resulting in a fascinating myriad of shades of brown that now glistened in the light that came from the night lamp beside the bed. It came sliding out slowly until it was just inches from my lips. Its strong smell filled my nostrils and made my head spin with a strange mixture of revulsion and excitement. I'm not sure what impulsed me, but I stuck out my tongue and licked it cautiously. It felt warm and slippery. At first, it seemed tasteless, but as I continued lapping at it from bottom to top, I could feel a strange bitterness burning at the tip of my tongue. And that's where I fell in love with it. Yes, I hear you laughing. But it's true, right then right there, I fell in love with that beautiful delicious turd. I wanted to take it all in, feel it melt away inside my mouth. I fell in love with the anus it was emerging from, wanted to put my lips around it, probe its mysterious depths with my tongue, suck out all the delicious shit it was dispensing just for me. I fell in love with the huge round ass that was hovering above me, wanted to press my face into it, be one with it, dwell forever inside its warm, musky crevice. I fell in love with the woman that was blessing me with the fruits of her innermost being, which in itself was enough to make me devote the rest of my life to being her unconditional slave, forever worshipping her elf-like being.

Sue had propped up my head on her lap and now had one hand on the ass of her friend, as if guiding it towards my open mouth. My lips had closed around the turd, which I could now feel filling the cavity of my mouth and pressing against my tongue. The woman on top of me started pushing again. I could feel her belly, which rested on my chest, harden. Her buttocks pushed downward, her asshole seemed to turn inside out. I opened my mouth further and swung my head left and right in an attempt to keep up with the swirling motion of the turd as it came dropping down from her ass. She evacuated it in one long push. It seemed to have no end and I was unable to keep up with it. It doubled over on my face, covering my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead before its end finally popped out of her rear gate.

"Did he get it?" the redhead asked, lifting her ass and slightly turning so she could look back at me.

"Hole in one, darling," Sue answered. "But it just didn't fit, so he used his face to catch the rest of it."

"Make sure he eats it. I want to stuff him with everything I've got. He's gonna have my shit coming out of his ears when I'm through with him."

Sue chuckled. "Come on, baby, you heard the boss. Start munching, she's not going to hold back forever, and there's more where that came from. Believe me, I know."

The turd, which was about three inches thick and 14 inches long, was covering the best part of my face, with only its tip wedged between my lips. I had tried to push it out of my mouth, though with minimal tongue contact as its taste was absolutely foul. But Sue now started to push it further in with two fingers, inching it slowly past my lips and over my tongue, towards the back of my throat. No way could I swallow it whole. Hard as I tried, the attempt only made me gag. Sue noticed my predicament and laughed out loud.

"Chew it, you fool. Nobody has ever managed to swallow one of Melanie's turds in one go." So Melanie was her name. Nice to meet you, Melanie, and nice to meet you, Melanie's ass. Not so nice to meet you though, Melanie's turd.

I looked up at Sue with a trace of panic in my eyes. I must have been a comic sight, as Sue threw her head back in uncontrollable laughter.

"Chew!," she managed to expel between fits of laughter. "Chew, oh my god chew, you silly idiot. You will die here if you don't chew."

There was no way out of it, then. I closed my eyes and cautiously bit into the lump. It was harder than I thought. I dug my front teeth into it and managed to nip off a considerable chunk. Ouch, the taste of the beast! But I was far more worried about the size of it. It was still too big to pass my throat, so I had to roll it to the side of my mouth and get my molars to work on it. I chewed, slowly and with caution at first, then more frantically. I could feel how my saliva, which was flowing extensively, softened it up and converted it into a mushy mass. But this also intensified the horrible taste. The inside of my mouth was numbing progressively with the bitterness of the mashed fecal fibers.

"Is he done yet?" the fat woman on top of me inquired.

"Give him a sec," Sue answered, still shuddering with laughter. "You really are too much for anyone."

"Well, hurry him up. I haven't got all day!" Melanie made no effort to hide her impatience.

I finally managed to swallow down the softened clog of mush inside my mouth, but Sue was already stuffing the rest of the stinky log between my lips. I chewed and swallowed as fast as I could, until I had downed all of it. But I was given no respite. While I was taking in air to fill my depleted lungs, Sue placed a hand on Melanie's butt and guided it back towards me. Already, the tip of a new turd came pushing out between the bluish knobs rimming her asshole. This time, the redhead pushed her ass all the way down and nestled it firmly onto my face, positioning her anus right on my open mouth. I felt her buttocks squeeze my face as she started pressing the next load out of her rectum. I could feel the turd grow and grow inside my mouth, until a loud fart exploded from the depths of her bowels and shot it all the way to the back of my throat with such force that it went straight down. I gagged and swallowed hard, feeling how it painfully made its way past my larynx and down the tube towards my stomach. I truly thought I was dying, but had no time even to panic as already the next log was pushing against my lips. I opened up again and took it in, chewing it up frantically while it kept streaming in, swallowing the lumps as fast as I could. Melanie kept pushing load after load into me for what seemed like an eternity. Her bowel movement ended slowly with a series of farts, spitting out occasional lumps of softer shit, until finally petering out with a long, whining fart that lasted a full minute and finished in a funny sputter.

I felt like bursting. Never had I eaten so much, leave alone a shitty meal like this. I felt queasy and sick to my stomach. I had not been able to completely swallow the last turds and could feel them lingering in my throat. I felt really sick. Suddenly, my stomach hardened painfully and I knew I was going to throw up. I forcefully struggled myself free from under the fat woman's body and made a run for the bathroom, before anyone could stop me. Kneeling in front of the toilet bowl, I lowered my head into it and vomited. Wave after wave of nausea pumped my stomach empty, including the meal I had had at the restaurant earlier. I was finished by the time Sue had recovered from her surprise and followed me into the bathroom. She placed a hand on my shoulder and asked me if I was alright. She handed me a piece of toilet paper and I wiped my face. Somehow, barfing had relieved my bodily discomfort and I was able to get up. Sue led me back into the room.

"Oh what a weenie," Melanie greeted me as I returned. "Can't even take an old lady's miserable dump." She was standing in the middle of the room and shot a disgusted look at me.

"Come here, lick my ass clean while I think of a suitable punishment for your sorry performance." Saying this, she turned around and bent over.

I really had enough of this, but at the same time I was frightened by the ruthlessness she had shown before. Sue, who only a moment ago had seemed worried about the turn events had taken, was again her old serious self.

"Come on, lover boy, don't let me down just when you were doing so well. Get in there."

So I kneeled down behind Melanie's fat ass and mustered the task I had before me. I was now so close that I could observe the thin black hair that covered the lower part of her buttocks, denser where they seemed to emanate from between the crack of her ass, thinning out towards the sides. She spread her ass cheecks and pushed her behind backwards into my face. The long coarse hairs that ringed her anus were caked with excrement, and a long smear covered the area beneath all the way down to the lower part of her cuntlips. Having her stand here before me, thrusting her domineering backside upon me, brought back my arousal to unsuspected heights. I started lapping at the thick smear her turds had left on the way down, feeling how the fat cuntlips yielded under the soft pressure of my tongue. I worked my way up towards her anus, going around it in ever smaller circles until I got to the middle. Hardening my tongue, I pushed in and cleaned her out as far as I could.

"Sue darling." Melanie slightly turned toward her friend but took care not to pull back her ass from me. "Is your stomach still playing up?"

"You betcha" Sue answered. "Ever since I ate those greasy tacos at the Mexican restaurant yesterday, I've had the runs."

"Damn, I'm almost sorry I didn't have some myself." Melanie straightened up and stepped toward Sue. "You do it."

"Do what?" Sue looked puzzled.

"Punish him."


"Don't you get it? This is perfect. I'd do it myself if I had the goods."

"You mean...?"

"Of course. Let him have it. That'll teach him to throw up a perfectly good dump. Once he gets to taste yours, he'll learn to appreciate my hors-d'oeuvre."

"But Mel, I mean, look, that stuff is just awful, even I can't stand it."

This was no act. This was not rehearsed. There was real concern in Sue's voice, which threw me into a fit of panic.

"Remember what happened to the guy before last, when you had that awful diarrhea and you insisted on going ahead anyway? He just freaked out. I'm still surprised he didn't complain to management or go to the police."

Oh great. Freaked out! That seemed little in comparison to what I was ready to do.

"Hey shiteater!"

My head was yanked backwards by the hair and Melanie's face was directly in front of my own.

"Would you ever tell on us?" Her face was distorted with despise and rage. "Answer me, you toiletlicker, would you?"

Would I? And what would I tell? That I had been overpowered by a couple of crazy women and made to eat their shit?

"Uh, no, no, don't worry, I would never tell. Never."

"Why should we believe you, toiletmouth? Why should we believe you would never tell on us?"

She yanked my hair again, and her spit rained all over my face as she yelled at me.

"I-I-I... I wouldn't, honest, I wouldn't." I was scared shitless.

"You're not convincing me." Melanie looked up at Sue. "Is he convincing you?"

I couldn't make out Sue's answer, but it probably was more of a rhetoric question as she was already back to my third degree.

"Come on, convince me, give me a reason why you'd never tell on us, or I swear I will sit on your face and crap into your mouth until you choke to death."

What did she want? Wasn't it obvious? Nobody could ever tell a story like this. Enough the humiliation of going through it, not in my dreams would I have this go public!

"I-I- how could I ever tell, I mean, damn, do you think I'd shout it from the roofs I've been used as a toilet by a bunch of crazy women?"

My head spun violently to the right and my left cheek burned as Melanie slapped me in the face. Her face was red with unhidden rage.

"Say what!?" she shouted. "You mean you wouldn't tell because you're ashamed you kissed our asses?"

She had both hands on my head now and shook it violently.

"Why, my shit not good enough for your delicate palate, Mr. Gourmet Shiteater? That why you threw it up?"

This was going all wrong. I needed another angle.

"N-no, no, not at all, that's not it. I'm very honored. Truth is, I wouldn't tell anybody because I don't want to share you with anybody, I want you all for myself, if you'll have me, that is."

"You're lying." But the tension had eased, my words had softened her face.

"No, it's true, I've never had a purpose in life until I met you two. Eating your shit was the most wonderful experience I've ever had."

"Then why did you throw up? And don't tell me because you were so full and you just needed to make space to receive some more, that's an old one."

Old one? Damn, how long had they been doing this? How many men had sat here in my position, forced to eat shit and singing odes about it, whether they had liked it or not.

"No, of course not, but you see, it was the first time and you gave me so much, and I had never tasted shit before and although I was absolutely thrilled by getting it straight from your ass and I was enjoying it, the taste was so strong and it just kept pushing against the back of my throat and then I got nausea. I'm so sorry about that, I really didn't mean to. If you'll just give me a chance, I know I'll learn how to eat you out completely. I really want to. Please let me stay with you, you can teach me. I have nothing to live for, there's nothing I'd leave behind. Just let me be around you and when you need me I'll be there for whatever you want me to."

Damn again. What was happening? Here I was throwing myself at their feet and actually meaning it too. Yeah, folks, I wasn't kidding. Somewhere, somewhen between Sue's cunt and Melanie's ass, something had clicked. I was absolutely in love with these women, with their imposing behinds and their weird attitudes. And despite the foul smell and horrible flavor, from the first taste I had become addicted to the wastes of their metabolism. So deep was the love I felt for them, that I was then and there ready to devote the rest of my life to serving them in any way they saw fit.

"OK, I'll believe you when I see you sucking the liquid shit out of Sue's asshole."

My god, what had I gotten myself into? Melanie seemed to sense my hesitation.

"What, all of a sudden you're not so sure?"

"No, I mean yes, of course I'm sure. I'd love to. Please let me."

"Don't ask me, it's Sue you have to convince. It's her ass you're gonna eat out."

Shit, what a theater. If only it didn't excite me so much. I turned to Sue.

"Sue, please, give me this chance. I'd absolutely love to eat your shit, and maybe that way I can convince Melanie to let me stay with you two."

Sue seemed uncertain.

"Gee, Dan, are you sure? You know, you seem like an alright guy, I don't know, I've somehow gotten to like you already. But you need to be really sure, because this life is not just for anybody. You'd have to be 100% convinced and dedicated."

"But I am, Sue, don't you see? Do you think I'd propose it if I wasn't?"

"I believe you Dan, and don't worry about eating my shit, the shape I'm in, that would be just too awful. I'll talk to Melanie and maybe she'll let you stay with us without you having to swallow my diarrhea."

But Melanie was adamant.

"Oh no, sweetie, he'll eat it or I won't even think about it. If you want him, you'll sit on his face and feed him every last drop of diarrhea you have in you. That'll mark the deal."

"Please, Sue, do it. I want you to."

I couldn't believe it. There I was actually pleading to have her shoot her dung down my throat.

"OK then, lie down."

Then all of a sudden I wasn't so sure any more that this was not part of the ploy. As in the elevator, Sue executed every movement with astounding swiftness and efficiency. Pushing me back, she straddled my head, facing me. Placing her hands on her knees, she squatted down and neatly placed her asshole over my mouth. Her pussy, open wide and glistening with her fluids, was directly over my eyes. I felt her pointy ass cheeks on either side of my mouth, seemingly clenching it and holding it steady in position. Immediately, a thick creamy substance began to flow over my tongue. No farts, no explosions, just a steady flow of the most foul matter I had ever tasted. There was a very sour and fermented taste to her shit, none of the bitterness of Melanie's turds. I couldn't say it was horrible, though, for one it felt soft and hot inside my mouth and didn't choke me, nor did the taste make me gag. I swallowed and took in more of her. Up above, I could see the muscles of her belly contract as she pushed more and more of her liquid shit into me. I was in heaven. A the same time she was evacuating the contents of her bowels into me, drops of urine started to drip from her cunt. Every time she pushed, a little stream of piss would come squirting out from between the swollen cuntlips. Her shit was becoming slightly more liquid now and an occasional fart would shoot an unexpected load of it down my throat. I gulped it all down the best I could, anxious not to spill a single drop. The farts became louder and stronger now, and the squirts of shit accompanying them filled me to capacity every time, almost faster than I was able to swallow. But in the end, I did a clean job on her as nothing was spilled.

When Sue got up, I saw that Melanie had been kneeling beside us. She was frothing her crotch, and as soon as her friend vacated me, she lifted a leg and sat down hard on my hips, crushing my erect dick with her fat ass.

"Sue darling, get him in there, won't you?"

Sue stepped behind the fat woman and reaching underneath her buttocks, pulled my penis free. She instructed Melanie to sit up a bit so she could insert it into the fat cunt from below. As soon as Melanie felt I was inside her, she slumped down and forward, crushing me with her weight and smothering me with her enormous breasts. I started pushing my hips up into her, and she responded by jerking her pelvis back and forth. Soon, she was humping me like a rhinoceros in heat, panting heavily but never slowing down. It was too much for me. I came first, exploding in an orgasm like none I had ever felt before, shooting seemingly gallons of hot sperm straight up into her womb, almost lifting her with every upward thrust. This triggered her own orgasm, which came like a wave, starting with a trembling spasm of her hips and rolling upward through her body until she had me in a suffocating clasp, her fat shuddering and trembling like a bowl of jelly during an earthquake.

Exhausted, Melanie rolled off me. Immediately, Sue was by my side, stroking my cock which was still hard. She started to lick it and suck on it. She had her back turned towards me and I had a fair view of her ass. This, combined with her unrelenting suckling, soon aroused me again. When Sue felt I started to respond to her attentions, she got up onto the bed and invited me to follow. She lay down on her back and opening her legs, pulling me down on top of her. My penis slipped into her wide open cunt without any problem, and I started fucking her slowly. She pulled up her legs until they were sticking up almost straight into the air. Then, she grabbed my butt with both hands and starting pushing me into her, raising my rhythm. I started pumping and could soon feel a new orgasm approaching. I looked down at Sue's face, but she had her eyes closed, concentrating fully on her own orgasm which now seemed to engulf her with such force that she let out a loud cry. I myself let out a shout as well, but because she had dug her nails into my back. I reeled with the pain that shot like an electric current through my flesh, which mixed with the sensation of my hips ejaculating another hot load gave me the oddest orgasm I had ever experienced.

The unforgettable events in that hotel room have changed my life forever. I quit my job the next day and moved in with Melanie and Sue in their roomy mansion in the suburbs of a Midwestern town. They own a small but successful publicity company, where they have taken me on as their private secretary. Although I don't get paid, that's OK by me as the only pursuit in my life is serving them. They use me as their toilet whenever they feel like it. Sometimes, in the office or at home while watching a movie, they will call me and I sit or lie between their legs suckling their vaginas or tonguing their assholes. They will fuck me, either using my dick or my face, whenever and wherever they desire. I am on constant call. When they travel, I will go with them as their personal slave, making all arrangements, driving them around and carrying their bags. They are grateful to me, as I serve them better than they had ever dreamed of. No longer do they have to go out in search of victims to fulfill their strange lusts, as I am always available for whatever they need. I am a happy man at last.

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